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The Mayor will file for reelection today.  Fox 26 did a story on her reelection and stuff she has had to deal with in her first term yesterday with Commentary doing the only Commentary in the story.  Check it out.
I think The Mayor’s folks should be ok with my takes in the story. 

The Bettencourt fella who never has anything good to say about The Mayor still hasn’t filed but he did take the time to crack on the Hire Houston First measure that was adopted yesterday at City Hall.  He called it protectionism.

The Chron has a piece today on Guv Dude and it is all about his macho demeanor.  Check it out here.   It is interesting in that folks want to paint a picture of Dude with that swagger.  Where was that swagger when he went to speak at NALEO in San Antonio earlier this summer.  In fact, he was kind of timid.  He didn’t look so tough when he went in front of a few hundred Latino elected officials.   He didn’t talk about sanctuary cities and he didn’t mention billing the federal government for housing paperless folks.   I don’t think he’s all swagger if you ask me.  Latinos could very well be his undoing.

What MLB Team currently leads the National League in hitting doubles?

In checking out the latest filings for City of H-Town offices, there is nothing unusual to report.

There wasn’t much on Feathergate yesterday at City Hall other than The Mayor being asked about it at her press availability.

The Chron said we would be 13-16 in August but we went 12-17.  The Chron said we would be 63-74 right now but we’re 47-90.  What do they know?

The ‘Stros of course are currently numero 1 in the NL with 272 doubles but we’re still sitting at 90 losses.

We have the day off and then host the Brewers for three this weekend.   You missed a good shutout last night and some good play by the young players.



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