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The Mayor is going to announce today that the City is going after signs that have been illegally placed on rights-of-way.  In other words, candidates are going to be penalized for not reading the fine print on their campaign signs.  The public will be allowed to call 311 to report violators.

Candidates are going to be informed by the City in the next day or so that enough is enough!  If your signs are on rights-of-way, you will be given 24 hours to remove them or else you will get a citation and prosecuted in Municipal Court.

Of course, expect some arseholes out there to steal some signs of us law abiding campaigns and place them in rights-of-way and make us divert resources to pick them up.

I’m thinking this is in response to the Dick fella that got a bunch of bad press.  It looks like he’s going to have to get his arse up those telephone poles and fetch his own signs.

I wonder if the City is going to enforce the sign policy during the upcoming primaries

Let’s see now, H-Town CM James Rodriguez’s opponent’s husband is a GOP precinct judge and she went to the Dem Party meeting a couple or so weeks ago to file as a Dem precinct judge and was allegedly escorted around the Dem meeting by an aide of a Dem H-Town Council Member.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Art Howe was the ‘Stros skipper from 1989-1993.  How many winning seasons did he manage?

I don’t think Art Howe liked “Moneyball”.  Here’s from the SF Chron:

Art Howe finally saw “Moneyball,” and he’s furious.

Howe, the A’s manager during the 2002 season celebrated in the movie, said that he is not portrayed fairly. As played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Howe is mostly concerned about his contract, and he’s pigheaded and surly when presented with new ways of thinking about personnel.

“They couldn’t have demeaned me more,” Howe said Tuesday. “It’s disgusting. I’m hurt by it. My reputation is altered by it. People who don’t know me are going to think that’s the real Art Howe.”

In truth, Howe was well-respected and well-liked as a player and manager — including times as a player and manager with the Astros.

“I wish they’d communicated with me,” Howe said of the filmmakers.

That’s show biz!

More from the ‘Stros website on what to expect at The Yard next season:

In a tribute to all players in franchise history, the Astros will be inviting various former Astros and Colt 45s players to throw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to select home games throughout the 2012 season.

When the Phillies visit The Yard, I wonder if they will let Roy O., Lights Out, and Hunter Pence toss out the first pitch?

Art Howe managed two winning seasons of course with the ‘Stros.  The ‘Stros were 86-76 in 1989 and 85-77 in 1993.  In 1992 we went 81-81.

I saw some guy at The Yard last night walking around in a faded Reagan/Bush ’84 T-Shirt.  That’s a 27 year old T-Shirt!  Heck, that T-shirt is older than MariGirl!

Last night I had a bummer moment and I’m not talking about the team blowing a 5-0 lead and losing 13-6. My cell phone buzzed and I looked to see who was calling and I took my eye off the ball – sort of.  While I was messing with the phone, a Q foul ball skipped right past me.  I completely blew it.

It doesn’t get any better than tonight at The Yard!  San Luis and The ATL are tied for the Wild Card with tonight being the last game of the season.  We can spoil San Luis’ night, we can watch them celebrate, or we can just watch them head to a one game playoff.  It is going to be interesting.


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