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The Chron’s E-Board has a take today on the mess over at HISD involving contracts, bids and related stuff.  Here is what they say: 

Recently, HISD board member Anna Eastman called for a third-party review of HISD’s bidding and procurement. We think that’s a great idea.

FYI:  Anna Eastman is Commentary’s client and good friend.  She’s on the right track.  I think Anna would like for Texas Watchdog not have HISD on their list of ISDs to cover.   Anna doesn’t like the fact that a lot of bad stories have been written in the Chron and Houston Press that look terrible for HISD.  The smell is pretty rank.   It’s time to kick over all of the rocks over there. 

More from the E-Board:

But we don’t need just any review. Superintendent Terry Grier has asked the Council of Great City Schools to do an audit that’s expected to be free. That’s lovely – but hardly sufficient. The council has long-standing ties to both the district and its superintendent. And any serious investigation of cronyism needs an investigator that is utterly independent.

The investigation also needs to be tough and thorough. It should involve a law firm or forensic accounting group with impeccable credentials and experience in similar investigations; a group that has never done business with HISD and promises not to seek any in the future; and that has no significant ties to HISD, its board members, the superintendent, staff, contractors or other persons of interest.

Will a serious investigation make people uncomfortable? Of course.

And will it be expensive? Yes. (For a similar inquiry, Houston Community College, which is about a third the size of HISD, spent more than $335,000.) But given the extraordinary sums of money involved in HISD’s contracts, and the seriousness of questions about the way the district spends its money, the cost of a thorough investigation would be money well spent.

We need to know for sure: Has anything illegal or improper happened? HISD needs to restore our trust.

Keep charging Trustee Eastman.  Hang in there!   Some of us got your back covered on this.   Check out the entire E-Board take here.

‘Stros pitcher Brett Myers got a victory last night, his first since this past June.  He’s now 4-13 with a 4.66 ERA.  What was his won-loss record and ERA last season?

Today is the last day to file for City of H-Town offices.  So far it looks like a lot of traffic in At-Large 2 with 10 candidates.  District B has 7 candidates.   There are 5 candidates in District C.  Don’t forget, today is also the last to file for HISD and HCC trustee positions.   Don’t be surprised to see a surprise on this last day.  Two years ago we had that last minute switcheroo over at HCC.  Stay tuned today!

My pal H-Town CM Jarvis Johnson might make one of the surprise moves today.  He’s term limited and he might file for HISD Trustee. 
Check out this from Chron.com.

Commentary will watch the GOP prez debates tonight to see how Guv Dude handles being the frontrunner. 

Brett Myers of course was 14-8 with a 3.14 ERA last year (2010) as a ‘Stro.  What a difference a year makes.

The ‘Stros won last night and we’re still sitting on 94 losses.  This Sunday will be special.  The team will be playing in our nation’s capitol on September 11.  We will also be facing Stephen Strasburg.


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