Playing to the Crowd

I know I shouldn’t be talking this way but I may as well point this out to those of us who love our local politics and love our ‘Stros. If the World Serious goes to a Game 6, the game will be played at the crib of the AL Champion on the evening of Tuesday, November 3 – Election Night. Wowsa! Now that’s what I call a nice dilemma or good problemo to have.

Name the MLB club with the most playoff appearances as a Wild Card Team?

There have been around 30 or so mayoral candidate forums this campaign season and I think I have missed around one or two of them. So I guess I can be called an expert of sorts on how these forums are playing out.

First let me remind folks what Commentary said yesterday:

Tonight’s Mayoral Candidate Forum is hosted by Super Neighborhood #6 and the Old Acres Homes Citizen Council. I am predicting that Ben Hall will go aggressive on Rep. Sylvester Turner. The setting plays to Ben’s style if you know what I mean.

I was right. The crowd was for the most part was older African American voters. Ben went after the HERO and got some folks worked up. During the forum, a member of the clergy asked the candidates where they stood on the HERO.

Now let me back up. Yesterday morning, at a transportation related forum, the candidates were asked to give a thumbs up or down to the HERO and they did. At the Museum District forum, all the candidates clearly said they were for, against, or would abstain.

Back to last night, Ben Hall was again the only candidate to say he was against. Bill King again laid out his concerns. Adrian Garcia talked more about what he did at the jail but never outright said he supported the HERO. Marty McVey said something about how we should love everybody but never said outright he supported the HERO. Rep. Sylvester Turner laid out that discrimination against anyone was wrong but never said the words “I support the HERO.” Council Member Steve Costello and Chris Bell didn’t attend the forum.

I guess you could say Ben succeeded in getting some of the crowd worked up and it having an effect on the HERO supporters. I bring this up because of one of the arguments I heard a few Saturdays ago at the GLBT Caucus meeting for supporting Sylvester. Let me reprint this from the Chron’s coverage of the GLBT meeting three weeks ago:

“I want to win the HERO ordinance,” longtime caucus member Kevin Hoffman said to a packed hall in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union building, in northwest Houston. “We need every single vote. If we (GLBT) don’t endorse Sylvester Turner, who can bring the African American vote and coalition with us, we are going to fail.”

That wasn’t evident last night.

Here is what Adrian Garcia told the clergy leader: “If my city attorney ever sent you a subpoena, I’d fire him.”

Like I said, Ben set the tone on the HERO.

If someone else there had a different take, let them put it out. If you weren’t there then you really can’t describe what happened.

This is what happens when you invite the minor candidates:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 60m60 minutes ago
She definitely went over her allotted time for closing remarks at the SN6/Acres Home Mayoral Forum. #houvote

So this is what happened at the Museum District forum. Check this tweet:

Miya Shay ‏@miyashay 1h1 hour ago
Tidbit from #HouMayor forum early this week: McVey wasn’t invited, waited at Zaza bar for organizers to change their mind. They didn’t.

Trump called Jorge Ramos a “Spanish journalist.” Oh, well, they all look the same.

The Red Sox of course have been the Wild Card team seven times.

We are at Target for three with a five game lead.

Gorgeous What?

I have to believe that Adrian Garcia’s handlers told him after the Houston Area Women’s Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Forum yesterday that referring to his hosts as “gorgeous ladies” probably wasn’t a good idea.

The ‘Stros visit the Twins this weekend. Name the four Baseball Hall of Fame greats wearing Twins gear?

Mayoral candidate and Council Member Steve Costello put this out yesterday:

Council Member Costello did not support the Houston Organization of Public Employees’ new contract passed by City Council this morning. The new contract will cost between $37 million and $45 million over the next three fiscal years and includes an increase in minimum salaries to $12 per hour. Council Member Costello voiced concerns about committing the city to increased salaries when facing layoffs due to the $126 million deficit projected in the next fiscal year.

“I support increasing the salaries of our lowest paid city workers, and I would have supported a one-year deal to accomplish this. However, I simply cannot support the additional raises included in the contract when the city of Houston faces deficits of over $100 million each year for the next five years,” Costello said.

Costello has also come out in support of hiring 1,500 new police officers.

You do the math because I can’t.

Tonight’s Mayoral Candidate Forum is hosted by Super Neighborhood #6 and the Old Acres Homes Citizen Council. I am predicting that Ben Hall will go aggressive on Rep. Sylvester Turner. The setting plays to Ben’s style if you know what I mean.

Bert Blyleven, Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, and Kirby Puckett of course are in the Hall of Fame wearing Twins gear.

We took the season series with the Yankees. It is August 27 and we have a 5 ½ game lead with 34 games remaining. Including today, there are six Thursdays remaining in the season and we only play on one of them – Thursday, September 17 in Arlington.

That’s what it means to me and a whole bunch of Latino voters in America. And to say it to one of the most admired individuals – Jorge Ramos – in the Latino community.

Meanwhile, Trump’s GOP opponents stay predictably silent because they don’t want to be Trump punked. The folks that have the easiest job in America today are those that are handling Latino outreach for the Democratic National Committee. Thanks, Donald!

Jose Altuve has 150 base hits. Who leads MLB with the most base hits today?

Last night’s mayoral candidate forum was held at the Museum of Fine Arts for folks that live in and around the Museum District. About the only thing of note was moderator Miya Shay calling out Rep. Sylvester Turner for not stating a position on the Ashby high rise. That’s kind of puzzling considering most folks in the room last night are opposed to Ashby. Ben Hall was the only candidate to get an applause on the Ashby question.

Last night when I drove up to the Museum of Fine Arts, we had just scored our first run. When I left we were up nine zip. I dropped by a civic club meeting and after the meeting I got in my car and we were up fifteen zip.

Dee Gordon of the Fish of course leads MLB with 156 hits.

Now our lead is up to 4 ½ games with 35 games remaining. Dallas Keuchel got his 15th win last night and the ‘Stros got their 70th. We are for real.

The Latino Slate

I tweeted this yesterday afternoon.

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 15h15 hours ago
I am kind of thinking a #Latino candidate slate has been put together for the @houstontxdotgov , @HoustonISD & @HCCDistrict races. #houvote

Now this is very interesting. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I can’t remember the last time I saw a local Latino slate of candidates for an election. Here is their line-up:

Former HCC Trustee Herlinda Garcia talking on incumbent Robert Gallegos in City Council District I.

Former HCC Trustee Abel Davila in the open City Council District H.

Manuel Barrera taking on incumbent Mike Laster in City Council District J.

Incumbent HISD Trustee Manuel Rodriguez in District 3 running for re-election.

Former HISD Trustee Diana Davila running for her old position against incumbent Juliet Stipeche in District 8.

Art Aguilar running against incumbent HCC Trustee Eva Loredo in District VIII.

I really don’t want to get into the motivation behind this or speculate. I need to hear what they are saying on the campaign trail and see what they are putting out online or in campaign literature.

Two current elected officials and one former elected official suggested to me this past weekend that they were hearing the slate was being assembled.

Now this requires that we all stay tuned!

The anti-HERO folks are running radio ads. That was fast.

Pitcher Dallas Keuchel was selected by the ‘Stros in the seventh round of the 2009 MLB Draft. Who was the overall top draft choice that year?

This guy is not going to be president. I am talking about Jebbie. He shows no respect to some fellow American citizens. On using the term “anchor babies” here is from what the Tribune reported:

Later, responding to another question about the term, Bush tersely told a reporter: “This is so ridiculous. Give me the name you want me to use and I’ll use it.”

I will say it again, how about American citizen. Show some respect.

Stephen Strasburg of course was selected by the Nats with the top draft choice back in 2009.

We lost in the bottom of the ninth to the Yankees last night and hold a three and a half game lead.

Baseball, Then Politics

I am going to have to talk some baseball first after the incredible weekend and 10 game homie. I have an interesting political take too, so stick around.

We celebrated my Dad’s 92nd birthday in Baytown yesterday. We had good grub and a good time.

We had the ‘Stros game on the flat screen and when we were behind late in the game, both my nephew Dave and Dante said this ‘Stro team is very capable of coming from behind. So true. Dave and Dante know their baseball for sure.

A no-no and a sweep of the Dodgers who threw Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw against us – now that is special!

Check this tweet:

ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo 59m59 minutes ago
For the 1st time this season, LAD have been swept in a series that saw Zack Greinke & Clayton Kershaw each start at least 1 game (Elias)

Nobody ever goes to a ballgame hoping to see a no-hitter. There have been a few hundred thousand MLB games played over the past hundred plus years and only 292 no-nos including the Friday special at The Yard.

It is a pretty cool feeling to witness a no-no. I didn’t notice we had one going Friday night until the end of the sixth inning when I checked out twitter, saw the buzz, then looked up at the scoreboard and saw the zero in the “H” column. Up until then I was just paying attention to the score and hoping we could just hold on to our three zip lead.

In the top of the seventh, as every Dodger came to the plate and an out was recorded, The Yard got a bit more electric. I tweeted this:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary Aug 21
Just for the record, I was at Yankee Stadium in 2003 for the last @astros … #GoAstros

And this:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary Aug 21
Why are they doing the wave now at this point in @astros game. #GoAstros

I actually thought the wave at that point was going to drop bad karma on ‘Stros pitcher Mike Fiers.

When the top of the ninth rolled around and the place was in a semi-frenzied state and everyone was on their feet, I was thinking please don’t bust up the no-no, please don’t bust up the no-no. When we got our second out, I knew he was going to get it. At that point I didn’t think the baseball gods would drop a cruel one on us at The Yard. Then it happened! Some jumped up and down. Some hugged. I just raised my arms and took in everything that was happening on the field and in the stands. Unbelievable! And in our 16th season at The Yard the first no-no was tossed, and tossed by a ‘Stro! Now that is cool.

Our previous no-no was the six pitcher no-no tossed at Yankee Stadium on June 11, 2003. We won that game 8-0 and our record was 37-28, good enough for first place. What was our final record in 2003 and where did we finish in the standings?

On to local politics.

Last year, former HISD Trustee Diana Davila filed a campaign treasurer designation stating she would be running for H-Town City Council, District H. Earlier this year, her husband, former HCC Trustee Abel Davila entered the District H race. Last week, I was forwarded a Diana Davila for HISD Trustee logo. I guess she is running to get her seat back from incumbent Trustee Juliet Stipeche. I can’t remember the last time we had a husband and wife both running for different positions in the same election season.

Former HCC Trustee Herlinda Garcia is rumored to be running against District I Council Member Robert Gallegos. Incumbent Trustee Manuel Rodriguez and Ramiro Fonseca will square off again. HCC Trustee Eva Loredo has a challenger. We know what is going on in District H.

Filing deadline is today at 5 pm. We will know then who is in and who is not.

The Chron started their mayoral candidate features yesterday with Chris Bell. It was on the front page of the City/State section. I would have preferred the front page of the main section.

After the 2003 no-no at Yankee Stadium, the ‘Stros went 50-47 the rest of the season and finished up at 87-75 for second place in the NL Central, a game behind the Cubbies and four games behind the Fish for the Wild Card slot.

Someone is selling their no-no ticket stub on ebay for $17.50. Oh, well.

We went 7-3 on the homie and have a four game lead with 37 games remaining. We play 22 on the road and 15 at The Yard. The next three are in the Bronx.

How About U.S. Citizens!

Jebbie used the term “anchor babies” the other day, referring to kids born on U.S. soil whose parents are here without their papers. He was asked if he regretted using this term and Jeb replied – “No, I don’t. I don’t regret it.” When pressed, Jeb said “no, do you have a better term? OK, you give me, you give me a better term and I’ll use it. I’m serious.”

Dude, read the Constitution, like the 14th Amendment. They are called U.S. citizens just like you and me. I will make it easier, try Americans.

These guys hate it when the Constitution gets in their way.

I am thinking that Jebbie isn’t consulting with his family on immigration matters. After all, his dad was there when President Reagan signed into law the Simpson-Mazzoli Act and his brother supported The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 which included a pathway to citizenship.

You have to give credit to Trump for playing the Pied Piper as Jebbie and other GOPers follow him down the path of the ridiculous. Pathetic. But you know what? It keeps Latinos strongly in the Dem camp.

How many teams with losing records are still on the ‘Stros’ schedule?

If you are a local political junkie and want more than just the mayoral candidate forums, go to http://www.karlacisneros.com to get the schedule of the upcoming District H candidate forums.

Check this “Today” show tweet:

TODAY ‏@TODAYshow 3h3 hours ago
“It was once a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton was going to be the Democratic nominee. Now people are questioning that.” -@MLauer

I am going to say this. I am all in for Joe Biden and others making the race. Hillary needs a workout and some testing to make sure she is ready for the 2016 general.

We have 21 games remaining with the Twins (60-61), Mariners (56-65), A’s (53-69), and D-Backs (59-61) of course.

It is very difficult to win a game when you only get one hit. Our bats need to get going as we face Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw this weekend as our lead still stands at two and a half.

Happy 16th Birthday to Dante. Any day now he will be driving me to The Yard.

I think it was Chris Bell who said that last night’s mayoral candidate forum was the 22nd of the season and at last count there are still over 30 forum/debates/some on TV on the schedule. Is this too many? Nope!

First of all, most of the forums have been well attended. The folks that attend are voters. They get to see the candidates answer or dodge the questions. They get to see some pander. I think it is healthy. Heck, some folks last night still had not decided who they were supporting.

This was tweeted during the debate:

Bill Kelly ‏@billkellytexas 2h2 hours ago
I sure love Houston, enough to listen to Mayoral candidates at #keystothecity even when @kidkeuchy is pitching 4 the @astros on $1 dog night

Three MLB clubs have identical home records at 42-20 – name the three?

Here is tweet action from the forum last night:

Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 2h2 hours ago
Criminal justice taking center stage at this #houmayor forum, where Turner is being asked about low-level drug offenses, HPD staffing

It was a good question from moderator David Jones on how to reduce the jail population that Rep. Turner didn’t answer at all.


Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 3h3 hours ago
.@BenHall2015 slams @AdrianGarciaHTX’s answer as “too shallow,” says Garcia has no policy to address police brutality #houvote

Ouch! We will probably be seeing more of this from Ben.

Here is from Nancy Sims:

Yesterday, the “C” Club made their choice in the Mayoral Election. They endorsed Bill King.

The “C” Club is a conservative organization but they have surprised folks in the past by making unexpected endorsements. Many politicos think of them as the “rational” conservatives. They are a well-respected group of conservative-leaning, mostly business-oriented members.


Our sources indicate that there were three contenders worthy of their support with most of the candidates having at least one or two members in their favor. The top three, however, were Stephen Costello, Adrian Garcia and Bill King.

It takes 75% of the membership to approve their endorsement. This is a significant victory for King. King is a middle-of-the-road candidate who reasons out his positions and post lots of thoughtful white papers on complex issues.

Here is the entire take from Nancy: http://nancysims.com/cityofhouston/and-the-c-club-speaks/.

I am not going to say much about the Texas Supreme Court and the City of H-Town other than to say the City shouldn’t be surprised that they got their arse handed to them again and again.

And these tweets from The Yard:

Brian McTaggart ⚾️ ‏@brianmctaggart 13m13 minutes ago
Astros walk off again. Starting to feel like destiny.

Bill Kelly retweeted
Brian T. Smith ‏@ChronBrianSmith 8h8 hours ago
Carlos Correa is one of only 13 players in #MLB last 25 years to hit 15 home runs in initial 62 games. #Astros

The ‘Stros, Dodgers, and Royals of course all have home records of 42-20.

41 games left and a 2 ½ game lead – not bad at all!


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