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Commentary isn’t going to say much about Dickh__d’s smarmy and slimy headline in his press release yesterday directed at the H-Town Mayor yesterday. 

It looks like the Back to Basics folks are going after Guv Dude again – yawn.   They didn’t do much to hurt Dude last year.  Hey, it’s their dime. 

Any minute now, Hunker Down will name Evergoner’s replacement.  Here is a take from a respected Latino insider with close ties to the GOP leadership:

The odds on favorite appears to be Ned Holmes.  Apparently, Holmes will not be reappointed to TXDOT.  Court Koennig got Radack’s blessing but not his endorsement, whatever that means.  No chance CM Sullivan or anyone else from the City of Houston will get the nod (i.e., former CM Lawrence).  The remaining issue is how much pressure Sen. Patrick puts on Judge Emmett for someone he prefers in the event Holmes can’t get Patrick to support his candidacy.  I think the talk about a Hispanic was just that talk.  It does not appear that Emmett seriously considered a Hispanic for the reasons noted in your recent blog; unlikely to prevail in the Repub. Primary.

So I guess Gabe is out of the running so stay tuned!

Which MLB Hall of Fame pitcher ended up with 363 career wins and 363 career base hits?

If you love baseball then you had to love last night.  When San Luis scored five in the first inning last night a lot of us watched the scoreboard hoping for The ATL to beat the Phillies so we wouldn’t have to watch San Luis celebrate in front of us.  There were a ton of San Luis fans in attendance.  By the end of the game, The ATL and Phillies were still tied so the San Luis players just hugged each other and headed to the visitor’s clubhouse.

My Best Friend, Julie and I then headed across the street where San Luis fans were gathered and continued to watch The ATL and Phillies in extra innings.  I then came home to watch Hunter Pence break up the tie in the 13th and see The ATL fall short.  It was a little eerie seeing ESPN go live to the visitor’s clubhouse at The Yard and show the San Luis players douse each other with sparkling wine.

Then the Red Sox melted down in B’More and a few minutes later the Rays capped off a ridiculous comeback over the Yanks with an Evan Longoria dinger in the bottom of the 12th sending the Red Sox home for the season.  It doesn’t get any better than last night.

At least I didn’t have to see The Big Puma and Albert and La Russa dancing around in front of me so I’m OK.

Hall of Fame great Warren Spahn of course ended up with 363 wins and 363 basehits.

Here is from the ‘Stros website on more of what will happen next season:

In 2012, fans and a panel of experts will vote each month on an all-decade roster that will include a roster from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. From each decade’s roster, an Astros All-Time 25-man roster will be determined by online fan voting at astros.com.

Meanwhile, the Houston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America named Hunter Pence this season’s ‘Stros MVP – huh?  This plus 106 losses makes for a season not to remember! 


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