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The GOP candidate for governor of California admitted yesterday she had hired paperless folks in the past.  What else is new?

The Houston Firefighters Union threw their support behind Guv Dude.  Hey, it’s a free country.

The H-Town Mayor let it be known that she’s not happy with the way Dude is talking about H-Town’s finances and let folks know she’s voting for the Former Mayor.  What else is new?

Meanwhile, a report came out yesterday saying that our roads are deteriorating as more governmental entities search for funds to fix the roads.

Speaking of, Commentary signed on to help get Prop 1 passed.

The Former Mayor has a new ad that focuses on Dude dropping the ball on border security.   I don’t know about border security being a base vote booster.  They didn’t ask me.

Tony Curtis is no longer with us.  He had the acting distinction of killing his co-star in one flick and getting killed by the same co-star in another flick.  Name the co-star and the flicks.

To help fight the low attendance at their games, the Rays gave away 20,000 tickets to fans yesterday.  What is the lowest paid attendance record for a ‘Stros games?

In “The Vikings”, Tony Curtis kills co-star Kirk Douglas.  In “Spartacus”, Douglas kills Curtis.

Zero of course because on May, 12, 1995, after the strike year, the ‘Stros let everyone attend the ‘Stros-Phillies game for free.

We had a shutout win last night and have our final roadie this evening and then come home for our final three with the Cubbies.  Brett Myers will be going tonight to see if he can go the entire season at 6 innings or better.  Stay tuned!


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I guess Guv Dude wasn’t in Austin yesterday.  For sure he would have made it down the eight blocks or so to the UT campus wearing one of those flak jackets and his handgun stuck inside of his belt letting parents know that their kids were in good hands. 

Speaking of, Dude has a new commercial on border security.  In the ad he refers to The President as “Barack Obama.”  Dude, show some respect!  He’s “President Barack Obama.”  You’re never going to get meeting if you keep this up.

From an NBC News story yesterday on the latest national poll:

With Election Day exactly five weeks away, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that the battle for control of Congress has tightened, as key Democratic-leaning demographic groups are expressing more enthusiasm about the upcoming midterms.

The NBC/WSJ pollsters attribute the tightening to increased enthusiasm for the upcoming midterms by African Americans (who saw a six-point gain in high interest) and Hispanics (who saw an 11-point gain).

“I don’t think [Democrats] can change the mood,” said (Peter) Hart, the Democratic pollster. “But they can change the turnout.”

Si se puede?

Let’s hope for a retargeting of resources here in the last four weeks plus.

Last night the Yankees clinched their 15th postseason berth in the last 16 years.  When in the last 16 years did they fail to make the playoffs?

The H-Town Mayor had a self inflicted humiliating moment yesterday when she walked in to the City Council Meeting wearing a Cowboys shirt.  She blamed it on talking trash last week and losing a bet.  She learned her lesson I hope.  Maybe next time if she loses a bet on one of our teams, she will send over one of those Goode Company pecan pies because she don’t look too good wearing the silver and blue if you ask me.

Evan Longoria, all star third baseman for the Rays is disappointed because the Rays are in a pennant race and only 12,000 to 14,000 are showing up to watch at their crib.  Of course, their crib ain’t exactly the best place to watch a game. 

The 2008 Yankees of course finished the year at 89-73 in third place in the AL East and didn’t make the playoffs.  2008 was also the last year they played at the Old Yankee Stadium.

‘Thanks to Tim Byrdak serving up a walk off dinger on the first pitch of the bottom of the ninth inning, the Stros watched the corks pop at Cinncy – bummer! 


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The President called out his fellow Dems in a Rolling Stone article this week.  He told Dems to get off of their arses and head to the polls this year.  This is some of what he said:

"People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up.  If people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place."

"It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election"

“The idea that we’ve got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining, is just irresponsible, if they want to move forward over the next two years or six years or 10 years."

If you ask me, The President also needs to chew out the Dem Party leaders and candidates that aren’t putting in the resources to turn out the Democratic base.  For example, we spend a ton of money cracking on Guv Dude here in the Lone Star State but we are not putting in enough resources to get out the state’s Latino vote.  Of course, NOBODY EVER ASKS ME!

The new H-Town METRO CEO has laid down the law and ordered top executives to start taking METRO at least 40 times a month.   I guess the CEO wants his execs to see how the other half lives.  Of course, I hope this doesn’t mean that the execs will just hop on the light rail line by METRO headquarters and ride it down back and forth to Mia Bella or Julia’s for lunch.

What statistical feat was accomplished in baseball 69 years ago today that hasn’t occurred since then? 

Commentary didn’t have a problem with Colbert testifying before Congress.  Somebody has to talk about who is doing the hard labor to get grub on our tables.

69 years ago today, Ted Williams went 6 for 8 in a doubleheader against the Philadelphia A’s to finish the season batting a cool .406 of course and nobody has hit .400 since.

Commentary will have the DVR on to capture the “Top of the Tenth” this evening and the “Bottom of the Tenth” tomorrow on PBS which is about the latest on the greatest game ever invented.   Meanwhile, I’m sure the ‘Stros are going to do everything they can to prevent the Reds from popping the corks in our presence tonight, tomorrow, and the day after – yikes!


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The political buzz in the Lone Star State yesterday centered on the Blum & Weprin poll that has Guv Dude leading the Former H-Town Mayor 46% to 39%.  The good news for Dems is Dude doesn’t have 50% plus yet.  The bad news for Dems is Dude doesn’t need 50% plus to win.  The good news for the GOP is the Former Mayor has been stuck around the same number for a while now.  The bad news for the GOP is the Former Mayor still has time to inject some enthusiasm into his base like in the Latino and African American voting communities.  The good news for the GOP is the injection of enthusiasm hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s a few takes from the Star Telegram on the poll:

Perry leads among Anglos, Republicans, those over 30 and those with incomes over $30,000, the pollsters said. White leads among those under 30, Latinos and African-Americans, Democrats and independents, and those with the lowest incomes.
Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting this year, she said, while many core Democratic voters — including minorities and low-income voters — are less likely to vote in midterm elections.

"White really has his work cut out for him because he has to get out the less-likely voters," Mickey Blum (the pollster) said.

Here’s from the AP on the poll:

White has big margins of support among Democrats, blacks and Hispanics. He is doing better than Perry among independents, who are breaking 3-to-2 in White’s favor.

It also looks like all those Back to Basics shots at Dude aren’t working if you ask me. 

On a related matter, here’s from an AP story today on the national elections: 

“They want to get turnout as high as possible among those who vote for Democrats," said Joseph Bafumi, a government professor at Dartmouth College. "Running away from the president or the party might not be the way to do it."

You got that right, pal!

A few years ago, the City of H-Town decided to start using those new solar powered parking meter gizmos.  I thought I had learned how to use them but I was wrong.  In the old days when you had a meter for every parking space, sometimes they would have a bag over them which meant that you couldn’t park there because of construction or a public event was being held nearby or something like that.

Now you have one or maybe two parking meter gizmos per city block.  If you encounter a gizmo that is bagged, that means you can’t park on the entire block.  If you do park and the parking gizmo is bagged at the other end of the block, you risk getting a ticket and towed.   I don’t know about that.

Forty-six years ago today, former ‘Stros pitcher Bob Bruce pitched a 12 inning complete game for a 1-0 win.  Who did the ‘Stros beat and what was the significance of the game?

The thumping over at Reliant yesterday brought us back to reality.   It was ugly. 

The ‘Stros won’t be a .500 team this year.  I kind of thought going to D.C. and Pittsburgh gave us a chance but the team had a few breakdowns. 

The ‘Stros beat the Dodgers in the last game ever played at Colt Stadium of course on September 27, 1964.

We have the day off and then open our last roadie with three at Cincinnati. 


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Commentary is working for Judith Cruz, for HISD Trustee, District VIII.  It is a special election that will be held on November 2 with Early Voting beginning on Monday, October 18.

Judith is a teacher.  She and her husband Eric have three boys and are residents of Eastwood.  Check out her website: www.judithcruzforhisd.com.

Here’s what former HISD Trustee Natasha Kamrani has to say about Judith on her latest CORE blast: I have come to know Judith well and know she will work doggedly for the children of our city, putting their interests before the interests of the status quo.”

Stay tuned!

The American Statesman has a piece today about the vote in the Rio Grande Valley this year.  If you are a Dem, the article isn’t promising.   Check it out.  I sure would like to see a more positive article regarding the Latino voter turnout and this year’s election.  I don’t think a reporter will find that kind of story here in the H-Town area.  Hey, I didn’t write the Statesman piece, I’m just pointing out stuff.

Tomorrow night marks the 24th anniversary of former ‘Stros pitcher Mike Scott’s no-no in the Dome to clinch the NL West back in 1986.  Who did we beat and what was the final score?

Of course, it also doesn’t help that Guv Dude just got some more ammo to use against the Former H-Town Mayor.  The Chron has a piece today about serious dinero – like in the millions – the City of H-Town may have to give back to the feds because of mismanagement in housing during the previous administration – ouch.   Check out the piece. 

The Chron has a piece on the race for Harris County District Clerk and Dem Loren Jackson comes out looking good if you ask me.  Check it out.

The ‘Stros beat the Giants by a 2-0 score of course on September 25, 1986 at the Astrodome.

I actually thought we would do a lot better than 1-3 in D.C.  I hope we haven’t run out of gas because we are going to have to floor it to go 8-1 the rest of the way as we head to PNC for three this weekend. 



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Gud Dude doesn’t give a rat’s arse about E-Boards, debates, and the Farm Bureau.  Burkablog said yesterday that Dude was running out the clock in his race against the Former H-Town Mayor.  Check it out.  I call Dude’s strategy more of a prevent defense.

The proposed Wal-Mart next to Commentary’s ‘hood moved closer to reality yesterday.  It is expected to open in 2013.  I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.  Never have.  Never will.

The opponents of the proposed Wal-Mart were really upset yesterday and vowed political retaliation.  Stay tuned.

My pal Bill King heaps praise on the new Houston METRO leadership team in an Op-Ed in today’s Chron.  He also takes some shots at the previous METRO leadership team.  Check it out.   Bill also doesn’t think we have the money to build the light rail project we voted on back in 2003. 

I’m hoping the ‘Stros finish at 81-81.  How many times have the ‘Stros finished at 81-81?

By the way, we were officially eliminated from the playoffs the night before last in case you didn’t know.

Four times of course (1969, 1974, 1977, and 1992) the ‘Stros finished at 81-81.

We should have won again last night but we gave up another two run dinger late in the game.   8-2 is looking darn near difficult.


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Yesterday wasn’t a good day for supporters of The DREAM ACT.  The GOP and a couple of Dem Senators from Arkansas put the hurt on us.

Here is some free advice from Commentary.  The Lone Star State Dems should start airing Spanish language TV and radio ads throughout the state going after the GOP on this issue. 

Speaking of, I wonder how Hutch can get up in the morning these days and look in the mirror.  I wonder what she thinks she sees. 

I wonder if Hutch’s staff is going to show her today’s AP story about the tremendous growth of the state’s Latino business community.  Here are bits from the AP story:

Texas is ranked third nationally, behind California and Florida, when it comes to number of Hispanic-owned businesses, according to new figures. The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in Texas grew by 40 percent between 2002 and 2007, reaching 447,000.

Texas was also No. 3 in percentage of businesses that are Hispanic-owned, with 21 percent.

David Hinson, national director of the Commerce Department’s Minority Business Development Agency, said he was "highly encouraged" by the growth data but said the Hispanic business community’s full potential still has not been realized.

"These trends … are completely self-evident, I think, to anyone who has spent time driving around Texas and going to different areas. You see tremendous growth in Hispanic-owned businesses," said Sanchez. "In these times when people are so concerned about jobs, businesses create jobs, so growth of any businesses is good overall."

Hispanic-owned businesses in Texas took in $62 billion in revenue in 2007 and employed almost 400,000 people, according to the Census Bureau.

How do you sleep Hutch?  I think you are still having nightmares after the way you were treated by your own GOP. 

Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay picked up his 20th win last night becoming the first Phillies 20-game winner since Steve Carlton won 23 in 1982 – wow!   How many ‘Stros pitchers have won 20 or more games since 1982?

In case you haven’t noticed, Numero 45 has been getting a lot of playing time at first base the past few weeks.  Commentary thinks the team is contemplating having Numero 45 permanently move from left field to first base next season – interesting.

Mike Scott (20) in 1989, Mike Hampton (22) in 1999, Jose Lima (21) in 1999, Roy Oswalt (20) in 2004 and Roy Oswalt (20) in 2005 of course.

We should have won last night but Paulino gave up the game tying dinger to Pudge and the roof caved in after that.  We wasted a good outing by J.A. Happ.  8-3 is looking tough. 


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The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project had a dinner here in H-Town last night to promote this year’s election theme – “I’m a Pro Immigrant Voter.”  Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia was the keynote speaker and she gave a very good speech on what is at stake for Latinos in this election.   It is a speech that ought to be made to every Latino voter and organization in town.  Way to go Commissioner!

I was watching Channel 11 news last night and there was a story about a bar up in Huntsville, Texas that has specials on Wednesday nights involving cerveza and stuff.  They call it “WB Wednesdays”.  The “WB” stands for that derogatory word to describe paperless folks.  I don’t know about that.

The Former H-Town Mayor has some TV ads running in the H-Town media market.  That’s good for local Dems if you ask me.

The following phrase refers to which MLB team?  “…first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League".

I was checking out “The Today Show” this morning and I heard this from GOP consultant Nicolle Wallace:  “What’s so extraordinary about the Tea Party is they are the only movement that is active in this cycle that’s not playing to win. When you play to win, you play with fear, you do things timidly. What’s so fascinating about the Tea Party is they are willing to lose. That makes them quite powerful.”

That makes them quite scary!

It turns out Guv Dude’s security detail to China cost us $129,000.  How many troopers did he take?  Last I heard, we’re not a war with China!

The Washington Senators of course who are now the Twins were first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League".

Maybe I’ll ask one of my GOP pals to do me a favor and have them ask the GOP witchcraft practicing candidate for U.S. Senator in Delaware if she will turn Jim Sharp into a frog at least until November 3.

73-77 with 12 to go is pretty good considering we dug ourselves a deep hole back in April/May. 8-4 sure looks pretty good to me!


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In today’s SA Express News and Chron, there is a piece about the move to bring up The DREAM ACT and how the move is designed to rally Latino voters.  
Check it out.  Of course, the move could backfire if The DREAM ACT goes nowhere.  Latinos could get more upset and more of them could stay home.  Stay tuned!

There is a little blurb today in the Chron about the Former H-Town Mayor giving Tom Craddick $2,500 back in 2002.  I wonder if folks will call him a Craddick Dem.

The Former Mayor finally has some ads running in the H-Town area.

In a shocking development, the Chron endorsed the Former Mayor yesterday.  

Only Jim Sharp can take a dump in his own living room, step in it, sit in it, roll around in it, and sleep in it.   In an interview with the Austin American Statesman, he likened the Dem Party nominee for Lite Guv to a “labor boss.”  The Working Man Hero laid in to him – deservedly.  Who asked for Jim’s opinion anyway?

The Stros are in D.C. today for four against the Nationals who used to be the Expos.  Name the two former MLBers that are in the Hall of Fame as Expos?

Commentary and Dante sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seats yesterday and I was checking out Hunter Pence.  It turns out he doesn’t use the Louisville Slugger.  He uses something called the “Dinger” bat.  I didn’t know that.  Now I do!

Speaking of, Dante had Q, Bourn, and Myers toss him balls – cool.  He kept two of them.

Super Bowl fever crept up a degree or two yesterday and the Texans are looking to hand the ‘Pokes a 0-3 start.

It turns out former Secretary of State Colin Powell uses paperless folks to do stuff around his pad.  How do I know?  He said so yesterday on “Meet the Press.”

Gary Carter and Andre Dawson of course made their bones as Expos then moved on to other teams but are in the Hall of Fame as Expos – got it.

We slowed the Reds down a bit by taking two out of three this past weekend.  Now we are on a 10 game roadie that takes us to D.C., Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.  Can we go 9-4?  Let’s see if we can.


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It looks like everybody except Guv Dude thinks there is a $21 bil shortfall in the state budget.    Dude is calculating that he can skate by without addressing the issue.  That’s why he won’t debate.  That’s why he won’t go before the E-Boards.  He’s even outrunning the coyotes on this deal. 

Meanwhile, the Chair of the Lone Star State Senate Education Committee finally admitted what everyone else in public education knows.  Funding for public education is the mother of all public policy issues in the Lone Star State.  She wants to scrap the current system and start all over.  Even Dan Patrick says we need to raise some taxes for our schools.  It’s about time.

The conspiracy theorists were dealt a blow yesterday when the Houston Fire Department didn’t give them what they hoped for on that blaze that engulfed Harris County’s eSlate gizmos.  The theorists were salivating and hoping to put the blame on someone.  Instead the Fire Department experts said they were looking at faulty wiring – bummer!

The ‘Stros host the Reds for three this weekend.  It looks like the Reds are headed to the playoffs.  When was the last time the Reds played in the post season?

From an AP story yesterday:  The Cincinnati Reds’ game against Arizona on Wednesday was briefly delayed in the top of the third inning when a young man and woman draped a sign over the center field fence protesting Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law.

The white banner, which almost reached all the way down to the warning track, contained in black letters the message “Not in Arizona, Not in Ohio” with the words SB 1070 circled and a diagonal line through them—the international symbol for prohibition.

In 1995 of course, the Reds won the NL Central and beat the Dodgers in the NLDS but lost out to The ATL in the NLCS.

Maybe we can at least slow down the Reds this weekend – be there to see some good baseball this weekend!


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