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Feds 1, Harris County GOP Commissioner Jerry Eversole 0.

No mas!   That’s the ballgame.

You know it doesn’t look good when my pal Rusty Hardin won’t talk to the media.  Maybe a plea deal is going to include time in the penitentiary so Rusty just wants to wait until the court date.

Check out the Chron piece here.

Hunker Down will now appoint a replacement and he says he will consult with the local GOP Party.  That means Tea Baggers are in the mix.  I wonder if Hunker Down will appoint someone who will want to go after paperless folks and go after sanctuary cities and go after same sex couples.

Here is from the Chron piece that kind of floored me:

County Democratic Party Chairman Gerry Birnberg said Eversole should have resigned long ago, and called on (Harris County Judge Ed) Emmett to appoint a Latino to the seat.

You gotta be kidding me.  That’s all we need is a high profile Latino GOP elected official that will pull Latino votes for the GOP in the 2012 general election (assuming of course that the Latino survives a brutal 2012 GOP primary election).

It is interesting that the Dem Party Chair would come out and support a GOP Latino in a Commissioners Precinct that has a 35% Latino population but he won’t endorse a Dem Latino/Latina in a new City Council District J with a 63% Latino population.  That’s not surprising considering the lackluster effort that has been made by the Dem Party to engage the local Latino vote.

Four years ago today the ‘Stros had their largest margin of victory in a game.  Who did we beat and by how many runs did we win?

Last week the Houston Press had a pretty detailed story on the H-Town red light camera mess.  Check it out here.

Here is from the piece:

The minister (Pastor James Nash) thought the cameras would monitor neighborhoods to catch criminals, like those speeding off in crime getaways. Nash said that King and the other city officials who called him never properly explained the cameras. "If you had told me that these cameras are going to be put in place for people running red lights…to me, that’s not security from crime," Nash said. "I look at crime as somebody being robbed, somebody being raped, some horrific thing. Not somebody running a red light. Every day I see people run red lights."

Nash, who now says he was misled, made up his mind to vote for the cameras. The rest of Houston Ministers Against Crime were more cynical, Nash said — especially once Kubosh and company arrived. One of the Kuboshes’ favorite lines was this: If this is about safety, why aren’t these cameras in black neighborhoods?

Michael Kubosh loved the angle. "Yeah, I mean, you don’t love the minorities?" he said, feigning surprise and remembering his speech in front of city council. "There’s none on Navigation, there’s none on MLK Boulevard…you don’t love to save the lives of little black children too and little Spanish children? What’s the matter with you?"

“ Little Spanish children” – huh!  That dumbarse!  Can you believe a dumbarse like that beat someone in an election?  The “rain in Spain” my arse!

Last night’s opening scene of the season premiere of “Two and a Half Men” was one for the record books and classic TV for sure.  We found out Charlie was splattered.  Rose, Courtney, and Chelsea  made an appearance to show their disrespect.  The “men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men” death tune hum was hilarious.  Ashton Kutcher didn’t sell it but that is to be expected in trying to replace Charlie Sheen so stay tuned for a few more episodes.

From Alyson’s Footnotes:

The Astros are unveiling their new 50th anniversary logo and plans for the big celebration on Thursday, and they’re utilizing the help of several stars from yesteryear to ring in what is sure to be a year-long soiree.

The press conference will be hosted by two of my favorite people – Bill Brown and Jim Deshaies — and attended by some of your favorite players: Craig Biggio, Larry Dierker, Jimmy Wynn and Jose Cruuuuuz. The group and the team will reveal the logo that you’ll see everywhere next year.

You’ll also see it on several promotional items the Astros are giving away this weekend when they begin their final homestand of 2011.

The logo is really sharp. It represents all of the eras of Astros baseball and includes the color schemes from the past that are still so popular among fans today. It’s one of those designs that even if you just see it for a split-second out of the corner of your eye, you know it’s the Astros.

The club is in full planning mode for 2012 and while we’ll be able to say more after Thursday’s big reveal, here’s one thing I can tell you for sure: Minute Maid Park will be teeming with former players, from every era and every decade, throughout next season. Should be a fun year.

Now only if the new logo can hit or pitch.  What we need is some wins next year!

On September 20, 2007, the ‘Stros beat San Luis at new Busch by a 17 run margin – 18-1 of course.

We won last night so we’re still sitting on 100 losses.


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