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New Year’s Eve

Henry Brown sent me this on my take yesterday on the vaccine rollout:

Sorta as an answer to the last 2 paragraphs,
My primary physician works in The Woodlands
I live in far North Harris county am 78 years with stage 4 COPD got a nice email from them that I needed to call Houston Medical center and set me up for vaccination

I was able to get my Dad an appointment to get his COVID-19 vaccine in late January.  January 29 to be exact. That was the earliest available time. My Dad is 97. I guess a four-week wait is a good thing.

Pitiful planning on the vaccine rollout from our federal and state government if you ask Commentary.

Those two clowns are at it again.  Commentary is talking about Gov. Greg Abbott and AG Ken Paxton.  They are going after the City of Austin for trying to get COVID-19 under control. These two bozos have done absolutely nada to protect our health and economy.  We’d be in better shape if the locals had full authority to make decisions.

The Chron has a front-page story today on the status of the Astrodome.  These days it is not a priority with Harris County.  It is just sitting there.

Dawn Wells, err, Mary Ann from “Gilligan’s Island” left us due to COVID-19.  That makes Tina Louise, err Ginger, the only surviving member of the cast.  Here is a verse from the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song.

The ship’s aground on the shore of this
uncharted desert isle
with Gilligan,
the Skipper too.
The millionaire and his wife,
the movie star,
the professor and Mary Ann,
here on Gilligan’s Isle.

The series ran for three seasons.  In the first season, the theme song didn’t include “the professor and Mary Ann.”  It went like “…the movie star and the rest, here on…” The Professor and Mary Ann were added to the song in Season 2.  Now you know.

After all these years, Commentary is finally able to say without hesitation that 2020 was and forever will be the lousiest year in my lifetime.

1963 came to a tragic end when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

In 1968, we lost Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy.  We also had racial and anti-Vietnam War rioting in cities across America including the big one at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

1979 was kind of funky with long lines at gas stations and the taking of the hostages at our embassy in Iran.

2001 was the September 11 year that changed how we travel, get on airplanes and increased security on different levels.  We lost around 3,000 lives on that day.

Nothing will ever compare to 2020.  The sad thing is that it didn’t have to be this bad.  Donald Trump led the way and politicized the pandemic. Think about that.  Politicizing a pandemic. That was it in a nutshell.  From the beginning, there were flagrant violations and ignoring of CDC guidelines.  That’s why we lead the planet in COVID-19 deaths and infections.  It is still raging.

The major disruptions to our lives. Job losses, food distributions, restaurant closings, ballgames without fans, near empty movie theaters, zoom meetings, no hugs or handshakes, working from home, and remote learning, to name just a few.

Then we had the protests.  I never attended them because I didn’t think they were socially distanced events.  They weren’t and contributed to the spread.

Then we also had one doozey of an election with a record turnout.  We elected the first woman Vice President who is also our first African American and South Asian Vice President.  Soon dignity will be restored at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

There were tons of elected officials throughout the country who are providing critical leadership during this pandemic.  Both Democratic and Republican.

There are some Democrats who I am sure have been disappointments during this pandemic, but there have been a whole lot more Republicans starting with Donald Trump, Gov. Abbott and the Florida Governor who have been plain out and out derelict.

Trump and super spreader events went hand and hand.

Gov. Abbott let Shelley Luther force him to reopen too early.  Abbott has also been wishy washy on letting locals do their thing.

What I also found particularly disturbing was the bad treatment given to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.  She was listening to the public health experts and was vilified.  Former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett would not have been treated that way and folks know that.  Judge Hidalgo was because she is 29, female, Latina, and an immigrant.  Folks totally disregarded that she was duly elected by the voters of Harris County.  Of all the elected officials with decision making powers during this pandemic, Commentary believes that she is the one who is most concerned about our health and safety.

Commentary mentioned before that this was the first year since the last century that I didn’t attend Opening Day.  Beginning in mid-March we went where we had never gone before.  We didn’t do a good job of doing it and we still aren’t. 

We like to say that America is the greatest country in the world, but we didn’t live up to that claim.  We failed miserably.  I should say others failed miserably because I did my best to follow the guidelines and a lot of you also did your best.

Texas also failed.  For the same reasons.

Tomorrow is 2021.  We will wake up still in the midst of a raging pandemic.  Thousands will die tomorrow and tens of thousands will get infected.  I am going to guess that 2021 will be better than 2020, but we have a long way to go.  In 20 days, President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris will be sworn-in and have a laser-like focus on getting COVID-19 under control.  They will get serious about getting millions of vaccines into arms and get more folks to follow guidelines.  More importantly, they will take full responsibility.  Something we don’t currently have at the federal level or state level here in Texas.

Tomorrow will not be getting any easier, but at least we have certainty on the horizon. 

It has been the most difficult year.  For the 330,000 families in America who lost loved ones due to COVID-19.  For the millions who were infected and are dealing with health issues.  For those who lost their businesses, jobs and income.  There have been a number of times during the past ten months that I have sat in front of my TV or laptop teary eyed – a normal reaction as events have unfolded.  We have all been impacted.

We may be done with 2020, but it is going to take a while to get past it.

Stay safe this evening.  I’ll see you next year.

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The Plague Year

The Chron’s Lisa Gray has a hard copy front page essay on “2020 as ‘the plague year’.”  It says January 9, 2020 on page A9 was the first time the Chron printed the word “coronavirus.”  On January 24, the word made it to the front page.

Here is Lisa Gray’s essay: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/article/2020-plague-year-Houston-Texas-covid-pandemic-15820027.php.

We have two days left in 2020 and back on March 11 when the Rodeo shut down, I never thought we would be wearing masks into 2021.  Yeah, I knew back then Donald Trump wasn’t capable of leading us through a national emergency, I just didn’t think he would be a major hinderance and make moves that set us back.  I thought that the folks around him would have provided guidance and guard rails.  They didn’t.

I also thought that Gov. Greg Abbott would provide a tad of leadership, but he didn’t.  In hindsight, looking at Abbott’s career resume, there was nothing on it that hinted he could manage a major crisis.  He didn’t and Texans lost their lives and jobs.

To prove my point, critics, including President-Elect Joe Biden, are calling out the slow rollout of the vaccinations.  A few weeks ago, the Trump folks said 20 million vaccinations would be administered by tomorrow.  Nope. Only a little over 2 million in arms as of yesterday.

Here is what Gov. Abbott tweeted yesterday:

A significant portion of vaccines distributed across Texas might be sitting on hospital shelves as opposed to being given to vulnerable Texans The state urges vaccine providers to quickly provide all shots. We get plenty more each week Always voluntary.

What a moron.  This isn’t a plan.  It’s a tweet.

Maybe if the GOP tied vaccinations to voter suppression efforts, we’d be done by February at the latest.

Thank god in three weeks, President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris can trump, pardon the expression, Abbott and we can salvage our great state.

Speaking of, the VP-Elect and her hubby got their vaccinations yesterday.

Some hospital systems are beginning to reach out to 75 years and older patients they have treated to get them lined up to get the COVID-19 vaccination.  I am keeping an eye out on behalf of my Dad.  For sure he is on the list of a couple of health care systems in H-Town.

I have to ditto RG’s tweet from yesterday:

Good news for me. GovAbbott gives permission for my age group to be vaccinated. Good/bad news, 1.2 million doses are available in Texas. Bad news, no one seems to know where they are or how to sign up to get vaccinated.

A majority of the U.S. Senate would support a $2,000 stimulus check and one arsehole is holding it up. Think about that.

H-Town Council Member Greg Travis is clueless. He is a rude blowhard bully type. He certainly deserves everything coming his way.  This is H-Town, not Breitbartville.  Dumbsh_t for sure. Classless.

At 4:30 pm today on AMC, they will show all three “Godfather” flicks back-to-back-to-back.  My Dad will probably watch them for sure.

Baseball Hall of Fame great Sandy Koufax is celebrating a birthday today.  Happy number 85, Sandy Koufax!

All is quiet at The Yard.

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January 6

On the twelfth day of Christmas. January 6 is next Wednesday.  It is twelve days after Christmas. That’s the day the Three Wise Men (Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar) arrived to visit Jesus.  That’s the day some folks finally take down their Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. In some Spanish language speaking cultures, it is called Día De Los Reyes – Three Kings’ Day.  Some folks celebrate by eating a pastry like cake called Rosca de Reyes – King’s Ring.

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” lyrics are around 240 years old and the tune version is 111 years old.

I bring up January 6 because that’s Donald Trump’s new April Fools Day 2021.  That’s the day Trump wants his supporters, err fools, to come to Washington to try to overturn the results of the November 3, 2020 election.  It is only fitting that the wise women and men in Congress will officially certify the Electoral College victory for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

It is Día De Los Reyes for Commentary. It is April Fools Days 2021 for the fools who go to DC to act like fools.

I ran across an article yesterday on the potential 2024 candidates for president. Nope.  Let’s get President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris sworn-in first before I even contemplate looking at 2024 stuff.

Former Chron columnist Mike Snyder tweeted this today:

Question for my many well-informed friends: How will second-tier recipients like me (over 65, underlying health problems) be informed that it’s our turn? Whose job is this? I have 4 doctors, not counting therapist.

I have the same question.  Maybe when the grown-ups take over in 22 days, they will lay out a strategy to better communicate with us.  The folks right now supposedly in charge, including Gov. Greg Abbott, have bungled everything related to the pandemic.

Did I say 22 days, baby?

Nothing from The Yard today.

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In 23 days, the madness will finally conclude.  Donald Trump finally signed the relief bill and Mitch McConnell put out a statement applauding Trump for getting relief to folks as quickly as possible.  Quickly my arse.  He let the bill sit there for days while folks suffered.  What a couple of arseholes.

The hard copy of yesterday’s Chron Sports Section front page had 20/20 Hindsight and listed scandals, departures, defeats plus COVID, George Floyd, the cheating scandal, A.J., Luhnow, Bill O’Brien, Coach D’Antoni, Daryl Morey, Deandre Hopkins, Verlander and The Beard.

I get it, but I will add an I don’t know.  The Astros did make it to Game 7 of the ALCS.  Only two MLB clubs made it to the ALCS in 2020.  It should have gotten a mention.

Apparently, Petula Clark’s 1960s Grammy Award winning song “Downtown” was playing from the RV that blew up in Downtown Nashville on Christmas Day morning.  This is how the tune starts:

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go downtown.
When you’ve got worries all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help I know downtown.

Petula is still around and is in her late 80s.

I wonder why that song was being played?

The USA leads the world in COVID-19 deaths per thousands.  Like 1 for every 1,000 of us are croaking on the Donald Trump virus. My sister Sylvia gave me for Christmas a Safe & Healthy Disinfectant UV Light that is supposed to zap out of any existence of the virus.  It is now part of my local travel kit that also includes face masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes.  Don’t leave home without them.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I didn’t miss out on Beatles gear that included the new John Lennon book and Yellow Submarine Happy Socks (gifts from Sylvia), a couple of Beatles T-Shirts from my nephew David and great nephew Jackson, and a cool framed “In My Life” poster from Al and Julie.

Ok, now that you are asking, I also got a JFK Christmas ornament, a jig saw puzzle of The Yard, and candy and nuts from Sylvia.  A Target gift card and cash from my Dad. An Astros 2020 playoff lid and Astros desk calendar from Dave and Jackson. Stemless wine glasses, socks and a bottle of red from my niece Cristina and her hubby Alex. A photo of me, my Dad and my nephew Enrique, a Whole Foods gift card, and a bottle of red from Enrique. A box of nice See’s Candy from MJE. A 12-pack of Saint Arnold Amber from Al and Julie.

A nice haul for #Christmas2020.

Did I mention 23 days?

Nothing from The Yard today.

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Merry Christmas

“Silent Night” was first publicly performed in Austria 202 years ago today.  Now you know.

Commentary was never good at art in elementary school.  I am still not. My projects were always the least impressive of all the students.  Even my stick figures su_ked. I don’t get bummed out about it though.  It is what it is. I consider Christmas present wrapping an art.  I am probably the worst on the planet.  I am the guy that goes through a roll of scotch tape to wrap a couple of Christmas presents.  I can’t even get the gift bag with color tissue paper right. Now you also know.

You know how the local media likes to hang at the Flying Saucer pie shop off of Crosstimber a couple of days before Thanksgiving Day and check out the long lines.  If they want to do a long lines tamale story on Christmas Eve, Alamo Tamales on Berry Road in the Northside is the place to be. A couple of blocks long yesterday when I drove by.

Royko sent me this after my mention of The Beard yesterday:

Actually, even though I don’t agree with Tilman Fertitta’s support of the Maoist political party that has now decimated his businesses across the nation, I am saddened that those who worked for him have, and continue to suffer this Christmas. The “Beard” has always been selfish, and with so many NBA players like Hardin who placate the CHICOMS, many Houstonians have just turned them off.

I hate to break the news to Royko.  He needs to check out the Texas Ethics Commission on Tilman’s contributions.  He has given a ton of money to former Gov. Rick Perry, Gov, Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.  Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick have responded poorly to the pandemic and businesses across the state have suffered. Just following the money.

Here is from the hard copy of today’s Chron front page of the business section:

The latest surge of COVID-19 cases during recent months has slowed the Texas economy, reducing activity and employment across industrial sectors, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Dallas Fed economists said in a report released Thursday that they expect financial stress to increase early next year on households and businesses, particularly restaurants, retailers and others that rely on personal contact. As a result, the bank’s economists forecast weaker economic growth in 2021.

Yep.  Place the blame fully on Donald Trump’s and Gov. Abbott’s mishandling of the pandemic.

Don’t worry Royko.  Help is on the way come January 20, 2021.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good and very safe day!

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Christmas Eve

There are close to a dozen Texas high school football playoff games being played today across the state.  Texas high school football on Christmas Eve 2020, I guess.

Let me just say that it is going to be a very long time before a Donald Trump supporter is near my level on the moral high ground stuff.  They have a long ways to climb.

On Trump’s latest pardons, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse said “this is rotten to the core.” Shut up. You knew how this would turn out four years ago, but you went along.  Shut up.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is 80 today.  Happy Birthday, Dr. Fauci!

This evening, some folks will pull out and read “’Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Commentary will sing some of the phrases today like “he spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and filled all the stockings.” Yes, there is a singing version of the beloved poem.  How do I know?  We sang it in my high school choir. Actually, it was sung by select members of the choir that I was a part of.  We would perform it during the Christmas season at banks, Lions Club luncheons and events like that in Baytown.  We would also wear pajamas when we sang it. It was a cool tune to sing.

If you don’t believe me, you can find a version on Youtube that is sung by the University of Utah choir.

Yep.  Commentary could actually sing a long, long time ago.  I am even on vinyl.  Like on 50 or so copies of an LP.  In high school, we cut an album of our high school spring concert and yours truly has a solo on a tune called “Waters Ripple and Flow.” My name is even on the label listed as a soloist.  I still have the album, but you’ll never get me to play it. Like, not even for a hundred bucks.  The other soloist on the tune is Lisa Pope.  Now she had a voice for sure. I just happened to luck out.

You can also check out how “Waters Ripple and Flow” sounds by various choirs on Youtube.

Now you know.

On The Beard.  Who cares? He doesn’t.  You shouldn’t.

On this Christmas Eve, I have errands to run.  I won’t be dropping by my best friend’s house this evening like I always do.  I won’t be going by Carol’s like I have. I will just sit at home and listen to Christmas tunes, watch Hallmark Christmas movies and other Christmas shows,

Have a nice Christmas Eve.

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U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla

We are hurting in H-Town and Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott is plotting a takeover of the Austin Police Department.  Here is from the lead story in today’s hard copy of the Chron:

The spread of COVID-19, steadily increasing in Houston and Texas since the beginning of November, is expected to accelerate in coming weeks, according to the latest modeling, a trajectory that could make the city and state one of the nation’s next hot spots.

The models project COVID-19 numbers — cases, hospitalizations, deaths — to continue rising in Houston and many other parts of Texas before likely peaking sometime in January. Parts of the state at crisis levels the past month have peaked.

“There’s a lot of concern about the Houston area as we enter the Christmas season,” said David Rubin, a pediatrician and director of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s PolicyLab, which produces one of the models. “If I were to say what areas in the country still have the potential to surge, the Houston area definitely would be one of them.”

The modelers attribute the expected increase to colder weather and people congregating indoors more, particularly because of the holiday season.

Here is the entire Chron story: Latest COVID-19 projections suggest Houston could be nation’s next hot spot – HoustonChronicle.com.

We have a massive leadership void in Texas when it comes to fighting the pandemic, but you already know this.

Donald Trump pardoned four murderers yesterday.  There goes the law-and-order campaign issue for Trump supporters. Out the window so they say like the budget deficit, ethics, character, and wasteful spending.  Am I leaving anything out?

On his way out the door, Trump pulled the rug out from under the feet of Republicans in Congress.  He wants folks to get a $2,000 stimulus check, not a $600 check. These spineless Republican leaders continue to blindly follow Trump because they fear him.

Let’s hope U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can figure out a way to get the $2,000.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla was appointed yesterday by Gov. Gavin Newsom to fill out the remaining two years of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’ U.S. Senate term. Good for him.

Secretary Padilla is a close friend to State Sen. Carol Alvarado.  They have been good friends for years.  Alex was a LA city council member and a state senator. I put together an H-Town fundraiser hosted by Carol for Alex years ago when he was a California State Senator. His parents are immigrants from Mexico. Alex is an MIT grad.  He’s smart, articulate, nice and a real good guy.  He also knows how to raise campaign funds.

Alex has leadership, statesmanship and compassion written all over him.  California is lucky.  Compare a guy like Alex Padilla to Texas’ two stooges.  Well, you get the picture.

They even put out the video of Gov. Newsom making the ask.  Very cool.


Going across the spectrum from class to classless.  GOP AG Ken Paxton is a scumbag and an arsehole, but you know that.  Earlier this year, he was trying to get the feds to nix Harris County’s CARES Act funds for the election.  Usually, this punkarse puts out press releases touting his BS, but this time he didn’t.  He did it behind our backs.  That tells you something about his cowardly arse.  What a piece of sh_t.

The Rockets open the season this evening at Toyota.

Nothing from The Yard on the day before Christmas Eve.

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2020 Words and Phrases

The Chron is running a New York Times article today on the words and phrases that defined 2020.  Some I have never heard of.  Here they are and here is the article: The 20 words and phrases that defined 2020 – HoustonChronicle.com.

Black Lives Matter – yep.

Blursday – new to me.

Contact tracing – yep, but it never was really implemented.

Doomscrolling – new to me.

Essential Workers – yep, heroes.

Flatten the Curve – yep, but we punted on this back in June.

Front-Line Workers – yep, heroes.

Hydroxychloroquine – yep, what a joke.

Mail-In Ballot – yep, a winner.

Pod – yep.

PPE – yep, government screwed this up.

Remote Learning – yep, still haven’t gotten it right.

Social Distancing – yep, too bad it got political.

Superspreader – yep, too bad it got political.

Unprecedented – yep, still is.

Virtual happy hour – yep, only way to go and saves you money.

Zoom – yep.

One could have made the case for Dr. Fauci, work from home, COVID, positivity rate, and food insecurity, among others.

An obsession you might say.  Let’s see.  Texas’ unemployment rate is higher than the national average.  Our communities are being ravaged by the virus.  Our ICUs are at near capacity. The Coronavirus Task Force says Texas needs to step it up. A significant number of kids have fallen off the public school grid.  Many have given up on remote learning. We have food shortages. The list goes on.

Gov. Greg Abbott is the only Texans I know that thinks the state taking over the Austin Police Department is a priority. What’s wrong with Abbott? We don’t have time for this sh_t.

Commentary could very well be getting the vaccine in the next few weeks.  Maybe, just maybe.  I wonder how it is going to work. I mean, like, where do I show up?

The Chron E-Board wants Donald Trump to take his job seriously in his final month.  Not going to happen.

29 days, baby.

Nothing new on signing #SpingerDinger

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Stink, stank, stunk.  I wore the Grinch t-shirt yesterday.

Including today, there are eleven days until 2021. We will still be in the middle of the pandemic. 

I must say that it is nauseating to see Republican U.S. Sens. Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio get COVID-19 vaccines.  Both have attended super spreader events where they didn’t wear masks and have downplayed the pandemic. 

One month from today will be the first full day of the Biden-Harris administration.

To those out there who still believe President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris somehow stole the election, but you can’t figure out how.  If they pulled this off and didn’t leave a shred of evidence that you can point to, then maybe you want them as your President and Vice-President.  Think about that.

Who had the most regular season dingers for the Astros in 2020 and who had the most postseason dingers for the Astros?

Commentary was reading a magazine and ran across an article on the 40th anniversary of John Lennon’s murder and they asked celebrities to comment on how they reacted that evening and the days that followed.  There were some pretty fascinating comments.

Former “Today” anchor Jane Pauley said they did a piece on the show the following morning and an AP photographer caught her and fellow anchor Tom Brokaw’s reaction afterwards.

Roberta Flack was John and Yoko’s next-door neighbor.

Award winning journalist Alexis Denny Kaufman was a young producer on “Monday Night Football.”  She was in the booth that evening and got the news over her headphones from her producer. She wrote it down on an index card and handed it to the game’s announcers and Howard Cosell told the millions, including Commentary, who were watching “MNF.”

Jamie Lee Curtis was 21 and scheduled to host “SNL” that Saturday.  She says the show that Saturday had no energy.

Singer-songwriter James Taylor lived in the next building down from the Dakota and heard the gunshots.


The article is in the December 2020/January 2021 AARP Magazine.

#SpringerDinger led the Astros with 14 dingers during the regular season and Carlos Correa led the team with 6 postseason dingers.

Now you know.

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Christmas Card

I am going to guess that I have known my pal former H-Town Mayor Bill White politically longer than just about anyone in H-Town.  We met in 1978 when he was Cong. Bob Krueger’s ace staffer on energy policy, and I was handling Latino and South Texas outreach for Krueger’s ’78 campaign for U.S. Senator against the incumbent Republican Senator John Tower.  We lost the race, but it was an epic contest that wasn’t decided until the day after Election Day.  That campaign took such a toll on Sen. Tower that he decided not to run for reelection in 1984.

For years now, I have been getting Bill and Andrea White’s Christmas cards.  I look forward to them.  In the beginning, they always included their kids.  The Christmas cards showed their kids growing up over the years.  A couple or so years ago, after Bill and Andrea became the so-called empty nesters, the Christmas cards only included Bill and Andrea.

Two years ago, I ran into the Mayor at a reception during the Christmas holidays and I kind of ribbed him about the cards with only he and Andrea and we chatted about it.  I got my card from them yesterday and it is a cute one with the both of them with a toddler.  I am going to guess the kid is their grandkid so I can now look forward to Bill, Andrea and grandkids in future Christmas cards.  That’s cool.

Every now and then the Chron can be seen walking around with its head up its arse.  Today is one of those days.  The Lifestyle Section, yes, the Lifestyle Section, put together H-Town’s 2020 fascinating and controversial figures.  Commentary was disappointed to see Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo land on the controversial list.  What is so controversial about following the science?  She’s led while others with responsibilities have ducked.  She is one of the more capable Texas leaders in dealing with COVID-19. What is more disappointing is the Chron list attacks from maskless deniers as to why she is controversial. The Chron is dead wrong on this one for sure.

Here is the list: Houston’s 43 most fascinating and controversial figures of 2020 (houstonchronicle.com).

One of Hollywood’s coolest is 57 today.  This past year he narrated a Joe Biden ad that aired during the World Series.   He was also nominated for an Emmy for playing Dr. Anthony Fauci on “SNL.” Happy Birthday Brad Pitt!

Yesterday, I was listening to Christmas tunes on SiriusXM and a “Silent Night” by Eric Clapton came on.  I did not know Clapton had a “Silent Night.”  His is a good version.  Apparently, Clapton released a Christmas tunes album a couple of years ago.

Speaking of Christmas tunes, any tune Dean Martin has is cool and sounds great.

Commentary is wearing an Oilers sweatshirt today. I have caught myself humming the Houston Oilers fight tune from the Luv Ya Blue days. Maybe once the Texans go to a couple of conference championships, we will have a catchy fight tune.

Former Astros GM Jeff Luhnow made the Chron’s controversial list.  Now that is deserving.

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