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NALEO put out a press release yesterday endorsing the City of Houston redistricting plan presented last week to the H-Town City Council by the local Latino leadership.  Here is part of the press release:

Local Latino community leaders participated in the city’s redistricting hearings and met collectively to develop a consensus which resulted in a “Community Consensus Map.”  We urge city officials to adopt this alternative map.

“The redistricting plan originally proposed does not adequately take into account the growth of the Latino population and does not create enough districts that provide Latinos with a fair opportunity to choose their elected leaders. The “Community Consensus Map” which was presented to the City Council last week better reflects the growth in our city and provides for opportunity to reflect that growth in city government,” said NALEO President Sylvia R. Garcia, former Harris County Commissioner. “We urge city officials to adopt that alternative plan.”

Apparently, folks up at our State Capitol haven’t been paying attention to the consensus that has developed on this issue within the local Latino leadership.  A bill was introduced up in the legislature to do demolish the current council system and go to a 16 single member district system with no at-large positions.  I don’t know about that.

NBC is deservedly starting to take some heat over their Celebrity Apprentice presidential candidate – The Donald.  Here is what presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said on CNN the other day:

“We don’t have to blame Republican Party, they’ve been quite responsible, Republican National Committee, we don’t have to blame the media for dealing with this issue. We have to blame NBC Entertainment. They need to dump Trump from his primetime news show. He’s a poison toad on the airwaves.”

Here is what MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said yesterday:

“NBC can no longer avoid conflict with Mr. Trump.  NBC has a conflict with Mr. Trump. NBC has created a monster who is using his NBC fame to spew hatred, reeking with racist overtones and undertones about the president of the United States. NBC can no longer stand idly by, not for one more day. The NBC entertainment division could not possibly have created a worse conflict with the NBC News division. The NBC entertainment division is now in possession of news that the NBC News division would [like to have]. An NBC paid performer, the most deranged egomaniac in the history of NBC entertainment division has spewed lies to the point where he provoked this.”

I’m thinking that some folks over at Rockefeller Plaza are starting to get a little nervous.   They have them a problem that has the potential to fester for a while.

When was the last time a ‘Stro was named NL Player of the Month?

Dante and Lucas got them a baby brother yesterday.  No word on the baby’s name though. 

Over the past few seasons, when the game was on the line and The Big Puma would come to the plate for the ‘Stros, the opposing team would bring in a lefty so The Big Puma would have to bat from the right side of the plate where he isn’t as good as batting from the left side.  Usually he would make an out.  Last night in the top of the fifth with two men on and the ‘Stros leading 4-2, The Big Puma came up to bat so the ‘Stros brought in a lefty.  What did he do?  He smacked one over the fence – drats!  A few days ago he came into The Yard batting .377 and left batting .410 with a couple of dingers last night.  He sure did make us look bad for not signing him up during the off season.

Last night’s fifth inning was ugly as San Luis sent 14 batters to the plate and scored nine runs.

The Big Puma of course won the NL Player of the Month in May of 2008.

Now we have to take on Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder and the Brewers this weekend.



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Dems should send a big thank you note to The Donald.  He continues to hog all the oxygen in the GOP run for the presidency.  You have to figure all the so called serious candidates for the GOP prez nomination are going bonkers that they can’t get any press run because all the cameras are following The Donald.  Now The Donald is calling for The President’s college transcripts.  Oh brother!

GOP State Rep. Leo Berman of Tyler is still not satisfied with The President’s birth certificate.  In the Texas Tribune, Berman asks:

Why did it take the president so long, amid a conservative firestorm, to release it?

Why does it look "brand new," he said, when it’s supposed to be five decades old?

Why doesn’t the hospital listed on the birth certificate have a "plaque on the door" commemorating Obama’s birth there?

And has anyone checked with the delivery room doctor listed on the birth certificate (whose name Berman says is curiously difficult to make out)?

I’m surprised Berman didn’t also add how come it doesn’t have itty bitty foot prints on it like Commentary’s.

The SD 13 Executive Committee member fired back at the Lone Star State Dem Party Secretary.  It ain’t my fight but he sure can put out some stinging lines.  Here is how he describes the Dem Party Secretary:

the handful of self-important party insiders who demand obsequious deference but never take responsibility for chronic failure.

It is kind of nearly impossible to respond to that line.  Ouch! 

The Chron’s Columnist weighed in on H-Town redistricting yesterday and suggested that local Latinos might not be winners after all.  Check out his piece. I like the columnist but of course I never saw him at any of the hearings or town hall meetings.  It would probably be a good idea if folks would wait to see how the process plays out in the coming weeks before picking winners or losers so stay tuned!

The Big Puma who had an RBI against us last night was named NL Player of the Week a couple of weeks ago.  When was the last time a ‘Stro was named NL Player of the Week?

Yesterday the H-Town City Council started to consider approving the Rebuild Houston Oversight Committee.  There are nine slots.  The Mayor gets to appoint four and the City Council gets to appoint five.  CM James Rodriguez’s nominee was the only one accepted before the process to appoint the council’s five got bogged down.  Way to go James!

Hunter Pence of course was the NL Player of the Week for August 30 – September 5 last season.

We nearly came from behind last night but just couldn’t get the last run across – drats!  We end up the series with San Luis this evening and say goodbye to the Big Puma.


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The Texas State Democratic Executive Committee member from SD 13 regularly puts out his takes on politics.  On occasion he will offend some folks like he did a few days ago with this take on Latino voters:

The third problem is new base Democratic — including young, working, married Hispanic — voters.   They are not mobilized geographically.  They are not motivated culturally.  They are not likely voters.

The Secretary of the Lone Star State Democratic Party who is of the Latino persuasion took offense at the remarks and called out the SDECer.  Here’s what the Dem Secretary said:

Never have I heard another Democrat make such condescending–to put it lightly–statement about young Hispanics.  Behrman grants us the benefit of his expertise in the Latino culture to arrive at the most erroneous assumption imaginable–young Hispanics are part of the Democratic Party’s "problem." 

For those wanting to give Behrman the benefit of the doubt and who think Behrman meant young Latinos are a "challenge" for the party, consider the first two problems he cites: the TDP and the Obama campaign.  He definitely thinks they are "a problem," not a challenge.

Behrman, let me tell you something.  Those young, working, married Latinos are not a problem.  They are "an opportunity" for the Party’s comeback.  While you miss that point, the Republicans haven’t.  That’s why they’re trying to make it harder for them to vote.

Blah, blah, blah!

First of all, the last thing I’m going to do is defend the SDECer.  I will point out though that he was elected by his fellow Dem delegates in SD 13.  I will also point out the Dem Secretary was elected by his fellow statewide Dem delegates.

This is from an AP story today:

More Latinos than ever voted in the November 2010 election as a relatively young population reached the voting age, a fresh sign that the fastest growing U.S. minority stands as a formidable force in electoral politics.

A study by the Pew Hispanic Center found that 6.6 million Latinos, who mainly pick Democrats, voted in 2010, up from the 5.6 million who voted in the previous contests in 2006. As a share of the electorate, Latinos made up 6.9 percent of the 96 million voters in 2010, up from 5.8 percent of the 96.1 million voters four years earlier. The center released its report on Tuesday.

Among those record voters were 600,000 Latinos who turned 18 each year between 2006 and 2010 as well as 1.4 million foreign-born adult Latinos who became U.S. citizens and therefore eligible to vote, the center said.

"A lot of that growth is driven by U.S.-born young people who are coming of age and now (are) eligible to vote," said Mark Lopez, Pew Hispanic Center associate director.

Now if only we could get the Lone Star State Dem Party to fully engage the Latino voter, at least here in the H-Town area so blah, blah, blah, blah.

Last night Charlie Sheen wore a ‘Stros jersey with the number 99 on the back.  How many players have worn the numero 99 as a ‘Stro?

The regularly scheduled programming was interrupted this morning so The President could release his birth certificate.   Check it out here.     At least The Donald will shut up on this.

Katie Couric is leaving the “CBS Evening News” – what a bummer.

This is what I call the best line from the Charlie Sheen Show last night in H-Town:  "Houston we no longer have a problem. I’m f—ing here."

Of course I was at The Yard last night.

Pitchers Mitch Williams (in 1994) and Anthony Young (in 1996) of course both wore the numero 99 as ‘Stros.  From the You Are Not Going To Believe It Department:  Mitch Williams’ nickname was – you got it – “Wild Thing.”

Well it was nearly The Big Puma night last night at The Yard.  He got a standing ovation before his first at-bat.  He went 2 for 5 to raise his average a tick to .378.  He was caught stealing second base.  In the top of the ninth he knocked in what nearly was the winning run.  In the end we pulled it off in the bottom of the ninth in dramatic fashion. 

Commentary did applaud The Big Puma when he first came to bat, but I wasn’t one of the many that gave him a standing ovation.  I looked into the ‘Stros dugout and the players weren’t standing so I stayed in my seat.    I will say that The Big Puma did look in better shape than he has in the past couple of seasons.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t do any damage tonight.


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Mississippi GOP Governor Haley Barbour is a pretty smart guy if you ask me.  He figured out that even if he won the GOP nomination for president, he would get his arse handed to him by The President next year.  He announced yesterday that he wouldn’t be running.   I wonder who will be the next to announce they won’t be running.

Speaking of folks that announced they won’t be running.  Remember the Tom Schieffer fella who decided he would run for Governor of the Lone Star State as a Dem and then he decided to get out of the race.  He’s now running the LA Dodgers.

The Texas House of Representatives take up their own redistricting tomorrow.  It looks like Harris County will lose one house seat.  The local Dem delegation has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron making the case for keeping the seat we’re fixing to lose.    Check it out.

Of course everyone knows that back in 1986 the ‘Stros and the Mets played in the NLCS with the Mets prevailing 4 games to 2.  Who was named the MVP of the 1986 NLCS?

Charlie Sheen brings his act to H-Town this evening.  I wonder how many suckers are going to show up.

The Big Puma makes it back to The Yard this evening.  He’s batting .377 with 6 dingers.  During the off season he hired a trainer to get into shape.  Milo Hamilton had some interesting words about the Big Puma yesterday:

"He got in excellent shape by hiring a trainer, and if he had done that the last couple of years he was here, guys, he could have finished out a really fine career in Houston — if he’d had given that same dedication.  I just want a simple answer: Why did you think it wasn’t necessary to get in shape your last couple of years as an Astro, and now to a team you didn’t even know, a manager you didn’t play for, you felt it was your responsibility to get in great shape? And it’s paying off. Look what’s he’s doing. He was Player of the Week last week, and I don’t remember when he was Player of the Week as an Astro.

"When he left here, there wasn’t a hue and cry for the older players because they felt that he let them down by not getting there early and doing his rehab work. [But] the younger players said if he’s getting away with that, how are we supposed to learn anything?’"

"Lance, I love you.  [You] have a great family. … But wouldn’t it have been great to have given that same dedication to the Astros and your owner here that you did in two short months to the Cardinals? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have finished your career here?"

Milo’s words got picked up by other media and here’s what he said later:

"I didn’t really call him out, but I told everybody what a great guy he was.  My big thought was if he thought it was important enough to get in shape for the Cardinals … if he would have done that two years ago, he could have played his whole career with the Astros and ended up here as an ambassador like Bagwell and Biggio. He’s got no future here now."

Well Milo certainly has an opinion, that’s for sure.

Mike Scott of course won the 1986 NLCS MVP for his dominating pitching performances for the ‘Stros in Games 1 and 4.   Mike Scott is celebrating his 56th BD today.

Did I mention that The Big Puma, Albert Pujols and San Luis are at The Yard this evening to start a three game series?  “Play Green” will be featured during current home stand as the team will don green lids this evening. 



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The City of H-Town has been operating under the nine City Council districts and five at-large members for about 32 years now.   Commentary used to be against having at-large members but now I don’t know if I have a problem with them.

Commentary went to every City of H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting and not a single person got up to speak against the at-large system.  At last Wednesday’s redistricting hearing, attorney Vidal Martinez spoke against the at-large system and introduced a 16 district plan that was drawn up by Greg’sOpinion. 

I just don’t see a big debate out there on the merits of the at-large system.  Right now we have CMs Bradford, Costello, Jones, Lovell, and Noriega from the at-large department so things are OK.  The Mayor is a product of the at-large system.  Same goes for the City Controller.   Four of the at-large members are Dems and the fifth, Costello, pretty much votes like a Dem.

Of course some folks would say that we haven’t elected a Latino at-large member lately.  Well that is kind of the fault of the Latino leadership because we haven’t gotten behind a Latino/Latina candidate with the proper resources.

With the way the demographics are trending here in H-Town, it is going to get tougher for a GOPer to get elected at-large.  So having an at-large system favors Dems I guess.

Who has the ‘Stros career batting record for striking out the most times?

Speaking of the GOP, The Donald is still hogging all of the stage and he doesn’t vote much.  He’s got a lot of folks in the GOP flabbergasted and hoping that he decides pretty soon not to get in the race.

B-G-O of course struck out 1,753 times in his career as a ‘Stro.

The good news is we went 3-3 on our roadie.  The bad news is we are still in last place as we take today off.


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The Houston Police Department is looking at the possibility of firing police officers and civilian employees.  Check out the story in today’s Chron.
My pal Gary Blankenship, the head of the Police Officer’s Union, says we ought to consider a public safety fee to help fund police department operations.  I would like to know what that looks like.  Maybe we can stick a fee on all those folks that work in the city but don’t live in the city.  Of course, that would probably stick it to a lot of Gary’s members.  How about sticking a fee on the purchase of handguns in H-Town? 

The news doesn’t get any better on our freeways as The Mayor announced yesterday that Safe Clear is going to cost you $50.  No more free tows if your car stalls on the freeway. 

For those of you that aren’t old school like Commentary, you are going to have to wait to read Lisa Falkenberg’s killer and dreary column in today’s Chron that can only be read in the hard copy for now.  She writes a piece dated April 22, 2040 on how things are going in the Lone Star State and puts most of it on the back of Guv Dude. 

She writes this about the Lone Star State:  The dismal future we were warned about is here.

It kind of looks and sounds like that Harrison Ford movie from 1982 – “Blade Runner.”  It is a must read for sure.

Who holds the ‘Stros record for most dingers in a season by a rookie?

As we head in to the Easter Weekend, things in Lone Star State government are pretty much as expected.  The good folks of our Lone Star State are getting shafted in the budgets being considered.  ISDs across the state are firing teachers and other key support staff.  Dems are howling about the state house redistricting plan.  The emergency legislation is advancing.  What else did you expect after last November?

From Wednesday’s NY Daily News after the ‘Stros beat the Mets Tuesday night:

Blah blah blah blah rain blah blah blah Niese blah blah Astros blah blah Mets got spanked. Blah blah, 6-1. We really don’t know what else to tell you about this one.

The Big Puma of course hit 21 dingers as a rookie in 2000.

We didn’t do so hot last night and got beat.  At least we won the series and head to Milwaukee for three this weekend. 

Have a Good Friday!


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Dr. Laura Murillo, CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce introduced the Houston Latino leadership’s City of Houston Redistricting Plan yesterday at the City of Houston’s Redistricting Hearing and it got a good response.  We didn’t scare anyone away.  Fellow consultant Robert Jara explained the plan to Council and answered their questions.   The plan is definitely still on the table.   It is time for the entire H-Town leadership to get behind the plan. 

For the past couple of weeks or so, Latino leaders have been meeting at the offices of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce discussing various proposals, plans, and strategies.   A consensus has been reached on a plan that the two current Latino district council members are comfortable advancing through the City Council.  

At last night’s City of H-Town Redistricting hearing, a Latino speaker was critical of the plan and inaccurately labeled the plan as the “Hispanic Chamber plan” that didn’t reflect the concerns of his community.    I don’t know where he got his info.  Dr. Murillo and the Chamber were gracious enough to facilitate the meetings and offer their facilities and resources.   A cross section of the Latinos leaders including business owners, professionals, elected officials, grass roots activists, educators, and consultants have participated in the process.   Some of us thought it would be appropriate if Dr. Murillo introduced the plan because she has led the effort to get us all under one roof.

A speaker last night suggested that the plan only had the support of “four” Latinos or so and the plan really wasn’t supported by the entire Latino community.  I think that is an insult to most of us that have participated in the process.    I think it makes sense to offer up only one “community” plan because it demonstrates a united effort and powerful front.

Here a bit of what the Chron says today about the plan:

"This whole process is about putting a community of interest together so that they can have the opportunity to elect – there’s no guarantee – the candidate of their choice," said political consultant Robert Jara, who presented the map. "It would give a Latino in that district a fighting chance to win."

Councilman James Rodriguez, who represents the city’s original Latino stronghold of District I, called the map the best he had seen.

"It protects District H and District I for future Latino leaders, and it’s less disruptive to other incumbents," he said. "That’s key to getting it passed."

Here is the Chron piece.

Now let’s see what happens.

There have been eight former MLBers with three grand salamis each as a member of the ‘Stros.  I’ll name seven:  Brad Ausmus, The Big Puma, Jose Cruz, Morgan Ensberg, Mike Lamb, Terry Puhl, and Doug Rader.  Name the eighth?

Commentary, Dr. Rey Guerra of the Greater Houston Civic Coalition, and former State Rep. Roman Martinez, a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Redistricting will be on Channel 13’s “Viva Houston” this Sunday at 11 am to discuss – what else – City of H-Town redistricting.  Dr. Guerra has put in a whole lot of work and energy into this effort.  Of course, Roman is veteran of redistricting wars.

Today is San Jacinto Day.

Ken Caminiti of course was the eighth ‘Stro with 3 grand salamis.  Caminiti who left us way too soon back in 2004 was born 48 years ago today.

We finally have won two in a row this season and go for a sweep of the Mets tonight!



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It looks like the local Latino leadership that has been meeting to plot strategy on City of H-Town redistricting has endorsed a plan.  Don’t forget to attend today’s final City of Houston’s Redistricting Hearings at City Hall at 9 am and then again at 7 pm.  Be there to find out the latest.

Speaking of, the Texas House of Representatives passed a House redistricting plan yesterday and it looks like the Heights is in four House districts.  Commentary is now in HD 145 (my old friend Carol Alvarado – now she is going to have to treat me like a constituent rather than as a consultant).  Reps. Coleman (HD 147) and Rep. Davis (HD 134) also now represent parts of the Heights.  Rep. Farrar will lose a lot of the Heights but still represents parts. Stay tuned!

Only three times in the history of the ‘Stros has a pitcher struck out 300 or more batters.  Name the pitchers?

The back and forth among Dem activists on the possible General Ricardo Sanchez Dem candidacy for U.S. Senator continued yesterday with my pal Stan Merriman being accused of being a bleacher bum of sorts.  I guess if you sit in the cheap seats you’re not entitled to an opinion.  Of course not everybody in Austin has all the answers either.  We haven’t had a Dem statewide winner since 1994, so the folks up in Austin can’t really claim a higher intelligence level if you ask me.  Commentary is really not interested in silencing Dem activists’ reactions on possible candidacies.  You think we’re hard on our candidates?  We’re corn puffs compared to what the GOP has in store.

J.R.  Richard of course struck out 313 batters in 1979 and 303 in 1978.  Mike Scott of course struck out 306 batters in 1986.

That was nice pitching performance by Wandy last night and a solid win by the ‘Stros.  Batting averages are starting to climb.  There is timely hitting.  They look better.  Now they have to face a knuckleball specialist tonight.



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Commentary was sent some stuff yesterday and also ran across a few things on how folks are reacting to the possible General Ricardo Sanchez candidacy for the U.S. Senate here in the Lone Star State.  He’s being chewed up on how he handled or bungled the war in Iraq.  He’s being accused of saying okay to water boarding and other torture tactics.  He’s being described as a pawn of certain Lone Star State Dem power brokers. 

It will be interesting to see how he responds to the criticism in the coming days and weeks.   Of course, if there is too much piling on, the Latino leadership and community might just get offended and come to his defense.

A pal of mine sent me a note asking why wasn’t a Latina recruited.  Hey, I’m not in charge of picking our candidates – sorry.

We haven’t really heard a whole lot of reaction to the possible General Sanchez candidacy from Dem activists.

In 2005, when the ‘Stros went to the World Serious, only one ‘Stro had more than 100 RBIs for the season.  Who am I talking about?

Local Latino leaders met yesterday to discuss City of H-Town redistricting strategies and agreed to try to get together and support one plan.  Hopefully we will get there.  The H-Town City Council will hold the final two redistricting hearings tomorrow at City Hall at 9 am and then at 7 pm – kind of like a day-night doubleheader.

The Texas Legislature is looking at doing away with the tax free shopping holidays in order to find more revenue.  So if you do away with the holidays, is that considered a tax increase.  I wonder what Guv Dude has to say about this.  It seems like since a lot of the middle to low income folks take advantage of the tax free holidays to stock up on school clothes and related stuff, the little guy is getting the shaft if you ask me. 

Former ‘Stros third baseman Morgan Ensberg of course had 101 RBIs in 2005 – our World Serious year.

Commentary forgot to mention the foul ball I snagged Saturday night.  It was a rocket shot that banged off the railing that I scooped up with my lid. 

The ‘Stros visit the Mets today and their new skipper Terry Collins who used to be the skipper of the ‘Stros from 1994-1996. 


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This past Saturday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram unveiled the possible Lone Star State Dem candidate for U.S. Senator.  Here are snippets from Burkablog’s take on the story:

It took the Democrats only one day after Murray’s announcement to produce a credible candidate: Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez. Born in Rio Grande City, Sanchez became commanding general in Iraq in 2003. After his command ended a year later, Sanchez was openly critical of Bush Administration policy in Iraq, both in speeches and in Wiser in Battle, his book about his experience in Iraq, which he wrote after his retirement from the Army.


A potential blemish on his record is the Abu Ghraib scandal, involving abuses of prisoners that occurred during his tenure as commanding general. Sanchez was in line to become the second Hispanic four-star general in army history. He was cleared of any wrongdoing but never received his fourth star. He relinquished command one year after assuming it. After retiring from the army in 2006, he published Wiser in Battle, which is critical of the leadership of President Bush and his administraation.

Any Democratic candidate is going to have an uphill battle, but Sanchez is the kind of candidate the party is going to have to run: an Hispanic whose personal rectitude is beyond reproach — or, to put it another way, is not a politcian. Generalizations can be dangerous, but I think it’s fair to say that Hispanics are among the most patriotic and pro-military of Americans. Sanchez is the kind of candidate who could inspire Hispanics to vote in greater numbers than they are doing now.

The biggest problem for Sanchez is his party.  The brand has been destroyed. He is going to have to go into battle defending the policies of a president who is extremely unpopular in Texas. Whoever the Republican nominee is, the strategy will be a page from Rick Perry’s playbook: Sanchez will be defined as a creature of Washington and an ally of the big-spending Obama administration.


The Senate Democrats are placing a very long-shot bet on Texas. I wouldn’t dare put any chips on it. Patty Murray’s explanation for why she thinks Texas might be in play is “demographic change.” We have been hearing that line for many years now, and there is no evidence that demographic change has changed voting patterns. Democrats make the mistake of looking at Hispanic participation in California, in Colorado, in Arizona, in New Mexico, and thinking that Texas could be just like those states. I disagree. Hispanics in those states are alienated. Angry people vote. Hispanics in Texas are not alienated. Unless the Democrats have some pretty good polling that shows the Republicans are overreaching with their budget cuts–and I doubt that they do–they should continue to regard Texas as a lost cause. If he runs, Sanchez will do better than any other Democrat could–but not well enough.

Here is all Burkablog’s take.

I don’t really agree with Burkablog on some stuff.  First of all, I think a lot of Latinos here in the Lone Star State are alienated.    It is just that the Dem Party here in the Lone Star State never has provided the resources to get that alienation to the polls. 

Can the Dem candidate win?  It all depends on how a campaign is run.  If the Dems run away from The President, then we’re goners. 

This is a different dynamic.  General Sanchez is a retired three-star general and he commanded the forces in Iraq.  He’s a Latino who will have a campaign that’s properly funded.  

So what happened to John Sharp?  Stay tuned!

In what year did the ‘Stros have four players (the most ever) bat .300 or better?

Burkablog also said this:  The party chairman has resigned and his replacement is likely to be a longtime political hack from South Texas.

Who is Burkablog talking about?

From the My Doodoo Don’t Stink Dept:  The  Star-Telegram has a piece on a bill in the Texas Legislature that allows state legislators to carry concealed pieces any place – churches, schools, bars, and at The Yard.  Here is from the article:

"I think it’s another example of legislators trying to live above the law," said Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, who does not have a concealed-handgun license. "It sets a really bad example. It’s embarrassing, frankly."
Here is the article.

Here is more from the article:

Many times, lawmakers are invited to places they have never been to give speeches or meet with constituents. Kleinschmidt said they don’t have a security detail and must often navigate dark parking lots, stairwells or alleyways.

"These things are not intended to show a favoritism," he said. "It’s a safety factor for elected officials who dedicate many hours of their lives to public service.

"You’re afraid of that 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 100,000 that shows up and you are the target because you are in the public eye."

Hey, got a problem!  Then don’t run for office.

Latino leaders will get together again today to go over City of H-Town redistricting strategies.  Stay tuned!

In 1998 of course, B-G-O batted .325, Derek Bell batted .314, Moises Alou batted .312, and Jeff Bagwell batted .304.

With the ‘Stros leading in the top of the eight and after an error by our shortstop Angel Sanchez, the team error total for the game was three.  Dante leaned over to tell me the team that makes the most errors is bound to lose.  He was right as we unraveled and lost 8-6.

The only good thing about the game was Dante getting his first foul ball ever while I was fetching him a Mr. Pibb – cool.

I found the following in the Houston Press.  It is about the future owner of the ‘Stros (maybe) and his EEOC record.  Yikes!   Check it out.   I hope he has changed his evil ways because there are a lot of folks of color working at The Yard these days including a bunch that wear the brick red.  I hope he doesn’t do away with Latino Night and stuff like that. 

For the beer connoisseur, you can now sample Sierra Nevada Pale at The Yard on the main concourse on the third base side.  The team is now 5-11 and have the day off then go to The Big Apple to take on the 5-11 Mets.


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