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Lone Star State Dems can only stand on the sidelines and watch Guv Dude as he tries to get the GOP nomination.  State Dems are kind of scratching their heads asking themselves if they want Dude at the top of the ballot in 2012.   Will he help or hurt local Dem candidates.  Will he help or hurt local Dem candidates in other states.  Dude owns the arses of a lot of Dem leaders in the Lone Star State and he has owned the statewide ballot box since 1990, but does that mean he can beat The President.   What does this do to turnout?   Stay tuned!

I guess H-Town CM Jolanda Jones feels pretty good about her reelection campaign since she took time off to visit Ghana on city business.  I don’t know about that.  I’d rather be shaking hands here in H-Town.  You can go to Ghana after the election if you ask me.

This MLB Hall of Fame great had his Numero 44 retired by a team in each league.  He also hit 44 dingers in a season four different times.  Who am I talking about?

Here is what HISD Trustee candidate Davetta Daniels told Texas Watchdog yesterday:

“It seems like vendors in the city are shaping HISD policy.”

“It seems like the board and the district are cowing down to vendors.”

“I’m surprised more people aren’t angry.  When I hear about the wheeling and dealing, I think, ‘Is that what they’re using the school district for?’ I see a bully board. I see a lot of arrogance and greed.”
“I thought school board members should maintain a stellar image – these are the people we look up to.”

Did I say ouch!

Of course, there has to be an admission from HISD that they are off course of course. 

Henry Aaron of course had his Numero 44 retired by The ATL and the Brewers.

Our last roadie begins today in Wrigley then goes to Cinncy and my pal Drayton still owns the team while we still sit on 98 losses. 


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