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Lane Lewis, candidate for Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party, this morning released the names of key elected officials and party officials that have endorsed his bid for Chair.  Here they are: Mayor Annise Parker, Senator John Whitmire, TDP Vice-Chair Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, Representative Alma Allen, Representative Jessica Farrar, Representative Borris Miles, Representative Sylvester Turner, Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez, HISD Board Member Paula Harris, and HISD Board Member Juliet Stipeche.

That’s a pretty impressive list.   I’m thinking that Lane Lewis is well on his way to getting elected at the next Dem Party Committee meeting in December.  Let’s hope so.

It looks like Evergoner is going to plead out on September 30 as my pal Rusty Hardin remains silent on the matter.  Meanwhile, Hunker Down is checking the list of wannabees to see who’s been naughty or nice.  

His Numero 2 was retired in 1997 by the LA Dodgers the same year he was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.  Who am I talking about?

Apparently MLB is looking into the Bass Pro related stuff of the fella that wants to buy the ‘Stros from my pal Drayton.  Why else would he have folks write to MLB to vouch for his character.  Check out this Chron piece.
No se puede?

It looks like a full service Wyndham Hotel will be built in East Downtown Houston. It looks like the location is right behind the convention center and couple of blocks from the new soccer stadium.  That’s in City Council District I.  Way to go!

Commentary got a preview of the 50th Anniversary ‘Stros logo yesterday.  It has the shooting star, the brick red star, and the rainbow colors – very cool.

Tommy Lasorda of course wore the Dodger Blue Numero 2.  Lasorda is celebrating his 84th BD today.

The last homie of the season starts tonight with four against the Rockies and three against San Luis and then it’s all over as we now sit on 102 losses – yikes!

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