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Ted Cruz is getting hammered by that killer ad that the Lite Guv’s campaign has put out.  I’m sure most folks have seen it.  It’s the one that has the U.S. of A. business owner calling out Cruz for representing a Chinese company that supposedly stole blueprints from the business owner’s company.   In today’s political environment, probably the only thing worse than representing a Chinese company that ripped off a U.S. of A. company is representing a child molester.  He’d been better off representing a serial killer or the mob. 
The SA Express News has a column on the matter here.
The ad could very well help the Lite Guv avoid a dreaded runoff with Cruz.

My pal H-Town CM Mike Sullivan got endorsed by the Chron E-Board this past Friday in his race for Tax Assessor-Collector in the GOP Primary.  Here is part of what the E-Board says:

"We have a responsibility to register people," Sullivan says. "Voter registration is really what it’s all about. Voter registration drives are as vital as paper drives."

Sullivan’s view that the tax office should be administrative not political makes his case for election most convincingly. For too long, it has not been that way.
Here is the entire endorsement.

In Phil Garner’s first full season as the ‘Stros skipper in 2005, the team won 89 games.  Of course Scrap Iron also was the skipper for the Brewers and Tigers.  Did any of his Brewers or Tigers team ever win more than 89 games under Scrap Iron?

There was report in the Chron the other day about a developer fixing to build a 254 unit four- story apartment building over by Heights and Washington.  That’s right down the street from where the new WalMart is going up.  I don’t know about that.  A new big arse Kroger is going up on Studewood right across the street from the Arnie’s.  I also don’t know about that.  The traffic is certainly going to get thicker in those parts.  I sure the City of H-Town planners have prepared for this.  If not it is going to give CM Cohen a bunch of headaches. 

In 1992, Scrap Iron’s Brewers team won 92 games of course while still playing in the AL.  Scrap Iron is celebrating his 63rd BD today.

The team gets back to The Yard tonight limping along at 8-14 and starting a nine game homie that includes a visit by the Mets, San Luis, and the Fish.


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Channel 11’s Shern-Min Chow dropped by Commentary’s place yesterday to talk about a term I coined that made it to the anchor desk last night on Channel 11’s 10 pm newscast – “foul ball etiquette.”  Commentary was asked to provide analysis of the video of the couple that is being vilified for not handing over that foul ball to a three year old at a Rangers-Yankees game Wednesday evening in Arlington.  Since I’ve snagged close to 90 foul balls over the years at Minute Maid I’m considered to local expert of sorts on when to give it to a kid and when it’s a keeper. 

If you catch a hard hit lined foul ball barehanded, that’s a keeper. 

If one bounces around in the stands and it lands at your feet and a kid is standing close to you, hand it over.

If you catch an easy one with a glove and a kid is around, hand it over.

If you get one at a World Serious or All Star game with the Serious or All Star game imprint, that’s a keeper.

If it’s Chipper Jones’ last game at The Yard and he hits the foul ball, that’s a keeper.

You get the picture.

To play it safe, take a kid like I take Dante or go on a school night when a lot of kids aren’t at The Yard.

There is a good story today on ethics at HISD and HCC.  Here are some highlights:

"We want to clean up our reputation in the community," HCC trustee Carroll Robinson said.


HCC trustee Richard Schechter is advocating restrictions on the timing and amount of campaign donations.

"We don’t need to be raising money year-round for six years as community college trustees," he said at a board meeting last week.


Richard Shaw, the secretary-treasurer of the Harris County AFL-CIO Council, has called for HISD and HCC to go further, banning contributions from any vendors.


Marc Campos, a Houston political consultant, said limiting campaign donations could result in only wealthy people running for office. But he believes some caps are needed due to perceptions of a pay-to-play system.

Here is the entire piece.

Stay tuned!

A lot of folks know that Larry Dierker made his debut with the ‘Stros on his 18th BD on September 22, 1964.  Name the team that he faced and name the Hall of Famer that he struck out in the first inning?

Every now and then Commentary has to clear stuff up.  I put out Commentary in the morning and folks can go online and read it and send it out if they want.  I think you can even go and sign up and it gets automatically sent to you – I think.  I try to let everyone know if I have conflicts or stuff like that related to clients.  I don’t play the hidden ball trick.  I also don’t tell CEWDEM to put my stuff out.  He does it on his own.  He got this yesterday related to my client Traci Jensen, an outstanding candidate for State Board of Education, District 6:

My name is Patty Quintana-Nilsson and I am a candidate for the Texas State Board of Education.

While reading today’s commentary, I noticed that Mr Campos used todays platform to promote his own personal client’s link to the KHOU interviews that were recorded for all of the Democratic SBOE candidates.

(Jensen, Scott and myself).

I fully appreciate his disclosure, however, the more appropriate action would have been to fairly provide the link to all of the Democratic SBOE interviews, disclosing the fact that Jensen is his own client.

I would sincerely appreciate a correction to this as this forum and emailing is not, to my understanding, a platform for one person to promote his own personal clientele which he represents for financial gain.

Here is what my pal Harold Cook put out:

I have no dog in this hunt, but this made me laugh. What "more appropriate action?" Appropriate is whatever the blog owner says it is, since they’re paying the freight. She should get her own blog and knock herself out promoting the bejesus out of her own campaign. Marc promoting his client’s opponent would have been malpractice. In no other business (and for Campos, it is a business – until his mortgage company starts accepting his good looks as payment) would the competition ask to be promoted. Campos never confuses his readers as to the nature of his business, his schtick is totally fair game.

Enough said!

Patricia Kilday Hart’s column today is about a day in the life at the courthouse with my GOP pal Gary Polland.  Of course, you can only check out the piece if you are old school like Commentary because Hart’s pieces are tape delayed.  Gary handled himself well.

Dierk faced the Giants in his MLB debut and struck out Hall of Fame great Willie Mays in the first inning of course on his 18th BD.

The ‘Stros are in Cinncy this weekend for three.


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The Supremes don’t look like they are going to overturn the Arizona law that goes after Latino looking folks on immigration.  That’s what most court observers are saying after yesterday’s hearing.  That means that those folks here in Houston will try to get their petition drive going to get Arizona type stuff on the H-Town ballot in November.  Let’s just hope that Latinos get pi__ed off across the U.S. of A. and come out and vote in record numbers against GOP candidates.

Meanwhile, the Mexican President visited H-Town yesterday.  Here is from the Chron:

Meeting with more than 160 business leaders from the Greater Houston Partnership, (President Felipe) Calderón stressed that relationship’s significance to Mexico’s growing economy. Mexico is Houston’s largest trading partner, with the two exchanging $31.4 billion in imports and exports annually. Mexico is the largest U.S. export market after Canada, and in 2011, U.S. exports to Mexico grew by $34 billion.

Here is the entire Chron piece.

Meanwhile, the anti paperless folks say “we want your commerce, but we don’t want your steeeenking people”!

KHOU-TV Channel 11 on their website is running a three minute clip of candidates for State Board of Education, District 6.
Here is Commentary’s client Traci Jensen.

Here is the Republican candidate.

Here is Patricia Kilday Hart’s tape delayed piece on the lack of business leadership in the Lone Star State on key public policy issues.

Former ‘Stro Rusty Staub will throw out the first pitch on “Flashback Friday” on May 4 versus San Luis at The Yard.  During his MLB career, “Le Grand Orange” made the MLB All Star Team six times.   How many times did he make the All Star Team as a ‘Stro?

On a related note, here is from Alyson Footnotes:

The red-headed Staub, nicknamed “Le Grand Orange” in French-speaking Montreal, debuted for the Colt .45s in 1963 at the age of 19. He played six years for the Houston franchise and, like (Larry) Dierker, was a part of the first team to play for the newly-named Astros in the Astrodome when it opened in 1965. Staub went on to play for the Expos, Mets, Tigers and Rangers and was a six-time All-Star during his 23-year career. He’s considered to be the Expos first bona fide superstar, but for folks around here, he’ll always be remembered for where he started — Houston.

Here is all of Footnotes.

“Le Grand Orange” made the MLB All Star Team twice as a ‘Stro of course in 1967 and 1968.

‘Stros left fielder J.D. Martinez has 18 RBIs and is in the top five in this category in MLB and ‘Stros second baseman Jose Altuve is batting .377 and that’s the 7th best batting average in MLB today.  We got a win yesterday and still 5 behind.


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Patricia Kilday Hart today follows up on her column from last Friday’s Chron and Burkablog’s take yesterday on the lack of leadership from H-Town’s and the Lone Star State’s business community.  Her column last Friday talked about the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) CEO standing behind Guv Dude and Dude’s pledge to nowhere.   Of course, you can only read Hart’s piece if you are old school like Commentary and have your fish wrap delivered or if you buy one at a convenience store.

Commentary would like to think that Hart and Burkablog have the big names in the local business community thinking about stepping up to the plate but they are not.  They’re not dummies.  They don’t want to step out and have the Tea Baggers attack them and threaten to boycott their businesses or products.  The last thing they want is to be a part of these highly partisan climate wars.  As long as their bottom line is doing OK, why take the risk of getting cut up.

About the only ones that are somewhat concerned are the members of the GHP Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee who are probably a little miffed that their CEO is making the GHP look like Dude’s lapdog.  Well they can do something about this but they won’t.

This baseball season the Chron has been doing “Top 50 Astros Moments.”  Today’s feature is on the team trading for Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson in 1998.  Of course, the feature isn’t online yet.   We had “The Big Unit” for a little over 2 months and he made 11 regular season starts.  What was his won-loss record, his ERA, and what numero was on his jersey during those two months plus?

Some fella proposed yesterday to shrink the Astrodome.  Here is from the Chron:

“For the longest time, Sports and Convention Corporation, Commissioner’s Court, everybody involved has sought individuals, companies, anybody that wants to do something with the Dome,” Harris County judge Ed Emmett said. “But nobody’s been able to come up with the money to convert it into anything.”

Here is the Chron piece.

If you want to be a delegate to the Lone Star State Dem Convention but did not attend your SD Convention you can still go.   Call the local Dem Party today for info. If you live in the H-Town area, why not, the Convention is being held in H-Town. 

Former ‘Stros President of Baseball Operations Tal Smith is now advising the Sugar Land Skeeters, an independent minor league club.  Commentary is really not into minor league baseball.  I have nothing against it but my commitment is to the ‘Stros so I have never been to Whataburger Field or Dell Diamond.  The last minor league game I attended was over 50 years ago at Buff Stadium.  Good luck Tal.

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson went 10-1, he had a 1.28 ERA, and he wore the numero 51 of course as a ‘Stro for a little over two months in 1998. 

We’re 6-12 and tied for last.


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The Chron’s Patricia Kilday Hart’s column last Friday now has Burkablog giving his take about the state of business leadership in the Lone Star State and in H-Town.   There isn’t any business leadership according to Burkablog.  Check out some of what Burkablog says:

The Greater Houston Partnership is a shell of what it used to be. George R. Brown would weep at its lack of influence. Bob Lanier must be appalled. It is just another Perry echo chamber. It is inconceivable that CEO Jeff Moseley would challenge Perry’s budget plans. If he dared to try, I suspect he would be out of a job.

And more Burkablog:

As Hart writes, “The folks at the Greater Houston Partnership are well aware of the many ways the Texas Legislature – and our statewide elected officeholders – have failed to invest in the crucial infrastructure required for our exploding population.” Her column is a variation of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Everybody knows the emperor is naked, but no one will step forward and say so. Why don’t the state’s business leaders stand up to Rick Perry? Because there are none.

Here is all of Burkablog.

Of course, maybe business leaders don’t want to play in today’s highly partisan political climate. 

This is kind of sad.  Kuffer goes on to say today that the Partnership was punked by Guv Dude last week – yikes!  I wonder if the GHP reads Burkablog or Kuffer.  I know they read Hart’s piece last Friday because I got some feedback of sorts.   I wonder if the H-Town City Council ought to keep giving them dough every year if they are going to spend their time standing behind Dude supporting his pledge to nowhere policies. 

The ‘Stros are 6-11 so far this year.  How many of their eleven losses have been by 1 run?

Shape up H-Town!  Dunkin Donuts will open 16 new shops over the next 6 years in the H-Town area.  Do we really need 16 more Dunkin Donuts locations?  We ought to treat them like liquor stores and say they can’t be 600 feet or so from schools.

Here is the Chron blurb on Dunkin Donuts expanding.

Don’t look for H-Town to fall off of the Top Ten Most Out Of Shape Cities any time soon.  Where is the food police when you really need them!

I guess I’ll check in on tonight’s GOP Prez Primary results to see if the GOP is really in love with Romney.

From the Chron’s Ken Hoffman:

Here is my Top 10 of things to eat at Minute Maid Park (in order):

1. Smokey Joe Footlong Nathan‘s Hot Dog, covered with chili, cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce

2. Mac ‘n’ Cheeseburger

3. Chopped BBQ Baked Potato

4. Texas Tempura Onion Rings at the FiveSeven Grille

5. Sliders at Little Bigs

6. Burgers at Prince’s

7. Ken Hoffman New York Extreme Hot Dog

8. Souvenir Cup Ice Cream Sundae

9. Kiolbassa Bratwurst

10. Nutty Bavarian Cinnamon Almonds

Commentary has tried none of the above.  I pretty much stick to regular hot dogs, Dante’s leftover chicken fingers and fries, and peanuts.

The ‘Stros have lost 5 games by 1 run of course so far this season including last night’s 6-5 loss to the Brewers.

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Commentary spent this past Saturday morning and early afternoon at my SD 15 Convention.  I kind of listened to all of the candidates as they addressed the convention delegates including Judge Steve Kirkland.  I don’t think I saw his opponent.  I was in the auditorium most of the time. Same goes for Chairman Lane Lewis’ opponent.  Did I miss their speeches or did they just not drop by SD 15?  I wonder if they dropped by any of the other SDs.

Judge Kirkland’s opponent also sent out an email this morning titled “you people already have 5 seats….”  Oh, well!

What does Commentary know anyway?  I picked the under for our Senatorial District Convention and in SD 15 we had 184 sign-ins to lead the other SDs in the county.  In SD 15 I have to give congrats to Zeph Capo and his crew for doing a great job.  I also have to give congrats to The Dean and Rep. Sylvester Turner for being there and showing leadership and support.  Both also gave outstanding speeches.  I like the make-up of our SD.

Mary Flood Nugent informed me at the SD Convention that Precinct 40 (Poe Elementary) was a redistricting casualty and chopped up.  That’s too bad. 

Yesterday’s score at The Yard:  ‘Stros 12, Dodgers 0.  When was the last time the ‘Stros beat a team by a 12-0 score?

Commentary was watching KPRC-TV’s “Houston Newsmakers” yesterday morning and GOP State Sen. Dan Patrick was one of the guests.  He was talking about the race for Prez and he tried to make a comparison to other Prez races and he said “not since the 1950 Presidential election…..”  Duh!  There wasn’t a Prez election in 1950. 

Here is Patricia Kilday Hart’s tape delayed piece about the Greater Houston Partnership CEO not knowing what Guv Dude was up to last week on the pledge to nowhere.

Yeah, sure!

This is a good week if you are a trial watcher.  Our 2004 VP candidate John Edwards has his day in court.  One of the HPD officers on the video in the Chad Holley beating goes to trial.  Things get going in DC with The Rocket’s case.

The ‘Stros beat the Rockies 12-0 on July 1, 2007 of course at The Yard just a few days after B-G-O hit his 3,000th base hit off of the Rockies.

Friday night at The Yard they handed out Colt 45s jerseys without the revolver on them and without the 45s – huh!  It just said “Colts.”  We were never the “Colts”.  Indy has the “Colts” and B’More had the “Colts.”

Dante and Commentary kind of baked in the sun yesterday at The Yard.  It was a tad warm.  It was nice to see Jordan Schafer hit a grand salami in the second inning that cost Denny’s a few bucks as every fan in attendance got a coupon for a free Original Grand Salami, err Slam Breakfast with the purchase of a beverage of course – cool!


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Commentary doesn’t like to start beefs, so I won’t.  But why does Chron.com have to tape delay Patricia Kilday Hart’s column?  They don’t tape delay the scores from last night’s games or their daily E-Board takes or the obits. What’s up with that?

Old school Commentary every now and then will mention Hart’s piece from the fish wrap and folks that only have the online version of the Chron want to know what I’m talking about so I’ll have to take the time to ‘splain stuff – at no charge might I add.

Today Hart kind of questions why the CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership was standing with Guv Dude when Dude announced his no new whatever pledge.   The CEO said he didn’t know what Dude was going to say or something like that.

I don’t know about that.  The CEO used to work for Dude and he has an extensive political background.  Here is from the Bloomberg Businessweek website:

Prior to joining the Partnership, (Jeff) Moseley was the CEO of the Office of the Governor for Economic Development and Tourism, a position he held from 2003 to 2005.


Moseley was also instrumental in overseeing the $295 million Texas Enterprise Fund, landing the $3 billion Texas Instruments expansion, and closing the Citgo move to Houston. Before joining the Governor’s Office, Moseley was elected to three terms as Denton County judge.


Moseley served as Denton County Justice of the Peace from 1987 to 1990.

Maybe the CEO hasn’t been paying attention to what Dude has been up to the last 16 months or so – yeah, sure.

Will the Chron.com please stop tape delaying Patricia Kilday Hart so everybody can have fresh takes on her interesting and sometimes provoking columns! 

The “Flashback Friday” is celebrated at The Yard tonight with Larry Dierker throwing out the first pitch.  Of course everybody knows that Dierk threw a no-no against the Expos back in 1976 and everybody also knows that the team has thrown 10 no-nos in club history.  Of the 10 no-nos, is any opposing team on the list of 10 more than once?

Here is what Joe Holley of the Chron posted yesterday:

Harris County Democrats are holding their senatorial conventions tomorrow (Saturday, April 21). Each Democratic senatorial district will hold its own convention and will select delegates to the Democratic State Convention here in Houston June 7-8. Delegates selected at the state convention will go on to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Your voter registration card will tell you the number of your Senate district. Here’s where they’re meeting:

I don’t know about that.  We haven’t received out new voter registration cards so if some Dems from Montrose believe the Chron, they’re going to head out to TSU tomorrow morning instead of Booker T – yikes!

Of course, I’ll be there with The Dean tomorrow to welcome the Montrose Dems to SD 15.  I’m taking the under on attendance tomorrow since we’re doing it differently, err backwards.

The Reds and The ATL of course have been ‘Stro no-no victims twice – Ken Johnson (1964 – Reds), Don Wilson (1967 – The ATL, 1969 – Reds), and Ken Forsch (1979 – The ATL).

We set a team record with 3 triples in one inning last night and come home at 5-8 for three against LA.  Let’s hope we wrap things up early at SD 15 tomorrow so I can get to The Yard in time to pick up a green lid.



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My pal Jay Root from the Texas Tribune has a piece today on Guv Dude and 2014.  Check it out here.
I want to say Dude’s just talking smack but you never know with Dude.  Surely somebody close to him is telling him that he would have so much baggage in 2016 that he would just be accelerating the Dems return to power.  Don’t you think?   I would hope that he runs again.

There is also talk that Dude is thinking about running for Prez in 2016.  Surely he must be kidding – right?  His 2012 effort was one of the most ridiculed Prez campaigns of all time.    Some of his folks need to find a hobby that doesn’t involve politics. 

Here is an easy one.  Name the only former ‘Stro that has ever been in uniform and sat in the ‘Stros dugout during a game at Colt Stadium, the Astrodome, and The Yard?

Here is Patricia Kilday Hart’s story on Judge Kirkland and his opponent.
Stay tuned as I got a nice Judge Kirkland mailer yesterday.  Good job to his mail crew!

CEWDEM sent out a piece from the Lone Star Project about the race for Congress up in CD 33.  I don’t think the Lone Star Project cares much about Domingo Garcia.  I don’t think they ever have.

Burkablog has a piece today on GOP Party purity. 
Check it out here.
Burkablog also says that the face and the future of the Lone Star State Dem Party ought to be the GOP Texas House Speaker.  Well, the GOP Speaker doesn’t act like he wants this role.

Commentary grew up with Dick Clark and “American Bandstand” and I’ve been humming that tune for the past 16 hours or so since I heard that he left us. 

I wonder what is the over/under for the Dem Senatorial District Conventions this Saturday.

Former ‘Stro Larry Dierker of course once wore the Colts 45 uniform at Colt Stadium, he wore the blue and orange and gold at the Astrodome, and he wore the brick red at The Yard.

The team is 4-8 as we lost another one run game last night – arrgh!


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Again, if you are old school like Commentary and pick up your fish wrap off of the driveway, you get to read today’s Patricia Kilday Hart’s piece on why George Fleming and Bethel Nathan are taking on Judge Steve Kirkland.  Oh yeah, the candidate running against Judge Kirkland is Elaine Hubbard-Palmer.   Apparently, this Fleming fella is trying to get even with Judge Kirkland for a decision made by the judge that cost Fleming a few mil.  Kilday Hart also quotes “Harris County Democratic Chairman Gerry Birnberg.”  He’s not.   Here might be another instance where voters need to know what is going on.

My Best Friend, former State Rep. and former Harris County – Houston Sports Authority original board member Al Luna and his beautiful wife Julie now have a second grand kid.  My lovely god daughter Lisette and her hubby Mike welcomed Gabriel Michael yesterday weighing in at 9 pounds and 3 ounces and 22 inches tall – yikes – a big fella just like his Grandpa Al.  Congrats!

Rockies hurler Jamie Moyer became the oldest player ever to win a MLB game last night at age 49 and 150 or so days.  Moyer was drafted out of St. Joseph’s University by the Cubbies in Round 6 of the 1984 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who did the A’s draft out of USC in Round 1 of the 1984 Draft?

Everybody knows that the GOP has a Latino problem.  From today’s Star Telegram:

"We have to get Hispanic voters to vote for our party," Romney told a private fundraiser in Florida on Sunday in which he insisted the GOP needs an alternative to the DREAM Act. He warned that a significant number of Hispanics backing Obama "spells doom for us," according to NBC News.

So, Marco Rubio and some within the GOP have come up with the “Half Arse DREAM Act” that allows for some DREAMERs to just stick around with no chance whatsoever of becoming a citizen.  The far righties aren’t pleased:

Rubio faces a major obstacle in pushing his measure. The Republican Party and its allies remain fiercely divided over immigration policy, a split even more pronounced in an election year.

Moderates who favor a route to citizenship are pitted against lawmakers who want tough laws cracking down on illegal immigrants. The agriculture industry, which relies heavily on illegal immigrants, and its GOP backers in Congress have challenged Republican legislation in the House requiring employers to use an electronic database to determine whether a new worker is legal, commonly known as e-verify. Businesses fear it will be an unnecessary regulation while tea partyers worry about government intrusion.

Opponents of Rubio’s work-in-progress already have appealed to their rank-and-file members to contact the senator and express their opposition.

Numbers USA, which wants to reduce the number of legal and illegal immigrants, provided talking points to their nearly 1 million members.  "It is downright appalling that you are working on a DREAM Act amnesty. There is no difference between giving illegal aliens citizenship and giving them an amnesty. They would still be able to compete against unemployed Americans for jobs! You need to drop this plan presto!" the group said.

Some Dem leaders see it as a political ploy and aren’t buying:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., signaled Tuesday that Rubio’s effort has little chance in the Democratic-controlled Senate, telling reporters that he won’t accept an alternative that stops short of providing a path to citizenship.

Check out the story here.

You know your U.S. Senate campaign is hurting when candidates for State Rep are raising more money.  I snatched this from the Texas Tribune:

Democrat Paul Sadler has compiled the latest fundraising figures for his U.S. Senate race, and it’s not pretty: $72,800 for the first three months of the year.

“It’s shocking. It’s absolutely shocking to me,” Sadler said. “We’re in uncharted waters. I don’t think we’ve seen a primary where there was basically no money given. And that’s basically where we are.”

Commentary’s not shocked and not surprised.

Mark McGwire of the USC Trojans of course was drafted in Round 1 – 10th overall – of the 1984 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Wow, now that’s old!

We’ve now lost three in a row.


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Channel 2 came out in support of Southwest this morning.  Of course, Channel 2 doesn’t sit at the H-Town City Council table and doesn’t have a vote.  The Chron pretty much summed up yesterday’s joint committee hearing.  This one is going to get more interesting.

Check out today’s Chron.com here.

You can also check yesterday’s Chron.com here.

Will somebody please stop Guv Dude from being Guv Dude!   Will somebody please take away the choo choo train hat he likes to wear?  I kind of agree with Burkablog on Dude’s no tax pledge:

There is something about this that is sad, on a human level. He has nothing to do except reflect on his rejection in the presidential race and struggle to stay relevant. Several members of his inner circle recognized that the end of the Perry era is near and found jobs in the private sector. The fear that he once generated is gone. The pledge gimmick will not find sufficient traction to make a difference. This is what happens when you stay too long at the dance.

Here is all of Burkablog.

Of course we all know that ‘Stro catcher Jason Castro went to Stanford.  Name the other ‘Stro player that played at Stanford?

There is a story today in the Chron on how much it would really cost to tear down the Astrodome.  I can’t find the story online but it is in my hard copy.   This is the first time the Chron has written a story like this.  I think folks are seeing the handwriting on the wall that I have been talking about for years.

ROADWomen will meet tonight and hold a forum for Dem candidates for State Board of Education, District 6 at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 1805 West Alabama.  Fellowship at 5:30 pm, Program at 6:00 pm – Commentary’s client, SBOE District 6 candidate Traci Jensen, will be there – and you? 

The Lite Guv must be worried about Ted Cruz.  He has an attack ad that’s running that say Cruz defends Chinese companies against U.S. of A. companies. 

Now I know what the “Secret” in Secret Service means.

‘Stros shortstop Jed Lowrie of course played at Stanford and Jed is celebrating his 28th BD today in D.C. as the ‘Stros are now 4-6 and move up to 26 (from last week’s 30) in the ESPN MLB Power Rankings.


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