Our arsehole racist Gov. Greg Abbott appointed as Secretary of State a fella named John Scott who worked with Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Oh, brother.  Here is from a Trib story: 

Sen. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, who sits on the nominations committee that approves the governor’s appointees said Scott’s representation of Trump in an effort to block election results is “extremely alarming.” 

“This person gained notoriety by representing Donald Trump in court during the attempt to overturn the 2020 election, and this is not the kind of person — this political type of appointment, this political hack of an appointment — that we need,” said Alvarado, who leads the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus. 

Nice words, Senator Alvarado. Commentary could not have said it better. 

Commentary celebrated another birthday yesterday. A milestone of sorts. I got a bunch of texts and calls wishing me a good one.  My sister Aida sent me some goodies including wine, Saint Arnold, a birthday cake and some Siete Wedding Cookies.  My niece Linda Garza sent out a tweet with a cool picture of her and I like from seven years ago. I called her yesterday to chat and she invited me to go with her to the Elton John concert here in H-Town at the Toyota Center next January.  The tickets are not too far from the stage. How cool is that? 

There is not a whole lot to say about Game 6 of the ALCS at The Yard this evening.   

For the H. 

Redistricting Local 

From a Fox26Houston tweet yesterday: 

Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey is furious – incensed over proposed political boundaries which would drastically reduce the geographic size of the area he serves and alter the demographic make-up to favor a Democrat in future elections. 

I wonder if Commissioner Ramsey paid attention to recent redistricting up at the Texas State Capitol the past few weeks. I wonder if he was furious and incensed. 

Same for local GOP activist Thomas Bazan who sent me this email: 

I wish to object to the proposed “Ellis” Commissioners Precinct map, 21-5682.  

I have no idea when our Precinct 661 was made part of Commissioners Precinct Four, likely more than 80 years ago, but I am certain that the Commissioners Court would never have done this to E. A. “Squatty” Lyons, or any other Commissioner.  

I have lived in Commissioners Precinct 4, Precinct 661 for about 35 years, since 1986, and this change severs social and religious communities in one swoop.  

I pray that the Commissioners Court will reject this proposed map, and consider the one proposed by Commissioner Ramsey. 

Bazan needs to look at the redistricting maps for congress, state senate, state house, and state board of education just adopted by Texas’ GOP legislators.

Maybe he can explain why State Rep. Christina Morales will soon represent most of the Houston Heights in House District 145. 

We could have used his prayers.

GOP Texas State Sen. Kel Seliger announced yesterday that he would not run for reelection.  He was a conservative who would not buy all in into Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s horse sh_t agenda.  A couple of sessions ago, Patrick stripped him of his leadership positions.  

I was somewhat amused yesterday to see the tweets from folks who lauded Seliger as a statesman and all that stuff. Some GOP state legislators were among those who praised Seliger. Fuck_ng cowards. They never said squat when Patrick was punkarsing Seliger the last few years. Shut the f_ck up. 

The ATL are up on the Dodgers 3-1 in the NLCS. I don’t care. 

Through 5 games of the ALCS, we have scored 31 runs to 28 for the Red Sox. 

The Chron Sports Section today has a column from the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy but it isn’t online or behind the paywall. Shaughnessy writes about what has happened to the Red Sox in the last couple of games.  Like Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez taunting Carlos Correa with that what time is it taunt.  

I have said it before. We are a very good team. Framber Valdez stepped up big time yesterday. Yordan Alvarez also stepped up. If we play our game, we can do it. 

We are one win away from the World Series. 

I will not, however, start counting my chickens. 

For the H. 

Flipping The Narrative 

The GOP has trash in Donald Trump.  He is a sick f_ck for sure.  His statement on the passing of former Secretary of State Colin Powell was pure vomit. That is who leads the GOP. 

Speaking of worthless, does anyone take Ted Cruz seriously?  He got owned by an Australian official a couple of days ago. As usual, Cruz didn’t know what he was talking about.  This arsehole just takes up space. 

Wow! Who saw that coming.  Commentary is talking about last night’s win at Fenway.  After Games 2 and 3 of the ALCS where we were blown away, everybody thought we were goners.  Heck, I wasn’t feeling too good about the team.  Then last night happened. 

The bullpen stepped up. Jose Altuve, Jason Castro and Michael Brantley had key at bats.  We scored 7 runs in the top of the ninth inning. We silenced the Red Sox fans.  Suddenly, we have a tied series and a Game 6 at The Yard this Friday.  

Now that is what we call flipping the narrative. 

State Sen. Carol Alvarado was wishing for an Astros win for her Mom’s 94th birthday yesterday and she got it. 

Happy Birthday yesterday, Ida! 

We have a 4 pm Game 5 this afternoon. 

Need The Hex Lady

This is from yesterday’s Chron Editorial: 

While the incumbent has failed to provide the steady leadership that the school board so badly needs, Janette Garza Lindner, 45, is a strong candidate with a fierce inner drive we believe she can channel into good governance. 

103 voted in person yesterday in the HISD Trustee District 1 race.  

Four years ago, in November of 2017, close to 15,000 voted by mail in Harris County. We had constitutional amendments on the ballot, some City of H-Town propositions, HISD and HCC trustee races, and other local elections. 29,000 mail ballots have been returned as of yesterday for the November 2 election.  You can thank the Harris County Elections Administrator for the nearly 100% increase in mail ballot voting.  They sent out applications to those voters 65 and older this past August. 

The racist voter suppression GOP legislators are taking this option off the table for future elections. Think about that. 

We are down 2 to 1, but it feels like 200 to 1.  We need our pitching to step it up. 

Three Red Sox grand salamis. Sigh. 

We need the Astros hex lady to do her stuff. 

Zack Greinke goes today.  It is a must game for sure. 

For the H.

Early Voting Today 

We lost a great American. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is no longer with us. He was fully vaccinated and died of COVID-19. The folks around Bush 43 did him wrong when they sent to the UN on false info on WMDs.  

The Chron E-Board put out their endorsements again this morning and led off with Janette Garza Lindner for HISD Trustee District 1.  Go vote. 

Early Voting in Person starts today for the HISD and HCC Trustee races, the 8 proposed state constitutional amendments and other local races across Harris County and the state. 

We have quite a few early voting locations including some drive-thru, plus a late night and 24-hour day next week. Around HISD District 1, new locations include the West End Multi Service Center on Heights on the Walmart side of I-10.  We also have the HCC Northline Campus as a new EV location.  Moody Park will serve as a drive-thru EV location. Last I heard, folks were still dying from COVID-19, so drive-thru is necessary. 

I was watching Fox 26’s Greg Groogan on “What’s Your Point” yesterday and he had a gaffe of sorts. He referred to former HPD Chief Art Acevedo as a “former elected official” during his time in H-Town. That’s funny. 

I don’t think a lot of folks thought The ATL would be 2-0 over the Dodgers in the NLCS. 

Our text group kind of got national exposure when I texted it wasn’t necessary for TBS to air Albert Pujol’s Game 5 2005 NLCS dinger when he came up to bat last night. The 2005 dinger happened during an elimination game. Last night’s was not. 

We lost Lance McCullers, Jr. for the ALCS. The Red Sox had two grand salamis off our pitching Saturday.  We are at one apiece heading into Fenway this evening. 

For the H. 

E-Board Strikes 

There are five HISD trustee races on the ballot this November. Five incumbent trustees are running. The Chron E-Board endorsed three of the incumbents: Sue Deigaard, Myrna Guidry and Holly Flynn Vilaseca. 

They endorsed Janette Garza Lindner over incumbent Elizabeth Santos and Mac Walker over Anne Sung. 

Here is from today’s E-Baord take: 

In unruly classrooms and school boards alike, you’ve got good kids, you’ve got troublemakers, and then you’ve got the good kids who, for some reason, follow the troublemakers down a path to mischief. 

That was Anne Sung in 2018. Amid the HISD board’s dysfunction, this Harvard-educated, former award-winning HISD physics teacher and strong advocate for special education whom we had enthusiastically endorsed for District VII trustee joined colleagues who met secretly with former Superintendent Abe Saavedra, which state officials say violated Texas’ open meetings law. Three days later she voted to swap Saavedra for interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan. 

Sung apologized and said she only wanted Saavedra’s advice on state oversight issues and didn’t know of plans to hire him until moments before she voted for it. 

“I didn’t understand what was happening,” she told us. We don’t know what’s worse – premeditating a school board coup or hastily voting for it, without public input, after two minutes’ deliberation

A 2019 vote to end HISD’s contract with Teach for America after 30 years didn’t restore our faith. 

Incumbents only lose our endorsement when there’s a qualified replacement and luckily there’s Mac Walker

Oh, well. 

All the Dem groups like Sung.

I really don’t care who the other teams are in the playoffs. I saw the game last night. I don’t care. 

I do care about tonight’s Game 1 of the ALCS as we host the Red Sox. 


It is somewhat amusing that an anonymous twitter account would accuse someone for not fully disclosing information.

I saw this tweet yesterday:


Is it ethical for the @HoustonChron editorial board to endorse a candidate and fail to mention she is besties with head of the editorial board @ChronFalkenberg

Here is what I will say about this. Lisa Falkenberg is the head of the editorial board. To my knowledge, there has never been an instance where her ethics have been questioned. Period.

The editorial board screening took place last week via Zoom with all three HISD Trustee District 1 candidates participating. Lisa Falkenberg was not a participant.

Lisa is a pro. She knows how to conduct herself.

Meanwhile, this twitter account is anonymous.

Who do you think wins the ethics argument?

Does anyone pay attention to Greg Abbott’s executive orders these days?  

The Dodgers and Giants play this evening to see who makes it to the NLCS. 

The Astros and the Red Sox play Game 1 of the ALCS tomorrow night. 

For Janette Garza Lindner

The Chron E-Board today endorsed my client, Janette Garza Lindner, this morning for HISD Trustee, District 1. In the process, the E-Board also did a takedown of sorts of the incumbent.  Here it is: 

Trustee Elizabeth Santos, 39, is asking voters to keep her on the board representing Houston ISD District I. They shouldn’t. 

Santos’ connection to the district is deep. She grew up attending its schools and taught English there. Her dedication to students shines through when she speaks. As a board member, she helped get raises for teachers and staff as a vocal champion for better pay in the district, whose teachers remain among the region’s lowest paid

That record speaks in her favor, but it does not overcome her weaknesses as a board member. 

An early strike against Santos came in late 2018, when she joined four other trustees to oust Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan in a surprise vote that came after the five had met with a former superintendent whom they then named to replace Lathan. The Texas Education Agency cited that apparent violation of the state’s open meetings law as partial grounds for replacing the whole board. 

Santos defends her actions, and claimed in our meeting with her she hadn’t known in advance that Lathan would be fired. But the episode was deeply disruptive and showed poor judgment. 

That was an early mistake, but unfortunately Santos has not provided the steady influence and smooth leadership that the school board, with all its recent acrimony, so badly needs. In interviews with us and other outlets recently, she has also struggled to share a cogent vision for how she’ll use a second term to steer the district to further success. 

On the other hand, Janette Garza Lindner, 45, is a strong candidate. The mother of two HISD students, she grew up in Brownsville, bilingual in Spanish and English, as an adopted daughter of a widow who left school in the second grade and never learned to read. She graduated from the University of Texas and is an energy industry consultant and project manager. In 2019, she received training as a board fellow of Latinos for Education and serves on the leadership committee of Arts Connect Houston. 

Her story lends itself well to representing District I, which stretches from the Near Northside to the northwest across much of the Heights. 

Matias Kopinsky, 25, is also running in this race and shows promise as a committed Houstonian. We hope he finds other ways to serve our community. 

“I know firsthand how much schools matter,” Garza Lindner told the editorial board. 

We believe she can channel her fierce inner drive into good governance that makes a difference for the next generation of children whose parents may not be able to read to them at night but who still dream that their futures are filled with open doors. 

On my Commentary tweet today, I will have a photo of Janette’s Loteria sneakers that she sometimes wears when she block walks. 

Now to MLB.  

The Astros have proven themselves to be the elite team of MLB. You don’t go to five straight LCSs on luck.  We are a damn good baseball team.  The best over the past five years.   

Commentary is in a text group called Baseball Buddies. It consists of a couple of elected officials, an MLB baseball sportswriter, a former elected official turned lobbyist, another former elected official turned corporate executive, the owner of an H-Town engineering firm and Commentary.  We started group texting during the pandemic baseball season last year. It is the nucleus of the group that gets together before games during the playoffs. 

After the Red Sox clinched a spot in the ALCS a couple of nights ago, I texted that if we handled business, we would have home field advantage in the ALCS.  The Astros handled business yesterday.  

Commentary said this a little over a week ago: 

Honestly, I really don’t care who wins the other playoff games. Dodgers, Giants, San Luis, The ATL, Brewers, Yankees, Red Sox or Rays. I am of the H-Town versus everyone mindset.  If we play our game, another World Series title can happen.   

That is exactly what happened in the ALDS. We are the most dangerous team in the playoffs right now. 

A relief pitcher for the White Sox insinuated that the Astros were still doing “sketchy” stuff. He said it after we lost Game 3 on Sunday evening.  Several Astros were asked about it prior to yesterday’s game and the Astros just kind of shrugged it off.  The Astros responded by putting 10 runs on the scoreboard yesterday. We scored 31 runs in 4 games.

We host the Red Sox Friday night in Game 1 of the ALCS. We are back in familiar territory.  We are home. We are where we belong.

For the H. 

Dangerous Clown

Flip-flop.  A dangerous flip-flop. That is what we got from the GOP moronic Texas Gov. Greg Abbott yesterday. He is a dangerous clown for sure.  This arsehole has lost respect across the spectrum.  Nobody I know respects this idiot. Texas businesses are going to do what they must do to survive. They are not going to pay attention to Abbott.  He is becoming more and more a danger to us all. Abbott has made it clear that he can’t handle a major crisis. 

Commentary has made it clear that I don’t think much of former HPD Chief Art Acevedo. Neither does Miami. Acevedo’s big mouth cost him his gig in Miami.  I am not surprised. That guy let’s his mouth do his thinking.  I wonder if there is loser law enforcement agency out there who will hire him?

Good for the H-Town Mayor for pulling down the affordable housing project that caused a mess over at City Hall. That was a losing initiative and a bad deal for sure. It blew up in his face big time and he had no choice but to dump it. Scoreboard for the former housing director on this one. 

The Mayor’s announcement on scuttling this lousy proposition got the Chron E-Board to do a take on this today, so there are no HISD trustee endorsements this morning to discuss. 

At about 1 pm this afternoon, a lot of us here in H-Town will be focused on the flat screen watching Game 4 of the ALDS. Our ace, Lance McCullers, Jr. will be our starter. 

For the H. 

HISD Ballot Mistake

If this had happened to one of my candidates, I would be livid.  This is from the Chron: 

A candidate for the Houston ISD Board of Education said Friday his name has been printed incorrectly on ballots and county elections officials said it is too late to change the name. 

Lee “Mac” Walker, running for the district 7 seat, said the issue came to his attention last weekend when a voter emailed to ask if he was on the ballot. The voter sent him a picture of the ballot, which showed his legal name, Lee Walker, instead of the nickname he has gone by and campaigned under, he said. 

Walker’s notarized application shows he wrote he wanted his name to be displayed as Mac Walker on the ballot, according to district records. The application has a notary’s stamp on the bottom. A sample ballot shows his name appears as Lee Walker. 

My full name is Lee Macerlaen Walker. I have gone by Mac since the day I was born. My school board candidate application requested that I be on the ballot as “Mac Walker,” as allowed by law, and as verified and notarized by HISD staff.  Somehow, HISD chose to ignore my application and list me as “LEE WALKER”. 

Here is what Walker put out on his website: 

Errors like this can cost a candidate the election. The District 7 incumbent won by 27 votes in 2016.  Every vote counts!  

Harris County took 4 days to decide that they did not have enough time or resources to fix this ballot error, as outlined in the Secretary of State’s protocols for such events. I have asked (again) that HISD and Harris County make the necessary correction to the ballot. Let’s see how they respond…   

In the meantime, rather than complain about election integrity and the disenfranchisement of District 7 voters – many of whom have already contacted me and are rightfully confused – I am moving forward.   

Keep an eye on my social media accounts for updates!  

I am still the best candidate in the field, and now, as this three-letter swap illustrates, you can understand why I am even more fired up about the decisions HISD leaders make every day and the 200,000 students they are educating!   

For those of you who are not familiar with ballot applications, there is a section on how you want your name to be on the ballot. Like if your name is Robert, but you go by Rob or Bob, or Bobby, you write down what you go by if you want. 

HISD didn’t forward that section for Walker over to the Harris County Elections Administrators office.  That was sloppy on the part of HISD.  They obviously don’t have controls in place to make sure this doesn’t happen, because it did. What a shame and outrage. 

The arsehole GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan is being called a RINO by Donald Trump. The former Chair of the Texas GOP Allen West has been vociferously opposed to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.  He got COVID-19 last week and is in the hospital.  He is now railing against the vaccine from his hospital bed.  That’s your GOP 2021 folks. Fu_king idiots. 

My “Wizard of Oz” wall calendar for October has a picture of one of the flying monkeys with the quote “Why, my little party’s just beginning” by the Wicked Witch. 

My Beatles calendar has a 1968 photo of the four sitting down prior to the release of the White Album.  

There were two unusual plays last night that I don’t think I had ever seen in MLB or baseball for that matter.  The ground rule double off a Red Sox player that prevented the Rays from scoring and the throw to home by Yuli Gurriel that hit the batter-baserunner.   

When we fell behind 9-6 my thought was they must beat us today and Wednesday to prevent us from advancing to the ALCS.   

It is a 2:30 pm first pitch today.