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Yesterday the Chron E-Board endorsed Bill Frazer for Controller.  Commentary is not really surprised considering the stories the Chron has written in the past about Controller Ron Green.

Check out the Frazer endorsement here.

On Saturday the Chron E-Board endorsed Anthony Robinson for H-Town City Council District D.  That was kind of surprising.

Here is the Robinson endorsement.

Name the stadium the Pirates called home from 1909 – 1970?

Yesterday my friend Bill King wrote about doing away with H-Town Mayoral, Controller, and City Council term limits because the current governance structure doesn’t encourage council to deal with long term financial issues.   Blah, blah, blah…….   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  If you want to do away with term limits get out there and put together a serious grass roots campaign and get signatures on a petition.

Here is Bill’s column,

Also yesterday H-Town CM C.O. Bradford and HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson co-wrote an Op-Ed calling for a City Charter Review Commission to look at how city government is run.  They want the Commission appointed right after the election so they can have recommendations ready to the November 2014 election.  I don’t know about that.  I think we need to have a good discussion first as to why we need a Review Commission.  I am also thinking that Trustee Robinson should maybe focus on putting together an HCC Review Commission.


The “SNL” spoof Saturday night on Speaker Boehner, Michelle Bachman, and the GOP federal government shutdown was deservedly brutal. 

Commentary was impressed by “SNL” guest host and musical act Miley Cyrus’ performance.  She is an entertainer for sure and currently owns the number one song on the charts.

I don’t think the Texans will go 13-3.  We are definitely not prime time material. 

Forbes Field of course is where the Pirates played from 1909 – 1970.

No that wasn’t the ‘Stros playing in Candlestick last night.


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The Tea Party members of Congress are feeling the heat for sure and they are scrambling to get out of the kitchen.  Now they want to piecemeal their way out of a shutdown by trying to open up some popular parts of the federal government.  It is not going to work.  Like I said, it’s your GOP federal government shutdown so own it.

Meet Team Davis according to the Texas Tribune here.

The Tribe returns to the playoffs for the first time since 2007 when they won the AL Central.  When was the last time the Tribe won the World Serious?

I just got back from a well-attended Anna Eastman for HISD Trustee 8 am gathering for parents in Garden Oaks.  Nice job, Anna!

The author who created Jack Ryan is no longer with us.  I liked reading the Tom Clancy series of books on Ryan.

To Guv Dude:  You don’t need to try to clarify what the First Lady said.  We understand English.

I’m thinking that Democrats across the state will be whistling a different tune tomorrow afternoon.

I am also thinking that after yesterday’s Obamacare rollout, the Obamacare haters will be in the minority sometime next year.

I really don’t think we are going to hear any positive messages coming from the Mayoral candidates any time soon.

The Tribe last won the World Serious in 1948 beating the Boston Braves in 6.

Commentary mentioned last week that ‘Stros first base coach Dave Clark would be looking for a job after the season.  I was right. 


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The Tea Party consultants have sent out the talking points trying put the blame on anybody but themselves on their federal government shutdown. It isn’t working.  Here are the talking points:

· Obamacare is a job killer.

· It’s Harry Reid’s fault.

· The President won’t negotiate.

· Tip O’Neill shutdown the federal government seven times.

America isn’t buying it and are calling it the GOP shutdown.  You asked for the GOP shutdown so stop the cowardly act and own it!

Name the MLB team that had the most base runners caught stealing this past season?

Check out the New Dome PAC here.

Commentary received a mailer from the Rogene Calvert for At-Large 3 yesterday.

It was actually nice to see a local candidate get decent coverage on their announcement for a change.   The Chron and some local TVs were there to cover Kim Ogg’s announcement for DA. 

The Rangers lost in a playoff to try to get into the playoffs.  Got it!

The ‘Stros of course got caught stealing the most this year with 61.

The ‘Stros owner says things will get better next year. 


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My parents Alicia and Tony Campos celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary this past Saturday.  Top that!

Early to Rise is now officially early to bed.  Maybe next time around they need to make sure Hunker Down is talked to at the beginning.

Name the former ‘Stro with the third best batting average in MLB?

Robert Miller talks about the H-Town Mayoral race today and give us some background on run-offs.  Commentary mentioned it looking like a run-off a couple of weeks ago and I really got no push back.  We will see.

Here is Robert’s take.

AG Greg Abbott likes to say that he gets up every morning looking forward to suing The President or something like that.  Now he has decided to go after the City of San Antonio for their passage of an anti-discrimination ordinance.  Why doesn’t he just mind his own business?  Either that or move his arsse to SA and run for city council.

Speaking of, former sports commentator and former GOP U.S. Senate candidate Craig James has every right to talk anti-GLBT any time he wants.  He just don’t get to talk Xs and Os in reputable sports network studios.   Sorry, pal, you are out of bounds, called for encroachment, were sacked, thrown for a loss, penalized and have no way to audible your arse out of this one.

A lot of folks will be staying up late tonight as we have a kickoff around nine.  I wonder if folks will be wearing their Texans gear throughout the day.  Lay the 4 ½ and take the over 44 ½. 

Former ‘Stro Chris Johnson – now with The ATL – is batting .330 of course – third best in MLB.

We’re 47-96 so it looks like we’re going to hit the 100 loss mark at The Yard this weekend.  What a bummer!


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The Texas Tribune today has a story about campaigns starting to get that Univision local newscasts are at the top of the ratings in some markets and candidates for office are appearing on their news programs. Of course Commentary has been pointing that out for a few years. It is a small step in the right direction. Now they need to start dropping their ad dollars on these Univision and other Spanish language newscasts.

Here is the Trib story.

How many MLB Hall of Fame members are wearing Twins gear?

The votes in Congress for supporting a strike on Syria are a long way off. Reports indicate that Democrats will have to shoulder the burden in getting the votes. I am getting more convinced that most GOP members of Congress will vote no just to embarrass The President. Prove me wrong, please!

I really don’t want to say much about the jailed kidnapper in Cleveland who pulled a Tom Dooley on himself.

One of Graci Garces’ opponents officially declared himself the “frontrunner” in an email he sent out yesterday. In the email he also complained about negative attacks. Oh, well.

Election Day is two months from today.

Bert Blyleven, Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, and Kirby Puckett of course are in the Hall of Fame wearing Twins gear.

We are in Oakland for four. It is key series for the A’s. When we get back on the 16th, the Reds may still be in it so that could turn out to be a key series. The Yankees are still in it.

We have to go 17-6 to avoid losing 100 games this season. That is not going to happen.


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You can’t help but wonder if GOP members of the U.S. House are going to buck their leaders on hitting Syria just to embarrass The President. You can go look at the board on CNN Commentary said was coming.

Here it is.

Name the last Twin to win the AL MVP Award?

It is just politics. Some supporters of The Mayor held a press conference yesterday to ask Ben Hall to get out of the race because he hasn’t been in H-Town long enough. Ben Hall said he would take it under consideration – NOT REALLY!

Check out the Chron.com report here.

I am surprised the Chron E-Board wasn’t a participant at the press conference.

Lisa Falkenberg in her column today writes about Barry Smitherman saying he ought to be the next AG because he and his wife had four kids. Oh, well!

Commentary is thinking that the Commissioner and MLB are not pleased to see the Yankees and A-Roid jump back into contention. In a way I’m kind of rooting for the Yankees because I would love to see The Yard host a meaningful series the last weekend of September.

Joe Mauer of course won the AL MVP Award in 2009 after leading the league with a .365 batting average.

Talk about a tease last night. We tied it in the bottom of the ninth but lost it in the 12th.


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Since we declared our independence, how many countries have been on the receiving end of an U.S. of A. bomb or missile. Let’s see Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq come to mind.

The President is getting hit from all sides on Syria. Some folks here and abroad want us to hit Syrian targets. Some folks want to stay out. Some folks don’t like that he’s asked for a Congressional vote. Some folks say he is vacillating.

We’ve been at war for twelve years now. Thousands have lost their lives and tens of thousands have been injured.

I think it is wise for members of Congress to have a debate over the next two weeks on Syria.

It is going to be interesting to see what our two GOP U.S. Senators do.

The Twins are in town for three. Name the first Twin to ever win an AL MVP Award?

I’m thinking that only my friend Edgar will correctly answer.

State Sen. Wendy Davis gave some media interviews this past weekend. Nice job Team Davis!

The Chron E-Board spanked Ben Hall again Saturday. I’m thinking the E-Board has their mind made up on who they will endorse in the mayoral contest.

Check out the hit job here.

In yesterday’s Chron there were competing Op-Eds on Uber wanting to play in H-Town.

Here is the pro-Uber.

Here is the no-Uber.

Roman Martinez is my good friend so I am biased but I do think he made the best case.

Twins shortstop Zoilo Versalles of course won the 1965 AL MVP Award after leading the league in doubles, triples, and runs scored and helped lead the Twins to the World Serious.

Rookie lefty Brett Oberholtzer threw an outstanding complete game shutout yesterday.

Did you know that we have a better road record (23-44) than home record (22-47).


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NBC announced last week that it was going to put out a four hour mini-series called “Hillary” starring Diane Lane as the former First Lady and Secretary of State.  The series will cover 1998 to the present.  Diane Lane is a good choice.  She was just Superman’s Earth mom in “Man of Steel”.  She was “Unfaithful” to Richard Gere.  She’s done the “Lonesome Dove” poke with Robert Duvall.  She owned “Secretariat”.  Oh yeah – she’s married to the fella that played “W” – Josh Brolin.

The “Today Show” this morning rattled off some suggested names to play President Clinton including John Travolta, Bill Pullman, and Woody Harrelson.  I don’t know about that.

Last Friday Commentary mentioned the Dodgers winning 1965 World Serious over the Twins.  Name the 1965 World Serious MVP?

From Robert Miller’s take today:

Under current Texas statewide election dynamics, it is good to be a Republican candidate from either DFW or Houston.

Location, location, location!  Robert has an interesting analysis on GOPers chances of getting on the statewide GOP ticket.  It is where you come from.

Check this from Robert.

don’t think Robert will be doing a take on Dems chances by geography since there isn’t any data if you know what I mean.

Grace Gummer is now on “The Newsroom” as reporter Hallie Shea covering the Romney campaign along with Jim Harper.  Ok, Ok, you should know that Gummer is Meryl Streep’s kid.   Got it!

The woes continue.  Here is from the Chron this past weekend:

“It’s not good,” Astros manager Bo Porter said. “At this stage of the season, you would think that guys would get better. That has not happened and we are in a complete funk as far as the bullpen (goes) and trying to find someone down there other than (closer Jose) Veras to come in and give us quality innings, and it’s just not happening right now.”


One of the Astros’ main goals entering a challenging 2013 season was to win the games they were supposed to. That has rarely happened. With a shaky bullpen continually leaking runs, the Astros were again reminded what happens when they do things on the cheap.

Well at least we get to see the Red Sox next week and maybe Big Papi will smash the dugout phone.

At the end of the season we may get to watch Mariano Rivera pitch his last regular game of the season.

Even though he had a high pitch count yesterday Jarred Cosart showed he can get out of jams. 


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It is starting to sound like the early 1960s.  Minority voters are being denied access to the polls and the feds have to step in.

Politico has a story today with the headline “Obama vs Texas”.    Here is a line from the piece:

The White House gets applauded in many parts of the country for casting Texas as the evil outlaw.

And just like a scene straight out of Hollywood, The President and his trusted partner Eric Holder are Gary Cooper and Steve McQueen riding into town to save the day.

Or better yet, The President and Eric Holder are leading troops into the Lone Star State with the bugle cavalry charge basting away.

Here is the Politico story on the showdown.

Guv Dude and the GOP may find it easy to roll Dems up in Austin, but taking on The President is an entirely different matter.    After all, it is about protecting our right to vote.   We thought this was settled decades ago. 

Who won the World Serious the year the Voting Rights Act was signed into law?

In Season One of “The Newsroom” Executive Producer MacKenzie McHale and Anchor Will McAvoy are reluctant to cover the Anthony Weiner story and only do so after all the other news organizations chase the story.  I think Mac and Will were thinking Commentary was their audience because I don’t want to hear about Weiner anymore.  I don’t want to know who sent who what and how many times they were sent and what was said and to how many people.  As far as I’m concerned keep that coverage local. 

The Dodger beat the Twins in seven of course in the 1965 World Serious a couple of months or so after LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act into law.

From the Chron:

The Astros are on pace for 108 losses and must turn their year around — going 29-32 the rest of the way — to avoid a third consecutive 100-loss campaign. With Wednesday’s non-waiver trade deadline hovering and the final two months of the schedule stacked with playoff-caliber teams and American League West clubs, turning 2013 into something more than the No. 1 overall pick in 2014 is becoming more difficult with each remaining game.

You can say that again!


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I’m not going to say much about Carlos Danger.  I did get thumbs-up texts yesterday from Marcelino Peril and Juan Kill about my Commentary on being a Democrat in H-Town City campaigns.

Commentary was at a candidate screening yesterday and met a young candidate named Anne Sung who is running for HISD Trustee District 7.  Harvin Moore is the incumbent trustee.  Sung is a very impressive candidate.   She’s sharp and bright.  I’m thinking we’re going to be hearing a lot about her for years to come.

In 1985 this AL MLBer batted .324, hit 35 dingers, drove in 145 RBIs, smacked 48 doubles and went on to win the MVP Award.  Who am I talking about?

I read somewhere this morning that the Kinkhole is thinking about running for a statewide office again as a Dem in 2014.  Oh brother, not again.  He probably has another book coming out.

I read somewhere today that Guv Dude’s security detail racked up $2.6 mil for out-of-state travel since his 2010 reelection.    Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate with their baby walked out of the hospital yesterday with the whole world watching got into an SUV and drove off alone to the palace.  Quien es mas macho, Dude or the Prince?

Don Mattingly of course won the AL MVP Award in 1985.  Mattingly is the skipper of the Dodgers who are now in first in the NL West.

After two games Jarred Cosart has a .6 ERA and Jonathan Villar is batting .500 as we pulled one out last night in the bottom of the ninth and finally got a W this season against the A’s.

Commentary snagged foul ball numero 6 last night and I’m keeping this one because it has the commemorative AL Inaugural Season stamp on it.


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