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As we all know, Commentary has been the driving force on getting Dems to finally look at and debate our failed Latino voter engagement strategy.  Getting it right on the Latino vote is our biggest challenge so an acknowledgement of where we need to go is a first major step.  The GOP has been following our intraparty discussions and worries that if we develop an effective Latino voter game plan that Commentary has been calling for, they could be toast.  So what does the GOP do?  They try to discredit Commentary.

Hootsie and some GOP group promoting “sensible immigration reform” have put out a five minute plus YouTube video that includes testimonials from Latinos on why they like being GOPers.  About a minute and a half into the video, they flash a photo of Commentary with the narrator reading the following from a November 8, 2010 Chron piece:

Houston Democratic political consultant Marc Campos said Texas Republicans have a history of seeking Hispanic voters while Democrats take them for granted.  “They make the effort, and I cannot say that in good conscience about the Democratic Party.” (Pause)  I think we are going to see percentage of Latino GOP voters increase.  These are hard working people who buy into the GOP work ethic and the American Dream .  They are not people looking for a Democrat handout.

Whoa!   I definitely did not say what is read after the pause and in italics. The person that narrates the clip quotes me and goes on narrating and so it could sound to some that everything he says comes from me.    They did a poor job of putting words in my mouth.  Only GOP leaders and consultants would use the term “Democrat handouts” while Dems say “Democratic.”

Some Dem fell for the sham and slam on Commentary and thinking I was pulling some sort of Benedict Arnold move forwarded the clip to CEWDEM who then promptly sent it to every Dem activist in the Lone Star State.   It is pretty obvious that Hootsie and this GOP group wanted to put a hit on me because I’m promoting a Latino voter engagement strategy that is not in their best interest.

You can check out the clip here.

Here is the article with my actual quotes.

I gotta figure out how to get me some payback.

Who was the first Chicago Cubbie to have his number retired?

I was checking out the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night and they gave a lifetime achievement award to 94-year old Ernest Borgnine.  He still has it if you ask me – wow!  One of my favorite Borgnine movies is “The Wild Bunch.”

Some folks up in the legislature are proposing selling liquor at liquor stores on Sundays.  They say it will bring in an additional $7 mil per year.  I guess that means we would be drinking a lot more.  I don’t know if that is a good thing.  Last I heard Spec’s doesn’t want to be open on Sundays, so that ought to tell us something.

CEWDEM has been letting folks air their opinions on the last SDEC meeting, where the State Dem Party is headed, and who gets the gigs and who doesn’t.   I don’t know why folks are all riled up.  There are still just a few folks running the Dem Party and they don’t give a rat’s arse what most Dems think.

“Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks of course on August 22, 1982 was the first Cubbie to have his jersey number retired.  Ernie Banks is celebrating his 80th BD today so “let’s play two!”

Nolan Ryan is celebrating his 64th BD today.

Jackie Robinson who is no longer with us was born 92 years ago today.

It is Day 21 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still won’t show us the sanctuary cities!

The Big Puma was on a local radio station the other day and wondered if he would get booed when he shows up at The Yard on Tuesday, April 26 wearing the San Luis Red.  I don’t know why anyone would want to boo The Big Puma.  He didn’t ask to be shipped out.


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You got to hand it to indicted GOP Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole for ignoring his lawyer and asking for and getting a separate and speedy trial.  He’s telling the Feds to bring it on.  He’s ready to go to trial next month.  It is a ballsy move if you ask me.  Check out the Chron story.  The federal courthouse might be the place to hang out at next month.   Once the trial gets started and the evidence gets introduced, it will certainly give The Roundtable writer some good material.  Politically speaking, it is also not too early to start talking about Eversole’s replacement on Commissioners’ Court.  Stay tuned!

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with party switcher State Rep. Errant Pena organizing the Hispanic Republican Conference.  Heck it might even be a good thing if they are able to convince some of their GOP colleagues to cool it on Latino bashing.   Let’s see if they will invite a delegation of DREAMERS to one of their first meetings. 

What happened in baseball 110 years ago today?

From the Shut Up Department, this is what I ran into on Chron.com:

This week, Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, strongly defended Cornyn. Aguilar said the Republican senator from San Antonio has been a strong leader who has worked tirelessly to fix the “dysfunctional immigration system.”

“To say that Sen. Cornyn has not worked hard to build bipartisan consensus to fix our immigration laws is an outright lie,” Aguilar said. “And to try to say that he’s an anti-immigrant zealot is frankly insulting, not only to the senator but to all of us who know him and have worked with him throughout the years on common-sense immigration reform.”

Shut up!

From the Too Many People Department, today’s Chron front page headline screams:  EDUCATION JOBS IN JEOPARDY.   It is about the proposed state budget cuts.  Keep it up.

I don’t know why folks keep writing about Charlie Sheen.  All he’s doing is turning “Two and a Half Men” into a reality TV program.

On January 28, 1901, the American League (AL) was formally organized as a major league of course and 72 years later the AL brought us the designated hitter.

It is Day 18 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still hasn’t shown me the sanctuary cities!

The Thursday, March 31 exhibition game versus the Red Sox at The Yard has been cancelled – BUMMER!   The cancellation was due to some MLB rule on a TV scheduling conflict with Opening Day that evening – BUMMER!


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“Too Many People Pulled And Pushed Around,
Too Many Waiting For That Lucky Break.”

Commentary got emailed from an old pal the other day.  She’s on the board of a health care related non-profit.  They operate a number of community based clinics throughout the state dealing with a particular serious ailment.  She told me that the proposed state budget cuts would result in severe cutbacks in their operations.   They would have to curtail services and might even have to close some of their clinics.  She said they put out a call to their supporters to contact their legislators.  She asked for advice on what other actions or steps they should take.

There are many organizations and non-profits throughout the state with similar stories these days.  I told her that it would be best if they were to send out their story to their email lists, bloggers, E-Boards, news organizations, columnists, and those that are facing major cuts. 

School districts, community colleges, universities, CBOs, health care, county government, public safety, and transportation are among the many that will have to make drastic painful cuts under what has been proposed to date.  All for the most part have extensive networks and influential friends and lobbyists.    They need to all keep telling and sharing their stories, visit the State Capitol, stay on their legislators, and utilize grassroots tactics.

Sooner or later the key budget leaders are going to have to respond to or ignore the stories and voices of the too many people.

“Too Many People Paying Parking Fines,
Too Many Hungry People Losing Weight.”

Hunter Pence and the ‘Stros haven’t agreed on a salary for this season so they are heading for arbitration.  Hunter made his MLB debut in 2007 after being taken in the 2nd Round by the ‘Stros as the 64th pick in the 2004 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  The player taken right after Pence as the 65th pick that year won the 2007 Al Rookie of the Year.  Who am I talking about?

The Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg is back and she has some things to say about Guv Dude’s emergencies.   Check it out.

Here’s Lisa’s best line:  "This is our time, this is our place in history," according to the governor’s (inaugural) speech. "We must seize the moment."  And so we must!  After all, the way we’re headed, it could be our last.

Way to go Lisa!

I’m not going to say much about watching the H-Town City Council meeting this past Tuesday other than to say they had a few weird Sopranoesque moments when a fella came up to speak about a certain member of Council.   Thankfully nobody got to make an offer they couldn’t refuse – yikes!

Dustin Pedroia of course from the Red Sox was drafted right behind Hunter Pence in 2004 as the 65th overall pick in Round 2 and he won the 2007 Al Rookie of the Year Award and the 2008 AL MVP Award.

We get to see Dustin and the Red Sox at The Yard for two exhibition games March 30-31 and for three regular season games July 1-3. 


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It looks like Lakewood’s Joel Osteen ought to think about what comes out of his piehole these days.  On CNN tonight he tells Piers Morgan a few things about how he feels about GLBT folks…tsk, tsk, tsk.  You can check it out here if you don’t want to wait until tonight.  The H-Town GLBT came out with a statement yesterday expressing their disappointment with Osteen.  FYI:  Osteen said one of the prayers at the H-Town Mayor’s inaugural last year. 

Commentary was checking out last night’s State of the Union on CNN.  I thought it was interesting to see local GOP Cong. Ted Poe get two John Hancocks from The President afterwards.  I like the fact that The DREAMERS are still getting a mention from The President.  I didn’t mind that three right wing Supremes skipped the event. 

Those that got to watch Tea Bagger Bachman give her response on CNN were probably wondering who she was addressing.  I kept looking over my left shoulder to see if anyone was standing there.   I don’t think some of the Democratic Party funders liked hearing “medical malpractice reform to rein in frivolous lawsuits.”

This former MLBer authored two books, “Catcher in the Wry” and “Catch 222.”  He also said:

"The way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until it stops rolling and then pick it up."  Who am I talking about?

The fella that has probably had the most impact on the current City of H-Town form of government is no longer with us.  Clymer Wright, who organized the 1991 term limit campaign, left us this past weekend.   Hey, look at it this way, if it wasn’t for Clymer’s effort, a whole lot of folks would not have gotten the opportunity to serve the City.

The Chron’s E-Board weighed in today on H-Town City Council redistricting and is making it hard for the Latino community to get representation.  Here is part of their take today:

While Hispanic activists have called for creation of a third Latino district, the bigger challenge may be to protect District H, currently held by Ed Gonzalez but trending more Anglo due to gentrification of the Heights area. Adjacent District I, represented by James Rodriguez, cannot give up more Latino residents to H without becoming a marginal minority district itself. And according to counts of Hispanic-surnamed voters, there are almost no majority Hispanic precincts outside H and I. That makes coming up with a new Latino district very difficult.

It may be difficult, but not impossible.   Check out today’s E-Board piece.

Bob Uecker of course wrote “Catcher in the Wry” and “Catch 222” and played for the Braves, San Luis, and Phillies and currently is the radio voice of the Brewers.  Bob Uecker is also celebrating his 76th BD today.

Yesterday, the ‘Stros signed Wandy for the next three and/or maybe four seasons and here are the details.


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A few weeks ago MariGirl and I were having a conversation about derogatory terms used against folks of the Latino persuasion.   One of the words I mentioned was “beaner” which I haven’t heard in a long, long time.  Years ago some ‘neck called me a “beaner” while we were playing a flag football game and I responded by flipping him the bird.

The word “beaner” is now part of a City of H-Town investigation over at the Fire Department.  LULAC and other local Latino activists are calling for the feds to conduct an investigation because they don’t think the City is doing a good enough job of investigating the latest racial harassment charge.  After seeing how the City bungled a recent fire department harassment investigation, I don’t blame the local Latino activists for seeking outside help.  
Check out the Chron story.

I sure hope this mess is all sorted out.

CEWDEM let me know yesterday that “Jenifer Rene Pool, former 3 term President of the HGLBT Political Caucus, has been an announced candidate for At Large Position 2 for some time.” Got it!  

Also, I got this yesterday evening:  “Just letting you know that I’m running for city council. 

Respectfully….Eric B. Dick, LL.M.” Got it!

At tonight’s State of the Union Speech, I’ll really be impressed if Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox) and Derek Jeter (Yankees) are sitting together.

45 years ago today, at age 30, this 1957 MLB AL Rookie of the Year retired from the game due to a back injury.  During his 9 year career he played on three World Serious Championship teams and four MLB AL All Star Teams.  Who am I talking about?

Today is Day 15 of the legislative session and Commentary is still waiting for Guv Dude to show us the sanctuary cities!

Yesterday was Day 14 and Dude didn’t make any emergency calls – whew!

“The King’s Speech” racked up a dozen Oscar nominations this morning so I guess I better go check it out soon. 

Yankee great shortstop Tony Kubek of course retired from the game 45 years ago today.

ManRam recently signed with the Rays so we will get to see him when the Rays visit The Yard this June 24-26, a weekend series – cool.


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Next week candidates that intend to run in this year’s H-Town elections will start fundraising.  CM Melissa Noriega has already scheduled a fundraiser.  The Mayor, Controller, and eleven members of City Council are all expected to seek reelection and I suspect they will all be aggressive in their fundraising.

The open seats are At-Large, Position 2 (Sue Lovell), District B (Jarvis Johnson), District C (Anne Clutterbuck), District J, and District K.  The only person I hear is running in Pos. 2 is HCC Trustee Michael Williams.  Former State Rep. Ellen Cohen is telling folks she’s running in Dist. C.  I haven’t heard anything yet on Dist. B.  We will have to wait a while to see how Districts J and K look.

Since we’re adding two new districts, we can pretty much say that most of the current council districts will have a decidedly different look.    This factor will probably encourage some folks to challenge some of the incumbents.    That’s why we will see the incumbents gear up early on fundraising.  

Candidates that are mulling a race in the new districts are kind of at a fundraising disadvantage.  They can’t go asking for money if they don’t know where they are running. 

A-R-R-O-G-A-N-T:  Guv Dude continues to toss red meat to his base.  This time the emergency call went to sonograms before an abortion.   Take that!

Sen. John Cornyn went before a GOP Latino group last week and said he was for The DREAM Act and for comprehensive immigration report which prompted this response from America’s Voice in the Chron:

So without further adieu, and in the spirit of Hollywood’s awards season, America’s Voice would like to honor Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) with the prestigious award of "Biggest Hypocrite on Immigration, January 2011."

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, "It’s truly a dishonor and far from a privilege to present this award to Senator Cornyn. While he continues to talk a good game about the need for common sense immigration reform, every single time it’s mattered, Senator Cornyn has voted the wrong way. It’s incredible that he continues to blame Democrats for the lack of progress on immigration solutions, when Senator Cornyn has consistently opposed reform in Congress."

How many grand salamis have been hit in MLB All Star Games?

The Lite Guv says he wants to put more money into our state highway system and says we might look at raising vehicle registration fees.  Look for his U.S. Senate opponents to go after him for suggesting raising fees.

Go rent “The Social Network” when you get the chance.  It’s a very good flick.

Thanks to the Green Bay Packers, The President won’t be going to JerryWorld in a couple of weeks.

Only 1 grand salami of course has been hit in MLB All Star Game history.  In the bottom of the 3rd inning at old Comiskey Park in Chicago, Fred Lynn of the Angels hit a grand salami off of Atlee Hammaker of the Giants.  Atlee Hammaker is celebrating his 52nd BD today.

It looks like The Yard will have a grub addition of sorts.  Chef Bryan Caswell of “The Next Iron Chef” fame with H-Town eateries Reef, Little Bigs, and Stella Sola will bring his talent to Minute Maid.  From the ‘Stros website:

We’ve always been proud of the outstanding food selection and entertainment we offer our fans at Astros games, and with the addition of Bryan’s talents, the variety and the experience of food choices just got better," (Pam) Gardner said. "We welcome Bryan to Minute Maid Park, and we look forward to his culinary talents and taking the food experience to a new level here at the ballpark. He will provide special and unique creations that our fans surely will enjoy."

Caswell will have a presence throughout Minute Maid Park during the 2011 season. Building on the popularity of Caswell’s Little Bigs burger concept, the ballpark’s main concourse will feature a new Little Bigs concession stand behind Section 111 with the same burgers and chicken sandwiches made popular by the stand’s namesake restaurant.

Instead of the traditional chef’s hat, Caswell usually wears the orange ‘Stros lid when he’s in the kitchen – cool!


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I don’t understand the need to put Voter IDs on the fast track but what the heck.   Like The Dean says, we all knew it was coming.  We knew back on November 3 that it would happen.  I guess let’s just get it over with and take our medicine.  Let the GOP go on ahead and make their statement.  Let them throw some red meat over to the rabid right wingers.

Let’s look at the bright side.  Lone Star State Dems now have a year to get our base their voter ID cards.  I’m thinking that we need to invest in those lanyard things where we can stick our stinking voter ID cards so they don’t get lost.

Even though Commentary doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart, I have to hand it The First Lady and Wal-Mart for cutting a deal and getting Wal-Mart to make healthier food more accessible and affordable. 

It is Day 10 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still won’t show me the sanctuary cities!

In the MLB, who holds the record for most games played in a season?

Meanwhile, The President’s poll numbers continue to show a slow improvement as he starts to put his campaign reelection team together and they will be based in Chicago. 

In 1962, LA Dodger shortstop Maury Wills of course played in all 165 games which included 3 playoff games against the Giants to determine the NL Pennant.  Back then, the MLB didn’t have the NLDS or the NLCC so playoff games counted as regular season games – got it?

You can go to the ‘Stros website to check out progress on the new scoreboard and that’s all I have from The Yard!


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