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Guv Dude isn’t ready for prime time campaigns according the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” – yikes!   They really skewered him on SNL.  Then Dude got humiliated in Florida.  Then the talking heads stomped all over him yesterday morning.   It makes you wonder if Dude is ready for the bigs.  It also speaks volumes of the level of competition Dude’s been going up against the past decade or so here in the Lone Star State – more yikes!

Yesterday the Chron E-Board weighed in on the H-Town CM Jolanda Jones mess over at City Hall.  The E-Board wants City Council to settle her fate before the November 8 election.  Here is a taste:

At her best, Jones is a strong defender of the weak, a loud voice for the voiceless, unafraid to take on the powers that be. At her worst, she’s prone to useless feuds, unable to back down or apologize when she’s wrong, better at fighting guerrilla wars from the outside than at finding allies to do good as an elected insider. Often she’s at her best and her worst at the same time.

Pretty much sums it up if you ask me.   Here is the entire E-Board piece.

Here is how it ends:

In the race for her at-large seat, Jones faces three opponents. Mayor Annise Parker, in an official statement explaining the panel’s delay, said it’s "to avoid any unintended interference or undue influence in the political process." But really, dragging the matter out works the opposite way: Left unresolved, it’s a guaranteed campaign plank for Jones’ opponents.

If Jones is willing to risk censure by calling for the vote, shouldn’t her wish be honored? We say: Censure Jones. Or don’t censure her. But either way, council, do it soon. We know it’s hard to be fair to an irritant. But that’s precisely when fairness counts most.

What about the politics involved in voting to censure or not to censure CM Jones.  Do Council Members running for reelection and facing opposition want to vote and p__s off her supporters or detractors right before an election?   It is what it is.

On Election Night of 2008, how many MLB teams were located in Red States?

Here is what someone sent Commentary this past weekend:  If Moneyball is so good, why did the Chronicle give it only 3 stars out of 5 stars?”  – Jimmy D.

Commentary never said it was “good.”  How could I?  I haven’t seen it.  Commentary said it was generating Oscar buzz.  Here is from a website though:  With a 94 percent certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, "Moneyball" seems to be a solid winner with critics.” -  MTV.com

Notes from The Yard:

The roof was open Friday night.

During the KissKam this past weekend we heard:

When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore.
When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore.

That was cool.

Also at The Yard this past weekend with the Rockies was Ty Wiggintonner but I didn’t see his brother.

Saturday night we played in MLB’s 200,000th game.

We should have won Saturday night but we gave it away.  After a failed ‘Stros bunt execution, Dante commented “that was bad baseball” which by the way was a Chron headline Sunday morning.

The Insperity Club experience was fabulous.  The grub was great.

Commentary snagged foul ball Numero 7 yesterday.

I sat though the entire debacle yesterday.

Six MLB teams of course were located in Red States on Election Night of 2008:  The ATL, Arizona, Kansas City, San Luis, The ‘Stros, and Texas of course.

Head out to The Yard tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday because it turns out these last three games with San Luis will help determine the NL Wild Card.  San Luis trails The ATL by one game in the Wild Card race.  San Luis faces the team with the worst record in MLB while The ATL hosts the team with the best record in MLB.  It is going to be exciting baseball so try checking it out.  Who would have thought a few weeks ago that these last three games would be meaningful? 


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