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Now this does not surprise Commentary.   This is from a Peggy Fikac article in today’s Chron and SA Express news.  Here is how it starts:

If Texans abide by the "if you don’t vote, don’t complain" mantra, they should be the least-complaining bunch in the nation.

Texas ranked 51st in voter turnout in 2010 – behind the other states and Washington, D.C. – and 49th in the number of citizens who even bother to contact public officials, according to a study released by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas at Austin and the National Conference on Citizenship.

I’m betting Harris County is right up there or right down there in voter apathy.  I blame everybody.

Here is the Fikac article.

Another proud Lone Star State moment!

Name the three teams B’More beat in 1966, 1970, and 1983 to win World Serious titles?

Commentary doesn’t care what MLBers put in their bodies but they have to be pretty much dumbarses to hustle up the illegal stuff.  The illegal stuff is always handled by the low life types of the world – the guys that will turn on you in a second to save their own arses.  ESPN broke a story last night about MLB conducting an investigation that may result in 100 game suspensions for 20 MLBers including the likes of A-Roid, Ryan Broid, Melky Cabrera of the Jays, Nelson Cruz of the Rangers, and Bartolo Colon of the A’s.  Just over a week ago the 40-year old Colon tossed a complete game against the ‘Stros – interesting.

If MLB has the goods on these MLBers then they deserve the punishment just for being dumbarses.  Of course A-Roid has already lied about this before. Don’t they remember the Mitchell Report?  Don’t they remember the Barry Bonds and Rocket trials?

Here is the entire ESPN piece.

This past Sunday GOP Cong. Darrell Issa called White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a “paid liar.”   President Obama’s former campaign manager David Plouffe then tweeted about Issa’s past.  Politico today has a piece about Plouffe and whether it is wise for him to go off on Issa.  Here is what Plouffe said in the piece:

“If he (Issa) behaves himself I am happy to never think about him again,” Plouffe told POLITICO. “I do think it’s highly relevant for the media to examine Congress’s top cop both in terms of how he is handling the current situation but also his background. He is a man in the spotlight — the American people should and will be eager for more info on who the inquisitor is. … My tweet was aggressive, but sometimes that is what it takes to break through. … Is he a liability to the GOP and their scandal playbook?”
I say let him go Plouffe-Daddy on Issa.  Maybe he will goad Issa and the GOP to overreach and get a public backlash.

Here is the Politico piece.

My pal Nick Anderson put out a powerful cartoon on the four firefighters we just lost.

Check it out here.

B’More swept the Dodgers (1966), beat the Reds in 5 (1970), and beat the Phillies in 5 (1983) en route to their three World Serious titles.

15,000 and change showed up at The Yard last night and we lost.  We can do better than 15,000 and change.


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The U.S. House’s lead investigator, GOP Cong. Darrell Issa called White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a “paid liar” yesterday.  Somebody needs to reel in Issa.  That’s not going to score him any points.  He is just opening himself up to attacks.

Kuffer today has the Equality Texas legislative scorecard.  Rep. Sylvester Turner scored a D – huh!  Rep. Mary Ann Perez from H-Town scored a C – as Gomer would say “surprise, surprise, surprise.”

Here is all of Kuffer and the scorecard.

B’More visits The Yard tomorrow.  Before they move to B’More in 1954, where did they play?

On “Today” this morning there was a segment on the latest Cheerios ad that features a biracial married couple and their kid.  The ad generated a lot of negative online comments.  Willie Geist called comments sections  the “darkest places online.”  He’s got that right.

The Lite Guv got another Chron spanking yesterday.  This time the E-Board weighed in.  Here are parts:

The state’s second-ranking leader is widely viewed as being vulnerable to a challenge from the right in his expected bid for a fourth term as lieutenant governor.

The strongest evidence that Dewhurst is running scared is his disappointing decision to revert to a simple-majority vote in the Texas Senate to take up bills during the special session, moving away from the traditional two-thirds majority required to consider legislation. That means Senate Democrats might as well stay home.

Dewhurst’s decision has raised the ire of Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, the dean of the Texas Senate, who broke ranks with fellow Democrats and returned to Austin from New Mexico during a memorable redistricting fight in 2003. Whitmire returned based on Dewhurst’s assurances that he would commit to the two-thirds vote. At this point, breaking that promise in the name of political expediency would have fallout for sessions to come.

The usually statesmanlike Dewhurst is letting his fears about the 2014 GOP primary trample both good judgment and his duty to the citizens of Texas. We hope he will reconsider.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

I have said it before.  The Lite Guv deserves it.

B’More used to be the St. Louis Browns of course.

Root, root, root, root, root – five roots in a row!

From Chron.com:

The rebuilding Astros are the hottest team in baseball.

Via a sharp 5-4 victory against the struggling Los Angeles Angels on Sunday during an American League West matchup at Angel Stadium, the Astros improved to 10-7 in their last 17 games and have won an MLB-best five consecutive contests.

The Astros (20-37) took the series from the Angels (25-32) and are 6-3 against Los Angeles this season. The Astros have won three of their last four overall series and six of seven games.

You have to give some credit to my friend Drayton and his crew.  

Jose Altuve signed during Drayton’s watch.

Jason Castro drafted during Drayton’s watch.

J.D. Martinez drafted during Drayton’s watch.

Bud Norris drafted during Drayton’s watch.

Jordan Lyles drafted during Drayton’s watch.

Lucas Harrell signed during Drayton’s watch.

And the prospects that are coming up:

George Springer drafted during Drayton’s watch.

Jarred Cosart acquired by Drayton’s guys from Phillies in the Hunter Pence trade.

Jonathan Singleton acquired by Drayton’s guys from Phillies in the Hunter Pence trade.

They have been fun to watch lately. 


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Commentary is seriously thinking about walking away from the Sunday Morning Talking Points, err, Sunday Morning Talk Shows.  You can say I’ve become disillusioned of sorts.  They have become nothing more than a venue for both sides to trot out their daily talking points.  It is so predictable and that you learn absolutely nothing.  They also do nothing to ease the gridlock in our nation’s Capitol.  In fact they actually greatly contribute to the gridlock.

Yesterday was the typical Sunday morning in these parts.  Get up.  Fetch the hard copy of the Chron. Go through it, have a couple of cups of coffee, flip on the flat screen, watch the local Sunday morning news, then the Sunday “Today Show”, then the talking points shows while fixing morning grub and browsing for other news and sports stories while keeping an eye on the talking points.

The shows like “Meet the Press”, “State of the Union”, and “This Week” all feel obliged to give each side equal time so each side comes out armed with their talking points.  The media really has no right to criticize Congress for gridlock when in fact they give Congress the venues that helps create gridlock.  You could say that the media are major enablers. 

It was the same old same old yesterday with Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP deals.  

The best of yesterday morning was the “Today Show” segment on a pregnant Jenna Wolf going shopping for baby gear, learning that of the 55% or so that don’t approve of how The President is handling Benghazi, over 50% of those don’t even know where Benghazi is on the map, David Gregory correcting Peggy Noonan’s goof of not knowing the law regarding the relationship between The President and the Attorney General, and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld without talking points.

Without the Sunday morning talking points shows, I could probably get in my Sunday workout at the gym a little earlier and have time for a Sunday afternoon flick.  It’s a change worth considering for sure.

The Royals visit The Yard this evening.  Tonight will be the 31st time the ‘Stros and Royals have played each other over the years.  Name the team with the best head-to-head record?

If you have not seen SNL’s segment the other night with Bill Hader’s “Stefon” with Seth Meyers, you are missing great TV.  Anderson Cooper gets kudos for his cameo.   The piece borrowed from the church wedding scene from “The Graduate.” 

Check out the skit here.

Over the weekend Commentary saw an Eric Dick for Republican Mayor campaign sign on a fence off of I-45 and North Main.  What’s up with that?

Kuffer has more here on Dick.

So that means The Mayor has three opponents – one that says he has money, one that will have signs, and one that I don’t know anything about.

If H-Town lands Super Bowl 51 tomorrow, count on The Mayor to include it in her campaign stump speech.

The Mayor will have the owner of the ‘Stros and one of the providers over for a sit down to see if a deal can be made.  A couple of days ago the owner told the Chron that CSNH is losing money. 

The ‘Stros are 17-13 in head-to-head versus the Royals of course.

We gave one away Friday night.   Right fielder Jimmy Paredes ran into second baseman Jake Elmore causing Elmore to drop a pop up and letting the Pirates snatch a win.  It looked so 2013 ‘Stros.  We start an eight game homie this evening.  Did you know that Miguel Tejada is a Royal? 


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Commentary heard that the H-Town City Council Ethics, Elections and Council Governance Committee met yesterday to discuss the issue of holding City Election run-offs on Saturdays like they do now or holding them on a Tuesday.  I wasn’t there but I’m betting it has something to do with saving money. 

Holding the runoff elections on Tuesday means you don’t have to pay as much rent if the voting locations are held at public schools or other places that are normally open on weekdays.  Holding the election on a Saturday means you do have to pay rental fees if the place isn’t open on Saturdays.

Here in H-Town we don’t have a lot to brag on when it comes to voter turnout.  It seems like holding the runoff on a Saturday when more folks are not at work would get us a better turnout and more campaign volunteers.  Keep the runoff on Saturday at least until we reach the 50% voter turnout level in a runoff.

Who is the last Hall of Fame great to throw a no-no?

Graci Garces had around 50 or so folks last night at a very nice Downtown venue on their outdoor patio.

I’m not going to say a whole lot about the Astros Wives Gala PR mess but you can check out what the Houston Press says here.

You can also read the Jerome Solomon of the Chron piece on “Blame Crane.”  He must have looked at yesterday’s Commentary when he says:

It is simply bad PR. And bad baseball.

Here is all of his column.

The word is the ‘Stros will name a new CEO/President and Nolan Ryan’s son is seriously being considered so stay tuned.  Well at least he knows baseball business.

I have to give The Mayor and the City props.  Here is from the Chron for subscribers only for now:

In downtown Houston, there are about 3,200 parking spaces on the street – and a whopping 5,800 signs drivers must decipher to use them without getting towed or ticketed.

Aiming to fix this "confusing mishmash of signs," as Mayor Annise Parker put it, City Council on Wednesday approved a $1.3 million contract with a Houston firm that will spend the next year removing signs and replacing them with a standardized set.

The types of parking signs posted downtown will drop from 120 to as few as 16.

When I park on a street Downtown sometimes I have to walk the entire street block to read the myriad of signage to make sure I don’t get towed.  Way to go!

In 1991 Nolan Ryan pitched a no-no over the Jays of course.

We have the day off then begin interleague play tomorrow against Pittsburgh.  Now that sounds weird. We have played 25% of the season and we have 11 wins. 


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Last night Commentary watched Anderson Cooper’s interview with Charles Ramsey on CNN.  Ramsey is the fella whose Big Mac dinner was interrupted by one of the kidnapped women in Cleveland Monday evening.   Ramsey is very animated and entertaining in the interview.  It’s the best McDonald’s ad I’ve seen in a while.  I’m thinking McDonald’s will probably send him a year’s supply of McMeals.

Yesterday a supporter of the Ben Mendez for City Council Campaign sent out a mean spirited and classless attack item on Graci Garces.  I guess they are trying to take the focus off of Mendez donating dough to the GOP.  Last week the Mendez campaign had a cyberspace back and forth with a veteran Latino community activist on the GOP donation matter.

Albert Pujols is in town and everyone knows he won the NL MVP Award in 2005, 2008, and 2009.  He was runner-up in 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2010.  Name the players that won the award when Pujols was the runner-up?

Speaking of, whatever happened to the meeting that The Mayor was supposed to put together with CSNH, U-Verse, Dish, and Direct TV on carrying the ‘Stros game?  Did I miss it?  Was any progress made?

Some fella saw singer Paulina Rubio on a flight from Miami to H-Town.  He claims to have asked permission to take a picture of her and after he took the shot he claims she snatched his camera from him and put a knee to his groin area.  Now he’s gone to court to have a judge order Rubio to hand over his camera along with some walking around money.  I’m thinking Rubio already tossed that camera to el ultimo adios land.

I’m thinking that your neighborhood doesn’t qualify for one of those National Night Out parties or a Neighborhood Watch Organization certification if none of the neighbors notice that someone on your block has been hiding three kidnapped people in their crib for the past ten years.

Barry Bonds won the NL MVP Award in 2002 and 2003, Ryan Howard won it in 2006, and Joey Votto won it in 2010 of course.

We won last night but it is way too early to say that the changes made to the roster will result in more wins.  Jose Altuve should not be batting in the three spot.  Stay tuned!


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The Killer Ds of 2003 are having a ten year anniversary get together in Austin.  Good for them?

If the legislature is in Special Session this summer, I wonder if the Texas Eleven will have a get together.  That means The Dean will miss more time at The Yard.  Hey Dean, you ain’t missing much!

Christians for Good Government sent out another email yesterday with another ad complaining about HISD.  They mentioned that they held a meeting at a church this past weekend and that’s all I know about them.

How many of the current ‘Stros have ever made an MLB All Star team?

We’re at a point in the MLB season where things have to turn around or else we may end up witnessing the worst season of any team in the modern era (post 1900) of the MLB.  You have to wonder if collectively they think that they aren’t capable of winning.  It doesn’t help that they started calling themselves out this past weekend. 

Yesterday they shipped out three players and brought in three more.  Of our starting rotation at the beginning of the season, two have already been replaced with a third on the way.  

The Chron’s sports columnist has a piece on the losses that have mounted up.  Here are parts:

You can’t help but feel sorry for them.

Didn’t they know how outmanned they were against the Tigers, who outscored them 28-2 in one 18-inning stretch of the four-game sweep?

The Astros’ starting batting order Sunday had a combined total of 59 RBIs. Two Tigers – Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder – have a combined 68.

And this:

For all you National League traditionalists in Houston who didn’t want a designated hitter, you got your way.

The Astros don’t have one.

Through Sunday, their designated hitters had a batting average of .210 and had struck out 50 times in 124 at-bats. Their two most often used designated hitters – Chris Carter and (Carlos) Pena – are hitting .217 and .200, respectively, with a combined 35 strikeouts in 91 at-bats in that role.
Ouch!  That hurt!  And:

This is not a team built to win.

This is a team of sacrificial lambs.

The Astros were built this season primarily with players expected to hold down positions until the talented young reinforcements are ready to be called up from Oklahoma City and Corpus Christi.

We are 8-24.  Today’s Chron points out that the 2003 Tigers started out at 7-25 and ended up losing 119 games.  Guess what?  Carlos Pena played on that 2003 Tigers team – yikes!  Our new radio announcer Steve Sparks also played on that 2003 Tigers team – yikes!

The Chron also points out that the 1987 Padres started out at 7-25 and ended up with 97 losses.  Of course that team had future Hall of Fame greats Tony Gwynn and Goose Gossage along with Gary Templeton and John Kruk. 

The ‘Stros need better talent.  They need an attitude adjustment.  They need to play harder.  They need to believe in each other.

Carlos Pena and Jose Altuve are the only ‘Stros ever to have made an All Star Team of course.

I just hope that this isn’t the series that Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton get hot.


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The Chron today let NRAer Ted Nugent pen an Op-Ed today celebrating guns.  According to Nugent, if it weren’t for guns, we wouldn’t be here.

Check it out here.

The Chron E-Board has another piece on guns today here.

I’m not going to say anything about the welcoming party for the NRA out at Terminal B yesterday.

The Tigers are in town.  Name their Triple A affiliate?

Happy Birthday today to CM James Rodriguez!   Join him at his BD Party tonight at 8th Wonder Brewery at 2202 Dallas at 7pm. 

Happy Birthday today to Jose Soto!

I’m kind of moving in the direction of what the Houston Press is talking about in regards to sports talk on some stations. 

Check it out here.

What was the whole point of one station on their website calling out the Thunder’s cheerleader on her weight?  You know there are other options including NPR and other sports talk shows.

It looks like The Mayor’s opposition research team is in high gear.  Kuffer suggests that more may be on the way.

Check it out here.

The Toldeo Mud Hens of course are the Tigers’ Triple A club.

We should have won last night and no, I didn’t stay for the entire 14 innings.  There were quite a few Tigers fans at The Yard last night.  Some were wearing Verlander gear and a couple Kaline gear.  I’m looking forward to seeing Verlander this Sunday. 


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The NRA is having their annual meeting in H-Town this weekend – YIKES!  I wonder if The H-Town Mayor will give them a welcoming speech and tell them to spend their ammo in H-Town – DOUBLE YIKES!  I wonder if any of the NRA members will show up at The Yard this evening or weekend and root, root, root, err shoot, shoot, shoot!

The Tigers are in town for four.  How many World Serious titles do they own?

The Chron E-Board has a take on the NRA being in H-Town.

Check it out here.

Former astronaut Mark Kelly has a way better take on the NRA being in H-Town.  Kelly actually calls out the NRA leadership.

Check it out here.

Way to go Captain Kelly!

The outgoing Transportation Secretary gave H-Town and METRO a spanking in today’s Chron.  Check this:

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood likes Houston’s light rail that’s up and running but warns that regional transit officials have squandered opportunities the past decade by not building greater consensus.

"The region needs to get its act together," LaHood said during a brief question and answer session after an unrelated news conference Wednesday in Houston.

And this:

Though the Main Street line has been a success, and three more lines are under construction, LaHood said the area is coming up short because more hasn’t been done to extend lines to the suburbs where most people live.

He said he spent the morning in Houston talking about projects to extend transit farther from the downtown area. Suburban taxpayers who supported referendums in 2003 and 2012 especially have demonstrated a desire for development, only to have officials shortchange them.

"The fact that these people voted for a referendum and are paying these taxes and have never seen any benefit from it is just not right," LaHood said.

Some will probably disagree with Secretary LaHood’s characterization but a spanking is still a spanking.  You do have to admit though that METRO hasn’t lived up to its potential.

The Chron article is only available to subscribers.

The Tigers own four World Serious titles of course:  1935, 1945, 1968 and 1984.

In recognition of the NRA Annual Convention in H-Town, firearms accessories manufacturer Magpul Industries is tonight’s promotions sponsor at The Yard.  The first 10,000 receive a magazine clip.

Not really.  The first 10,000 get a gym bag thanks to Methodist Hospital – WHEW!

I wonder if NRAer Ted Nugent will throw out the first pitch or sing the National Anthem or God Bless America at The Yard this weekend.

You know how bad it is?  We had to call up a pitcher from Triple A that has a 5.32 ERA.  The ten game homie starts this evening and we need to start playing better.


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Commentary was watching The Mayor on TV the other day talking about her reelection campaign and she touted H-Town being on all these national best this and best that list – you know – Best City for Economic Growth, Best and Brightest Employers, Best Businesses and Careers, best food, best restaurants, best bike lanes, best margaritas  – you get the picture.  Here is from the Chron:

(Mayor) Parker referenced a lengthy list of Top 10 rankings that recently have included Houston, and she noted successful sporting events hosted and international flights added on her watch.

Heck, the City of H-Town puts these lists on the City’s website.  If you live by the list you can also get hurt by the list.  Here is one that came out yesterday that won’t get on the City’s website.  H-Town has a couple of neighborhoods on the Best Neighborhoods to Get Mugged In.  Check this from the Chron today:

First, the terrible news: Two Houston communities are ranked among the nation’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods, according a new study by NeighborhoodScout.com.

The website analyzed FBI data from 17,000 local law enforcement agencies to find specific neighborhoods in America with the highest predicted rates of crime, MSN Money reports.

Coming in at No. 15 in the U.S. is a Houston neighborhood centered at the intersection of Dowling and McGowen Streets, located in Houston’s historic Third Ward – a broad geographical area that includes stately mansions, the University of Houston and Texas Southern University.

The community "stands out to NeighborhoodScout partly because it has more sales and service workers than nearly any other neighborhood in the country," according to MSN Money. "The area also has a very high concentration of studio apartments and other small living areas."

The violent crime rate (per 1,000) is reported as 75.89, and residents there have a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim of crime in one year.

The sixth-most dangerous neighborhood in America is Sunnyside, a historically black community located off Texas 288 south of downtown Houston.

The violent crime rate (per 1,000) is reported as 91.27, and residents have a 1 in 11 chance of becoming a victim of crime in one year.

One thing about the Best List business is that we don’t control them and don’t know when they are coming out and a burg like H-Town is likely to have its share of Best and Worst.

In head-to-head record all time against AL clubs, who do we have the best record against? 

Commentary didn’t have any intention of talking about the Sacramento Bee cartoon on the West explosion that got Guv Dude all hopped up.  Now I changed my tune.  Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News was on CNN a couple of days ago and he said he wasn’t offended by the cartoon.  My pal Nick Anderson of the Chron has one today referencing the Bee cartoon that will probably get under Guv Dude’s skin.

Check it out here.

Here is the one from the Bee.

Here is an earlier one from Anderson on West.

Like Slater, I wasn’t offended but I can understand if someone was.  I can also understand if some folks were offended when Guv Dude said we don’t need any more steeenkeeen regulations.

Next time you see a HISD big shot, give them a high five for keeping the NRA out of our schools.

Check out the Chron story here.

We’re 5-1 all time over the Jays at a .833 clip of course.

We lost 7-4 last night at Yankee Stadium and go for the series win this evening then finally come home.


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On a historic day when NBAer Jason Collins announced he was gay, here in Texas the state Attorney General came out with a non binding legal opinion saying that local political jurisdictions cannot offer domestic partnership benefits.  As this great country of ours becomes more tolerant and accepting, it is kind of sad, scary, and downright funny to watch Guv Dude, the Lite Guv, and the Texas AG try to lead Texas back to the Stone Age.  Some of the State’s GOP leadership including State Sen. Dan Patrick continues to try to hold on to the notion that intolerance and inequality is good public policy. I guess they didn’t even bother to look down the road to College Station to see the A&M student body president veto an anti GLBT measure a few weeks ago.

Here is what the San Antonio Mayor said in the SA Express News on the AG’s opinion:

“I’ve instructed the City Attorney’s Office to do an immediate review to see whether the attorney general’s opinion even applies to San Antonio and, if it does, to let the City Council know what our options are. I don’t think our policy is unconstitutional, but I believe the attorney general’s opinion is wrong for San Antonio and a step backwards for Texas.”

Let’s not forget that this is just an opinion – an opinion that has more to do with the 2014 election and which candidate can look the meanest on GLBT issues.   It may work for the next election and maybe the one after that, but that’s it.  The day is coming when Texans will reject the Pied Pipers of Intolerance.

How many games have the ‘Stros won in the Bronx?

Here is from Politico:

Barbara Walters agrees with Tom Brokaw: Celebrities have overrun the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

"It’s why some of us didn’t go this year, because it’s got movie stars,” Walters said on “The View” Monday. “You used to see other members of the administration and other politicians, … but it’s become more and more about the movie stars at the table."

"It used to be a wonderful opportunity to meet all different people in Washington,” she added. “But when it gets to be about movie stars, it’s not that it’s not fun, but it’s a little different.”

This is from a person that used to interview major movie stars on Oscar night.  You could say she made a living off of celebs.  You could say she was a celeb moocher.

Tigers ace Justin Verlander pitches this evening at Comerica against the Twins.  That means we will be on his Cinco de Mayo menu this Sunday at The Yard – YIKES!

Last night’s 9-1 drubbing of the Yankees was our second win in the Bronx.  The first was the six pitcher no-no back in 2003 that Commentary witnessed in person.

I couldn’t find the game on TV last night.  I think it was preempted by the Rockets or something like that.  I missed a good one for sure!


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