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CEWDEM put out a comment today or yesterday about a local Dem activist complaining about competing Dem fundraisers next month here in H-Town.  What a big yawn. Pick your poison I guess.   Which rat hole would you rather pi__ your money down?  Both of their efforts around election season have never impressed Commentary.

Janie Reyes says she got the HPOU mailer and so did My Best Friend who is of the Latino persuasion.  I still have not heard if it landed in African American mailboxes. I doubt it.  Commentary was reminded yesterday that HPOU did endorse an African American woman in that race.

The office of the Harris County Attorney delivered their Port Report to Commissioners Court.  Here is from the Chron:

County Attorney Vince Ryan had wanted to inform the court he would pursue Commissioner Jack Morman’s request to detail any violations of law at the port, which the report referenced only generally. Ryan decided to tell Morman individually after the meeting, the commissioner said.

What’s the hold-up?  Can’t they figure out if rules or laws were broken?  Don’t worry about hurting some feelings.   Check out the entire Chron piece here.

How many MLB teams have never lost 100 games in a season?

CEWDEM put out a Texas Watchdog piece on the HISD contracting mess. 
Check it out here.  The sad thing about this is that some folks over at HISD don’t think anything wrong is going on – huh!

Port Commissioner Kase Lawal was reappointed for another two-year term by City Council this morning.  In his remarks to Council after his reappointment, Commissioner Lawal announced this would be his last term on the Port.  Let the jockeying begin!

The Colorado Rockies, the Los Angeles Angels, and the ‘Stros of course are the only MLB teams to have never lost 100 games or more in a season.  Of course, the ‘Stros are sitting on 97 losses today.

Hunter Pence got his 20th dinger of the season last night against us but we still got another feel good win over Cole Hamels and the Phillies!


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