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EV Today 

Today is the last day to vote early.  Do it. 

Harris County Commissioners Court pulled the trigger yesterday on the new maps for Commissioner Court precincts.  

Commentary’s neighborhood is doing Halloween tomorrow night instead of Sunday, Halloween Day. I have to find out why. 

Commentary doesn’t have much to say heading into the weekend.   

It will be a final weekend of campaigning with Janette Garza Lindner. She is one heck of a campaigner. She loves hitting the doors. 

The series resumes this evening in The ATL. 

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A PAC created for HISD campaigns in 2021 can’t claim full campaign finance disclosure and openness when it comes to the current races.  A couple of weeks ago or so, Commentary mentioned a new PAC that was created to play in the 2021 HISD races. It is called Patriot Majority Texas and is funded by the American Federation of Teachers to the tune of $150,000 at last count. 

The PAC files its campaign activity reports with the Texas Ethics Commission. It filed its first activity report a couple of days ago.  It is involved in three HISD races including HISD Trustee District 1. The PAC is supporting Trustee Elizabeth Santos. 

In the activity report, the PAC listed an expense in the amount of $63,075.43 to Second Street Strategies for Field Organizing Services on behalf of Trustee Santos. 

Here is the deal. Under the Texas Ethics Commission guidelines, if a reporting entity uses the Field Organizing Services category in its expense report, it can pretty much avoid detailing the expense activity. The entity doesn’t have to provide detailed costs for printing, paid canvassers, mail, supervisors, grub, consulting fees – you get the pictures.  In this instance, HISD Trustee District 1 voters like Commentary, really don’t know how the $63,075.43 was spent. It is just listed as a $63,075.43 expense for Field Organizing Services. It is a way to avoid full disclosure.  

Commentary also could not find much on Second Street Strategies.  They have an H-Town P.O. Box in 77067 and that is all I know about them. 

Make what you want of this. If you are a Democrat, who supports full disclosure on campaign expense openness, you ought to be disappointed on how this is being reported.  If you are ok with this, well, I can’t help you then.   

Now it is three nights of the racist chop in The ATL. The media asked the idiot MLB commissioner about the racist chop, and he said Native Americans in The ATL region were ok with it. What a load of crap. 

The Series is tied, but you knew that. 

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“I get the news I need on the weather report.” 

That’s from Paul Simon as the local news took over “Today” because of the weather this morning. 

The owner of the Houston Texans is a racist arsehole.  I fully expect the H-Town Mayor and others to blister this worthless piece of sh_t. See this from NBC News: 

As NFL owners gather in New York for their first in-person meeting since December 2019, one of them finds himself in the middle of a new controversy regarding the use of racially insensitive language. 

According to Michael Silver, formerly of NFL.com and submitting a special item to BallySports.com, Texans owner Cal McNair “made a racially insensitive comment at the team’s charity golf tournament in May, causing gasps in the audience and upsetting numerous employees.” Silver cites several unnamed witnesses in support of the report. 

While addressing the crowd of more than 100 at the Houston Texans Foundation Charity Golf Classic at River Oaks Country Club, McNair said, “I’m sorry that we couldn’t get together last year, because of the China virus.” 

Said one unnamed witness: “Everyone gasped, especially the people directly across from him. He and [his wife] Hannah seemed to think it was hilarious. It was dead silent.” 

McNair acknowledged the remark in a statement issued to Silver. 

“My comments at the event last May included an inappropriate choice of words,” McNair said. “I immediately apologized to people who approached me then and I apologize again now. I know how important it is to choose my words carefully. I would never want to offend anyone.” 

The term used by McNair was used multiple times by the former president in the early months of the pandemic, and many still use the term (and similar ones) when referring to COVID-19 without apologizing or even flinching. 

Here is the story: 

Texans owner Cal McNair expresses contrition for racially insensitive remark made earlier this year – ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com). 

Oh, brother. Your worthless Texas GOP at work. From the Trib today: 

Texas House committee to investigate school districts’ books on race and sexuality 

State Rep. Matt Krause, a candidate for state attorney general, asked school superintendents to confirm whether any books on a list of 850 titles are in their libraries and classrooms. 

A Republican state lawmaker has launched an investigation into Texas school districts over the type of books they have, particularly if they pertain to race or sexuality or “make students feel discomfort.” 

State Rep. Matt Krause, in his role as chair of the House Committee on General Investigating, notified the Texas Education Agency that he is “initiating an inquiry into Texas school district content,” according to an Oct. 25 letter obtained by The Texas Tribune. 

Krause’s letter provides a 16-page list of about 850 book titles and asks the districts if they have these books, how many copies they have and how much money they spent on the books. 

Here is the story: Texas lawmaker wants to know what books on race, sexuality are in schools | The Texas Tribune. 

I have no idea where this is going. Idiots.

Luis Salinas, Ph.D. sent me this: 

Marc: Can you recommend someone in each of HISD districts? I do not know wall the districts and am being asked for advice. 

I am not recommending.  Here is who folks I respect are supporting: 

District I: Janette Garza Lindner 

District V: Sue Deigaard 

District VI: Holly Flynn Vilaseca 

District VII; Lee Walker (name on ballot); Mac Walker (preferred name) 

District IX: Myrna Guidry 

The Astros had plenty of opportunities to win last. It is simple. If you don’t get hits with runners in scoring position, you don’t win. 

For the H. 

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Happy Birthday, Carol!

Lately when I have seen the word “badass”, it is associated with women. Not the fellas. That’s the way it is. Commentary had absolutely nothing to do with that. When it comes to Texas Democratic Party players, State Sen. Carol Alvarado is the top badass hands down. As far as I am concerned, she’s the leader of our Democratic Party in Texas. Badass. 

Her filibuster this past summer was Texas Democratic Party leadership on full display. 

We all know she works hard; she’s prepared and has a strong work ethic second to none. She is one of the smartest persons I know who doesn’t flaunt it and still desires to know more.  

She’s been a Democratic Party precinct chair, DNC member, Democratic Party National Delegate, H-Town City Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem, State Representative, House Committee Chair, State Senator and Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus.  She’s served on Boards like NALEO, Planned Parenthood and Sunshine Kids to name a few. 

She is out in her community. She shows up. She delivers.   

I met Sen. Alvarado 33 years ago when she volunteered on a couple of campaigns, I was handling in the 1988 Democratic Primary.  It didn’t take longs for us to become friends. Today, I consider her one of my closest friends. 

She is witty.  Has a sense of humor. Can take a joke. Great with the comeback and put down lines.   

She is as real a deal as you can find.   

It is a special day for her today. It’s her birthday and Game 1 of the 2021 World Series that will be played at The Yard.  I saw a tweet the other day where someone said when they think about the Astros, they also think about Sen. Alvarado.  Among our group text called the Baseball Buddies, Sen. Alvarado is the only one among us who routinely stays up to watch the entire games played on the West Coast on a weekday. Instead of clicking on the internet to find the Astros score the morning, I will just look at my text messages. 

She is as avid an Astros fan as there is.   

Happy Birthday to Sen. Carol Alvarado! 

From the Good to Know Department, check this tweet: 

Tressie McMillan Cottom 


For those new to the Hallmark Christmas Movie Universe (HCMU, as it were), don’t fall for the early start. They dump all the duds early in the season with a few exceptions to tease you. It’s starts getting good next week

I can wait a week. 

It’s on. For the H. 

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Vote Early

It had to happen sooner or later.  All my trips to Baytown the past few years and I finally forgot to take my laptop.  I thought I had it and then when I pulled into a McDonald’s in Baytown to get my Dad some coffee, I noticed.  Oh, well. 

Here is from a Chron story today on the HISD District 1 race that I am working on:  

District 1 

Incumbent Trustee Elizabeth Santos, a former teacher, said she wants to expand the opportunities students have in wealthy areas to the rest of the city, and to ensure students, parents and educators’ perspectives are considered in decision-making to strengthen communities. 

Matias Kopinsky, a 25-year-old petroleum engineer at Chevron who attended HISD schools, said he wants to provide every student in the district the opportunity to learn, grow and play as they work toward becoming active members of society. The Texas Education Agency’s attempt to takeover the district, in part, prompted him to run, he said. 

“HISD has been in the news for scandal after scandal,” he said, “and I want to see it in the news for achievements.” 

Janette Garza Lindner, a management consultant whose two kids attend HISD elementary schools, said she is running because she wants to address disparities between schools and student outcomes across the district. All kids should have access to a high-quality education, she said. 

While she had not considered running for office, she attributed the decision to a combination of seeing students’ needs and encouragement from others. 

“I decided that it was time to do something a little scary,” she said. 

District 1 stretches from the Heights to northwest and north Houston. 

Scary? You can say that again. 

We still have a week of Early Voting in Person.   

The Astros are the best team in MLB – period.  We are also the most hated team in the USA.  We are the most respected, but folks won’t admit it. I really didn’t care who we faced. Now we got to hear that racist chop thing. I guess The ATL fans don’t care if folks like Commentary think that is racist sh_t. 

For the H! 

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Delay of Game

I came to Baytown today and realized I forgot my laptop. I won’t be able to post anything until this evening. Sorry.

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Our arsehole racist Gov. Greg Abbott appointed as Secretary of State a fella named John Scott who worked with Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Oh, brother.  Here is from a Trib story: 

Sen. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, who sits on the nominations committee that approves the governor’s appointees said Scott’s representation of Trump in an effort to block election results is “extremely alarming.” 

“This person gained notoriety by representing Donald Trump in court during the attempt to overturn the 2020 election, and this is not the kind of person — this political type of appointment, this political hack of an appointment — that we need,” said Alvarado, who leads the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus. 

Nice words, Senator Alvarado. Commentary could not have said it better. 

Commentary celebrated another birthday yesterday. A milestone of sorts. I got a bunch of texts and calls wishing me a good one.  My sister Aida sent me some goodies including wine, Saint Arnold, a birthday cake and some Siete Wedding Cookies.  My niece Linda Garza sent out a tweet with a cool picture of her and I like from seven years ago. I called her yesterday to chat and she invited me to go with her to the Elton John concert here in H-Town at the Toyota Center next January.  The tickets are not too far from the stage. How cool is that? 

There is not a whole lot to say about Game 6 of the ALCS at The Yard this evening.   

For the H. 

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Redistricting Local 

From a Fox26Houston tweet yesterday: 

Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey is furious – incensed over proposed political boundaries which would drastically reduce the geographic size of the area he serves and alter the demographic make-up to favor a Democrat in future elections. 

I wonder if Commissioner Ramsey paid attention to recent redistricting up at the Texas State Capitol the past few weeks. I wonder if he was furious and incensed. 

Same for local GOP activist Thomas Bazan who sent me this email: 

I wish to object to the proposed “Ellis” Commissioners Precinct map, 21-5682.  

I have no idea when our Precinct 661 was made part of Commissioners Precinct Four, likely more than 80 years ago, but I am certain that the Commissioners Court would never have done this to E. A. “Squatty” Lyons, or any other Commissioner.  

I have lived in Commissioners Precinct 4, Precinct 661 for about 35 years, since 1986, and this change severs social and religious communities in one swoop.  

I pray that the Commissioners Court will reject this proposed map, and consider the one proposed by Commissioner Ramsey. 

Bazan needs to look at the redistricting maps for congress, state senate, state house, and state board of education just adopted by Texas’ GOP legislators.

Maybe he can explain why State Rep. Christina Morales will soon represent most of the Houston Heights in House District 145. 

We could have used his prayers.

GOP Texas State Sen. Kel Seliger announced yesterday that he would not run for reelection.  He was a conservative who would not buy all in into Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s horse sh_t agenda.  A couple of sessions ago, Patrick stripped him of his leadership positions.  

I was somewhat amused yesterday to see the tweets from folks who lauded Seliger as a statesman and all that stuff. Some GOP state legislators were among those who praised Seliger. Fuck_ng cowards. They never said squat when Patrick was punkarsing Seliger the last few years. Shut the f_ck up. 

The ATL are up on the Dodgers 3-1 in the NLCS. I don’t care. 

Through 5 games of the ALCS, we have scored 31 runs to 28 for the Red Sox. 

The Chron Sports Section today has a column from the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy but it isn’t online or behind the paywall. Shaughnessy writes about what has happened to the Red Sox in the last couple of games.  Like Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez taunting Carlos Correa with that what time is it taunt.  

I have said it before. We are a very good team. Framber Valdez stepped up big time yesterday. Yordan Alvarez also stepped up. If we play our game, we can do it. 

We are one win away from the World Series. 

I will not, however, start counting my chickens. 

For the H. 

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The GOP has trash in Donald Trump.  He is a sick f_ck for sure.  His statement on the passing of former Secretary of State Colin Powell was pure vomit. That is who leads the GOP. 

Speaking of worthless, does anyone take Ted Cruz seriously?  He got owned by an Australian official a couple of days ago. As usual, Cruz didn’t know what he was talking about.  This arsehole just takes up space. 

Wow! Who saw that coming.  Commentary is talking about last night’s win at Fenway.  After Games 2 and 3 of the ALCS where we were blown away, everybody thought we were goners.  Heck, I wasn’t feeling too good about the team.  Then last night happened. 

The bullpen stepped up. Jose Altuve, Jason Castro and Michael Brantley had key at bats.  We scored 7 runs in the top of the ninth inning. We silenced the Red Sox fans.  Suddenly, we have a tied series and a Game 6 at The Yard this Friday.  

Now that is what we call flipping the narrative. 

State Sen. Carol Alvarado was wishing for an Astros win for her Mom’s 94th birthday yesterday and she got it. 

Happy Birthday yesterday, Ida! 

We have a 4 pm Game 5 this afternoon. 

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Need The Hex Lady

This is from yesterday’s Chron Editorial: 

While the incumbent has failed to provide the steady leadership that the school board so badly needs, Janette Garza Lindner, 45, is a strong candidate with a fierce inner drive we believe she can channel into good governance. 

103 voted in person yesterday in the HISD Trustee District 1 race.  

Four years ago, in November of 2017, close to 15,000 voted by mail in Harris County. We had constitutional amendments on the ballot, some City of H-Town propositions, HISD and HCC trustee races, and other local elections. 29,000 mail ballots have been returned as of yesterday for the November 2 election.  You can thank the Harris County Elections Administrator for the nearly 100% increase in mail ballot voting.  They sent out applications to those voters 65 and older this past August. 

The racist voter suppression GOP legislators are taking this option off the table for future elections. Think about that. 

We are down 2 to 1, but it feels like 200 to 1.  We need our pitching to step it up. 

Three Red Sox grand salamis. Sigh. 

We need the Astros hex lady to do her stuff. 

Zack Greinke goes today.  It is a must game for sure. 

For the H.

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