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H-Town City Council will expand by 2 seats this year so each council district will have about 190,859 in population.  Here is how the current nine council seats look like from a Latino perspective:

District A (Stardig) has 213,284 (113,545 Latinos or 53.2%).

District B (Johnson) has 203,494 (84,280 or 41.4%).

District C (Clutterbuck) has 284,588 (102,156 or 35.9%).

District D (Adams) has 260,249 (65,780 or 25.3%).

District E (Sullivan) has 237,445 (86,838 or 36.6%).

District F (Hoang) has 180,278 (99,807 or 55.4%).

District G (Pennington) has 274,668 (65,012 or 23.7%).

District H (Gonzalez) has 242,544 (152,265 or 62.8%).

District I (Rodriguez) has 202,901 (149,985 or 73.9%).

It looks like we currently have four majority Latino population districts.

I’m kind of surprised in the District F numbers.  F needs about 11,000 folks.

B and I have to shed a few pounds.

A has to lose around 20,000 folks.
C, D, E, G, and H shave to lose some communities for sure.

BTW:  The first redistricting hearing for the City of H-Town is this Thursday evening, March 3 at the Museum of Fine Arts on Bissonnet so be there!

Stay tuned!

Speaking of, Harris County will lose a Texas State House seat said the Chron this past weekend and no one seems to be disputing this.   Check it out.

This former MLBer’s numero 4 was retired by his team on July 6, 1980.  Who am I talking about?

H-Town CM Mike Sullivan’s proposal to put some more ethics on city council is getting a cool reception from his colleagues.   Check it out in the Chron.   I wonder who he is targeting – duh!

Not much from last night’s Oscars other than to say that Spartacus had a lot of guts to go out on stage – nice job.

The best line was Anne Hathaway’s “good news from the future – microphones get smaller.”

Best Yikes was Melissa Leo’s expletive that was deleted.

MLB Hall of Famer and Dodger great Duke Snider of course had his numero 4 retired by the Dodgers in 1980.  The Duke of Flatbush left us yesterday.

CEWDEM thought he could get under my skin the other day by mentioning that some baseball publication picked the ‘Stros to be the worst team in the MLB this season.  Well, the first Spring Training game is today so we will see.

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This is what Guv Dude had to say about 43:  "I’m not a fan of ‘No Child Left Behind.’”

Not even the constituents of Riddle-My-This are fond of her anti paperless folk bills.  That’s why she is exempting domestic help.  Her neighbors must have gotten to her.

This former ‘Stro won five straight Gold Glove Awards from 1972-1976.  Who am I talking about?

Meanwhile there is a poll out that says Texans want tougher immigration policies and another poll that says Latinos are getting fed up with the GOP so go figure.

Cesar Cedeno of course won five straight Gold Glove Awards in the 70s and Cesar is celebrating his 60th BD today!

I’m waiting for Burkablog to give his take on House redistricting for Harris County since the House Redistricting Chair said he was right-on for Dallas County.

You need to go check out the Chron’s Ericka Mellon’s blog of yesterday’s HISD School Board meeting to get the latest on the budget – yikes!

San Luis lost their ace Adam Wainwright for the season so things are now very interesting in the NL Central!


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Leave it up to H-Town CM Jolanda Jones to get a second OIG investigation.  This time it is about her handout on how to deal with the police.  The handout is called “Know Your Rights With The Police”.  Her handout says “NEVER speak with the police.”  She encourages folks to pull out their phone cameras or video and start recording.  She also lists her City Hall phone number to report police misconduct.  Check out the Chron story.

Just about every other member of City Council would fret if they were under an OIG investigation.  That isn’t the case with CM Jones.  You get a feeling that she craves and relishes this scrutiny and news coverage.  After all, she is part public servant, part advocate, and part entertainer.

As for the investigation, even if you are a member of the H-Town City Council, I guess you have the right to put out stuff that says not to talk to the police.  They can’t nail her for having folks call her office if they see misconduct.  Heck, on the City of H-Town’s opening web page, there is a link where you can get a form to do the same thing.  Oh, well!

Meanwhile, at this moment I’m watching on the tube an HPD officer is being transported via ambulance to the emergency room after being shot while on duty. 

This former MLBer was the 1977 AL Rookie of the Year.  In 1983, he was a key member of the World Serious Champions.  In 2003, he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on his first ballot with 85.3% of the votes.  Who am I talking about?

H-Town CM James Rodriguez will hold his Campaign Kick-Off today(Thursday) at Hearsay Gastro Lounge today from 5:30 to 7 pm at 218 Travis.  Be there!

Yesterday at the H-Town City Council meeting, Balls of Holly spoke highly about the HPD officer and some civilians that helped pull a motorist out of a burning vehicle – the incident Commentary mentioned yesterday.  CM Jones followed up and patted herself on the back by reminding folks that she also pulled someone out of a wrecked vehicle a while back.  Oh, well!

Eddie Murray of course was the 1977 AL Rookie of the Year.  In 1983, he helped B’More win the World Serious and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.  Eddie Murray is celebrating his 55th BD today!

San Luis’ Adam Wainwright is getting a second opinion on his elbow.

Wainwright having to sit out the 2011 season would certainly make things more interesting for the Central Division including our own ‘Stros.


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Sooner or later we knew we were going to see a front page headline like the one in today’s Chron:  HISD PUTS TAX HIKE ON TABLECheck out the story.

I have to give HISD credit for putting it out there and having folks start talking about it rather than getting caught with their pants down later this summer.  It is real folks!

From a piece in today’s Texas Tribune on a rally at the State Capitol yesterday to protest all the anti-immigration bills that have been filed:

Added state Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth: “You are here to say ‘no’ to the most racist session of the Texas Legislature in a quarter of a century."

Well what do you know?

Meanwhile, Burkablog has a piece on “Insecure and intimidated men.”  
Check it out.   Translation:  the gutless bunch.

There is a very small blurb in today’s Chron about an HPD officer who suffered second degree burns as he pulled a motorist from a burning vehicle.  I wonder if there is video of the incident.

The Big Puma will be wearing the numero 12 in San Luis instead of the numero 17.  Why won’t he be wearing the San Luis numero 17?

Speaking of, San Luis ace Adam Wainwright will have his right elbow examined today.  Last year the right hander finished second in the Cy Young Award vote and went 20-11.  Stay tuned!

Last week, San Luis refused to pay Albert Pujols, the game’s best player, the best player salary.  Albert doesn’t even crack the top 10 in MLB player salaries.   I don’t know about that.

175 years ago today the Siege of the Alamo began.

Houston CM James Rodriguez will have his Campaign Kick-Off Reception tomorrow evening, Thursday, February 24, from 5:30 to 7 pm at Hearsay Gastro Lounge, 218 Travis.  It is a cool place so check it out.

In 1974, San Luis retired the number 17 of course that was worn by the late and great MLB Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean.

Wandy will start the first exhibition game next Monday against the Braves!


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Who says Commentary doesn’t impact public policy.  It looks like the Chron’s Ken Hoffman has joined me in calling for the Astrodome to be demolished.  That makes two of us.  There was an electrical fire at the Dome last week that forced the postponement of a rodeo event and we all know that you don’t mess with the rodeo in these parts.  Here is a part of what Hoffman says today in the Chron:

Great, now on top of everything else, the Dome is a fire trap. What are we waiting for? Tear it down.    Here is his column.

On the day after President’s Day, Commentary is going to do a take on one of The Gipper’s best lines:  Mr. County Judge, tear down that Dome!

My pal Robert Miller is already making a long range weather forecast.  Here is a little of what he says today:

2010 was the election when voters stated they did not want to pay for services. I forsee 2012 as the election when voters state they want services. If I am correct, it could be yet another wave election — but this time Republicans will be swept out to sea.   Check out his entire take.

Robert was the first fella to use the term “tsunami” to predict what would happen last November so he has credibility in my book if you ask me.

We all know that Jackie Robinson broke the MLB color barrier when he became the first African American to take the field back on April 15, 1947 as a member of the NL’s Brooklyn Dodgers.  Who was the first African American to take the field for an American League team?

The Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg has a take today on Hootsie, Latinos, the GOP, immigration reform, and the video.  Check it out.

Here is how she ends her column:

Although, it should be noted, there are limits to Hotze’s willingness to widen the tent.

In an open letter to Republicans in which Hotze explains why he supports Adams’ ideas, he criticizes some of his fellow "Caucasian" Republicans for "nativistic and prejudicial thinking on the immigration issue." He proclaims the majority of Hispanic American culture "Christian, pro-family, pro-life and pro-free enterprise."

But he closes with this: "Gentlemen, it seems that the real problem we face is the Muslim immigration invasion of America. The Hispanics are our natural allies against the Democrats and Muslims."

Hotze’s efforts to diversify his party might mean more if, as he opened the door to a new constituency, he didn’t have to slam the window shut on another.

It kind of reminds me of the line one of the Johnsons said in “Blazing Saddles”:

“We’ll give some land to the _______ and ______, but we don’t want the Irish!”

On July 5, 1947, Larry Doby of course took the field as a member of the AL Cleveland Indians.

The last thing H-Town needs is another HPD officer-civilian incident so it will be interesting to see how HPD handles the Sherlock’s Pub matter.  Stay tuned!

In case you forgot, the First President of the U.S. of A. was born 279 years ago today.

There are plenty of little storylines going on in Kissimmee so just go online to the ‘Stros website or the chron’s website and check it out. 


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For the 2011 redistricting of the Texas House of Representatives, each district has to get close to the 167,637 folks.  In looking at the 2010 population numbers of the Harris County Delegation of the Texas House of Representatives, it looks like a number of districts need to go pick up some live bodies.   According to the Texas Legislative Council, the following is the 2010 population of the Harris County House districts (district #, last name of member, 2010 population, how many they have to pick up in red or how many they have to lose in black, and percentage ahead or behind). 

126 Harless 172,274 4,637 2.77%

127 Huberty  187,102  19,465   11.61%

128 Smith, W.  148,817 -18,820 -11.23%

129 Davis, J.  150,798 -16,839 -10.04%

130 Fletcher  252,386 84,749 50.56%

131 Allen  152,889 -14,748 -8.80%

132 Callegari  264,426 96,789 57.74%

133 Murphy  155,296 -12,341 -7.36%

134 Davis, S.  147,146 -20,491 -12.22%

135 Elkins  166,937 -700 -0.42%

136 Woolley  146,854 -20,783 -12.40%

137 Hochberg  137,876 -29,761 -17.75%

138 Bohac  136,881 -30,756 -18.35%

139 Turner  150,919 -16,718 -9.97%

140 Walle 139,275 -28,362 -16.92%

141 Thompson  184,720 17,083 10.19%

142 Dutton  154,794 -12,843 -7.66%

143 Hernandez  Luna  127,381 -40,256 -24.01

144 Legler  169,715 2,078 1.24%

145 Alvarado  132,730 -34,907 -20.82%

146 Miles  143,120 -24,517 -14.63%

147 Coleman  146,857 -20,780 -12.40%

148 Farrar  140,946  -26,691  -15.92%

149 Vo  169,836  2,199  1.31%

150 Riddle  212,484  44,847 26.75%

It is not a pretty picture for sure.  For local House Democrats it doesn’t help that the GOP is driving the redistricting process. 

Here is part of what burkblog says today on some of the above:

Not surprisingly, Rick Hardcastle’s sprawling rural West Texas district showed a large population loss of 31,695. What was surprising was the population declines in Harris County. Hernandez-Luna is 40,256 people short of ideal population. Other districts in traditionally Hispanic areas suffered similar shortfalls: Alvarado is short by 34,907; Walle by 28,362. What is happening? I think it’s brown flight: families deserting the inner city for the ‘burbs, especially the Cypress-Fairbanks school district. A similar story is taking place in El Paso. Marquez and Gonzalez are short 35,070 and 34,922 respectively. Pickett is short by 20,465. Obviously, major demographic shifts are taking place in Hispanic communities across Texas. In Dallas, Anchia’s district is a whopping 50,291 short of the ideal population; Alonzo’s district is down by 35,737. I think we are seeing in Dallas what happened in Houston, and that is minority move-outs from the central city. Dallas has to lose a seat, and it could be the result of the dispersal of the Hispanic population.

Harris County presently has 25 House districts.  Heck, we may end up with 24. Let the games continue!

Numero 45, err “El Caballo”, err Carlos Lee is one of 108 on this MLB list.  What am I talking about?

Guv Dude is coming to H-Town this week to talk about sanctuary cities.  I hope he brings his list that he still won’t show me.

Commentary was on Channel 13’s “Viva Houston” yesterday morning to talk about redistricting.

Numero 45 is one of 108 MLBers – former and present – that smacked a dinger in their first ever MLB at-bat.  It happened on May 7, 1999, as a member of the White Sox in the bottom of the second off of Tom Candiotti of the A’s. 

Yesterday was the first full squad workout and on Chron.com they had about 42 photos with Numero 45 in about 35 of them – catching, walking, hitting, fist bumping, jogging, running, joking – pardon the pun but you get the picture.    Hunter Pence also won his arbitration case so I fully expect to pay a bit more for a St. Arnold this season.


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2,257,926 is H-Town’s estimate population for 2009 according to the U.S.  Census Department.

You can find the following on the City Council page of the City of H-Town’s website:

According to the City Charter, once the population of the City of Houston exceeds 2.1 million, expected for the 2010 census, two more geographic council districts will be added.

2,099,451 is the official 2010 census count that was released yesterday for the City of H-Town.

We’re 549 folks short of 2.1 mil and I don’t think they do recounts.

Here is what The Mayor said:

“I am quite surprised by the numbers because all indications were that we had already reached a population of 2.1 million residents.  Because we are so close to that threshold, we are proceeding as planned with redistricting and the addition of two new City Council seats.  As part of this process, we have adopted a timeline and scheduled public meetings in each council district.  In addition, today, I appointed a special mayor’s committee to advise me as we proceed.”

Here is what the H-Town City Attorney put out yesterday:

The Charter provision with the 2.1 million trigger does not limit the information that Council may use to determine that the threshold has been reached. For example, Council may factor in likely population growth since April 2010 when the census was actually taken, the fact that the census did not include limited purpose annexation areas with population, and census errors. With the census only a few hundred shy of the 2.1, there is no question that we have actually reached it.

Here are members of The Mayor’s committee:

The Honorable Zinetta Burney,
Penny Hess Butler
The Honorable Anthony Hall, Chair
The Honorable Roman Martinez
Mace Meeks
The Honorable Gordon Quan
Pat Sanchez
Adolfo Santos
The Honorable Sue Schechter

I know a lot of the folks on the committee and most have good political skills.  My old friend Anthony Hall has been involved in a lot of redistricting fights.  Same goes for my good friend Roman Martinez.  Stay tuned!

What former ‘Stro got a mention during last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

In today’s Chron there is piece on going on ahead with adding two council district seats.  My pal CM Sullivan gets a mention toward the end of the piece:

Councilman Mike Sullivan questioned why the council was not informed about whom the mayor appointed to her redistricting committee, and he also disputed the need to add two districts.

"Council governs very well in its existing form," he said. "As the population grows, they are still very well represented at the council table. I don’t know of any ethnic group or interest group that does not have a voice at City Council."

I hope CM Sullivan goes to the City Council page on the City’s website and checks this out:

According to the City Charter, once the population of the City of Houston exceeds 2.1 million, expected for the 2010 census, two more geographic council districts will be added.

‘Stro outfielder Brian Bogusevic is celebrating his 27th BD today!

‘Stro radio announcer Brett Dolan is celebrating his 41st BD today!

Just so you know there are 919,668 Latinos in H-Town or 43.8% of the city.

Just so you also know, there are 1,671,540 Latinos in Harris County or 40.8% of the county.

Jeff Bagwell of course got the mention in last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” according to Alyson’s Footnotes you can check out:

I was well on my way to falling into a wonderful Ambien-induced slumber when the scene aired, so forgive me if the details are fuzzy. Scene: two guys, both of whom seemed to be fighting over Teddy, got to talking amongst themselves. One of them had briefly pitched in the Major Leagues. Guy 1 to Guy 2: "Did you ever pitch to Jeff Bagwell?" Guy 2 to Guy 1: "Once. It wasn’t pretty."
That would be the second time the Astros have been mentioned on a hit medical drama. Remember back in 1997 when "ER" aired a live episode? The Astros-Cubs game was playing in the background. It happened to be the night the Astros clinched the division, and if I remember correctly, Brad Ausmus’s home run was playing when the cameras panned on the television.
So, even if our guys are sometimes ignored on the national sports landscape, it’s nice to know we’ve got the prime time, hospital-themed drama market cornered.
Alyson’s Footnotes also gives us a preview of the cool stuff that will be given away at The Yard this season:

On Opening Day (April 8), the Astros are giving away 2011 schedule magnets to the first 40,000 fans. Michael Bourn Bobbleheads — celebrating his second consecutive Rawlings Gold Glove Award — will be given away on April 10.
The Astros are hosting two Dog Days this year: April 17, and Sept. 9. Fans can enjoy the game with their canine friends in designated areas of the ballpark and partake in in a pregame "Pooch Parade." (Complete with real-live poopie picker-uppers.)
The Astros will again "Play Green" in 2011 and will celebrate Green Week April. 26-May 1. A reusable grocery tote bag will be given away on April 28, followed by a Play Green Bobblehead featuring Play Green ambassador Hunter Pence (April 30).
In early May, the Astros will celebrate Pink in the Park Week (May 9-15) as the ballclub raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research. A variety of events, including a Ladies Golf Tournament, Brunch and Bazaar, Ladies Night (May 13) and Wine and Cheese Night (May 14) are planned. Giveaways that weekend include a Pink Tote Bag (May 13), and a bobblehead featuring Chris Johnson with a pink bat (May 14), which has become synonymous with the league-wide commitment to women’s health and breast cancer research.
FanFest will take place Opening weekend, April 8-10. We’ll reveal the details as it gets closer, but among the highlights will be current player and alumni autograph sessions, Talkin’ Baseball seminars and silent auctions.



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Borders is a cool place to check out.   Yeah, I know, you can just go to the internet to find anything you want or need, but I’m still old school and like to pick up the books and browse through the pages.   I like to check out the CDs.  One year I was going through the DVD section and found “The Concert for Bangladesh” with George Harrison, Ringo, Clapton, Zimmerman, and others.  They have cool calendars and interesting jigsaw puzzles.  Plus you can also sit in their café and read and munch on cookies.  I kind of find it weird that Borders is closing all three of their Austin stores but not touching any of their H-Town area stores.  Maybe Austin doesn’t have as many old school types.

Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday and saw the Council “refer back” the law firm that was proposed to advise the City on redistricting.   I haven’t talked to any CMs about yesterday’s decision so I’d have better luck trying to figure out how many beans are in a jar than trying to guess what happened yesterday.

My good friend Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria was not reappointed by Guv Dude a couple of weeks ago to the UT Board of Regents.  One of my pals gigged me on the non reappointment.  CEWDEM put out a crow yesterday on the non reappointment.  Oh well! 

From Chron.com: Rep. Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton, filed the sanctuary cities bill this morning. HB 12 prohibits cities or counties from ignoring federal or state laws regarding immigration.

Maybe Solomons’ deskmate can get him to show us some sanctuary cities.

In MLB, there are no active players with 3,000 or more hits.  Who is the current player closest to 3,000 hits?

Yesterday, Commentary was called out on the third basemen with 400 plus dingers.  I was told I left off A-Roid with 613 dingers.  I replied that A-Roid has 268 dingers as a Yankee third basemen.  The other 345 came when he was a shortstop for the Mariners/Rangers.  I’ll let you decide.

My pal Bill King has a piece in the Chron today on immigration reform. 
Check it out.

Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter of course has 2,926 hits and he’ll reach 3,000 for sure this season.

Commentary’s Goddaughter Lisette Luna Schnieders is celebrating her 31st BD today.  Happy Birthday Lisette!

Pitchers and catchers and others took the field yesterday in Kissimmee.   My pal Drayton was also there so I guess he still owns the team.



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Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday.  A number of African Americans showed up to address council on a matter involving a layoff.  According to what I heard, last Friday the 3-1-1 Director was sent packing.  Since all of the speakers on this matter were African American, I’m kind of going to go out on a limb and assume the former 3-1-1 Director is African American.

All of the speakers said the former 3-1-1 Director was highly qualified, doing a good job, and a great boss.  Some of the speakers were either current or former 3-1-1 employees.   The speakers also wanted her reinstated.  Apparently the layoff hit a nerve with CM Wanda Adams.  She got pretty upset.

The H-Town Mayor didn’t look to comfortable sitting there having to listen to the speakers.    Let the layoffs begin!

Only four MLB third basemen have 400-plus career dingers.  Three of the third basemen are no longer playing:  Mike Schmidt (548), Eddie Mathews (512) and Darrell Evans (414).  Name the fourth that is still playing. 

There was a town hall meeting last night where dozens of folks showed up to tell their stories about being roughed up by local law enforcement officers.  I have to admit that the video tape that Quanell X released is having an impact here locally.

H-Town CMs Bradford and Hoang will propose an amendment to the Renew Houston fee that exempts ISDs, religious institutions, and private schools.  GOP State Sen. Patrick also has a bill that does sort of the same thing. 

The ATL’s Chipper Jones of course is the other third baseman with 425 dingers.

From Alyson’s Footnote:

The Astros recently revealed their 2011 advertising campaign tagline: "We Are Your Astros." The campaign features iconic Bayou City landmarks that reflect the team’s close connection with the community.
The imagery features action photos of Astros stars alongside well-known locations from around the city that most Houstonians will recognize. These landmarks include: the downtown skyline, the Sam Houston statue at Hermann Park, Houston City Hall and Rocket Park at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. 
Other Houston-area landmarks included in the campaign are the Texas Medical Center, Hines Water Wall, San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas. These images are bathed in orange and Astros red hues of a morning sunrise, symbolizing the 2011 club’s fresh, young roster, and were created by the design team at Lee Queaño Creative.
The campaign will be executed on several Houston-area billboards in addition to graphics both in and around Minute Maid Park including wallscapes facing the U.S. 59 Freeway, column wraps and light pole banners.  The artwork will also be included in television commercials, print ads, collateral materials and animations on the ballpark’s new high-definition video boards.

Commentary got it wrong yesterday.  Pitchers and catchers report today!


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Quien es mas macho?  Mexican American Legislative Caucus o Republican Hispanic Conference!

A couple of months ago there were no Latino GOPers in the Texas House.  Today there are five.  So I guess we can expect the piece that was in today’s SA Express News.  Here is how it starts:

An accusation by a freshman Republican Hispanic legislator that the nonpartisan Mexican American Legislative Caucus is often the Democratic Party’s media outlet for Hispanic issues” has triggered a sharp response from the group, which tracks issues important to Latinos.

Rep. Raul Torres, R-Corpus Christi, recently touted the newly formed Republican Hispanic Conference as “another voice in Austin that will represent the voices of millions of Texans” after he linked MALC with the Texas Democratic Party.

Torres’ characterization didn’t sit well with many MALC members, including the group’s chairman, Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio.

“Whenever anybody tries to portray us in a negative light or a partisan light, we take that very seriously,” Martinez Fischer said of the 40-member group Monday. “We defend our name. It’s respected in the Capitol. People know what our policy is. They know how hard we work on issue after issue that impacts the Latino community.”   Check out the article.

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with the GOP Latinos organizing and speaking out because that means more Latinos hear about the issues and positions.   Debate is always healthy.  In particular, I want to hear what the GOPers are going to say about redistricting and paperless folks.

The MALC has been around for about four decades and has 40 members or so.  I don’t have any doubt that they will land more punches on the GOP Latinos in the coming weeks.

Here is more from the piece:

In a letter to Peña, Martinez Fischer proposed that Peña allow “any current MALC member into your conference, in a show of solidarity, to advance the causes of all Latinos in this state.”

Martinez Fischer also urged Peña to “remove any partisan or political reference to your organization so as to be inclusive of all Latino perspectives.” And he encouraged Peña “to educate your members about our (MALC) history” to prevent “false statements.”

I don’t know about having them remove “Republican” from their name.  I definitely want to know where they are coming from.  I don’t want them to call themselves something like the Latino Leadership Caucus – yikes!

I also wonder if any current Dem MALC member will want to join the new GOP Latino group.  I doubt it.

Whitey Ford the Hall of Fame Yankee holds the pitching record for starting the most World Serious games with 22.  Who comes in at number 2 on the list?

Yesterday Guv Dude didn’t show me the sanctuary cities and Quanell X didn’t release any more videos.

Yankee great Andy Pettitte of course comes in at number 2 on the list with 13 World Serious starts.

Pitchers and catchers report in a couple of days and the full squad reports this Sunday. 



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