Just Vote

Well, just vote!   If Democratic Latino leaders can’t get Latinos to the polls this year with Donald Trump and the rejection of DAPA stewing in the Latino community, you have to wonder if we will ever vote. This is the best ammo Latino Dems have had ever to get Latinos to the polls.

Locally, this should be the year Latinos show up to vote and be the difference in November. Check the following:

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 46m46 minutes ago

I’m sensing a lot of sadness and frustration in the Hispanic community. This will become a major issue for the 2016 election.


Activist Cristina Jimenez, director of United We Dream: “Attacks on our community are nothing new. We need to rise up not only to protect DAPA [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents] and DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals], but to end deportations. We are outraged that conservative Justices on the Supreme Court would allow a continued delay initiated by hateful Republican politicians and judges who have played with the lives of 5 million undocumented people who qualify for relief….We’re calling on registered voters to take to the polls in November and vote for candidates who will support DAPA and DACA while this case is ongoing, because a new president could either protect and build on these programs, or take them away completely.”


Maria Teresa Kumar, president and CEO of Voto Latino: “Time and time again, Latinos and immigrants have showed resilience as a community, and now more than ever, it is important that we continue to show our resilience and power at the ballot box. These executive actions were deeply rooted in the same values that all Americans hold true – family and unity. Though today’s outcome does not mirror these values, we know that the future of immigration reform will no longer be decided by politics or by the courts. Instead, it will be decided by the more than 1.6 million Latino voters directly impacted by today’s decision.”

Let’s see if the Dems can take full advantage in an environment that clearly works in their favor.

Jose Altuve is sitting at 12 dingers for the year. How many did he have last season?

Over at the City of H-Town, the city campaign contribution rules may be changed a bit. Yesterday, a City Council committee looked at proposed changes being offered up by the administration.

Here is how the Chron’s Rebecca Elliott is characterizing the proposed changes:

Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 23m23 minutes ago

Incumbents and wealthy candidates would get boost under proposed changes to Houston’s campaign finance law: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/City-may-double-contribution-limits-to-go-with-8322130.php?t=4627f5d4f1438d9cbb&cmpid=twitter-premium …

Here is from the Rebecca’s article:

The looser regulations would allow candidates to raise twice as much from individuals and political action committees ahead of the general election, by splitting the four-year term into two two-year contribution cycles. That means that rather than collecting a maximum of $5,000 from individuals and $10,000 from political action committees per election, office seekers would be able to raise that amount during the first two years of their term, and then do so again during the second two years. The cycle would reset again if a candidate were forced into a runoff.

Mayor Sylvester Turner framed the proposed changes as an effort to maintain continuity with the city’s old two-year election cycle, though some viewed them as a way for incumbents to boost their financial advantage.

With the changes, Turner said, “any person can’t give any more in four years than they would have been able to give under two two-year terms.”

The proposed new rules – which would go into effect July 1 if approved by the council next week – also would permit council and controller candidates to reimburse themselves tens of thousands of dollars more for personal loans.

District council members like Greg Travis, who loaned his campaign $75,000 last year and advocated for the change, would be able to recoup $50,000 under the new rules, instead of $5,000. Controller and at-large council candidates would be able to recover $75,000, up from $15,000. The $75,000 personal reimbursement ceiling for mayoral candidates would remain the same.

Several conservative council members Thursday urged the city to abandon contribution limits altogether, as is done in statewide races.

“It seems to me it would be a lot simpler if we just went and we followed the state code,” Councilman Mike Knox said. “This is a very convoluted and complicated process we’re talking about here, and at the end of the day it is limiting free speech basically.”

Tracy Calabrese, senior assistant city attorney, said Houston’s contribution limits are intended to reduce corruption.

Councilman Dave Martin defended the contribution limits.

“The biggest criticism that I think people give us as a body is when they draw a correlation between a vote that we place to a contribution that we receive,” Martin said, adding that the limits help to “negate that a little bit.”

We have had limits on contributions since the 1990s and things have worked out A-OK. Commentary has been doing campaigns since the limits first went into effect and I have never really heard any complaints about them. In my opinion, we have a pretty good system and like all systems, they have to be altered on occasion. Limits are good.


Local fundraiser James Cardona criticized the changes as “incumbent protection”.

“It’s not a win for the city in elections,” Cardona said. “Now, you have incumbents getting double (maximum contributions) going into an election. … How’s the little guy going to fight that off?”

Oh, well. Of course, fundraisers who have current incumbents as clients probably would disagree.

Here is all of Rebecca’s article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/City-may-double-contribution-limits-to-go-with-8322130.php.

Jose Altuve had 15 dingers last season of course.

We are in second place in the AL West and ten behind the Rangers. That’s OK for now. At least we are in the Wild Card hunt.

Occupy Congress


This will help Dems with Latino voters this year. Check this tweet:

The Associated Press ‏@AP 2m2 minutes ago

Supreme Court blocks President Obama’s immigration plan that sought to shield millions living in US illegally.

The GOP State AGs think they won today. Wait until November.

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan called the Dems’ sit-in yesterday a “publicity stunt.” It was and it worked. House Dems got worldwide publicity yesterday.   Dems will probably not get a vote but they are making the GOP look terribly bad on the gun issue.

Dems are winning this argument with the public.   Yesterday’s sit-in was a great shift in tactics. They need to keep this up. The public is demanding more than sixty seconds of silence after a mass shooting. Keep it up Dems! Occupy Congress!

Commentary is not going shed any crocodile tears over GOP Latino ad man Lionel Sosa’s Op-Ed lamenting the fact that his GOP party has let him. Here is how his piece ends:

That’s all gone.

Instead, of “Tear down this wall,” the party promotes a new and bigger wall. A thousand points of light has been replaced by a thousand points of anger. In place of compassionate conservatism, our nominee promotes callousness, extremism and racism. And instead of a unifier, the party now cheers the ultimate “us against them” proponent: Divisiveness Incarnate.

So, if my party winds up electing Donald Trump, I’ll have to bid farewell, hoping that one day soon, it comes to its senses. Here’s my thinking. This madness could be temporary because our nominee is not really a Republican. Nor a real conservative. He’s just a shark, a self-promoter out to see how far his out-of-control ego can take him.

Here’s my quandary: If my party’s left me, where do I go? What should I do when there isn’t a horse in the race that stands for the core values of the party that I loved? I may just go for the devil we know, instead of the lunatic we don’t know. In the words of Paul Ryan, “I can’t defend the indefensible.”

Here is all of Sosa’s piece that is in today’s Chron: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Sosa-My-quandary-If-my-party-s-left-me-where-8319482.php.

Sosa first got his taste of GOP politics back in 1978 when his firm handled U.S. Sen. John Tower’s reelection campaign against Cong. Bob Krueger. Commentary worked for Bob’s campaign.

Tower’s Latino slogan that year was “con nosotros” – with us. I don’t think “con nosotros” with Latinos works with the GOP these days if you ask me.

The ‘Stros are 37-36. What is our record since May 1?

The Chron E-Board takes on the city pension issue today – again. Here is a good line are on where we are:

An official with the police pension fund testified that officers worried about their retirement benefits feel like they have bulls eyes on their backs. Following that same ballistic rhetoric, so do Houston taxpayers.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-Pension-tension-8319564.php.

So now H-Town has a University of Houston Law Center and a Houston College of Law. Thanks for clearing things up.

This fella is so full of himself. Here is from the internet:

“I never said I hated the Senate,” (Sen. Marco) Rubio said when returning to work in April. “I enjoy being a senator, but I really believed the best place for me to contribute was as a president.”

How about this tweet:

Jake Kaplan ‏@jakemkaplan 58m58 minutes ago

The Astros (37-36) are in 2nd place for the first time since April 7, the third day of their season. The Mariners’ loss drops them to 36-36.

The ‘Stros are 30-19 since May 1 of course.

The team has won five in a row. We are ten games behind. We have the day off then head to KC for three. Not bad at all!

Remember when Commentary put out yesterday that there might be three candidates on Secretary Hillary Clinton’s short list for VP. Now there may be six. Check this from an online story:

Clinton has not yet conducted formal interviews, but has devoted hours studying the records and backgrounds of several Democrats on a list that includes Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro of Texas. 

But those three should not be seen as absolute finalists, several Democrats said, only as active contenders. The roster also may include Labor Secretary Tom Perez, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Rep. Xavier Beccera of California.

Now check this from the front page of today’s Chron:

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro is on the short list of potential running mates for Hillary Clinton and has been asked by her campaign to provide personal information.

Citing Democratic sources, the Associated Press reported that in addition to Castro, a pared-down list the Clinton campaign is considering includes Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and that others also may yet be in the running.

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/Former-San-Antonio-mayor-said-to-be-on-Clinton-s-8316621.php.

A Castro selection would no doubt be huge for Harris County Democrats.   He is a fellow Texas Democrat and he has a number of friends and political relationships in H-Town.   Local Dems would get excited about his candidacy.

Local Latinos also would very well get excited having Castro on the ticket. That combined with 89% of Latinos having a negative view of Donald Trump, well you get the picture. The Latino voter turnout potential – WOW! You know what, though. I am just going to wait until Hillary announces her selection. I certainly don’t want to get ahead of myself.  Imagine, though.

Care to guess how the ‘Stros were sitting after 72 games last season?

I was hoping this fella would just go away. Check this tweet:

Fox News ‏@FoxNews 32m32 minutes ago

Breaking News: Marco Rubio will run for re-election in the Senate, Fox News confirms.

I really just don’t see the following happening. It is wishful thinking.  I am talking about a delegate revolt at the GOP convention. Here is from Politico:

They’re leaderless, cash-poor and facing an impossibly tight deadline. But Republican activists clamoring to block Donald Trump from the GOP nomination say they’re suddenly in the midst of a Dump-Trump bump. 

News of the mogul’s dismal fundraising and skeletal campaign staff has energized the ragtag band of delegates looking to unseat Trump as the party’s nominee at next month’s national convention. A handful of Republican Party insiders, long dismissive of attempts to block Trump, are now more convinced that there will be a substantive effort to stop him. 

“It’s implausible but not impossible given the unrest,” said Randy Evans, a Republican National Committeeman from Georgia. 

Here is the entire story: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/donald-trump-delegate-revolt-224634.

Nope.  The movement needs some grown-ups involved.

And this tweet:

Fox News ‏@FoxNews 3m3 minutes ago

.@realDonaldTrump on his campaign funds: “We want to keep it lean. I’m not looking to spend all this money.”

Now Trump knows he can’t raise it.

Happy Birthday today to Marisol Valero!

How about this:

Brian McTaggart Retweeted

ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo 1h1 hour ago

Carlos Correa is 21 and he has 4 career walk-off hits…Derek Jeter had 7 career walk-off hits.

Last season, the ‘Stros were 41-31 after 72 games. This season we are 36-36.

We are back to .500 – finally.

Your Uptown Mess

Commentary tries to avoid the Uptown area. Traffic is a mess. So what they do over there is not a priority of mine. Here is a blurb from the Chron:

A group of uptown business and property owners called on the city to stop a planned bus project and halt permitting of new high-rise construction at a news conference in the Galleria area Monday morning. 

The group objects to a 40-story high-rise at the corner of San Felipe and Post Oak and a bus project that would create two bus-only lanes on Post Oak. It says the projects would hurt business in the Galleria area. 

Preliminary construction on the bus project is scheduled to begin within days, the group said. 

Wayne Dolcefino, a consultant hired by the local property owners, said that the bus project is not a true effort to solve Galleria congestion. District G Councilman Greg Travis also joined group members at the press conference Monday. 

Before more high-rise construction permits are allocated, the uptown group wants the city to complete a new, independent study of traffic congestion in the area.

I don’t even know why you need a study when folks already know it is congested out there.

Then I got this email:



We need your help to SAVE UPTOWN.  Unelected bureaucrats want to destroy the neighborhood that we all love.  We all know what three years of construction will do to our business. We all know what that will do to traffic. Our customers will avoid the Galleria area.  

For what?  

Tearing up Post Oak boulevard for two lanes that only Metro buses will be able to use.  

To make room for these buses, turn lanes on Post Oak at Westheimer and San Felipe will be eliminated.  

The Uptown management district broke its promise to be transparent. Secret Meetings. Conflicts of Interests.  

There is something wrong when Uptown officials pushing the project will make millions on the real estate deals.  

In just a few weeks, Uptown will start removing trees and destroying medians, even though Uptown doesn’t even own all the property they need for the project. The City of Houston will have to take property because a lot of people refuse to sell right of way.  

The Harris County District Attorney is investigating possible criminal violations of transparency laws, but that doesn’t seem to faze Uptown. Mayor Turner should stop the project, but he’s been silent too.  

So if we want to stop this colossal waste of money and a devastating blow to the neighborhood we love we may have to do it ourselves.  

It is true that a lawsuit against Metro failed, but we are finalizing a new legal challenge to Uptown. We don’t want to give them too many clues, but we believe these real estate deals can be voided by a judge. A lawsuit will allow us to uncover the secret deals. Who is getting rich while our business disappears?   

If you live in Uptown, work in Uptown, or own a business in Uptown this is your fight.  

Donate to www.saveuptown.com. Your contributions will be used in the battle ahead.  

Russell Masraff

Well, I don’t live or work there or own a business there so it is not my fight. What a mess.



Who leads the MLB in pitching losses this season?

Donald Trump was on the “Today” show this morning and he called out the GOP for not ponying up the dough to his campaign. He didn’t go after Secretary Hillary Clinton which tells me his mind is on raising money for his campaign. Here is from a Politico story:

“We have a party that, I mean I’m having more difficulty frankly with some of the people in the party than I am with the Democrats. Because they just don’t want to come on. They will probably eventually come on. Honestly, if they don’t it’s just fine. I can win it either way,” Trump told NBC’s “Today” in another Tuesday telephone interview. “I’ve raised a lot of money, but you also have to have some help from the party.”

Meanwhile, there is no internal strife with Dems.  Here is from an AP story on potential running mates for Hillary:

Hillary Clinton’s search for a running mate is moving into a more intense phase, according to several Democrats, as aides contact a pared-down pool of candidates to ask for reams of personal information and set up interviews with the presumptive Democratic nominee’s vetting team.

Those on the shortlist include Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of progressives who has emerged as a blistering critic of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump; Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, a well-liked lawmaker from an important general election battleground state; and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro of Texas, a rising star in the Democratic Party.

I am having a hard time believing that it is down to three candidates. We will see, I guess.

Dallas Keuchel and Chris Archer of the Rays each have nine losses to lead MLB.

The best part of last night at The Yard other than winning and great conversation with My Best Friend was watching Jose Altuve crush one off the wall just a shade off deep, deep center. Wow!

Both Ultimate Insiders

The Chron E-Board endorsed Sen. Rodney Ellis for Commissioners Court yesterday over Interim Commissioner Gene Locke. I don’t have a problem with that. The E-Board in their pro Rodney take called Gene an insider and kind of held that against him.   I got news for the E-Board. Both Gene and Rodney are what I would call the ultimate insiders and I don’t even need to ‘splain that and I don’t think anyone would argue with me on this.

A couple or so weeks ago an individual I respect told me that a Rodney supporter was trying to make the case for Rodney by labeling Gene as an insider – DUH! Really? Oh, well.

By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an insider.

Here is part of the Chron’s take:

The only other challenger who comes close is Locke, a former Houston city attorney who was appointed to the position by County Judge Ed Emmett. Locke has worked as an attorney for the county and already has a deep knowledge of how county government functions and all the personalities at play. However, this insider perspective means that he’d be unlikely to shake up the status quo of the board’s under-the-radar activities. For example, when he met with the Chronicle editorial board, Locke rejected claims that responsibility for recent flooding rests with the Harris County Flood Control District. Does this show that Locke is too close to county government to see the big picture?

By going with Ellis, the chairs would appoint someone willing to harness the budget, authority and bully pulpit of the position to aggressively push an agenda for criminal justice reform and all-around responsiveness in county government. A state senator since 1990 and a former city councilman, Ellis has demonstrated himself capable of leveraging political prowess, outsider expertise and media attention to successfully push a Democratic agenda in a state controlled by Republicans. Unlike many other longtime politicos, his years in elected office have done more to sharpen his skills than dull his dedication. Ellis has already drawn the ire of longtime Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack in a fight over incarceration rates – a healthy disagreement on a board that often seems all too willing to keep its activities out of public light.

Choosing Ellis may lose Democrats some power in the state Senate, but it will finally give them some real strength on Commissioners Court, even if the process itself isn’t particularly democratic.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/recommendations/article/For-Commissioners-Court-8311101.php.

I think I was the only fella on twitter who didn’t tweet something after the Cavs won last night. I was too busy watching the celebrating on the flat screen and checking out all the  tweets on twitter.

Who leads MLB in stolen bases this morning?

The Trib has a piece on the Laredo banker making the case for NAFTA to Donald Trump at a fundraiser in San Antonio this past Friday. Hey, if U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan can’t change Trump’s evil ways, you think a border banker can? Here is from the Trib:

At a private fundraiser in San Antonio, one of the hosts — Laredo banker Dennis Nixon — prodded Trump on immigration and trade while introducing the real estate mogul, who wants to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and dismantle some trade agreements.

“Mr. Trump, we must support trade, but I agree we need fair trade,” Nixon said, according to an audio recording of the event obtained by the Texas Tribune. “And here in South Texas, NAFTA meets the definition,” Nixon added, referring to the North American Free Trade Agreement that Trump has railed against throughout his campaign. 

In the lead-up to the fundraiser, much attention centered on Nixon, the CEO of IBC Bank and a longtime proponent of policies that seem to put him at odds with Trump. Hours before the event, a letter surfaced in which an IBC bank executive argued that Nixon has always stood up to fellow Republicans when he disagrees with them and that he would not treat Trump any differently. 

At the fundraiser, Nixon agreed with Trump that the U.S. immigration is “broken” and that it needs to be fixed to “spur America’s need for workers.” But he seemed to differ with Trump on where the federal government’s priorities should be in fixing it. 

“Mr. Trump, it might surprise you to learn that the federal government already spends more on border security than all of the federal law enforcement combined,” Nixon said. “I’ll repeat that: more than all of the federal law enforcement combined.”

Nixon added: “I think that number alone should cause someone to rethink our strategy. As it’s often said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

As he took the stage, Trump seemed to acknowledge Nixon’s remarks while thanking Nixon and another host of the fundraiser, San Antonio developer Gene Powell.

“He worked on that,” Trump said of Nixon and his speech. “It wasn’t like a little quickie. He worked on that. That’s why he’s such a success.”

Attendees confirmed that Nixon — and perhaps others — sought to use the event to get Trump to see their side of some of the issues he has talked about on the campaign trail. 

“These were pro-NAFTA people that were putting on the event for him,” said George Rodriguez, a local Tea Party activist. “There was definitely an effort to try to get him to change his strong stance on NAFTA and immigration.” 

If Nixon’s remarks had any impact on Trump, he was not showing it hours later at a rally in The Woodlands, a Houston suburb. He attacked Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, for signing NAFTA into law, calling it “maybe the worst economic development transaction ever signed in the history of our country.”

Here is the entire Trib piece:


Trump got this far trashing NAFTA.  I don’t think he is going to shift his position.

I don’t think anyone is going to miss the Donald Trump campaign manager who just got fired.

Jonathan Villar who played for the ‘Stros last season and is now with the Brewers leads MLB with 25 stolen bases of course.  Villar is also batting .297.  If he were still a ‘Stro, his .297 batting average would be the second highest on the team.

We won another series and are two games under .500 but are now eleven out. Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and the Angels are in for three.

It is official! The Chron E-Board will not be endorsing Donald Trump. I repeat!   The Chron E-Board will not be endorsing Donald Trump. Not after what they said in their “Dear Mr. Trump” take this morning. Here are parts:

It’s unfortunate that on your quick cash-and-carry campaign swing today you won’t get to see much of that city, soon to be the nation’s third-largest – unfortunate because, with due respect to you, Houston represents values and principles that are strikingly antithetical to the divisive, intolerant positions you have loudly and proudly espoused since announcing your candidacy a year ago. This great city could not function if we allowed the hateful attitudes the world is coming to identify as Trumpism to prevail. Neither can this country. Nativist fear, anger, bellicosity – Trumpism, in other words – is not America.



Houston today is America tomorrow, and the richness, the roiling energy and, yes, the prosperity of an immigrant-welcoming city are what this nation can anticipate if it follows Houston’s lead, not yours. Why in the world would Houston – or any other American city – choose to rely on the rancor and divisiveness that your campaign promotes?



Our concern about you – again, with due respect – is that you don’t share those values of openness, tolerance and good will.


Here is the entire “Dear Mr. Trump” letter: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Dear-Mr-Trump-8266615.php.

There is no way the E-Board can walk this back when it comes time to make their endorsement later on this year. It would not surprise me if Trump rips the Chron today. It also would not surprise me if Trump puts the Chron on their media blacklist.

Check this line from Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder yesterday: “Trump has, after all, commandeered national politics for an entire year.”


We host Cincy this weekend. Here is an easy one. Our first game ever against Cincy was on May 23, 1962 when we were the Colt 45s and hosted them at Colt Stadium and won 2-0. Name the future Hall of Fame great who was in the lineup for Cincy that evening?

So this tweet came out yesterday:

Delete Evans Account Retweeted

Jay Kumar Aiyer ‏@profJKAiyer 15m15 minutes ago Houston, TX

Why paraphrase Trump in ur profile @BillKingForHou? “Make Houston Great Again.” really? @evan7257 @NmHorwitz @KrisBanks

So from now on we can never make anything great again? Awwww! All because of Donald Trump? Awwww!

We can’t make the ‘Stros great again!

We can’t make NBC Thursday Night TV great again!

Awwww! All because of Donald Trump?

Of course, Bill responded with this tweet:

In reply to Jay Kumar Aiyer

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 60m60 minutes ago

@profJKAiyer @evan7257 @NmHorwitz @KrisBanks Actually I used it first.

Pay attention. Bill was talking about making H-Town great again before Trump got into the race.

My pal Jacob Monty had an Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron hitting Secretary Hillary Clinton on immigration issues. Jacob says Hillary basically can’t be trusted by Latinos on immigration. Jacob says Donald Trump is the better candidate to get some sort of immigration reforms adopted by congress. I don’t know about that. In 2011, Jacob also penned an Op-Ed that appeared in the Chron that hit the President for letting Latinos down on immigration policies. Oh, well.

Dave Wilson received a public reprimand by the HCC Board of Trustees on a 6 to 1 vote with 2 abstentions. Trustees Neeta Sane and Dr. John Hansen were the abstentions.

Hall of Fame great Frank Robinson of course was in right field for Cincy in our first ever game against the Reds.

It is going to be a challenge this afternoon. I am going to the game with Dante and I usually have to drive through River Oaks to pick him up. I have to find another route with all the security that will be in the area because of the Trump fundraiser.

It is Star Wars Night tonight at The Yard. 10,000 ‘Stros gym bags will be distributed. 10,000 ‘Stros pairs of socks will be handed out on Sunday. May the force be with the ‘Stros this weekend.


Check this tweet from yesterday:

Kris Banks ‏@KrisBanks 16h16 hours ago

Latino Council Member condemns Gene Locke for working against Hispanics on redistricting case

Kris is referring to the Pasadena redistricting issue where Latinos got the shaft. Pasadena Council Member Cody Wheeler sent out a letter blasting Gene.   I don’t have a problem with that but I hope Kris and others have gotten a commitment from Sen. Rodney Ellis that he will stand with Latinos in the upcoming 2021 redistricting effort involving Commissioners Court. Latinos sure didn’t get any help from Commissioners in the 2011 fight involving Precinct 2.

Meanwhile, Gene responded to Rodney claiming victory yesterday by saying “My private conversations with Precinct Chairs tell a different story.”

I ain’t over ‘til it’s over!

Name the ‘Stro pitcher who has given up the most dingers this season?

In 2012 general election, in Harris County, 1,204,167 voters out of 1,942,566 registered voters turned out to vote. That is a 61.99% turnout.   The President won 587,044 votes or 49.39% and Mitt Romney got 586,073 or 49.31%.

As of last month, there were 2,115,482 registered voters in Harris County. That’s 172,916 more registered voters than four years ago.   If we have the same percentage of turnout this November as we had four years ago, 1,311,387 voters will cast votes or 107,220 more than in 2012. Just thinking. Just thinking of the possibilities.

H-Town At-Large Council Member Mike Knox fired staffer Trebor Gordon.   I guess CM Knox was tired of folks showing up at public session and letting him have it. I also guess the sensitivity training wasn’t working. Oh, well.

Check this from a Politico story:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told POLITICO on Tuesday, “I’m not going to be commenting on the presidential candidates today” — a statement that comes after recent condemnations of Trump’s attack on an American judge over his Mexican heritage and his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country. 

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn on Tuesday went a step further than McConnell, telling POLITICO he will no longer talk about Trump until after Nov. 8. 

Instead, they will spend their time cracking on Secretary Hillary Clinton. These fellas are what I call political cowards and spineless weenies.

Trump is coming to The Woodlands for a rally tomorrow evening. So I tweeted this yesterday:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 4m4 minutes ago

Montgomery County in 2012. Romney 137,969 79.7%, @POTUS 32,920 19.02%. #Battleground #Election2016 #RunningUpTheScore

I guess he is doing this knowing that CNN and Fox News will probably cover him live.

Mike Fiers of course has given up 13 dingers to lead the team.

It looks like Jose Altuve will be voted to start for the AL in the MLB All Star Classic. The ‘Stros Skipper is talking up three other players: reliever Will Harris, starting pitcher Doug Fister, and George Springer. With a .59 ERA, I can see Harris making the team. Fister is 7-3 with a 3.26 ERA. Today, I can’t see it happening for Fister, but he has another four starts before the Classic so who knows. Springer is batting .266 with 15 dingers and 40 RBIs, if he keeps making fielding plays like the one last night, he could make the team.

We had a 4-5 roadie but still 9 ½ down. We host Cincy this weekend.



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