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If you are like Commentary and have to watch the H-Town City Council meetings on the tube, you know then that CM Jolanda Jones certainly gets her share of air time.  You have also noticed that for the last couple of months or so she has been wearing these long feathery things that dangle off of her ears.   It kind of reminds me of those feathery deals at the end of a stick that they sell at PetSmart for the kitties to chase.

At yesterday’s Council meeting, a few folks got up to speak on behalf of CM Jones on the ongoing investigation mess.  I kind of thought it was odd because I thought all this shifted to the DA’s office.  It turns out some of the pro CM Jones folks started to mention something the H-Town City Attorney did to diss CM Jones at some sort of office BD party at City Hall last week.

According to my pal KPRC news reporter Mary Benton’s blog, at the alleged office BD party, somebody gave the City Attorney as a gag gift a pair of long feathery ear deals and he allegedly hooked them to his ears, word got out, and this offended the CM Jones Team.  

The drama continues at City Hall for sure but I sure wish it would come to an end.  It’s getting old and it is starting to sound like a broken record.  Everybody needs to stand down if you ask me.

Name the MLB Hall of Fame great that won the AL Triple Crown in 1966?

A couple of weeks or so ago, Guv Dude said during his announcement speech that he was going to try to make Washington D.C. irrelevant in our everyday lives or something like that.  It was a good line that really got the tea baggers excited.  A couple of days ago, Dude sent Washington D.C. a letter asking to be reimbursed hundreds of millions of dollars for housing paperless folks or something like that.  Dude, you can’t be kicking Washington D.C. around with your shinny boots and at the same time pulling an Oliver Twist by sticking your mitt out and asking for “more.”   You keep doing that and your GOP prez primary opponents are going to use it to chip away at your lead in the polls.

Hall of Fame great Frank Robinson of course won the 1966 AL Triple Crown with 49 dingers, 122 RBIs, and a .316 batting average.  Frank Robinson is celebrating his 76th BD today!

The young ‘Stro players are doing A-Ok at The Yard these days as they won last night with a fine pitching performance by Henry Sosa.  J.D. Martinez now has 29 RBIs in 29 games – cool!



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Here is what was sent to me yesterday:

Dear Marc Campos:

Did anyone ask the General (Ricardo Sanchez) about Abu Ghraib? If so, I’d like to know what he said.

In talking to several groups of Democrats, that’s the one question which keeps coming up about whether they want to support him.  Because of that question, some people are hoping to find another Democrat who would agree to run for the U.S. Senate.

Please let me know whether he was asked about Abu Ghraib, and what his answer was.

It’s better for Democrats to do the vetting than to wait and let the Republicans do it— because they would create a much worse story.  And that’s despite the fact that it was the Republicans who got us into that God-Awful war in the first place.

Of the 19 Hijackers of 9/11, one was from Egypt, one from Lebanon, 3 from the United Arab Emirates, and 14 from Saudi Arabia.  Not a single one was from Iraq!  Yet we attacked Iraq.  The war was really all about oil.  The King of Saudi Arabia has been a longtime buddy of Bush 41 & Bush 43.


Anne M.

We didn’t spend a whole lot of Saturday morning on this issue.  Rather than me trying to explain his response, I encourage every concerned Democratic Party activist or leader in the state to ask General Sanchez about this between now and the March Primary.  The General will be travelling the state so folks will have the opportunity to engage him.  I encourage Democrats to do so and research his background and this issue.

Numero 45 had a three run dinger last night so now he has 74 RBIs for the season.  Who led the team in RBIs last season and with how many?

Commentary got an email yesterday from At-Large 5 candidate Laurie Robinson where she announced that she had been endorsed by Rev. Bill Lawson.  That’s very interesting.   FYI:  H-Town CM Jolanda Jones is the At-Large 5 incumbent.

There were not a whole lot of us there last night at The Yard to watch Wandy strike out 13 Pirates in 7 innings.  16 Pirates ended up striking out – not bad at all.

Hunter Pence of course had 91 RBIs last season to lead the team.

Hunter has 77 RBIs this season while the ‘Stros are still sitting on 90 losses. 


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This past weekend, Commentary attended the Latino Vote Summit that was held in San Antonio.  Around 40 Latino activists and leaders from throughout the Lone Star State attended the Summit.  We got to hear from Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator.  I was very impressed with the General.  He’s articulate and to the point.  He did Q & A with the Summiteers and handled topics like Iraq, leadership, immigration reform, The President, education, engaging the Latino voter, and national security.  This was the first time I’ve seen him in person and all I can say is that he’s a pretty sharp fella.

Here is from yesterday’s SA Express News on the Latino vote in the Lone Star State. I’m glad there are others out there that are now starting to think like Commentary:

“But the most curious approach to voter registration has not been by the Republicans,” (SMU political scientist Cal) Jillson said. It’s been the Democratic Party, which “has never taken voter registration as seriously as it needs to.”

He said Democrats ought to focus on naturalization first.

“Thirty percent of Hispanics are noncitizens, but many of them are eligible to become citizens,” he said.

Jillson also accuses some Democrats of being comfortable with current turnout and not being particularly interested in increasing the number of non-Anglo Democratic voters.

“It’s an important, but delicate issue.” he said.

“The Democrats have not won a statewide race since 1994,” (UTSA’s Richard) Gambitta added in email comments. “They will not carry this state in the near future unless they increase the size of the voting population to include those who rarely vote.”

But what really irks him is the lackluster attention the Democrat Party gives “to the large, untapped, eligible youth vote.”

Here is the entire article.

Need I say more!  Of course I will!

Phillies great Jimmy Rollins was selected in the Second Round of the 1996 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Name his current teammate that was picked in the 23rd Round of the same draft.

Speaking of will, as in nationally syndicated columnist George Will, I was watching him on ABC yesterday and this came out of his piehole regarding coverage of Hurricane Irene:

I know that the Atlantic Ocean generates hurricanes and they can be dangerous and those are predictable. That said, this too must be said. Florence Nightingale said, whatever you say about hospitals, they shouldn’t make their patients sicker. And whatever else you want to say about journalism, it shouldn’t subtract from the nation’s understanding, and it certainly shouldn’t contribute to the manufactured, synthetic hysteria that is so much a part of modern life. And I think we may have done so with regard to this "tropical storm", as it now seems to be.

Huh!  Just because the Statue of Liberty is still standing, that doesn’t mean the media overhyped Irene.  Let’s see, there are still hundreds of thousands without power, there is still major flooding, and over 20 folks have lost their lives.  

In yesterday’s Chron, they were celebrating H-Town’s 175th BD and they listed 175 H-Town facts like did you know that The Yard “is the first major sports facility to feature a closed-captioning board for the hearing impaired.”  How about that!

Current Phillie Roy Oswalt of course was selected by the ‘Stros in the 23rd Round of the 1996 Draft.  BTW:  Roy O is celebrating his 34th BD today.

We have 16 home games left this season and 12 roadies.  The Pirates are in for three starting this evening.   Oh yeah, we spoiled Los Gigantes a little by splitting the series with them and J.D. Martinez has 25 RBIs in 29 games  while Brett Wallace had 26 RBIs in 101 games.


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Now that Burkablog has gone out on a limb and predicted that Guv Dude will be the 2012 GOP nominee for prez, one would think that maybe Dems here in Harris County would maybe put together a working group to start figuring out how Dude’s place on the top of the ballot would impact the vote here locally.   Maybe the current Dem Chair could put something in place before he leaves.  Maybe the competing Dem groups that do the funding should start meeting and putting their heads together to figure out a strategy.   Here’s a novel idea!  Maybe the Chairs from the Dem County Parties in the Houston media market ought to start meeting to toss around message strategies. 

One thing is a certainty.  Look for Latino Dem leaders in the region to step forward and do their own thing.  The buzz in certain Latino circles is that they are tired of waiting for the non Latino Dem leadership to provide – what else – leadership.  Enough is enough!  You won’t see Latino leaders waiting for manana for a 2012 Dem strategy.   Some Latinos leaders (not all) are tired of the embarrassing low Latino voter turnouts in these parts and are fixing to step up.

Stay tuned on all of the above!

The New York Yankees set a MLB record yesterday by hitting three grand salamis in a game.  A bunch of teams had the MLB record of hitting two grand salamis in a game including the ‘Stros.   When was this grand salami feat accomplished by the ‘Stros and name the players?

Commentary will do an interview this afternoon with a nationally respected journalist today for a nationally respected publication today on – you guessed it – Guv Dude!

Commentary had Sunday all planned out which included watching the dedication of the MLK Memorial on CNN.  Now it looks as though I’ll be watching nervous New Yorkers deal with a hurricane – yikes!  Key MLB games in Boston, Philly, B’More, and New York figure to be washed out this weekend – yikes again!

The Chron has a front page story about H-Town getting snubbed on getting one of those retired shuttles.  We’re just not going to let it go are we? 

In checking out the latest City of H-Town filings, not much to report other than CM Brenda Stardig has two opponents.

In the top of the ninth inning at Shea on July 30, 1969, Denis Menke and Jimmy Wynn of course hit grand salamis for the ‘Stros.

J.D. Martinez has 24 RBIs in 24 games so you really need to head out to The Yard next week to check him out. 

Bonus:  J.D. wears the number 14.  Name the former “Stro that wore the numero 14 from 2002-2007?

From Alyson’s Footnotes:  * Melting pot: Your Astros currently have 14 players from the USA, two from Venezuela, five from the Dominican Republic, two from Puerto Rico, one from Nicaragua and one from Panama on the active roster.

No wonder we’re having another Latino Celebration at The Yard on Saturday, September 3.

Oh yeah, we did a little spoiling last night by taking Los Gigantes 3-1.

Former ‘Stro Morgan Ensberg of course wore the numero 14 from 2002-2007 and Ensberg is celebrating his 36th BD today and he is no longer playing baseball – go figure!



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“Let the joyous news be spread, the wicked old red light cameras at last are dead!”

That’s kind of what the Kubosh fella said yesterday after the H-Town City Council voted yesterday 13-1 to pull the plug on the red light cameras.  Balls of Holly was the only no vote and CM Oliver Pennington was absent.   Then the Kubosh fella said:

“This is a day of independence for all the H-Town folks and their descendants.  Yes, let the joyous news be spread, the wicked old red light cameras at last are dead!”

The focus will now shift to the courthouse.  Then the H-Town City Attorney said:

But we’ve got to verify it legally, to see…to see…, if they…if they…are morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead!

Yesterday, Gallup came out with a national polls saying Guv Dude had a commanding 29-17 lead over Mitt Romney.  Burkablog then made a pretty bold statement by predicting that Guv Dude will face off with The President next year.  Check out what Burkablog says:

Perry is going to be the Republican nominee. His coalition is pretty obvious from these numbers. It’s the South, the evangelicals, and the tea party geezers. What’s more, these elements of his constituency appear to be fiercely loyal. We’ve all seen this before. The only way he can lose in the primary is to make a huge mistake — but he doesn’t make huge mistakes — or be brought down by a major scandal — but he has never been implicated in a major scandal. We might as well skip the primary and go straight to the general election.

I don’t know about that.  Dude still has to be on the stage with his GOP opponents and answer questions about the Trans Texas Land Grab, HPV, and paperless students if you know what I mean.  Of course, Burkablog knows what he is talking about.

How many members of the current ‘Stros coaching staff were picked in the First Round of the MLB Amateur Player Draft to start their professional baseball careers?  Also name them.

The Libyan rebels rummaged through Gadhafi’s personal stash yesterday and found out he has the hots for former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.  I don’t have a problem with that since I don’t think they offer the Playboy Channel on Libya Comcast.

Little Dick Cheney is back and wants his Big Dick status back by publishing a memoir that will be out for sale next week.  Little Dick will tell all and let it all hang out.

There are four former MLB First Round Draft Picks on the current ‘Stros staff or course and they are Bullpen Coach Jamie Quirk (1972, Royals), First Base Coach Bobby Meahcam (1981, San Luis), Third Base Coach Dave Clark (1983, Tribe), and Pitching Coach Doug Brocail (1986, Padres).  Meacham is celebrating his 51st BD today.  All those first round picks and all we have us is 42 Ws – oh noooooo! 



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Yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting was must see TV for sure.  My old pal George Hittner (the red light camera company’s – ATS – lawyer) got up to call out the H-Town City Attorney.  George claimed that the City Attorney tried to snooker him during the negotiations.   The City Attorney denied George’s claim.  George kept mentioning that the federal judge ruled earlier that last November’s red light camera vote was invalid.  Of course, George forgot to mention that his company – ATS – helped validate that election by pouring in a million dollars plus into a losing effort.

George put out a settlement offer to keep the cameras on for another 28 months  and the City can forget about paying up for the time the cameras were turned off.   Of course, George doesn’t have to explain this action to the 53% of the voters that wanted them off.   George was pretty tough yesterday.  It will get interesting today.

Here is from Chron.com:

Councilman Al Hoang told Hittner: “As a city, we cannot let a company bully us!”   Here is the entire Chron piece.

Meanwhile, my old pal Gary Polland in his Texas Conservative Review put out this a day or so ago:

Houston’s Red Light Debacle:  We are now full circle on this issue. A few facts; Mayor White is responsible for red light cameras without a vote of the people. Mayor Parker did the right thing to allow it to be voted on, but it was backwards.

While TCR believes there is a case to be made for the cameras, they should never be put on without an affirmative vote of the people. What a mess.

I’m scratching my head on this one since a month or so (9/30/2010) before last November’s election, Polland and Associates got a nice $25,000 check from the pro red light camera campaign PAC for legal services – huh! 

Of course on page 5 of last November’s Texas Conservative Review Houston Voters Guide, the Review endorsed keeping the red light cameras. 
Check it out here.

The Chron has a good Q&A about the cameras here.

Name the Hall of Fame great that holds the MLB career record for hitting into double plays?

Dougie did a story yesterday on Channel 11 on H-Town City Council, At-Large candidate Eric Dick’s illegal campaign signs.  Those are the signs that are about 25 feet up the telephone poles throughout the city.  I wonder what kind of gizmo is used to stick them up there.  CenterPoint and the City say they don’t have the time or crews to remove them so they are staying up for now. 
Check out Dougie’s story here.

Hall of Fame great Cal Ripken, Jr., of course holds the MLB career record for grounding into 350 double plays.  Ripken is celebrating his 51st BD today.

In Libya, the search is on for finding Gadhafi.  That ought to be easy.  Just put a tail on his make-up artist.

What a season!   The Rockies claimed Wandy off of waivers.   Now let’s see if the ‘Stros and Rockies can make a deal.   It is a stretch, but Wandy could be on the mound against us this afternoon – yikes!



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Burkablog has a good take on a story that was in Politico the other day about trial lawyers getting ready to dump on Guv Dude by creating a super Pac and funding it with millions of dollars.  Check out the Politico story here.

Burkablog thinks it is a real bad idea and here is what he says:

If the trial lawyers are serious about raising big money to defeat Perry, I think they’ve lost their minds. Don’t they realize that their scheme will just serve to validate Perry? It will push him straight into the arms of the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. It will make Perry more of a threat to the Trials, since he will acquire a business constituency (and with it buckets of money) he currently lacks.

This has the ring of something that was hatched in Texas by people who have been kicked up and down the halls of the Capitol by Perry, not by sober-minded, thoughtful folk who can see one or two moves ahead. Unwittingly, they have given aid and comfort to their biggest enemy. Tort reform is not a good issue for Democrats or trial lawyers. The more they try to make it an issue, the more Perry laughs about being thrown in the briar patch.

I kind of agree with Burkblog.  If the plan was hatched by Dem folks here in the Lone Star State whose arse Dude owns, it is money down the drain.  Let’s leave it up to the Dem grown-ups in Chicago or D.C. to handle Dude if he ends up being the GOP nominee for prez. If the trials want to invest wisely, give the money to Paul Begala’s PAC or hand it over to us Latinos here in Harris County so we can hold on to our countywide  elected officials.  I also agree with Burkablog in that Dude has owned the trials in a mano-a-mano PR fight in years past.

The City of H-Town and the red light camera company couldn’t come to an agreement during mediation this past weekend so things ought to get interesting this afternoon and tomorrow morning when the City Council meets.  I’ll be watching of course and watching between the lines if you know what I mean.

Now that speedster Michael Bourn is gone, Jason Bourgeois leads the team in stolen bases with 22.  Who is number two on the list? 

The city posted the latest filings for office and there is nothing unusual to report.

The Chron has a front page story about extending the Hardy Toll road all the way to Downtown.  Check it out here.   Of course, I wonder how the Northside residents feel about it since the extension will run right past their ‘hood.  I wonder who will be their spokesperson on this.  Stay tuned!

In looking at the team schedule the rest of the way it looks like the only team we can mess with is the Giants this Thursday through Sunday.  We have three left with the Phillies next month but they have a comfortable lead.  We also have three left with the Brewers but they are pulling away.  The last three games of the season are against the Cards but they seem to be fading.

Numero 45 and infielder Angel Sanchez of course are tied for second on the stolen base list with three apiece – yikes!

It is always tough to bounce back after giving up six runs in the first inning so we didn’t bounce back last night in Colorado – drats!


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Go here if you want to hear the latest from the H-Town Mayor on the red light camera mess.   I think you will get your questions answered for now.  There is no word on how the mediation went this weekend. 

23 years ago today, B-G-O hit his first career dinger against the Cubbies at Wrigley.  Name the now Hall of Fame great pitcher that served up the B-G-O dinger?

I think the fella that is in charge of posting the names of the folks that file for City of H-Town offices is on one of those voluntary furloughs.  The last post he had was on Wednesday morning.

McLovin really wanted to see Giants closer Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson this past weekend.  I don’t know about that.  The only time he pitches is when the Giants are ahead.  It turns out he was hurt and is now on the DL.

It was pretty cool to see two MLB teams have Spanish on the front of their jerseys on the same field this past Saturday – Los Astros y San Francisco.

Commentary got to see one of MLB baseball’s most exciting plays Saturday night.  I’m talking about ‘Stro Jose Altuve’s inside-the-park dinger to lead-off the bottom of the first inning.  It was also career dinger numero 1 for Altuve.

Hall of Fame great Goose Gossage of course served up B-G-O’s first career dinger 23 years ago today.

Derek Jeter got him an HBO special when he got his 3,000 career base hit.  How come B-G-O didn’t when he got his 3,000th?

We should have swept the Giants yesterday but J.D. and Numero 45 couldn’t come through to break the tie in the bottom of the ninth.


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Commentary will watch the special called City Council meeting this morning on the tube on the red light camera issue.  Commentary got some questions yesterday from folks wanting to know the consultants that the red light camera company hired last year to fight to keep the cameras.  Here is what I said yesterday:

City Council maybe ought to look at passing an ordinance prohibiting their (red light camera company) consultants from working city elections for at least five years. 

I’m not going to put the list on my website but you can shoot me an email and if I have time, I’ll send you the list. 

Another slugfest continues at the H-Town City Hall as the Houston Police Officers Union filed a complaint on CM Jolanda Jones with the State Bar. 
Check out the Chron story here.  Trading blows so to speak so stay tuned!

Dante will be celebrating his 12th BD tomorrow.  Dante and I have been hanging out at The Yard now on Sundays for 5 seasons or so now and I still have more foul balls.  Happy Birthday tomorrow Dante!  Dante starts the seventh grade Monday and we will check out the ‘Stros and Giants in Pam-In-Charge’s seats this Sunday.  I’m proud that Dante and has already cast a few votes in key elections already – screw Voter IDs so take that!

Dante’s Great Grandpa – who he affectionately calls Tonio – turns 88 on Sunday and he also probably holds the records for most career votes cast among active voters in the area.  Happy Birthday this Sunday Dad!

Who was the first African American in MLB history to hit a World Serious dinger?

I caught CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s uncontrolled giggle the other night just as he started and I thought for a few seconds he was reacting to Guv Dude’s explanation of science curriculum in Texas schools.

Speaking of, the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg talks about Dude today and his lack of understanding of what is being taught in our schools.  She mentions a like minded Dude ally on the State Board of Education:

Now, sure, there are plenty of people in Texas who would like this to be so. Don McLeroy, the former head of the State Board of mis-Education, for one. He also believes dinosaurs lived alongside humans. And he eventually lost his post in 2009 after leading an embarrassing, Kansas-style attack on science standards, attempting to weaken the teaching of evolution in Texas schools.

Cut him some slack Falkenberg.  He paid good money to see all those Jurassic Park flicks.  Here is Falkenberg’s piece.

Dude got a taste of being Mexicanized when he was told in New Hampshire yesterday to “go back to Texas!”  Pobrecito! 

MLB Hall of Fame great Larry Doby of course hit a dinger for the Cleveland Indians in Game 4 of the 1948 World Serious against the Boston Braves.  The U.S. Postal Service announced yesterday that Doby will get a stamp in his honor in the coming months – cool.

The defending World Serious champs Giants come in for the weekend.  Tonight is Longhorn Night as some fans will be wearing burnt orange ‘Stros lids.  Manana es noche de Los Astros and the team will be wearing Los Astros jerseys and the first 10,000 fans will get Los Astros T-Shirts.  There will also be comida Latina and live entertainment.  We’re lucky in that we don’t get to face “The Freak” this weekend – whew! – and my pal Drayton still owns the ‘Stros! 


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The H-Town City Council will meet in a special called meeting tomorrow to try to end this red light camera mess while the City Attorney and the red light camera company try to resolve the issue through mediation. 
Check out the Chron story here.

The Chron’s E-Board also weighed in today on the mess. 
Check out what they have to say.

It looks like The Mayor still finds time to read Commentary.  Here is what the E-Board says about what The Mayor has to say about the red light camera vote last November:

Mayor Parker blames the defeat on an "inept campaign" by the pro-camera forces.
The red light camera company submitted the money it claims the City owes them.  Check this out from the Chron on what they included:

The figure also includes reimbursement for the money the company spent trying to keep Proposition 3 off the ballot and then campaigning against it.

You gotta be kidding!  A red right camera company bailout!   TARP funds for the red light camera company!  Paying them taxpayer dollars for running one of the most “inept” campaigns this city has seen in a while?  We have to check to see what is in their cans of Arizona tea.   No wonder The Mayor broke off talks for a while this past weekend.  That claim itself says they aren’t serious. City Council maybe ought to look at passing an ordinance prohibiting their consultants from working city elections for at least five years.  Stay tuned for sure!

Who is the only MLBer to play at least 500 games with each of four MLB teams?  Hint:  He played here.

A Happy Birthday goes out to Jake Rodriguez this morning.  He’s celebrating his numero dos today and his parents still won’t let him log on to Commentary.  Happy Birthday Jake!

HISD gets a little bit of run they don’t want today in the Chron.  The piece centers on HISD Trustee Larry Marshall, kickbacks, and lawsuits, oh my! 
Check it out.  

The real sad thing about this is that I don’t think Trustee Marshall gives a rat’s arse what the public perception is on this.

Marshall doesn’t think there is a problem at HISD and Guv Dude doesn’t think there is global warming.  I don’t know about that.  Meanwhile the Chron has the lead front page story today on agriculture losses in the billions of dollars in the Lone Star State due to Dude’s prayers not being answered on the rain front.  On the front page of the City State section, there is another drought related story on trees that are dying in the H-Town area.

In checking out the latest City of H-Town election filings, there is nothing out of the ordinary other than the Glavanizer filing in At-Large 1. 

In case you hadn’t noticed, if you swing by La Mexicana, the tacos just got smaller but not the prices. 

Rusty “Le Grand Orange” Staub of course played 500 games plus for the Colt 45s/’Stros, Mets, Expos, and Tigers.

We pulled one out yesterday and became the last team in the MLB to reach the 40 games win mark – congrats to us, I guess.  We take the day off and then welcome the defending World Serious Champs this weekend.


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