$11,000 Ring

Name the former ‘Stros player who wore the number 27 before Jose Altuve put it on in 2011?

From a ‘Stros press release yesterday:

Astros fans will have a special opportunity to purchase a limited-edition Astros World Championship Fan Ring, which has been specially-crafted to closely replicate the Astros players’ World Championship Ring. Only 112 rings were created, one of which will be raffled off to benefit the Astros Foundation. Each World Championship Fan Ring will retail at the symbolic price of $11,112.00. The Astros won 11 postseason games en route to being crowned World Series Champions, which, when added to the Astros 101 regular season wins, totals 112 wins for the 2017 World Championship season.

I went to the Team Store last night to pick up my gold star World Series lid and they were taking ring orders. They told me some folks had already phoned in their orders.

In the old days, this might matter. In today’s politics, folks tend to forget this. Here is from R.G.:

Flanked by his wife and daughters, U.S. senator Ted Cruz of Texas three years ago stepped onto the stage of Liberty University and launched what was then a long-shot run for the Republican presidential nomination. Cruz opened his speech with biographical material and a testimony to his Christian faith. Then he recited a litany of conservative ideas for restraining government, not the least of which was “Instead of a government that seizes your e-mails and your cell phones, imagine a federal government that protected the privacy rights of every American.”

Now, Cruz may have to face the possibility that his presidential campaign was—at least tangentially—involved in violating the privacy rights of millions of Americans by employing a voter-profiling company that scraped personal information off of Facebook. That firm is Cambridge Analytica, which provided the Cruz campaign with “psychographic” profiles that allowed him to target his messaging to individual voters, helping him to win the 2015 Iowa caucuses in 2016. That victory made Cruz a player in the crowded field of Republican presidential candidates.

This weekend, the New York Times reported that Cambridge Analytica harvested the profiles of 50 million Americans without their permission. Contracting with the firm might have also violated a federal law that prohibits foreign companies from working in U.S. federal elections, the Times reported.

Here is the entire R.G. article: https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/cambridge-analytica-helped-ted-cruz-win-iowa-now-may-haunt-reelection/.

Cruz’s hardcore supporters of course will let him off the hook on this. They don’t care, even if their own private info was stolen. That is our politics these days.

This is what you call shirking your duty. Not being responsible. Head in the sand. Political naivete. Downright dangerous. Check these tweets:

Jeremy Herb‏  @jeremyherb 1h1 hour ago

Sen. Cornyn tells me he doesn’t think it’s necessary for Congress to pass a law protecting Mueller: “I think it’d be a bad mistake for the President to fire the director. And I don’t think he’ll do it, so I don’t see any benefit in trying to pass a law.”

Alan He‏  @alanhe 58m58 minutes ago

Senator Cornyn on why he doesn’t think a special counsel protection bill is necessary: “I just don’t think there’s any chance he would fire Mueller. I think the consequences would be so overwhelming it’s just not going to happen.”

Hold on to these Sen. Cornyn quotes folks.

It is hard to argue with Jerome Solomon’s Chron column today on the ‘Stros being the model sports franchise. Here is how the column ends:

As (GM Jeff) Luhnow said, it is an important step to ensuring the Astros are in contention for years to come.

And this is isn’t just talk, because, well, you know … they already won a championship.

The Astros have had so many “can’t believe my eyes” moments in recent years that I expect them to do well, to do right.

The shock is going to be when they do something that doesn’t turn out well.

This feels weird for Houston.

UH missing some free throws and getting sent home from the NCAA Tournament by a dagger at the buzzer? That felt like Houston sports.

However the Rockets lose this May or June – yeah, I know, they have consistently been the best team in the NBA all season – will feel natural.

Surely you all have the upmost confidence in the Texans doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, because that’s what they do. No matter where you set the bar, they will limbo under it.

Poor Houston. What did we do to deserve such heartbreak and pain? Silly us – we thought that was our lot in life.

Then came these Astros.

A championship organization that keeps making championship moves.

Here is the entire column: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/columnists/solomon/article/Astros-are-now-Houston-s-model-franchise-12765141.php.

We saw what Jose Altuve deservedly received yesterday. The cost of watching MLB baseball in H-Town will certainly go up. Some of us are already feeling it. If we want a winner, some will have to pay the price.

I saw this yesterday:

Amanda Rykoff liked

Paul Lukas‏ @UniWatch

6h6 hours ago MLB’s new Independence Day caps have “We the People” under brim. Nice idea, but Independence Day celebrates the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, while “We the People” is from the preamble to the Constitution (ratified 12 yrs after Declaration). Bad civics.

“When in the Course of human events” just doesn’t have the same ring.

Blummer of course wore the number 27 from 2002-2003 and from 2008-2010.

MLB returns to The Yard next Monday.


Political Crazy

When the ‘Stros are introduced on Opening Day at The Yard, who will be the oldest player wearing the gold trimmed uniforms?

Let’s see, Donald Trump is attacking the special counsel and fired Andrew McCabe. GOP Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnel are just letting Trump go crazy. Jim Carrey draws an unflattering picture of Trump’s press secretary. Everybody seems to agree that Stormy Daniels is telling the truth, but Donald Trump doesn’t want her to tell the truth. It is political crazy out there these days.

Kuffer put this out this morning:

March For Our Lives rally

Mar 19th, 2018

by Charles Kuffner.

On Saturday, March 24, community members from Houston will gather for a “sibling march” as part of the March for Our Lives movement. The march is one of hundreds happening around the country planned by students and survivors of gun violence in communities big and small, in all 50 states. The national day of action will focus on calling for lawmakers to make students’ lives and safety a priority and to pass common-sense gun safety legislation. The March will take place on Saturday, March 24th at Tranquility Park in downtown Houston starting at 9 AM. To RSVP please text March to 644-33 or go on to the Facebook invite to tell organizers you’re coming.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=85416.

A number of Harris County Dems have our State Senate District Conventions this Saturday morning, so we will be marching for Dems.

A part of me wishes November 6, 2018 (Election Day) was tomorrow. Here is how Chron columnist Erica Grieder ended her column on this November’s election yesterday:

And the leaders of the Republican Party of Texas are nervous about what might happen in November, even if they refuse to admit it. They should be, too. The results of this year’s primary made it clear that the party’s hold on power is no longer secure.

It’s possible that this year’s Republican nominees can get away with coasting to victory, once again. But it’d be risky for any of them to assume that their victory is assured. And, Texas Republicans, that’s bad news for the party — but it’s good news for the people of Texas, including you.

Here is the entire Grieder column: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/grieder/article/Texans-Republican-can-t-coast-to-victory-this-12759986.php?utm_source=chron&utm_medium=linkmodule&utm_campaign=btfpm.

Is there a Kennedy running for a major office out there that Commentary doesn’t know about? Why else would a flick called “Chappaquiddick” be hitting a theater near you in the next couple of weeks?  It is not on my watch list.

I was listening to The Beatles Channel on Sirius XM yesterday and the hosts asked the listeners what Beatles song you would play for someone who had never heard of The Beatles (if there is such a person), in other words, how would you introduce someone to The Beatles. After some thought, I would go with how I was introduced to them – “I Saw Her Standing There.” The song was on their first album released here in the USA way back then. Some fans were calling in with “She Loves You”, “Because”, “Day In The Life” and even the entire Side B of Abbey Road. Everyone has their opinion, but I would go with how I was introduced to The Beatles in the beginning.

Folks know Commentary doesn’t talk much about college sports because the athletes don’t get paid. I will say Texas March Madness male teams went 6-5 through yesterday and two teams are still playing and it was a heartbreaking loss late Saturday night.

Tiger was looking great yesterday until he blew up on the 16th hole. He’s back.

Number 35, Justin Verlander of course is 35 and the oldest ‘Stro player.

MLB returns to The Yard a week from today – finally.

Commentary is going to try to take a few minutes off today and head to the Team Store and score a gold star World Series Championship lid.

Extra Innings

In the 2017 World Series, how many games went into extra innings?

Commentary will say it again.  When Tiger is in the hunt like he is this morning, the PGA is a whole lot more fun and interesting.

I would tend to agree with the following tweet, but…..

S.E. Cupp‏Verified account @secupp 31m31 minutes ago 

Very disheartened to see many in media covering the Don Jr divorce news with glee, making jokes and memes about it. Divorce is sad and hard on kids, I speak from experience. Let’s have some sympathy and restraint.

….. but, the fella is an arsehole who promotes hate and White Supremacists, you get the picture. So, I understand why folks pile on during his difficult time.  No sympathy from me.

I have not heard of any debates being planned in the Dem runoff race for Governor. That is too bad.

Chron.com has a piece on what confuses folks from H-Town and here are my favs from the piece:

Maribel Molina, web producer

“Why did they build such a cool concert venue IN THE WOODLANDS. That is SO inconvenient.”

Like I have only been there five times or so.

Don Mason, business reporter

“Street names change for no particular reason, sometimes with a conjoined name in between: Montrose-Studemont-Studewood; Westheimer-Elgin; Richmond-Wheeler; Hillcroft-Voss-Bingle.

I live off of Studewood and when I give folks directions on how to get here I often use all three street names.

April M.

“Why is Kuykendahl said Kirkkendoll?”

Yep and don’t get me started on San Phillipe.

Phillip B.

“Moved to Houston from NYC for love. Aside for the backwards right-wing statewide politics what is the deal calling pigs in a blanket Kolaches? Really? Pigs in a blanket. Period.”

This has been covered before.

Here is all of the confusion: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Things-that-still-confuse-some-Houstonians-6145540.php?__twitter_impression=true#item-85307-tbla-25

One that isn’t on the list.  How come there is always construction being done on one of our major freeways?

Keep it in the minors. See this:

Bill Kelly liked

Joshua‏ @josh_e21155 Mar 15

If Manfred ever tries to start extra innings with a runner on second at the major league level it’ll be a very sad day. Some pace of play experiments are simply not permissible

I agree.  I prefer extra innings games in MLB to be extra innings games. Nobody is being forced to stay and watch. If they want to go the way that fast pitch softball goes in the minors, no big deal to me because I don’t watch minor league games. Don’t ruin the MLB experience.

Game 2 of the World Series that we won 7-6 went 11 innings and Game 5 that we won 13-12 went 10 innings of course and someone needs to tell the Donald Trump folks that Game 5 was the best World Series game ever, not Game 7.

The Team Store will open at 12:01 am Monday so fans can get the new gold trimmed lids and jerseys.


Debate, Please

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

On this day in 44 B.C., Julius Caesar bit the dust.

The Ides of March.

Since Marwin Gonzalez has been with the ‘Stros, how many times has he started on Opening Day?

Folks talk sh_t all the time on the internet.

Folks also don’t have their facts correct, but they think they do. I saw this tweet in reaction to a post about Rep. Ana Hernandez’s fundraiser this evening that the H-Town Mayor is hosting:

PoliticoHack‏ @politi_hack 21m21 minutes ago

Replying to @PatrickSvitek

Even this Dallas gal knows that Hernandez supported Turner for Houston Mayor early, instead of Adrian Garcia, who served on City Council with (State Rep. Carol) Alvarado, whom Alvarado supported for Mayor. #notsurprised

Rep. Alvarado didn’t endorse former Sheriff Garcia in his mayoral bid. She endorsed Mayor Turner in the runoff. Those are the facts.

It is really a shame that we don’t have Dem nomination gubernatorial debates scheduled for the runoff. Debates have the potential to get more Dem voters participating. What a shame.

Kuffer thinks there ought to be debates and here is from his take today:

1. Just as a reminder, some 30% of primary voters picked someone other than Valdez and White on March 6. Some of them surely made a conscious decision to vote for one of the other candidates, but some of them just as surely picked a name more or less at random. Neither Valdez nor White has a whole lot of money right now, and neither campaign has done that much voter outreach yet. Having debates will do a lot to perform outreach to the voters who for whatever reason didn’t pick one of the frontrunners the first time around, and they’re basically free.

2. As I said before, Democrats have the only statewide runoff on the ballot as well as more Congressional runoffs. The Democratic gubernatorial runoff is the highest-profile race on the ballot right now, the only one that can claim to give a reason for everyone to vote. (Well, everyone except those who voted in the Republican primary.) Maybe this is just restating point #1, but Valdez-White debates are the best opportunity we will have to focus attention on our eventual nominee for Governor, and perhaps the only opportunity we will have to do so in a way that isn’t filtered through the default Republican perspective. This is a great gift, and both candidates should embrace it.

3. Beyond the practical concerns elections with candidate debates >>> elections without candidate debates. Yeah, sure, most debates are more about choreography and pre-packaged applause lines and zingers and whatnot. They’re still the best chance to see what a candidate looks like under pressure, and without a squadron of consultants standing by to keep them on message. Why wouldn’t we want this? Campos has more.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=85388.

What is the problem? Debate, please.

In 2012, Marwin Gonzalez was our Opening Day starter at shortstop and in 2016, he was our Opening Day starter at first base of course.

Marwin will likely be our Opening Day starter in left field or first base two weeks from today.

#SpringerDinger is our likely starting center fielder on Opening Day in Arlington two weeks from tomorrow. Cesar Cedeno leads the ‘Stros with 9 Opening Day starts in center field. Name the ‘Stro with the second most Opening Day starts in center field?

Happy Pi Day!

Commentary watched the election returns last night on CNN. The Donald Trump toadie stooge sitting at the end absolutely contributes zilch. Trying to convince the audience that Trump nearly saved the day is wacko. You have to figure CNN knows this. Sigh!

Gov. Greg Abbott puts on the call of the Special Session a hateful and divisive bathroom bill and doesn’t support it tells you all you need to know about the fella. This fella doesn’t deserve one zillionth of an ounce of respect.

Here is from Peggy Fikac of the Express-News:

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t want the bathroom bill to reach his desk despite his public statements of support, a House committee chairman said Tuesday, citing a private meeting with gubernatorial staff while the debate raged.

“The bottom line was, they did not want this bill on the governor’s desk,” Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, who heads the House Select Committee on Economic Competitiveness, said in an interview with the San Antonio Express-News. “We had been hearing this also from industry leaders, which corroborated the same thing we were told directly.”

Cook said the revelation came during a meeting in his office that included then-Abbott Chief of Staff Daniel Hodge during last year’s regular legislative session.

The chairman made his comments as his select committee released a report slamming the bathroom bill anew and warning against efforts to revive the measure.

Abbott’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment, and neither did Hodge.

Here is the entire Fikac article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/local/politics/article/House-chairman-says-Gov-Abbott-s-staff-12749758.php.

Wow! Despicable!

And this my fellow Dems is why we need a couple of Dem nomination gubernatorial debates here in Texas in a the next month.

I don’t know if I am in the majority or minority among activist Dems but I kind of would like to see Lupe Valdez and Andrew White debate before the runoff. Who wouldn’t? I would like to see how they match up against each other. That’s the healthy thing to do. Here is from the Trib:

The Democratic primary runoff for governor ramped up Tuesday with a debate over debates between Lupe Valdez and Andrew White, the two candidates still standing from the nine-way primary a week ago.

Within the span of a few hours, White, the son of late Gov. Mark White, called for debates with Valdez, the former Dallas County sheriff, ahead of the May 22 runoff and Valdez signaled an openness to sparring but with far less urgency. White was the runner-up in the March 6 primary with 27 percent of the vote behind Valdez, who drew 43 percent.

“The party’s nominee for governor – whether it’s Lupe or I – should begin spring training now for the fall campaign against Greg Abbott,” White said in a statement. “A few debates between the two of us before the runoff would make the eventual nominee all the stronger. And who doesn’t love a good debate?”

As part of its response, Valdez’s campaign suggested she was amenable to debating White closer to the runoff date — and took a shot at her rival over the attention-grabbing move. 

“We will be glad to work out a debate schedule when the voters become more focused on the race, but this primary won’t be won on 30-second debate responses,” Valdez spokesman Kiefer Odell said in a statement. “While we understand why someone who received such low support in most of Texas’ major urban areas and the Rio Grande Valley needs a debate to create buzz, Sheriff Valdez is focused on developing substantive relationships with voters across the state — just as she has done in Dallas County for the last 13 years.”

Valdez carried many of Texas’ biggest metropolitan areas in the primary, while White performed most strongly in Harris County — home to Houston, where he resides — as well as the rest of southeast Texas. 

Earlier Tuesday morning, White’s campaign had called on the Texas Democratic Party and media outlets to “sponsor” debates between him and Valdez. The party quickly responded that it currently has no plans to do so, noting that it has never put on such events in statewide races.

“We are not the DNC, and we all know it didn’t go so well for them on presidential debates,” Manny Garcia, the state party’s deputy executive director, said in a statement, alluding to the allegations of bias the Democratic National Committee faced in organizing debates involving the 2016 presidential primary candidates. 

A couple of debates might help us determine who best can take on the Abbott. The debates might even tell us who might have the potential to excite the voters. What’s the problem?

Democratic Party primary voters throughout the state of Texas need to see these two in action.   What is wrong with that? Not wanting a debate is NOT healthy folks.

Jimmy Wynn of course is number two behind Cesar Cedeno with 6 Opening Day starts in center field.

Carlos Correa said he was way too busy to go to D.C. so live with it!

This Is Healthy

The ‘Stros gave Donald Trump a jersey with the number 17. Who is the best ‘Stros player ever to wear the 17?

Commentary is glad that Tiger is back. He makes the PGA so much more interesting to watch.

R.G. posted a piece yesterday about the back and forth between Lupe Valdez supporters and Andrew White supporters in the Dem Primary runoff race for the nomination for Texas Governor. Commentary thinks this is healthy. Here the beginning of the piece:

The undercurrent of the Democratic governor’s race turned into a bitter Facebook crossfire of identity politics and accusations over abortion stances this weekend between supporters of Houston businessman Andrew White and former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez. The tone got so hostile at one point that White’s mother – former Texas first lady Linda Gale White – felt compelled to come to her son’s defense.

The debate was triggered when former state Representative Debra Danburg posted an art graphic of a party hat, confetti and a ladder on a mustard yellow background to highlight the words: Please vote for ANDREW WHITE for Governor in the Democratic runoff. During 22 years in the Legislature, Danburg was the Democratic representative for Houston’s Montrose area. The Houston Press once likened her to Davy Crockett, defending “the gay denizens of Montrose,” a state lawmaker who expanded sexual rights, who AIDS-prevention funding and passed a bill making it easier for gay and lesbian couples to adopt children. It’s also notable that she passed the state lawmaking spousal rape illegal. So it is not exactly like Danburg is from the Tory wing of the Democratic Party.

But starting Sunday afternoon and continuing into Monday, a Democratic style debate ensued after Danburg posted her plea for White on Facebook. It was like she had exposed the deep schism on the party’s left – the fight to win a statewide office for the first time in almost a quarter century versus a demand that the party serve as the unbending defender of abortion rights and identity politics. There were numerous comparisons of White to the much more charismatic Beto O’Rourke, who is running for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz.

The debate began simply enough, with Kim Okanson asking, “Why not Lupe? (Honestly asking – not trying to stir any pots.) Linda George Smith  replied, “defeat Abbott,” referring to Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Gauntlet thrown.

“I cannot imagine anyone motivated to the polls for White,” wrote Tom Combs. “Voting for him once they get there, sure. But excited…he’s not Beto…White, just not feeling it.”

Jim Sharp replied, “Beto will not win, Beto cannot win if he is on a ticket with someone who will drag him down. Vote for Andrew.”

White personally responded to Combs by writing, “Beto was a congressman for 6 yrs, has been campaigning for over a year, and is one of the most exciting Democratic politicians from Texas in a generation = and he lost 40% of the vote to 2 people that no one has ever heard of and who spent less than $10k…statewide politics is not only about a campaign or connecting with voters (those 2 things needs to happen). It’s about mass media.”

Dallas activist Trey McAtee wrote that White reminded him of centrist Democrats Chris Bell and Bill White, both of whom lost races for governor, and he noted that White’s father – the late Governor Mark White – lost his reelection bid in 1986. Houston Democrat Noah M. Horwitz wrote back, “Because nominating liberal identity politics folks works out great! Just ask Governor (Wendy) Davis.” McAtee popped the reply, “Identity politics? I’ll take a countywide Sheriff over a VC (venture capitalist) any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

Here is the entire R.G. article: https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/democrats-argue-victory-and-values-in-facebook-fight-over-white-valdez/.

Commentary doesn’t know Mr. McAtee, I think. I will say I did know Governor Mark White. He was a good friend. I held a key position with his 1982 WINNING campaign for Governor when we knocked off an incumbent GOP Governor. If history serves me well, that was the last time a Dem knocked off an incumbent GOP Governor in Texas. I also served as a Special Assistant to the Governor throughout his term and worked on his reelection campaign. We lost our 1986 election because we didn’t turn chicken and high-tail it when confronted with major challenges. Go check out your history books, please.

Like Commentary said, when was the last time a Dem knocked off an incumbent GOP Governor in Texas? Maybe it runs in the genes?

I wish they made more Mark Whites these days.

All and all, the discussion is healthy to have but don’t diss my former boss.

Here is from Kuffer today:

Endorsement watch: Alvarado’s army

Mar 13th, 2018

by Charles Kuffner

Rep. Carol Alvarado has released a long list of supporters for her campaign to succeed Sen. Sylvia Garcia in SD06. This is clearly a show of strength on Alvarado’s part – the list includes the three most recent Mayors of Houston, four of her State House colleagues, Commissioner (and former Sen.) Rodney Ellis, and a bunch of other current and past office holders. One thought that struck me as I read this was a reminder that Alvarado had been the runnerup the last time SD06 came open, losing in a special election runoff to Sen. Garcia. People had a hard choice to make in that election between two very good and well-qualified candidates, and Sen. Garcia emerged victorious. People will once again have a hard choice to make in that election between two very good and well-qualified candidates, and it may be that the bulk of those who are prominent and being public about it are going to Rep. Alvarado.

That’s hardly the final word, of course. There are plenty of people not on Rep. Alvarado’s list, and I’m sure Rep. Ana Hernandez will have her own impressive cadre of supporters. In fact, later in the day Rep. Hernandez sent out this fundraiser email that touted Mayor Turner as the special guest. That email references her HD143 campaign, with no mention of SD06, but you can draw your own inferences. Like I said, both she and Rep. Alvarado are strong candidates. Rep. Alvarado’s opening salvo may have the effect of scaring off other potential candidates, but there’s no guarantee of that, as Sen. Garcia herself could testify from CD29. All I’m going to say at this time is the same as what I said the last time we had one of these elections, which is that I’m glad I was redistricted into SD15 so I don’t have to take a side myself.

Got it?

Everyone knows Commentary doesn’t like that sorry you know what who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but I am not going to get down on the ‘Stros players for going there yesterday. Just like folks shouldn’t think less of Carlos Correa for not attending.

Here is from Jerome Solomon of the Chron today on the ‘Stros DC trip:

Their future best player hails from a tiny fishing village in Puerto Rico, where his parents had to take on extra jobs so he could play the game he loves.

(His name is Carlos Correa, and he didn’t make the trip to D.C. – the team says he had a family obligation that prevented it. Maybe his obligation was to family members affected by America’s embarrassingly insufficient response to Hurricane Maria. If so, good for him being another example of what makes America great.)

The Big Puma of course wore the number 17 during his years with the ‘Stros so go figure.

I wonder if any Dem ‘Stros fans attended the event yesterday at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Just asking.

The Seventh

Commentary is skipping the MLB question today.

#TXCD7 got some run in the Chron and in Paper City the past few days. Here is from the Chron:

West University could have been the set for “Leave it to Beaver” when Serpell Edwards and his wife Betsy bought their home there 45 years ago. The neighbors were mostly white, the moms stayed at home and took care of the kids, and the politics were reliably Republican.

West U. was part of Houston’s Seventh Congressional District, which had flipped from Democrat to Republican back in 1966, when a handsome young oilman named George H.W. Bush won the seat.

“The Seventh” soon came to be considered the safest GOP district in Texas, if not all of America, dominated for almost 50 years by Bill Archer, who succeeded Bush in 1970, and the current incumbent Republican, John Culberson, who’s occupied the seat since Archer retired in 2000.

But now, as Texas is transformed by hundreds of thousands of new arrivals from other states and other countries, The Seventh has become one of the shakiest — among two dozen Republican districts nationally that Democrat Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 election.

Democratic turnout surged in Tuesday’s primary election, spurred in part by President Donald Trump’s intense unpopularity among liberals and his seemingly limitless capacity to energize minorities, who now make up a majority of residents in The Seventh, reflecting the transformation of Texas as a whole.

“We have noticed a flood of vote Democratic signs,” said Edwards, 75. “This never happened before.”

Here is the entire Chron read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/texas/article/Diversity-powers-change-in-Houston-s-7th-12742176.php?utm_source=chron&utm_medium=linkmodule&utm_campaign=btfpm.

Here is from Paper City:

In any other year, hers might be an improbable candidacy. Now The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times-published writer finds herself in the middle of one of the most fiercely contested Congressional races in the country. Laura Moser is one of seven Democrats running for the Texas 7th (primary voting day is this Tuesday, March 6), vying to be on the ballot against Republican incumbent John Culberson this November.

Days before the election, Moser was also improbably targeted by her own party, in a rare move that smacked of back-room dealing, and brought to mind the Democratic machine’s squelching of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Presidential election. This drama brought Moser even more national attention — and made her candidacy into something of a national touchpoint.

Moser grew up in Houston’s Southside Place; attended West University Elementary, St. John’s School and Amherst College, then carved out a writing career.

Hers is a literary family — mom Jane Moser presided over Brazos Bookstore.

Here is the entire Paper City read: https://www.papercitymag.com/culture/laura-moser-houston-democratic-party-attacks-congress-election/#90253.

I am sure you saw this from State Rep. Carol Alvarado today:

I am proud and honored to announce the support for our campaign for State Senator, District 6. A host of highly respected leaders representing our civic, business and political community have endorsed my candidacy. Throughout my career in public service, I have had the privilege of working with these valued community leaders to advance public policies and initiatives that have addressed the interests of all of our residents. Their endorsement of my candidacy will help me build a strong winning campaign.

Trusted Elected Officials: Hon. Lee Brown, Former Houston Mayor, Hon. Annise Parker, Former Houston Mayor,  Hon. Bill White, Former Houston Mayor,  Hon. Jessica Farrar, State Representative • Hon. Harold Dutton, State Representative Hon. Jarvis Johnson, State Representative • Hon. Gene Wu, State Representative • Hon. Rodney Ellis, Harris County Commissioner • Hon. Karla Cisneros, Houston City Council • Member Hon. Jerry Davis, Houston City Council Member • Hon. Joe Soto, Mayor, City of South Houston  • Hon. Mary Castillo, South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Louis Martinez, South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Willie Rios, South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Irene Tamayo, South Houston City Council Member  • Hon. Sammy Casados, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Don Harrison, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Bruce Leamon, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Felipe Villarreal, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Cody Ray Wheeler, Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Rhonda Skillern-Jones, President, HISD Board of Education • Hon. Wanda Adams, HISD Trustee • Hon. Diana Davila, HISD Trustee • Hon. Eva Loredo, HCC Trustee • Hon. Adrianna Tamez, HCC Trustee • Hon. Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable• Hon. Silvia Trevino, Harris County Constable • Hon. Chris Bell, Former Congressman • Hon. Al Luna, Former State Representative • Hon. Diana Davila Martinez, Former State Representative • Hon. Roman Martinez, Former State Representative • Hon. Rick Noriega, Former State Representative • Hon. Krisit Thibaut, Former State Representative • Hon. Carol Galloway, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Sue Lovell, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Melissa Noriega, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Gordan Quan, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. James Rodriguez, Former Houston City Council Member • Hon. Graciela Saenz, Former Houston City Council Member  • Hon. Ornaldo Ybarra, Former Pasadena City Council Member • Hon. Abel Davila, Former HCC Trustee • Hon. Billy Kelley, Former South Houston City Council Member • Hon. Anna Eastman, Former HISD Trustee.

Senate District 6 Democratic Precinct Chairs: Yolanda Alvarado, Pct. 218 • David Alamia, Jr., Pct. 45 • Virginia Bazan, Pct. 591 • Freddy Blanco, Pct. 72 • Maria Bolanos, Pct. 221 • Rachel Cardenas, Pct. 65 • Charles Carter, Pct. 93 • Elizabeth Cocina, Pct. 67 • Cheryl Curtis, Pct. 302 • Maria Gonzalez, Pct. 36 • Annabella Gutierrez, Pct. 381 • George Hernandez, Pct. 526 • Kevin Hoffman, Pct. 207 • Michael Hinojosa, Pct. 11 • Tijuana Hunter, Pct. 605 • Willie Hunter, Pct. 497 • Carolyn Jones, Pct. 150 • Andrew Lopez, Pct. 211 • Michael Maddi, Pct. 277 • Matthew Maliel, Pct. 166 • Zachery Martin, Pct. 849 • Al Martinez, Sr., Pct. 206 • Eugene Mendoza, Pct. 664 • Patricia Minor, Pct. 2 •   Anselmo Munoz, Pct. 766 • Andrea Murray, Pct. 325 • Ray Paige, Pct. 930 • Richard Ochoa, Pct. 105 • Christian Patino, Pct. 61 • Mary Phillips, Pct. 740 • Rosendo Ramos, Pct. 172 • Ruben Rendon, Pct. 308 • David Robles, Pct. 79 • Natividad Rodriguez, Pct. 69 • Reynaldo Rodriguez, Pct. 1 • Veronica Sanches, Pct. 241 • Miah Seraj, Pct. 755 • Lillian Sexton, Pct. 279 • Johnny Tamayo, Pct. 29 • Ima Turner, Pct. 118 •LaTonya Whittington, Pct. 320 • Holly Williams, Pct. 329 • Belinda Ybarra, Pct. 154 • Fernando Zamarripa, Pct. 261.

Community Partners: Tilman Fertitta • Kase Lawal, Former Port Commissioner • Ambassador Arthur Schechter • Michael Skelly & Anne Whitlock • Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Former Vice Chair, Texas Democratic Party • Dario Arellano • Ericka Bagwell • Chris & Judy Berno • Gordon Bethune • Blanca Blanco • Christina Cabral • Tony Campos • Chris Canonico • Richard Cantu • Dr. Dorothy Caram • Cindy Clifford • Dr. Edgar Colon • Sergio & Tiffany Davila • Yvette De La Fuente & Armando Diaz • Tony Diaz • Lucy De La Fuente & Frank Rodriguez • Marilu & Solomon De La Fuente • Arturo Eureste • Gayle Fallon • Richard Farias • Jerry Flores • Ramiro Fonseca • Dr. Terence Fontaine • Nene Foxhall & Steve Jetton • Nelly Fraga • Cindy Gallegos • Melissa Gallegos • Teresa Gallegos Manuel “Munger” Gaitan • Giovanni Garibay • Irma Diaz Gonzalez & Roberto Gonzalez • Rusty Hardin • John Hernandez • Jessica Hulsey • Janiece Longoria • Johnny Mata • Drayton McLane, Jr. • Robert Miller • Christina Morales • Terry Morales • Sally Morin • John Nau • Christian Navarro • Ken Olive • Theresa Padilla • Mary Ramos • Janie & Frumencio Reyes • Jessica Rossman • Marty Stein • Robert Tijerina • Delphina Torres • Ray Valdez • Marisol Valero • Mary Vargo •Johnny Villarreal • Javier & Gloria Zenteno.

Got it?

The ‘Stros are going to DC today.

MLB returns to The Yard two weeks from this evening.