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Trump Lite

Name the Astro batter who has been hit by a pitch the most this season among Astro hitters?

Governor Greg Abbott sometimes does his best to go Trump lite. Earlier this month his campaign sent out a fundraising letter demonizing immigrants. A day later El Paso happened. What a dumbarse move.

Yesterday, he admitted the letter was a mistake. Here is from the Chron:

Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday he erred when his campaign sent a fundraising letter the day before the deadly attack in El Paso, telling supporters they needed to “defend Texas” from waves of illegal immigration.

“Mistakes were made, and course correction has been made,” Abbott said at his second Texas Safety Commission meeting in El Paso, adding that he spoke to the El Paso legislative delegation and “emphasized the importance of making sure that rhetoric will not be used in a dangerous way.”

Commentary would have preferred an apology. Knowing Abbott, he will go Trump lite again. Pathetic and pitiful.

Royko sent me this on my takes yesterday on the 2020 Texas State House races and CNN putting GOP liars on the air:

One might keep in mind, just as in the late 1980’s, when the Dems allowed all the criminals out on PR bonds, where the miscreants were back out raping, robbing and pillaging the same day, so too will there again be a backlash at the local ballot box.

My brother and sister-in-law were nearly killed by a DACA kid or an illegal alien, with no driver’s license or insurance, who ran a red light and caused a major injury accident on FM 1960 on a Saturday afternoon. Can’t find out if any warrant was issued, or if the DA ever prosecuted in Houston’s Sanctuary City. There are record numbers of Americans being injured and killed by drunk-driving illegal aliens.

And, if Queen Sheila keeps calling for reparations from all taxpayers, and Al Green wastes everyone’s time on impeaching Trump, and Lizzie wants abortion up to, and even after birth, you may not like the outcome next November.

Ok. Got it. Don’t release the tapes, please.

You know how you get those emails from the other side of the globe saying someone died and left you a kazillion dollars and please contact. I actually got one in the mail yesterday.

Astros catcher Robinson Chirinos has been plunked 11 times to lead the team of course in the HBP category.

A game behind the Yankees, 27 left, in Canada for 3.

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CNN’s Disservice

Name the MLB club with the best record over the last 10 games?

The Chron has a story today on the 2020 Texas State House races in the H-Town area. Here is quote from GOP State Rep. Sam Harless:

“I think the Democrats see a little blood in the water, they’re getting excited, but I think the Republicans will pick back up five to seven seats.”

I have never met the Harless fella, but I would like to bet him on this.

Local organized labor will be endorsing soon the H-Town races. I wonder if there will be any surprises. Stay tuned!

Last night’s thunderstorms knocked out my power a couple of times then our cable went down. I turned it on this morning, and it wasn’t working. Not even a techie on the phone could get the cable box to work. I think it got fried.

CNN bringing on folks who say Donald Trump doesn’t lie is a disservice to the country. Why do they do it? Don’t they know better. Don’t they see the harm in what they are doing when they bring these habitual liars on TV? Sigh.

The Astros are 9-1 over the last 10 game of course and we are still a half game out.

We finish up the homie this afternoon.

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Name the MLB pitcher who has pitched the most innings this season?

The GOP has some folks politicking at driver’s license offices. I wouldn’t know.

My driver’s license was up for renewal in October and a couple of months or so ago, I renewed online and voila, my new license was received a couple of weeks later and I didn’t have to go stand in line. My vehicle registration was due at the end of this month and in early August I went and got my vehicle inspected, came home, went online and applied for my vehicle registration and voila, 8 or 9 days later, my registration stickers arrived. Saved me a trip to the courthouse where I would have paid for parking and stand in line. It works.

The racist, bigoted, homophobic HCC Trustee Dave Wilson resigned so he can run in another trustee district. Got it?

Here is Kuffer’s take: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=91999.

Ok, now. We know the deal. We can’t get bamboozled like they were 6 years ago. We got to keep calling him out and talk up our candidate Monica Flores Richart. Don’t be surprised if he pulls the same cr_p he pulled 6 years ago like being endorsed by his cousins Carl Alvarado and Silver Garcia or sending out mailers with Emiliano Zapata on them. This guy will go the bottom of stuff to win this thing so stay alert folks.

Justin Verlander of course leads MLB with 184 innings pitched. It could have been more, but he got tossed in the 6th inning last night.

86-47 and still a half game back

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Justin Verlander has struck out 239 batters and Gerrit Cole 238 to lead MLB. When was the last time an Astros pitcher ended the season leading MLB in strikeouts? BTW: Randy Johnson in 1998 doesn’t count because he wasn’t with us for the entire season.

Commentary has to admit that I have been entertained by the fallout of the meeting between the Texas House Speaker, the former Chair of the House GOP Caucus, and the Empower Texans fella. Instead of focusing on the 2020 elections, the GOP House Caucus is participating in a circular firing squad. Some of their members have been calling for the tape to be released. Some want a special Caucus meeting called – delicious.

We all know about the tapes juiciest parts so why release it? In fact, don’t release it. Keep things festered up my book. It is better for Dems. Don’t release the tape, pretty please.

Get a life, please. Commentary is talking about the folks who are still grousing about #PlayersWeekend. The all white and all black uniforms didn’t sit well with so called “purists.” Someone said the baseball diamond resembled a chessboard. That’s a good one. Someone said it was a disservice to baseball to not have the Yankees and Dodgers play each other in pinstripes and Dodger blue. Excuse me, while I gag on that one.

They didn’t change anything about the game other than the threads that were worn. A lot of these teams already have variations of uniforms like those gray or brown things the D-Backs wear on the road.

In 1987, Nolan Ryan led all pitchers with 270 batters that he struck out of course.

We are a half game behind the Dodgers and Yankees with a key series with the Rays starting this evening at The Yard.

Dollar Dog Night this evening.

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At the 132 game mark, we are 85-47. How were we after 132 games in 2018, 2017 and 1998?

As of this past weekend, the following had filed a campaign treasurer designations for the #TXHD148SpecialElection: Kendra Yarbrough Camarena, Terah Isaacson, Luis Humberto LaRotta, Mia Mundy, and Penny Shaw.

When was the last time the City of H-Town had an HPD officer indicted for murder while on duty?

This would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that a couple of innocent folks were knocked off. Here is from a news story on Channel 2 this past Friday:

Hours after the charges were announced, Chief Art Acevedo held his own news conference. The chief answered a lot of questions but did not want to answer one of Channel 2’s inquiries, telling reporter Sophia Beausoleil, “I’m not going to get into a debate with Mr. (Mario) Diaz you know on every little piece.”

The chief was not happy with a question regarding an exchange from last Feb. 15. During an interview, the chief said, “It’s really important for the community to realize, we still had a reason to be at that home.”

Channel 2 Investigates reminded Acevedo: “Chief, you indicated you had reason to be at that home. There appears to be no reason listed in this affidavit.”

Acevedo’s response was, “But remember, that affidavit is but one piece of a very comprehensive investigation.”

However, on Friday, when a reporter asked about it on two occasions, Acevedo had this reaction: “I stand by that. We had probable cause to be there.”

When the question of a right to be in the home was asked again, the chief said: “Tell Mario Diaz that I think it’s great that he’s watching and that I appreciate it, but the probable cause, let me just tell you this … if I was investigating this we would have done a search warrant based on what we knew, we would have done it right and we probably wouldn’t be here today.”

Here is the entire story: https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/hpd-chief-double-downs-on-comments-i-stand-by-that-we-had-probable-cause-to-be-there.

A far cry from the day they all stood in front of the mics right after the shooting. You know, the dirtbag press conference. Sigh!

The E-Board has a take today on the indictments.

The Chron’s Mike Morris had an eye-opening front-page story yesterday on two years after Hurricane Harvey and the City of H-Town. It is a must read. Powerful. Sad. Devastating.

Here is the article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Two-years-after-Harvey-has-Houston-lost-its-14373573.php.

I am flabbergasted. Wow!

Working in tandem, the Chron E-Board also put out a take. Here is their online headline:

Another Harvey? Houston isn’t ready.

And here is how it starts:

Ask officials if we’re better prepared today than we were when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in 2017, and the answer is as quick as it is alarming: No.

Ask why we are not better prepared, and the answer is more complicated but just as troubling.

Here is the E-Board take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Another-Harvey-Houston-isn-t-ready-Editorial-14374688.php.

It was #PlayersWeekend in MLB this past weekend and games featured teams wearing all white like the Astros or all black like the Angels. Some fans didn’t like the uniforms. In recent years, they have worn pink, light blue and camo, as long as the scoreboard is working, who cares?

In 2018, after 132 games, we were 81-51, in 2017, 79-53, and in 1998, 82-50, of course.

We have the day off.

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Free Press, Please

Name the player with the highest batting average in MLB this morning?

The Astros were dead wrong not allowing a credentialed member of the media into the clubhouse after the game Wednesday night. They violated the rules pure and simple and MLB ought to stick them with a fine and discipline the employee who ordered the action. I like Justin Verlander, but he doesn’t get to change the rules involving the media’s access. If Verlander doesn’t want to talk to a member of the media, just say I am not going to answer your questions. Those are the rules. They can’t do that.

From MLB Alyson Footer on the Astros breaking the rules:

Players are within their rights to not answer questions from reporters, or a particular reporter that they may have a problem with. Teams cannot block a reporter -a member of the BBWAA -from entering the clubhouse based on that alone. This isn’t debatable. It’s against the rules.

The Astros were completely wrong in this situation.

Here is what the Astro said:

This course of action was taken after taking into consideration the past history between (Detroit Free Press reporter Anthony) Fenech and (Verlander), Verlander’s legitimate concerns about past interactions with Fenech, and the best interests of the other media members working the game.

We chose to prioritize these factors when making this decision. Fenech was allowed access to the clubhouse shortly after other media members and had the opportunity to approach Verlander or any player he needed. We believe that our course of action in this isolated case was appropriate.

That is a pretty lame arse response if you ask Commentary.

Here is from the Baseball Writers:

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America is alarmed by the Houston Astros’ decision to restrict the clubhouse access of a reporter from the Detroit Free Press after Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Tigers. This action by the Astros violated the MLB club-media regulations, which are laid out in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the BBWAA expects MLB to respond accordingly and promptly.

Lame arse Astros media folks.

Here is the takeaway from this. Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole at this point in the season are probably running neck and neck for the AL Cy Young Award. If Verlander ends up losing by a hair and the Detroit area baseball writers don’t vote for Verlander, then this incident will factor into the discussion in November when the winner is announced.

Justin Verlander and the lame arse Astros media fella will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Have folks not learned anything about pushing around the media these days? Oh, well.

Commentary is disappointed in the Astros.

Our own Michael Brantley of course leads MLB with a .338 batting average.

82-47 and the Angels are in town for the weekend.

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How many dingers has Justin Verlander given up this season?

Commentary is not going to say much about politics today.

We know we are in full campaign season mode when the H-Town Mayor called on Governor Greg Abbott to call a special session on guns. Huh? The mayor would have a better chance at getting the climate gods to give H-Town a 72 degree high temperature in August. Silly.

Last night was my first day at The Yard with netting and I am not happy. My view is obstructed. It is difficult to follow the flight of a fly ball. This is not what I signed up to pay for back in 2000. It is definitely not the same experience. I am looking to move.

Tonight is Thirsty Thursday at The Yard. Draft beer is supposed to be half price. A concession worker told me last night that they would be serving in smaller cups. Huh?

Justin Verlander has given up 33 dingers of course.

Last night was an unusual game for sure. Verlander gave up two dingers, the only two hits and baserunners he allowed. He pitched a complete game.  We lost 2-1. The game lasted 2:12. One of the shortest games I have ever been to.

We are now 3 behind the Dodgers and still 2 behind the Yankees.

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