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Este es un column sobre un bike rack.

That’s how the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg starts today’s front page column about a taxpayer funded bike rack on Navigation “in the shape of giant cursive letters spelling ‘"be mucho bueno."’

Aliana Acosta, daughter of my good friend Rafael Acosta (owner of Merida Restaurant on Navigation) complained about the “Spanglish” bike rack and the “poor use of the Spanish language.”

I get where she is coming from.

H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez has the best local quote of the week when asked about the rack:

"I think it’s very moronic. And that’s being nice.”

Diane Schenke, president of the Greater East End Management District, the entity that commissioned the rack, said this:

"It wasn’t intended to be a Spanish grammar test. It’s capturing the way people talk in the neighborhood."


Here’s from Falkenberg on Schenke’s line:

But that’s the thing. I’ve never heard anybody use that phrase, not even a fellow Gringo. That annoying Tex-Mex menu at Lupe Tortilla – "Es preety goood!" – has more grammatical precision than this artwork.

If you ask me, el Greater East End Management Distrito be mucho estupido knuckleheads.

Commentary thinks maybe it is time to rethink their leadership.

Who leads the MLB today with runs scored for the season?

The Chron E-Board wants to mediate a session between Early to Rise and Hunker Down. Here is how they end their take today:

Before lawyering up, folks should try sitting across the table and talking things out. Might we recommend the Houston Chronicle editorial board table as a good place to start?


I’m OK with that on the condition that I get to sit in and watch.

To the 40% that can watch ‘Stros games, did you know that CSN reporter Julia Morales is the daughter of 1996 Dem candidate for U.S. Senator Victor Morales? Well now you do!

Matt Carpenter of course of San Luis leads the bigs today with 100 runs scored for the season.

I’ll have a light lunch today to get ready for dollar dogs this evening at The Yard. They are also handing out 10,000 baseballs on the way out. The best part of the evening should be the ‘Stros honoring softball great and Olympian Cat Osterman.

I think I heard last night that we’re 16-28 in one run games which means we could easily be 28-16 in one run games. Oh, well!


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The Chron has a front page story in the hard copy and for subscribers only on The Mayor giving a select few of her key staff some pretty good pay raises while the thousands of other city employees got so-so pay raises.

In the story The Mayor gets criticized by the folks that want her out of office – Ben Hall and the Firefighters Union.

Let me just say this. The Mayor is entitled to give out pay raises. The folks that criticize are also entitled to take shots. It is fair game and only time will tell if it matters. It is however the lead story in the hard copy and I have said it before, Chron hard copy readers are probably older voters and more likely to vote in November.

Here is a part of the story that I found interesting:

GOP communications consultant Jim McGrath said the issue will be little more than water-cooler fodder at City Hall unless Hall can show a pattern of such decisions.

"Taxpayers and voters care about their well-being and their future and if the mayor has failed in some regard as it relates to that, that’s something you can get traction with," McGrath said. "This inside baseball stuff will not fundamentally alter the dynamics of a race that isn’t looking good for Mr. Hall at present."

Democratic political consultant Mustafa Tameez agreed: "This is not going to be seen well by the public, but something like this doesn’t make or break the election."

I guess Jim McGrath and Mustafa got the special campaign briefing.

The Mariners are in town for four. Everybody knows that Junior leads the Mariners in career dingers as a Mariner with 417, who is at numero 2?

HISD Trustee and Board President Anna Eastman will participate in a candidate forum today at the West End Multi-Service Center on Heights Blvd. at 6 pm.

There will be a reception this evening at 5:30 pm for HCC Trustee District 3 candidate Adriana Tamez at Doneraki at Gulfgate.

Anna and Adriana are both clients.

It looks like the Save the Dome campaign will be headed by former County Judges Jon Lindsay and Robert Eckels and my friend Edgar Colon. Good luck fellas!

Hunker Down dropped the Harris County AFL-CIO meeting last night and I don’t think he mentioned the campaign to Save the Dome. I might have missed it though because I was chatting with The Dean.

Hunker Down also didn’t mention why he pulled an Early to Bed.

Another Forbes writer says the ‘Stros didn’t make $99 mil.

Here it is.

I never believed it but I still don’t know what to believe.

Everybody knows that Commentary never says much about college players because they don’t get paid – sort of. It turns out Johnny Football got a reward. He is not going to play the first half against Rice in mid-90 degree heat. Way to go NCAA!

The final 3 minutes and 23 seconds of “The Newsroom” the other night was four stars for sure as the great Jane Fonda owned the scene and that’s why she is up for an Emmy. Get it back!

Edgar Martinez of course is numero 2 on the Mariners career dinger list with 309.

44-88 and not much else you can say as the team comes home for seven.


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Commentary isn’t going to say much today because I am experiencing major technical issues with my computer. It is on life support and I’m on a back-up.

Speaking of, did the ‘Stros have any African-Americans in the first ever Opening Day line-up back in 1962?

It is probably a good thing not to talk about Cacagate up in Austin. The DPS continues to step in it.

In the hard copy of the Chron today you can find probably the best Op-Ed of all time – kind of. It is the reprint of the “I Have a Dream” speech. Nice job Chron.

I hope the talking heads don’t try to compare The President’s speech today if you know what I mean.

Happy Birthday today to Matty D of the ‘Stros!

Left fielder Jim Pendleton of course was the only African American in the starting line-up for the ‘Stros on Opening Day in 1962. He went 1-4 with 1 RBI.

I don’t have much to say about another bullpen collapse and another one run loss.


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The following is the unofficial line-up of candidates from the City of H-Town website for Mayor, City Council, and Controller.

With The Mayor having eight opponents, how do they avoid the big R – yes I’m saying it – runoff and campaigning during Thanksgiving?  Will they ‘splain to Commentary a non-run-off strategy.

Former City of H-Town department director and former HISD big shot Issa Dadoush who left HISD in a huff filed at the last minute against CM C.O. Bradford.  Dadoush lists a Pasadena address – huh!

Two Latino candidates are running in At-Large Three.  They are going to split the Latino vote for sure.

In Commentary’s opinion, Hunker Down made a mistake in rejecting the Early to Rise initiative.  It looks personal.   The Early to Rise folks early on forgot to brief Hunker Down so he felt dissed and decided to be against and now is saying NO to 85,000 plus signatures.   It will come back to bite him in the arse while he campaigns for a tax increase to save the Dome.  It is a bad move if you ask me. 

I really don’t have much to say about Larry Marshall not running for reelection over at HISD other than to say he can read the writing on the wall.

The ‘Stros had 4 dingers last night to put them at 132 for the season and tied for 14th in MLB.  How many dingers did the ‘Stros have last season and where did we rank?

Here is the list of city candidates:


· Cook, Don — 7954 Glenheath, Houston, TX 77061, Phone: 713.705.5594, Email: zenblews@hotmail.com

· Dick, Eric — 4325 Tulsa Road, Houston, TX 77092, Phone: 832.429.2990, Email: ericdickformayor@gmail.com

· Douglas, Keryl Burgess — 5804 Bayou Bend Court, Houston, TX 77004, Phone: 713.819.9945, FAX: 713.589.6823, Email: keryl@keryldouglasformayor.com

· Drab, Charyl L. — P.O. Box 690087, Houston, TX 77269-0087

· Fitzsimmons, Michael J. — 4800 W. 34th St, Suite C-50L, Houston, TX 77092, Phone: 713.476.0733, Email:Houstonswp@att.net

· Hall, III, Benjamin L. — 530 Little John Lane, Houston, TX 77024, Phone: 713.236.4255, Email:team@benhallformayor.com

· Jenkins, Derek — 13600 Breton Ridge, Houston, TX 77070, Phone: 832.881.5451, Email:djenkins1326@yahoo.com

· Lane, Victoria A. — 6131 Stoney Brook Dr., Houston, TX 77036, Phone: 713.550.7899, Email:Victorialane53@yahoo.com

· Parker, Annise D. — P.O. Box 66513, Houston, TX 77266, Phone: 713.861.6464, Email:annise@anniseparker.com



· Brown, Helena — P.O. Box 430292, Houston, TX 77243, Phone: 280.919.3577, Email:helenabrowncampaign@gmail.com

· Hale, Ron — 6602 Underhill, Houston, TX 77092, Phone: 832.620.7909, Email: info@ronaldrayhale.com

· Knox, Mike — Phone: 713.973.6992, Email: mike@mikeknox.org

· Peck, Amy — P.O. Box 800240, Houston, TX 77280, Phone: 832.390.0117, Email: amy@amypeck.org

· Stardig, Brenda — P.O. Box 19822, Houston, TX 77224, Phone: 281.829.8583, Email: info@brendastardig.com


· Blueford-Daniels, Katherine — P.O. Box 1624, Houston, TX 77251, Phone: 713.594.5643, Email:mzkat@att.net

· Davis, Jerry — 5517 Pickfair, Houston, TX 77026, Phone: 832.860.1766, Email: jvd@jerryvdavis.com

· Perkins, Kenneth — 5714 Langley, Houston, TX 77016, Phone: 832.656.1062, Email: mrkrp@hotmail.com


· Cohen, Ellen


· Boykins, Dwight — 315 W. Alabama Street, Suite 103, Houston, TX 77006

· Caldwell, Keith — P.O. Box 331309, Houston, TX 77233, Phone: 281.330.7806, Email:kcaldwell081@gmail.com

· Edwards, Lana — P.O. Box 301118, Houston, TX 77230-1118, Phone: 713.203.1585, Email:lanacedwards@gmail.com

· Johnson, Ivis — Phone:832.606.9713

· McGee, Travis — 5747 Lakefield Drive, Houston, TX 77033, Phone: 832.488.7709, Email:mcgeetravis@sbcglobal.net

· McKinzie, Larry — P.O. Box 14608, Houston, TX 77221-4608, Phone: 713.900.8683, Email:campaign@larrymckinzie.com

· Provost, Georgia Doyle — 3821 N. MacGregor Way, Houton, TX 77004,Phone: 713.942.7374, Email:gdprovost@hotmail.com

· Richards, Nicole "Assata" — P.O. Box 58636, Houston, TX 77256, Phone: 832.722.0404, Email:arichards@assatarichards.com

· Robinson, Anthony — P.O. Box 331698, Houston, TX 77233, Phone: 713.777.8472, Email:robinson4districtd@gmail.com

· Sanders, Christina — P.O. Box 14390, Houston, TX 77221, Phone: 281.895.3350, Email:info@christinaforhouston.com

· Smith, Demetria — 7303 Calais Road, Houston, TX 77033, Phone: 832.883.7509, Email:dsmith9550@yahoo.com

· White, Kirk — 5514 Griggs Road, #2523, Houston, TX 77021, Phone: 713.575.7832, Email:theprezd@gmail.com


· Martin, Dave — 1 E. Greenway Plaza, Suite 225, Houston, TX 77046, Phone: 713.526.3399, FAX: 713.965.9076, Email: campaign@martinforhouston.com


· Hoang, Al — 801 Congress, #350, Houston, TX 77002, Phone: 281.788.8486, Email:alhoang77072@gmail.com

· Nguyen, Richard — 8115 Riptide Drive, Houston, TX 77072, Phone: 281.891.0579, Email:dandelion63@yahoo.com


· Pennington, Oliver — 4617 Montrose Blvd., Suite C202, Houston, TX 77006, Phone: 713.598.7809, Email:oopennington@gmail.com

· Taef, Brian — P.O. Box 820035, Houston, TX 77282, Phone: 713.422.3416, Email: brian@briantaef.com


· Gonzalez, Edward "Ed" — P.O. Box 70683, Houston,Tx,77270, Email:info@edforh.com


· Ablaza, Leticia Gutierrez — P.O. Box 262943, Houston, TX 77207, Email: info@voteablaza.com

· Gallegos, Robert — P.O. Box 230087, Houston, TX 77223, Email: info@voterobertgallegos.com

· Garces, Graci — P.O. Box 230103, Houston, TX 77223, Phone: 713.861.2244, Email: votegraci@gmail.com

· Mendez, Ben — 8427 Bonner Drive, Houston, TX 77017, Phone: 713.880.2626, Email:ben@benmendez4houston.com


· Laster, Mike — P.O. Box 36521, Houston, TX 77236, Phone: 713.510.3261, Email:lasterfordistrictj@yahoo.com


· Green, Larry V. — 2500 West Loop South, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77027, Email: attylgreen@aol.com



· Costello, Stephen C. — 2211 McDuffie St., Houston, TX 77019, Phone: 832.563.2113, Email:scostello@coseng.com

· Griffin, Mike "Griff" — 1925 Lexington, Houston, TX 77098, Phone: 713.526.7711, Email: mgriffin@kgriff.com


· Burks Jr., Andrew C. — 315 Alabama, Suite 103, Houston,TX 77006, Phone: 832.426.4776, Email:burksforcitycouncil@gmail.com

· Gordon, Brent Trebor — 10907 Gulf Bridge Circle, Houston, TX 77075, Phone: 713.213.2215, Email:Trebor@gordon4houston.com

· Rivera-Colon, Modesto — 4630 Magnolia Cove #718, Kingwood,TX 77345, Phone: 713.732.7672, Email:Mod.rivera55@gmail.com

· Robinson, David — 2514 Elmen, Houston, TX 77019, Phone: 713.907.8241, Email: dwr@raworks.com


· Batteau, J. Brad — 3408 Delano St. , Houston, TX 77004, Phone: 832.283.5471, Email:JBradBatteau@yahoo.com

· Calvert, Rogene Gee — 10850 Richmond Ave. Suite 100, Houston, TX 77042, Phone: 832.266.0561, Email:rogene@rogenecalvert.com

· Chavez, Roland M. — 313 Byrne St. , Houston, TX 77009, Phone: 713.864.4271, Email:Rochav341@gmail.com

· Kubosh, Michael — 1701 Lubbock, Houston, TX 77007, Phone: 281.594.7680, Email:michaelkubosh@gmail.com

· Morales, Roy — 2450 Louisiana, Suite 400-224, Houston, TX 77006, Phone: 713.320.8167, Email:info@roymorales.com

· Pool, Jenifer Rene — P.O. Box 572211, Houston, TX 77257, Phone: 832.689.9334, Email:jenifer@jeniferrenepool.com


· Bradford, C.O. "Brad" — P.O. Box 321309, Houston, TX 77221, Phone: 713.882.0404, Email:info@cobradford.com

· Dadoush, Issa Z. — 5023 Bayfair, Pasadena, TX 77505, Phone: 713.782.0957, Email:issa.dadoush@sbcglobal.net


· Christie, Jack — 12421 Memorial, Houston, TX 77024, Phone: 713.256.6445, Email: drjackchristie@yahoo.com

· Evans-Shabazz, Carolyn — P.O. Box 8482, Houston, TX 77004, Phone: 713.522.1523, Email:evansshabazzpal5@yahoo.com

· Horwitz, James S. — 4109 Caroline, Houston, TX 77004, Phone: 713.521.0373, Email: jhorwitzlaw@gmail.com


· Frazer, Bill — 5090 Richmond Avenue, #719, Houston, TX 77056, Phone: 713.429.1773, Email:bill@frazerforcontroller.com

· Green, Ronald — 3401 Louisiana, Suite 105, Houston, TX 77002, Phone: 713.526.0166, Email:attyrgreen@aol.com

Forbes says the ‘Stros are going to show a profit of $99 mil  this year – yikes!

Check it out here.

The ‘Stros say no way and here is what they said yesterday:

We are very disappointed that, earlier today, Forbes released an article that includes significant inaccuracies relating to the Astros’ finances. The Astros do not disclose financial information. However, as MLB will confirm, the information reported in the Forbes article relating to the Astros’ revenues, the Astros media rights fee from CSN Houston, and CSN Houston’s per subscriber rate are all significantly inaccurate. As a result, the conclusion about the Astros operational profit is significantly inaccurate.

The Astros will continue to operate the team in a fiscally responsible manner that will make the City of Houston proud. We are very excited about our accomplishments and we remain steadfast in our commitment to this rebuilding process. We have established a basis of young talent on our MLB roster that will continue to improve. And our minor league system is now one of the best in MLB. As our young prospects develop, we will move them up to the Major League roster and increase our payroll to a level that will allow the Astros to compete for World Championships. The success of CSN Houston is a vital piece of that process and we continue to work toward establishing full distribution.

I don’t know who to believe.

Here is what Rice’s Mark Jones says about the Lite Guv’s reelection chances:

"He’s moving from the range of running the risk of not attaining re-election, to not even making it into a runoff.  If I had to predict right now, I would say he doesn’t make the runoff."

I’m saying he doesn’t even make the race.

Last season the ‘Stros ended up with 146 dingers and ranked 21st in MLB of course.

Last night’s game was a nail biter as Chris Carter racked up his 24th and 25th dingers of the season, two-time AL Player of the Week Jason Castro had his 18th of the season and Matty D had his 19th.  We won 10-8. 


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Today is the last day to file for office for positions on the Houston City Council, for Mayor, for Controller, for HISD Trustee, and for HCC Trustee.  Political types usually gather outside of the H-Town Mayor’s office a little before the 5 pm deadline to see if there are any last minute surprises on the City front. 

Speaking of the November elections, Commentary still has not heard of a PAC being created to help save the Dome.

I guess we also ought to be hearing this week if Early to Rise gets on the ballot.

We are also going to hear this week if State Sen. Wendy Davis runs for Governor.

How many division titles have the ‘Stros won?

Today is the first day of school for most kids around these parts. It is a special day for Dante.  He starts his first day of high school today – wow!  I can still remember his toddler days when he would hang around here and mess with my baseball memorabilia.  Good luck Dante!

Commentary had a nice time with MariGirl this past Friday at The Yard.  We each had us a couple of dollar dogs.  Her tweet on the dogs was way better than mine.

The ‘Stros have won six division titles of course:  the NL West (1980 and 1986) and the NL Central (1997, 1998, 1999 and 2001).

We were one inning away from a sweep yesterday then Lo and behold – awwww!

We have 16 home games remaining.  That is probably a good thing.  The NL West last place teams visits the AL Central last place team today in Chicago.


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Ben Hall finally got some good run in the press today.  Lisa Falkenberg’s column today on Ben is creating some buzz for sure.  I’m sure folks are going to be talking about the back and forth on who said what.  Here is a taste:

Hall believes part of the problem may be Parker’s "strident" leadership style, a bit of which he’s experienced during his few private encounters with her. The first time they met, at a University of Houston event, Hall said, the two shook hands and he recalls the mayor saying " ‘It’s nice meeting you. I’m going to whip your ass so bad that you’ll never run for public office again.’ " At which point, Hall said, "I immediately told my friend, ‘My goodness, I now know what’s wrong with the city.’ "

You have to subscribe or pick up a hard copy if you want to read the rest – sorry.

I’m thinking this race is going to get more interesting.

Everybody knows that Pete Rose tops the MLB all time list for base hits with 4,256 and Ty Cobb is numero 2 with 4,191 – who is numero 3?

Big Jolly has the best take to date on Early to Rise so check it out here.

The Chron E-Board gave the Lite Guv a well deserved spanking today.  Here are parts:

David Dewhurst is no Hemingway hero. His late-night call on behalf of a relative arrested for shoplifting was merely the latest example of his tendency to flail under pressure. What he did was not illegal, as best we can tell, but it was graceless and awkward. And funny, in an icky sort of way.

Dewhurst seems rattled already, and the race has barely begun.


Dewhurst seems rattled already, and the race has barely begun.

"The world breaks everyone," Papa Hemingway observed, "and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."

And some are not.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

He needs to get out of the race.

Hank Aaron of course is numero 3 all time with 3,771 base hits.

Ryan Broid apologized yesterday.  Who cares?

I wonder how many folks will be dropping by The Yard this weekend to see the AL East last place Jays?


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Last night Shelley Kennedy hosted a fundraising reception at her home for HISD Board President Anna Eastman and a bunch of good folks attended.  The Dean, Blake Ellis, HCTD’s Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Chris Bell, Orell Fitzsimmons, HCC candidate Zeph Capo, former HISD Trustee Paula Arnold, Traci Jensen, and education activist Carmen Nuncio were among those in attendance. My friend Vilma Moera and her crew prepared the delicious grub.  It was a great event.

We had two fielding errors last night.  Name the MLB club with the least fielding errors through last night?ISD Trsutee

A Democrat named Mike Collier is running for State Comptroller if State Sen. Wendy Davis runs for Governor.  I don’t know Mike Collier.  Like Burkablog said the other day, not much on the bench.

One would think that the Lite Guv would know better.  Why in the world would he hand over ammo to his opponents?  Then again why is he running for reelection?

Congrats go to Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk and their new one – Harper Estelle!

Hunker Down thinks County Attorney Vince Ryan violated attorney-client privilege on the Early to Rise opinion.  Who cares?  Will Early to Rise ever get some good run in the press?

B’More of course has only committed 38 fielding miscues.  The ‘Stros have 95 – ouch!

I really don’t want to talk about another one run loss and our 41-85 record. 


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