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The Mayor filed for reelection yesterday and  here’s the today  Chron story about her campaign.  Here is from the piece:

November’s election really is about 2013, said lawyer, lobbyist and blogger Robert Miller.  He speculates that the mayor needs to win big against low-profile opponents in November to discourage stronger candidates from running against her as she seeks a final term in 2013.

"If she looks weak, blood attracts sharks into the water," Miller said.

Robert has previously defined “weak” as getting less than 70% of the November 8 vote against the expected field of challengers.  I don’t agree with that and I don’t think that we ought to let my pal Robert set the bar.  First of all she’s been handed an economy that is out of her control that has forced her to make tough budget decisions that has resulted in firing hundreds of city workers.  Secondly, she has been handed two voter mandates that were not her babies – Rebuild Houston and removing the red light cameras – that have struck an emotional chord with the voters.   Carrying out the voter mandates hasn’t been easy.  Thirdly, there are still some folks that won’t vote for her because – well, you get the picture.   So I think the 70% bar that Robert is trying to set is just an artificial number that we ought not to take serious.

In checking out the latest filings for City of H-Town offices, there is nothing unusual to report.

Just two MLB Hall of Fame greats have won two Triple Crowns.  Name them?

Judge Jim Sharp of the First Court of Appeals is in a losing fight over furniture rights.  Check out the Chron story here.

Here is what Hunker Down says about Judge Sharp and his quest for the desk:

"It’s ludicrous for him to call the media and say that there’s a theft. I would hope that Justice Sharp is smarter than that and knew what had happened."

I wonder if someone will claim Judge Sharp filed a false police report.

On the ‘Stros website there is a nice piece on “fresh faces like left fielder J.D. Martinez, third baseman Jimmy Paredes and second baseman Jose Altuve.” 
Check it out here.  I think these players are our foundation for better days to come.

Hall of Fame greats Rogers Hornsby (1922 & 1925) and Ted Williams (1942 & 1947) of course are the only two MLBers to ever win two Triple Crowns.

Milo Hamilton is celebrating his 84th BD today.  Happy Birthday Milo!

From the ‘Stros:

The Houston Astros are hosting Hispanic Heritage Night at Minute Maid Park following the 6:05 p.m. Astros game vs. the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday, September 3. The Astros Hispanic Heritage Night activities include a concert by urban Latin duo, Chino y Nacho.

Plus they are also handing out 10,000 Numero 45 bobble heads this Saturday.

The Brewers have lost three in a row and now their lead has shrunk to 7 ½ games over San Luis so all of a sudden the weekend series looks more interesting.    I’m predicting that there will be a bunch of Brewers fans at The Yard this weekend.  Of course on Saturday night they will be called Los Cerveceros so be there!

Have a nice Labor Day weekend and I’ll probably check in with a line or two on Monday.

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