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It looks like things will get a bit busier around here as H-Town CM James Rodriguez drew an opponent yesterday afternoon.  The “Seething Republicans” plopped down their $500 to get into the race in District I.  We will have more on the “Seething Republicans” as the campaign moves on. 

The only city incumbents without opponents are Controller Ron Green and CM Mike Sullivan.

The list of candidates on the City’s website differs from the list that was handed out that made it to the Chron.  I’m sure it will be cleared up today or so.

Over at HISD, there was a last minute switcheroo in one of the races – District II.  Some folks don’t like the switcheroo moves.  That’s why you have to have your arse down there at the filing locations at around the deadline hour to be able to respond to the old switcheroo.

The slimy fella that makes a living putting out the campaign signs had a hand in recruiting candidates to run against the City Council District H and I incumbents.  He was at City Hall yesterday with one of the challengers.  Some folks will do anything to get campaign work.  Would Democratic candidates please stop paying this fella to put out your signs?  If he hasn’t already ripped you off or double dipped on you, you’ll soon get taken for a ride.  Commentary learned his lesson an election or two ago.

Numero 45 leads the team with 142 hits this season.  Name the ‘Stro player with the most hits last season?

Everybody is grading Guv Dude today over his performance last night.  Last night certainly was mostly about Dude so I’m going to go on ahead and say he held his own.  I’ll let others say if he won or lost or a tie goes to the runner.  I like that he gave a shout out to The President and he dissed W’s Brain. 

My pal Bill King has a good take today on immigration reform.   Check it out.

Commentary forgot to mention yesterday that my parents – Tony and Alicia – celebrated another wedding anniversary yesterday – wow!

Last season Hunter Pence of course led the team with 173 hits.

My pal Drayton still owns the team that hasn’t sold yet.  The Chron has a couple of pieces today on the pending sale and the moving the team to the AL factor.  I don’t know about that. We would be losing a whole lot of tradition.  I don’t want to go west because I’m not a young man anymore.   We’re now sitting on 95 losses – yikes!


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