A Nice Weekend

My take is short today.

Go check out http://www.karlacisneros.com when you get a chance. Let me know what you think.

The new light rail lines will open tomorrow. Does anyone know the over/under on when the first car will smack into a METRO light rail train? To car drivers out there, be careful, stay alert, and be patient.

I wonder how many folks will use the rail to head to The Yard or BBVA Compass. It drops you off right in front! It beats paying $15 for parking!

The Chron E-Board has a take on the rail lines opening here: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Rail-by-the-numbers-6279717.php.

How are the ‘Stros doing this season against AL West teams – like what is our record?

Stop second guessing please! How many of you actually shouted “time out” in the 6.9 seconds James Harden and Dwight Howard had the ball at the end of the game last night? I just wanted them to get down the court and put it in the basket. It wasn’t until after the game that the twitterverse exploded with the second guessers.

It turns out Blue Bell has been sucker punching us for six years now. Not gonna happen!

The ‘Stros are 18-11 against AL West teams of course.

We made it interesting yesterday by coming back from a 5-0 deficit to tie it up and send it into extra frames. We are still up by 5 ½.

Recycling 101

I have said it before. The City of H-Town needs to do a better job of letting folks know how to properly recycle. Today the Chron E-Board agrees. Here is a bit from their take today:

We’re better recyclers today, but our inattention and ignorance about what can go in the recycling bin is costing the city money.


Right now, the city and its vendors need to ramp up their educational efforts, and residents need to use available tools to learn to recycle the right way.

I don’t think they get it over at the City if you ask me. That’s too bad.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Recycling-haze-6276989.php.

How many multi-dinger games do the ‘Stros have this season?

Somebody asked me the other day if I would ever eat Blue Bell again, err assuming they reopen. I answered the question.

I mean GM’s CEO went before Congress a year or so ago to let us know that they weren’t honest with us on their ignition switches and a few folks died as a result and folks are still buying GM cars and trucks. I guess folks need to drive but there are other choices like Fords and Hondas and BMWs.

We have to have transportation. We don’t have to have ice cream.

You can go to the Kroger and they have one whole side of an aisle dedicated to ice cream. You can get the high end stuff, the Blue Bell types, and the store brand stuff. Choices galore. I am guessing that if Blue Bell ever resumes production, there will be a permanent drop-off.

The 2015 ‘Stros are 27-14. The lousiest ‘Stro team in our history were the 2013 ‘Stros who went 51-111.

Just two years ago. After 41 games, the 2013 ‘Stros were 11-30. Can you believe?

We went 7-2 on the recent homie. Not bad at all!

The team has an unusual 12 noon start today at Comerica to start a four game series with the Tigers.

Oh, yeah. Dallas Keuchel is 6-0 with a 1.67 ERA. How about that!

21,000 and change showed up yesterday. That’s good.

The ‘Stros have 17 multi-dinger games this season of course – WOW!

I was wrong yesterday. They don’t do Dollar Dogs on day games. Sorry

Forum Fodder

The first H-Town Mayoral candidate forum is two weeks from the today. The second one is the next day. One is at the Asia Society Texas Center and the other is at UH. I am guessing all of the candidates will attend. I am also thinking that both forums will be well attended. I am looking forward to hearing how neutral observers grade the candidates.

I really don’t want to hear the back and forth from other candidates on who Rev. Bill Lawson was sitting next to at the forums.

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg put it on Blue Bell this morning. Here is how she ends her column:

In this case, Blue Bell appears to have chosen profit above the health and safety of customers. That’s a sad truth no singing cow can mask.

Even if the ice cream comes back, that innocent mystique is gone forever.

I feel for those who lost their jobs. Their leadership let them down.

Name the MLB club with the lowest team batting average?

Tonight is David Letterman’s final show. The Chron reminded us yesterday about the time when he first went on CBS and Channel 11 was one of the stations that used to show it later than most. I had almost forgotten about that. Here is about a time when Letterman visited Channel 11 with the show running at the later time:

That had to be an awkward visit.

David Letterman dropped by Houston on March 9, 1993, as part of a brief goodwill stop at the Houston station that would soon carry his late-night show after a long run on NBC.

Problem was, KHOU was one of a handful of stations that planned to air Letterman’s show a little later in the night. As the Houston Post’s Eric Gerber noted at the time of his visit:

Although the visit to Channel 11 is intended to be quick (90 minutes or so) and cordial, there could be some awkward moments, too. The station has decided to delay Dave’s new show half an hour in this market (till 11:05 p.m.). Dave and CBS aren’t happy about that. But Channel 11, which will put more money directly into its station coffers showing the new syndicated tabloid program “American Journal,” says Dave and CBS should be happy they’re on at all.

Letterman and Channel 11’s folks will both be smiling a lot for the cameras, but it’s not all hearts and flowers, folks.

Back then, Houston was the only Top 10 market that delayed his show by a half-hour.

For Letterman, this was nothing new. In the 1980s, Gerber wrote, KPRC (Channel 2) delayed his show so the station could run “Love Connection” after the “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” KPRC eventually began showing Letterman at 11:30 in 1987.

KHOU would come around, too. In 1995, Letterman moved to 10:35, where he’s been for the last 20 years. That ends Wednesday as the talk-show host brings his late-night career to a close.

The ‘Stros are dead last in team batting average in MLB with a .229 average of course.

These tweets from last night:

#VoteAstros ‏@astros 13m13 minutes ago
With 3 more home runs last night, the #Astros have 60 homers, most in MLB. #Power

#VoteAstros @astros · 10h 10 hours ago
The #Astros are 26-14. It’s the team’s best record after 40 games in franchise history. #Represent

Only 17,000 and change showed up last night at The Yard. I know, I know – Rockets basketball. The homie wraps up today with Dollar Dogs.

I am thinking if Open Carry goes to the Governor’s desk, why not sign the bill at the Twin Peaks parking lot in Waco.

It is the culture that some folks promote here in Texas.

Here is what State Sen. Joan Huffman said yesterday about the Open Carry bill and the Waco Shootout:

“This bill does nothing to try to legislate against criminal behavior. We have plenty of laws to prevent the kind of incident that occurred at Twin Peaks. This bill does not have anything to do with what went on yesterday.”

How can she say that with a straight face when a contingent of law enforcement officials were at the scene when it happened?

She obviously will never get it. The Chron E-Board gets it. Here is part of what they said today:

Imagine how much worse the Waco mayhem could have been. It took place at a busy shopping plaza, less than 30 feet from a Mexican restaurant at lunch time. True, 19th-century Waco was known as “Six-Shooter Junction,” but 21-century shoppers at a nearby Cabela’s or Best Buy weren’t expecting to be party to a Wild West shoot-out when they left home for the relatively upscale Central Texas Marketplace.

A Wild-West Texas, though, seems to be the ideal for the legislative gunsters we’ve sent to Austin, whose actions will result in more guns in more places with fewer safeguards. They’re besotted with the notion that the Second Amendment confers an absolute immunity against any attempt to protect the general welfare.

They are mistaken. There are sensible limits on every one of our constitutional rights, including the Second.

We’re not saying that the elected officials who have made gun rights their mission condone what happened in Waco. We are saying that the indiscriminate possession of guns is a danger that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have to tolerate. With all due respect to the Second Amendment, we would expect them to show a little common sense, not to mention a decent respect for the sanctity of human life. Maybe it’s too much to expect those qualities from criminal biker gangs, but most of us expect higher standards from our elected officials.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Biker-brawl-6271489.php.

Hey, like I said, it is a culture that is promoted.

Name the three players in our starting lineup yesterday who are hitting below the Mendoza Line?

From the Oops Dept.

This was tweeted this past Sunday:

Adrian Garcia retweeted
Mustafa Tameez @MustafaTameez · 23h 23 hours ago
Rev. Bill Lawson – Adrian Garcia will make the best Mayor for Houston #HouNews #ag2015 #Fox26ForLife pic.twitter.com/1bC9a4xKx1

Then this was released yesterday:

Statement from Rev. William A. Lawson

“There has been a lot of discussion over the past 24 hours about where I stand in the mayor’s race. Upon further reflection, I wish to make the following statement.

“Today, I am endorsing Representative Sylvester Turner for mayor of the City of Houston.

“Sylvester has been excellent as a lawmaker representative of citizens at all levels. He has proven to be a man of passion for all people and a man of integrity. I believe that everyone in the City of Houston, including the lowly and the vulnerable, need a mayor who will care about them. That is where I have always stood.”

I am hearing that the back story on this is a doozy. It is about going overboard, jumping the gun, and making up stuff.

And then this was tweeted out yesterday:

AlanBernstein ‏@AlanBernstein 9m9 minutes ago
This picture from Sunday is probably worth much more than today’s 100 or so words. Thnx for the follow @grantmartin1 pic.twitter.com/k1N3jVY4R7

And then this:

Miya Shay @miyashay · 10h 10 hours ago
Yesterday, Rev. Lawson speaks at @AdrianGarciaHTX kickoff. Today, he endorses @SylvesterTurner for Mayor. #HouMayor tug-a-war! #abc13

And then the Parks Department released the following this morning:

We want to clarify what has transpired over the past 48 hours. There was no rally at Moody Park this past Sunday.

Not really!

Springer (.188), Gattis (.183), and Carter (.160) of course were in last night’s starting lineup. Just think how we would be doing if all three were just hitting at their career average – yikes!


I sure hope Mayor Cisneros is right on this. Talk about Latino voter turnout in 2016. Here is a bit from yesterday’s SA Express News:

Henry Cisneros told a Spanish-language television network that Julian Castro is Hillary Clinton’s first and only option to run as her vice presidential running mate.

Cisneros told Univision’s Félix De Bedout that people within the Clinton campaign have told him that Castro, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former San Antonio mayor, is “the first person on their list.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Cisneros-Hillary-Clinton-s-only-option-for-VP-6268491.php.

All I have to say about how much money the Clintons received for giving speeches, nobody put a gun to the heads of those that paid to hear them talk.

Commentary makes it a policy not to talk about folks and some of the personal stuff that should be kept private. Yesterday, the Chron told us way too much about a couple of local elected officials – wowsers!

Nice job, Waco!

The 25-13 ‘Stros have the second best record in MLB but this morning Bleacherreport.com has them at number 5 on their MLB Power Rankings. Name the four teams ahead of the ‘Stros?

In local Mayoral politics, the campaign kickoffs are over so now it is about winning over voters.

The new light rail lines will open this Saturday. This past weekend I ran across them making some test runs. I hope the folks that regularly drive Downtown show a little patience. Be careful out there.

All I can say is when there are only four team left in the NBA Playoffs, the Rockets games start at a normal 8 pm.

Detroit, San Luis, Dodgers, and KC all rank ahead of the ‘Stros of course in this morning’s Bleacherreport.com MLB Power Rankings.

Check these tweets from yesterday:

Alyson Footer ‏@alysonfooter 13m13 minutes ago
It’s May 17 and officially not early anymore. Astros aren’t going away.

Alyson Footer @alysonfooter • 4h 4 hours ago
“Not going away” doesn’t mean “win the division.” “Not going away” means the Astros will be, and are, contenders this year.

The crowds are getting bigger. This evening Lance McCullers, Jr. will make his MLB debut with the ‘Stros. We have a 5 ½ game lead. What else can you ask for?

Getting Ready

#GoRockets will be trending all weekend here in H-Town.

Come on! This fella’s dad was the president. His brother was the president. He was governor of one of the largest states in the country. He’s been around public policy discussions all of his life. Iraq has been one of the biggest issues over the last 25 years or so. And it takes him four days to figure out what he should be saying? I’m sorry! He’s not ready for the big show!

Channel 13 did a story yesterday on the new Sheriff and we learned that he’s changing the senior staff. He didn’t take any shots at his predecessor.

CEWDEM’s take of a couple of days ago got some feedback – mostly in support of CEWDEM’s take. That does not surprise me. He definitely got his point across.

Commentary is really looking forward to the first time all the mayoral candidates are on the same stage at a forum or debate and get down to discussing the issues and policies. I am really looking forward to hearing from the non-spinners afterwards. We will find out who belongs on the stage. Stay tuned!

Name the ‘Stro with the most RBIs this season?

Let’s see. I guess maybe the state’s image dodged a big one last night up in Austin – maybe. I know, I know – what image?

Somebody needs to tell me which Dems are having a good session.

I have said it before. Texas school finance is the mother of all public policy issues here in the Lone Star State. Some things never change.

I am thinking this is the big news in H-Town today:

Brian McTaggart ⚾️ retweeted
KPRC 2 Houston ‏@KPRC2 1h1 hour ago
.@McConaughey will be in #Houston to deliver the commencement address for @UHouston. http://bit.ly/1bUfdMJ #KPRC2

Hey, more power to the Coogs!

Jose Altuve leads the team with 21 RBIs of course – really!

Only 15,000 plus showed up at The Yard last night to see a pretty good win. I know. We were up against the Rockets.

We have a 4½ game lead and they are giving away 10,000 Keuchel gnomes tomorrow and Keuchel pitches tonight.

H-Town Mayoral Takes

CEWDEM, UH’s Dr. Richard Murray, and the Chron’s Rebecca Elliott all have something to say about the H-Town Mayoral contest. CEWDEM, like other Dem activists, is not too happy that the former Sheriff handed off the Sheriff’s Office to the GOP. And CEWDEM has got a pretty big list of folks that he can talk to. Here is what CEWDEM put out last night:

You would be amazed at the number of folks who have contacted me in agreement with all of this, just don’t want to speak out for fear of retribution. I personally will not stand by and not call someone out for party disloyalty. I have worked too long and too hard for people and policies that bring about a better life for All and I will not just sit by and allow someone to give up what we all worked for – and give it to the enemy – without running my chops – whether anyone likes it or not – and as aside, I personally think Adrian Garcia is a nice guy and have always considered him a friend, I am just so sorry he used such poor judgment on this matter and was talked into something by folks who do not have his best interest – and certainly not the Democratic Party’s best interest at stake.

Let’s be clear – Adrian Garcia was elected Sheriff because he was running against a crook and benefitted from the massive turnout of Barack Obama supporters in 2008. He was reelected in 2012 without much of an opponent plus over $200,000 in contributions from the Harris County Democratic Party along with a turnout brought about by President Obama. This is a bad move, it makes it harder for a D to recapture, but Loyalists will turn out and they will vote for a qualified D nominee.

So the point of all this is to say that Adrian Garcia benefitted from several things, not the least of which was being a Democrat, but he did not carry others on the ticket into office – either time. And this is his repayment for the time, effort and money of Loyal Democrats. Think about that. Self above all.

I wonder how many Dem activists disagree with CEWDEM.

Dr. Murray was on Houston Matters a few days ago and had this to say about Bill King:

“he’s viewed as well-informed, attractive candidate personally…”


“Bill is an articulate person. He has studied city issues.”

Dr. Murray’s take is fresh and unbiased. It is not spin. He’s not supporting anyone.

Take the time to listen to his take here: http://www.houstonmatters.org/show/2015/05/12/houston-mayors-race-tuesdays-show-may-12-2015.

The Jays are in town for four. A player for the Jays won the AL MVP Award in 1987 – the only time the Jays have ever won it. Name the player?

Hey, you roll out the first TV ad and plunk down the dough, you get a bit of coverage. Here is Rebecca Elliott on Bill King’s TV ad and buy:

In this year’s race to become Houston’s next mayor, the television wars have started early.

Businessman and former Kemah mayor Bill King brought his campaign to television in earnest on Monday, when his 30-second introductory spot hit cable networks.

Ads like King’s, which Comcast records show will run for three weeks and cost about $84,000, typically do not run until mid-summer in Houston, when the field of credible contenders has winnowed and November’s election is on the horizon. Voters’ memories are short, the logic goes, and an early launch onto the airwaves could deplete a candidate’s campaign coffers.

In a crowded field of some half dozen candidates seeking to replace term-limited Mayor Annise Parker, a candidate like King, who has never held elected office in Houston, stands to benefit from the boost in name recognition a television debut may provide, political analysts said.

It is not that the television time necessarily will translate into votes, said Rice University political analyst Mark Jones, but it could help King establish himself as a viable contender and gain favor among Houston’s center and center-right political elites. That bloc is seen as crucial for King and City Councilman Stephen Costello, the two center-right candidates in the race, as they vie for fundraising dollars and a spot in the runoff. The top two vote-getters in November’s nonpartisan election will move on to this face-off, with state Rep. Sylvester Turner and former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia considered the early frontrunners.

“If both of them remain strong, viable candidates, they may doom each other to a third or fourth place finish,” Jones said of Costello and King.

According to Comcast, King’s ad will air in Clear Lake, Kingwood, Westchase, Memorial and North Houston, most of which are reliably Republican. These zones are set by the cable company and do not necessarily follow the city boundaries.

Although unusual, King’s move to television is not unprecedented. In 2003, Bill White – then a relatively unknown lawyer and businessman – used early TV ads to build his name recognition and ultimately catapulted himself into the mayor’s office with record-setting fundraising.

“It’s the same logic,” Jones said.

And just as White invested in his own campaign, King intends to put half a million dollars into his bid, spokesman Jim McGrath said.

According to Federal Communications Commission records, none of the more than half dozen mayoral candidates have purchased air time on Houston’s major broadcast networks this year, though 2013 mayoral runner-up Ben Hall’s campaign said he ran about $1,000 worth of ads on Comcast in March. Most of the other campaigns said they expect to stay off television until later in the cycle.

Political analyst Nancy Sims, who is not affiliated with any of the candidates, said she expects television to be key in the race.

“This, in my opinion, is going to separate the wheat from the chaff,” she said. “You’ll never reach enough of the eligible voters to make a difference without television ads.”

For that, the candidates will need ample financial resources, which they are scrambling to amass ahead of the close of the reporting period on June 30.

Other mayoral candidates include former congressman and city councilmember Chris Bell and businessman Marty McVey.

The Mayor rolled out her proposed budget the other day. I wonder if there is an item in the budget to study H-Town’s productivity the morning after a 9:30 pm start of a Rockets playoff game.

A number of GOPers now think it wasn’t a good idea to invade Iraq. Not Jeb Bush. I am thinking he probably misremembered why we invaded Iraq.

The Chron has a story today on an intersection in Midtown whose crosswalks were painted. It is right next to my gym and you can see it from the sit-up benches. The Midtown Management District footed the bill at $20,000.

The 1987 AL MVP Award winner was George Bell of course from the Jays. That season he hit 47 dingers and had 134 RBIs to go with his .308 batting average.

Ken Rosenthal agrees with Commentary on Carlos Correa.

A SpringerDinger help get us a 4-3 much needed win last night over the Giants. We are 9-9 at home and still have a four game lead.


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