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Commentary has to admit that helping get Carol Alvarado elected to the Texas State Senate, District 6 was the highlight of my year. It doesn’t get any better than that – does it?

She was a tremendous, terrific and excellent campaigner and candidate. The best ever in my book. I definitely enjoyed the campaign.

I saw this tweet yesterday:

Annise Parker Retweeted

Matthew Dowd‏Verified account@matthewjdowd 3h3 hours ago


If Democrats were smart in 2020 in their primaries, they should avoid an ideological purity test, and embrace an integrity, leadership, and common sense contest.

I have said before that I won’t support a candidate older than Commentary and all candidates should agree that the ticket will include a person of color and a woman. Two women on the Dem ticket wouldn’t be a deal breaker in my book.

I don’t agree with my pal Orlando Sanchez about the following, but I also don’t think you ought to douse him with water. Check this this out from Channel 2 news this past Friday:

HOUSTON – Someone poured water on Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez on Friday while he was holding a news conference, urging state officials to take over the Houston Independent School District.

Sanchez called the news conference at the Northwest Mall, where he asked the Texas Education Agency to appoint a board of managers to right what he called “the failing, dysfunctional” school district. 

Sigh! Can anyone tell me what TEA taking over HISD looks like? I didn’t think so.

I wonder if Orlando is considering running for H-Town Mayor again. If he is, this issue isn’t going to get it done.

Today is Orlando’s last day as County Treasurer.

There has been a little bit of buzz in Commentary’s ‘hood the past few days because our green bins have not been picked up by the City of H-Town. Friday was pickup day and they are still out there. Now check this from today’s Chron:

Recycling day came and went. But it wasn’t until four days later that an automated truck from the Solid Waste Management Department drove through Sarah Winkler’s Alief neighborhood to empty the green bins, which in the meantime had blocked parking and fueled frustrations.

Such delays have become Winkler’s new normal. “This is the third cycle in a row that it was picked up late,” she said. “It’s not acceptable.”

Hundreds of hours of equipment downtime a week at Solid Waste Management Department are leading to recycling delays throughout Houston said the department’s director, Harry Hayes. Often, there are not enough drivers for all of the trucks. Other times, the need for maintenance forces aging trucks to remain idle until one of the mechanics, who are also shorthanded, can make repairs.

The department then has to reallocate the remaining trucks to make sure all the garbage routes are covered, often diverting recycling resources.

The article also references H-Town Council Member Dwight Boykins’ proposed garbage fee:

“If they’re going to charge, it’s going to have to get a lot better,” Winkler said. “I don’t want to pay for service this bad.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Labor-shortage-and-aging-trucks-lead-to-recycling-13499066.php.

The folks who run City Hall don’t need my advice. They need to be careful to not act as if this is the new norm. Green bins sitting out there for days isn’t cool.

Royko sent me this on my take Friday on Donald Trump’s shutdown:

What mess? Praise the Lord! Dems let he EPA shut down, HUD is closed, the Dept of Education is closed, etc.

And in the infamous words of “Queen” Sheila – “Shut it down, shut it down, shut it down, Now!” for the southern border.

I hope Trump ups the ante. If the anti-USA security Dems don’t agree to the $5 Billion for the Border Wall today, I hope Trump increases the demand $1 Billion per day, up to the $25 Billion that the Dems had seemingly previously agreed to if the President had rolled-over for the bad DACA reward deal.

If the government can stay closed for two years, the 2020 election will be about flushing the do-nothing, pro-crime and disease riddled illegal alien enabler Dems, and re-electing Trump for 4 more years. Think about allowing Trump to name 3 more Supreme Court justices.

I thought Trump was going to be proud of the shutdown and whatever happened to Mexico paying for the wall?

I love the way this White House takes a dump in the Oval Office, rolls around in it, and then fellas like Royko blame Dems because it stinks to high heaven. Got it?

Hey, have a safe New Year’s Eve!


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Last Friday of the Year

Christina Morales filed yesterday for the #TXHD145SpecialElection.

Filing ends next Thursday.

Yesterday, I went to a reception for Christina at a venue close to the soccer stadium. Two days after Christmas, I expected 20 or so folks would be a good crowd. Nope. About 100 folks showed up. I was certainly impressed.

Here is the frontpage headline in the hard copy of today’s Chron:

GOP to Dems: It’s your mess now

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Donald Trump wanted it and now he owns it.

Now Trump wants to close the border unless he gets his wall. Let him.

On the last Friday of the year, that’s all I have to say.

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Blah, blah, blah

If you are an H-Town resident and normally get your garbage picked up on Thursdays, because of this holiday week, your garbage will get picked up tomorrow. Got it?

Blah, blah, blah.

From the no llores por mí Harris County department. It is not the fault of Democratic Party voters, folks!

Commentary is talking about a frontpage story in today’s Chron about the Dem takeover in five days of the local judiciary. There is a bit of moaning in the piece by a soon to be former GOP judge. Here is the article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-s-courts-prepare-for-total-judicial-13491575.php.

GOP judges didn’t mind riding the hate train voters when they were winning. Now that more Dems are showing up at the polls, blah, blah, blah.

On the national front, voters bought into Mexico paying for a wall when Mexico kept saying nope. Now we have a partial shutdown because Dems won’t pay for a wall and some GOPers are blaming Dems. Nope, nope, nope!

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Quick Christmas

The #TXSD6Special was held and won on December 11. The oath of office was on December 21 at the State Capitol. My Christmas season started on December 22 – sort of. Christmas this year was fast and quick. I didn’t get to watch a single Hallmark movie. Oh, well.

Highlights of the last two days included getting a cool Astros jacket and a Beatles wall calendar from my nephew Dave and great-nephew Jackson, a framed photo of Tal’s Hill from Al and Julie, a purple tie from the Senator, hanging out at Yolanda’s on Christmas Eve, going by Al and Julie’s, and being with my family yesterday in #TXSD6 Baytown.

Here is an interesting fact from the #TXSD6Special from 15 days ago. In 2016, the HD 145 portion of the general election total vote in SD 6 was 18%. 15 days ago, it jumped to 23%. Interesting don’t you think?

It is back to work today. Commentary will be involved in the #TXHD145Special. I will be working on #TeamChristinaMorales. The election is on Tuesday, January 29 with Early Voting in Person starting on Monday, January 14. Got it?

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Eve

On this Christmas Eve, the Chron has a story on the local GOP. Here is how the article starts:

Drubbed. Shellacked. Whooped. Walloped. Routed.

However you want to describe November’s midterm election, it was disastrous for Harris County Republicans. They were swept from the remaining countywide posts they held — the other shoe to drop after Democrats booted the Republican sheriff and district attorney two years ago — and lost all 55 judicial seats on the ballot. For the first time in decades, Democrats will hold a majority of Commissioners Court.

The path forward for the local GOP is unclear. The party’s statewide slate went undefeated yet rebuked by Harris County voters, raising questions about whether its pitch to rural voters alienated urban ones. In the state’s most populous county, and his home base, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz got just 41 percent of the vote.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson, however, is optimistic. He said several local Republicans would have won, chief among them County Judge Ed Emmett, if straight-ticket voting had been eliminated before the election. Republicans in the Texas Legislature decided to retire the straight-ticket option after 2018, which traditionally benefited their party, but proved disastrous for the GOP in urban counties this cycle.

“Pendulums will swing back,” Simpson said. “I’m confident in the near future, we’ll be back.”

Scholars and Emmett, the county executive for 11 years before his upset loss, offered a less rosy assessment — that of a party catering to a largely white, graying base that is failing to adapt to changing demographics and awaiting the return of a “normal” electorate that has ceased to exist. November 2018 should be a wake-up call, they say, but they wonder if the local Republican Party is listening.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Harris-County-Republicans-grapple-with-changing-13487934.php.

Harris County is one of the most diverse counties in the universe. We celebrate and advance our diversity. The Trump led GOP promotes racism and hate. That’s not going to be accepted in Harris County -period. Pendulum my arse!

From Next Door yesterday on the Yale Street Pharmacy:

Had the worst service today ordering breakfast for my visiting mother and neighbor. We waited 20 minutes for our eggs and mine never came for another 10 minutes. My two guests were almost finished before my plate arrived. There was no apology or offer to comp to make up for the poor service. I made my displeasure known without being rude. I will never go back.

The H-Town Mayor and The Dean were there for breakfast the day before. I wonder how their eggs fared. (The Mayor called it the #YaleStreetGrill).

Speaking of The Dean, at last Friday’s Oath of Office ceremony for Senator Carol Alvarado, I ran onto The Dean behind the Senate Chamber before and he was struggling to keep his britches up. The Dean didn’t have a belt. I asked him what size he wore, and it turns out we wear the same belt size. I loaned him my belt. Hey, I didn’t have a speaking role. Luckily it wasn’t a major issue for me missing my belt.

Commentary is just about done with Christmas shopping, but I do have to go with my Dad to an appointment today with a cardiologist. On Christmas Eve?

My niece and her family are in Park City, Utah today so I won’t be driving to Sugar Land this evening for Christmas Eve dinner. I am Ok with that.

Be safe this Christmas Eve!

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Senator Carol Alvarado

Sorry for the delay. I was in Austin.

After a year of campaigning with one of my best friends, this day finally arrived.

Carol Alvarado is now the Texas State Senator from District 6.

A lot of folks showed up today in the Senate Chamber of the State Capitol to watch the ceremony.

The Dean was the Master of Ceremonies.

Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis administered the oath of office.

Senator Alvarado gave remarks that were from her heart. Nice.

Family, friends, supporters, colleagues and other elected officials were there.

Her office is on the third floor of the Capitol.

It has certainly been a heck of a year.

Congratulations to State Senator Carol Alvarado!

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We had a great turnout last night for State Senator-Elect Carol Alvarado’s reception at the Post Oak Hotel. She will be sworn-in tomorrow at the State Capitol.

15,339 voters participated in the #TXSD6SpecialElection. Senator-Elect Alvarado avoided a runoff by 55 votes.

Care to guess how many voters will participate in the #TXHD145SpecialElection?

So far, there are three candidates in the race.

Commentary has had email issues the past coupe of days. It has been extremely frustrating and unproductive. Drives me cwazy for sure.

Michael Brantly will wear the 23 for the Astros next season.

That is all I have for now.

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