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Don’t ask me where I got my info but apparently one of the names Hunker Down is considering to replace Evergoner is former Dem, former HISD District I Trustee, former District H City Council Member, and former City Controller candidate Gabriel Vasquez.  How about that?   A few years ago Gabe used to work for Hunker Down doing some economic development projects.

I can envision Gabe being a County Commissioner.  I can’t envision him running in the 2012 GOP Primary in a race that would begin immediately.  Of course, I’m no expert on local GOP primary elections, but I don’t think Gabe has been part of the GOP political infrastructure in that part of Harris County and that part of Harris County is a hotbed of GOP activity.   As a sitting County Commissioner, he would certainly have an inside track at fundraising. 

I also can’t see Gabriel going after the Tea Bagger vote which would involve banging on paperless folks and the GLBT community.  I think the GOP political infrastructure out there would chew him up, swallow him up, and spit him right back out.  Stay tuned!

The first 30 selections of the 1971 MLB Amateur Player Draft produced three future Hall of Fame greats.  All three played their entire careers with the teams that drafted them:  Boston, Kansas City, and Philadelphia.  Name the three players?

The Mayor and the H-Town City Council haven’t had it easy with red light cameras, implementing Rebuild Houston, and budget cuts.  Now they have to spend $4.5 mil on chopping down dead trees because of the drought.   They can’t seem to catch a break! 

Last night was “Star Wars Night” at The Yard.   Check out some of Footnotes’ photos on how some of the ‘Stros were introduced last night on El Grande.

Did you know that there are ten constitutional amendments on the ballot this November?  I wonder if Kuffer is going to interview them.

More on next season from the ‘Stros website:

During Friday home games in 2012, the Astros will wear a throw-back jersey that represents a certain era in the Houston franchise. Each month will highlight a new jersey from a different era.

They are going to include the six shooter jersey from the Colt 45 days.

Hall of Fame greats Jim Rice (15), George Brett (29), and Mike Schmidt (30) of course were selected in the 1971 MLB Draft.  Schmidt is celebrating his 62nd BD today.

The ‘Stros played spoiler last night and the San Luis fans in attendance left with big frowns.  I’ll be there tonight for sure!


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