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We lost another great actor yesterday.  Cicely Tyson is no longer with us.  I first saw her in “Sounder” where she was nominated for Best Actress. She was also in “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” and played Binta, Kunta Kinte’s mother, in the first episode of “Roots.” She was a Kennedy Center honoree and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom when it actually meant something.  She was a titan and will be missed.

Commentary got the first dose yesterday of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. I went online back in the first week of January and after a few refresh hits snagged an appointment.  I think I am in the 1B group, you know, the older folks.

It was at the City of H-Town’s North Side Health Center operated by the Houston Health Department.  The one I took a swipe at yesterday. I am sorry.  This location is off of Crosstimber just north of the North Loop 610.

It was a 15 minute drive from my place.  I got there 20 minutes ahead of my appointment. They immediately checked me in and handed me paperwork that took me 10 minutes to complete.  Five minutes later I was injected and sat in a large waiting room for 15 minutes in case there was a reaction.

In the waiting room they told me they would call me to schedule my second dose that would be in 4 weeks.  They said if I didn’t hear from them as the 4 week date approached, call them.

There was a minor throb in my left arm throughout the day.

The process was efficient.

I admit that getting vaccinated this early has given me a brief guilty feeling, but hey, I don’t set the rules on this. So, there.

Let’s see. Gov. Greg Abbott put out an Executive Order yesterday to override President Joe Biden’s Executive Orders and he’s already put out Executive Orders to override Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s Executive Orders.  That’s funny.  Shelley Luther stuck one of Gov. Abbott’s early Executive Orders up you know where.  What a bozo.

The Republican U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy went to visit Donald Trump yesterday to let the Republican Party know that Trump still owns his worthless arse.  He didn’t need to do that.  We already knew that. Old news.

From Politico on what some Democratic members of Congress think of their Republican colleagues these days:

“I’ve really been struggling with it,” added Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich.), who was also in the chamber when rioters breached the building. “I have a hard time interacting with those members right now, especially with those I had a closer relationship with… I’m not going to deny the reality — that I look at them differently now. They’re smaller people to me now.”

They are smaller people.  Here’s the deal.  Democrats are living in la-la land if they think they can work with the Republicans in Congress. Most of them still worship Trump and most say publicly that the election was stolen.  How can you work with them?

This is from the Tribune:

“You’re talking about a person who says they want to run for governor who said, ‘Heck yes,’ he’s gonna come and take your guns,” (Gov. Greg) Abbott said, referring to (Beto) O’Rourke’s 2019 embrace of a mandatory buyback program for assault weapons. “Heck yes, he’s for open borders. Heck yes, he’s for killing the energy sector and fossil fuels in the state of Texas. I don’t think that’s gonna sell real well.”

And this:

“You know what doesn’t ‘sell well’ @GregAbbott_TX?” O’Rourke said. “The fact that 36,000 Texans have died from Covid. [You] have undermined public health and local leadership at every turn, and now too many of our family, friends and neighbors are dead because of it.”

O’Rourke ended by saying, “Whether or not I run, I will do everything in my power to elect a Governor who looks out for everyone, keeps Texans safe, answers to the people instead of the special interests & guarantees that we all have equal opportunity to achieve our best in life.”

If I was Beto, I would have thrown in that Abbott also worships Trump.

From Kuffer today on 2022:

Mike Collier is terrific, and he came pretty close to winning in 2018 as well. As we know, former Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski is in for Attorney General, likely with some company in that primary. That’s one reason why I’m not going to jump on the Beto train at this point – it’s fair to say that having three white guys at the top of the ticket is not an accurate representation of the Democratic base, nor is it a great look in general. Obviously, it’s very early, and who knows who will actually run, and who might win in a contested primary. Let’s get some more good people raising their hands and saying they’re looking at it, that’s all I’m saying. The Trib has more.

Here is all of Kuffer: Beto for Governor? – Off the Kuff.

I am glad Kuffer said it.  We need a diverse ticket with folks of color, females and LGBTQ folks.  Three white dudes at the top of the Democratic Party ticket in 2022 ain’t going to cut it. 

Luis Salinas sent me this and he makes a good point:

My 92 year Dad asked me, “If they were able to build all those tanks, planes and ammunition without computers for WWII, why can’t they build PPE’s and vaccines with computers?”

Have a nice weekend and stay safe.

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Cloris Leachman

There is a front-page story in today’s Chron about Texas being a dumbarse state and not expanding Medicaid.  Hey, we’ve left over $70 billion on the table by not expanding Medicaid.  Tell me how that is sound fiscal policy.  That is our money that we have walked away from.

There is also a story in today’s Chron about #BetoForTexas considering a run for Governor.  Do it.  Gov. Greg Abbott has bungled the pandemic response.  We have already hit 2 million infections.

This is not good and should be unacceptable.  Here is from the front page of today’s Chron:

Three weeks ago, Jim Lober became one of the lucky few to receive a first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at Bayou City Event Center. Lober, a 69-year-old attorney, left the venue where thousands would wait in lines wrapping around the building with the beige card indicating he’d received the vaccine on Jan. 8 and was due back in four weeks for the final shot.

At first, the Houston Health Department told him to call back the week before his second shot; but when he checked the city’s website, he learned he should wait for the department to reach out to him for scheduling. Now, with one week left before Lober should receive the second dose of Moderna, he has no clue when or where to go.

Here is the entire read:  Houston residents worry about where, when to receive their second vaccine doses – HoustonChronicle.com.

It is not like the City of H-Town hasn’t had time to prepare.  Shame on the City.  My Dad went got his first dose from Memorial Hermann this past weekend and before we left, they set up his appointment for his second dose.  Maybe the City of H-Town ought to walk over to Memorial Hermann and get a copy of their COVID vaccination playbook.  I can’t believe this.

My pal Jacob Monty is no longer a Republican. He quit them in an Op-Ed in today’s Chron.  Jacob is also an immigration attorney.  Here is from his Op-Ed today:

There is simply no room for me in the GOP any longer.

So I will continue my efforts toward comprehensive immigration reform as a Democrat.

Here is all of Jacob’s Op-Ed: Opinion: I was a lifelong Republican but I am switching parties – HoustonChronicle.com.

Welcome to the Democratic Party, Jacob.

I am sure the City of H-Town is not too pleased to see the hard copy headline of today’s Chron E-Board take:

HPD corruption

The HPD Chief needs to clean things up.  It is embarrassing and troubling. 

Cloris Leachman is no longer with us.  I first noticed her as Ruth in “The Last Picture Show.” She was hilarious as Frau Blücher in “Young Frankenstein.” She was great as Phyllis Lindstrom in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”  Then she had “Phyllis.”  She was certainly one of the best.  I will miss her.

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Play Ball?

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says the impeachment trial is dead on arrival at the U.S. Senate.  No, it is not.  Sen. Paul and others are going to have to vote to acquit an insurrectionist.

You know what the difference between this month and last month.  A month ago, the fella at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was trying to overthrow an election.  This month, President Biden has a laser like focus on ridding us of COVID-19.

I don’t know about this from the Chron:

An email sent to season-ticket holders Tuesday morning praised the signing of free-agent outfielder Michael Brantley and told fans “don’t miss your chance to see him.” The club advertised a flex plan that allows fans to purchase 20 or 40 ticket vouchers for use at any home game.

Astros spokeswoman Anita Sehgal said the club is still finalizing many of its protocols and plans for the 2021 season but estimated as many as 12,000 people could be accommodated for the beginning of the season. The Astros’ home opener is scheduled for April 8 against the Oakland Athletics. The team is allowing fans for its annual Division II college tournament at Minute Maid Park this weekend, though it did not reveal an exact number.

“We’re working through what that number would be (in the regular season),” said Sehgal, the team’s senior vice president for marketing and communications. “I’m not sure that it’ll be a clean percentage amount, but it will probably be somewhere close to 25 percent or anywhere around 10 to 12,000 people. It will vary depending on how we do the bowl versus suites and premium areas. But it will be somewhere around 25 percent.”

How many folks will be vaccinated by Opening Day?  Can a person still catch and transmit COVID-19 after they are vaccinated?  Will masks be required? Will fans be tested prior to entering The Yard?  What about the variant strain that is making the rounds? There are too many unanswered questions.

I understand the need to play ball. I understand the need for ticket revenue and selling concessions.

Even after I get the vaccine, I am still hesitant to go.  Commentary is all paid up for this season.  At this point, I am not convinced it is safe to attend.  I would opt out today.

Opening Day is a little over two months away.  We will see.

The vile hater Curt Schilling didn’t make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Baseball writers are saying it was the character thing.  You know, praising insurrectionists is a character flaw in my book.

Schilling is requesting to be removed from next year’s ballot.  I hope they honor his request.  The guy is trash pure and simple.   Wipe your hands of this piece of sh_t.

There were no Hall of Fame inductees to announce yesterday.  Eligible players could not get the 75% of votes cast.  Oh, well.

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Hall of Vile

The Baseball Hall of Fame will announce the new inductees this evening.  Curt Schilling could very well be elected.  For those who don’t know, Schilling is a hater, vile, Donald Trump backer, spews venom on Parler, QAnon disciple, and supported the insurrectionists on January 6.  He’s a four-star arsehole.  I have decided that if he gets into the Hall of Fame, I am not going to let it bother me.

The Hall of Fame ballots were due on December 31.  Some baseball writers who voted for him wanted their ballots back after he voiced his support for the insurrectionists on January 6.  Come on. He’s been a vile arsehole for years now.

Go on the internet and check out what this jerk says if you don’t believe me. He is not a good person.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is being proactive again.  See this from today’s Chron:

Meanwhile, Harris County announced it would launch a new waiting list for the vaccine Tuesday, instead of doling out appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. The change aims to make signing up easier and more equitable for residents not accustomed to reacting speedily on computers or mobile phones when health agencies announce the availability of limited numbers of new vaccination appointments.

Older residents will be made a priority, and the county’s system will randomly choose recipients for appointments, health officials said. The county then will reach out only to those select individuals when new appointments become available, avoiding a scramble for the slots.

“Let me put it bluntly: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t be like the ‘Hunger Games,’” County Judge Lina Hidalgo said. “It shouldn’t be about who can hit refresh on a browser the fastest.”

Registration for the county’s waiting list will be available Tuesday at readyharris.org; residents also can call (832) 927-8787 to sign up. Operators will be available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Great leadership.  It would not surprise me though if the bozos running our state government step in and try to derail Judge Hidalgo’s plan. Just because, I guess.

Bob Uecker is 87 today. Brewers announcer. Miller Lite “front row” pitchman. Former MLB player. Actor on “Mr. Belvedere” and “Major League” movies. Happy Birthday, Bob Uecker.

The Astros GM says we have a “championship-caliber roster.”

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Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron left us this past Friday. He was one of the best, if not the best, MLB player of all time.  He was also a great citizen and great American. A true courageous American.  A kind man.  He gave so much to his community and country.  I am glad I got to see him play.

I remember watching him chase Babe Ruth’s 714 career dinger record.  Folks forget that at the end of the 1973 season, Hank Aaron hit #712 at the Astrodome.  A week later, when the Astros were in The ATL, he hit #713 to finish off the season. I was wanting him to break the record against us.

The next season he hit #714 in Cincinnati to tie the Babe and hit #715 in front of the home crowd off of Dodger pitcher Al Downing.

46 of his 755 career dingers were off of Colt 45/Astros pitchers.  13 at the Astrodome and 4 at Colt Stadium.  He hit 7 off of Larry Dierker.

NL MVP Award, World Series Champion, 25 All Star Games. 

He is the career leader in RBIs and total bases.  My favorite stat:  If you took away all of his 755 career dingers, he still has over 3,000 base hits.

We will certainly miss him.

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial will begin in a couple of weeks. I am betting there won’t be 67 votes to convict him in the Senate.  Republican Senators will be threatened with primary opponents.  They will be saying they don’t care that Trump incited a riot and insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, it is about their political survival rather than the survival of our country.  The Senators will be ok with having their worthless arses owned by a twice impeached insurrectionist.

A few weeks ago, a good friend forwarded me info about Memorial Hermann reaching out to their patients to get them to sign-up for the COVID-19 vaccine.  Since my Dad has been a patient at Memorial Hermann quite a few times, I went online and got him an appointment.

I took my Dad to get his first vaccine this past Saturday at Memorial Hermann League City on the Gulf Freeway South.  I was a bit nervous and apprehensive thinking that we would probably have to get in a line that would snake around the medical facility.  Nope. We got there 20 minutes before his scheduled appointment.  They immediately started processing him.  We were out of there in 20-25 minutes including the 15 minutes of waiting to see if there was an adverse reaction.

I was impressed on the efficiency of the operation. Like clockwork. First class.

It was the Pfizer vaccine and they set him to go back for his second dose on Saturday, February 13.

It got me to thinking. How about those older folks who don’t have kids like me with access to the internet and who can help with their health care issues?

Tom Brady is playing in another Super Bowl.  That’s funny.

I am not going to get worked up over being down by 8, fourth and 8, with a couple of minutes on the clock, other than to say what’s the point of having a Hall of Fame quarterback?

I tweeted out this past weekend that Dusty Baker, our Skipper, was in the line-up and batted right after Hank Aaron, after Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record of 714 career dingers. Now you know.

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My Dad’s health care provider called just now. They want him to come in tomorrow to get his COVID-19 vaccine. I will be taking him. Yes!

Harris Health is running out of vaccines today. 

At least we know that help is on the way and we don’t have to be dependent on the bozo leadership out of our state government. Those bozos are more interested in city council budgets than my health and yours. Think about that.

President Joe Biden is leading the way.  It is the way it should be.  President Biden is putting a priority on COVID-19.  That’s the plan.  It is comforting to know that the federal government is finally taking charge.  It is also refreshing that we can now believe in the COVID-19 White House briefings. 

If Donald Trump had won reelection and Mike Pence was the tie breaking vote in the U.S. Senate, do you really think Sen. Mitch McConnell would give a sh_t what Sen. Chuck Schumer thinks?

Commentary gets emails from Republicans and some of their candidates.  I don’t unsubscribe because every now and then I want to see what they are saying.  Here is a part of one from yesterday:

In less than one day, Joe Biden has already undone many of President Trump’s – and the Republican Party’s – accomplishments that put AMERICA FIRST. Here are just a few of the many Executive Actions that he signed yesterday:

  • Construction at the Border Wall has STOPPED.
  • Illegal Immigrants will be counted in the United States Census.
  • The Keystone Pipeline has been CANCELED → thousands of jobs will be destroyed.
  • Rejoined the World Health Organization that helped China cover up their terrible handling of the Coronavirus.
  • Reversed the travel ban to keep radical terrorist groups out of the United States.
  • And, so much more…

I guess President Biden is doing A-okay.

The @MLBRandomStats tweeted this a couple of days ago.  The player who hit the most dingers during each administration.

Biden: tied at 0

Trump: (Mike) Trout 134

Obama: (Albert) Pujols 272

W Bush: A-Rod 364

Clinton: (Ken, Jr.) Griffey 351

HW Bush: (Fred) McGriff 137

Reagan: (Mike) Schmidt 259

Carter: (Mike) Schmidt 152

Ford: (Mike) Schmidt 87

Nixon: (Hank) Aaron 218

Johnson: (Willie) Mays 181

Kennedy: (Harmon) Killebrew 139

Eisenhower: (Eddie) Mathews 313

Truman: (Ralph) Kiner 294

FDR: (Jimmie) Foxx 353

Hoover: (Babe) Ruth 182

Coolidge: (Babe) Ruth 289

Harding: (Babe) Ruth 119

Pretty cool stat.

The Eddie Mathews total under President Eisenhower surprised me. In case you didn’t know, Mathews played for the Astros in 101 games in 1967.

Mike Trout, Wille Mays and Mathews only have one dinger each in career post season play.

Ralph Kiner never played in a post season game. 

All the others had multiple post season dingers.

A sad stat is that Mike Trout is considered by many to be the best player in MLB today.  He has only played in one post season series.  In fact, he’s never won a game in the post season.  The Angels got swept by the Royals in the 2014 ALDS.

Now you know.

Carlos Correa wants to be an Astro forever.  Sign him, please.

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Hello, America!

Diversity was on full display yesterday at the inauguration.

Lady Gaga, JLo, Garth Brooks and Amanda Gordon knocked it out of the park.

We have Vice President Kamala Harris.

The performances last night were first rate.

For those who are wondering, here is what JLo said yesterday:

“Una nación, bajo Dios, indivisible, con libertad y  justicia para todos”—”One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Al Roker got a fist bump from President Joe Biden.

When President Biden finally got to the Oval Office and they had him on the flat screen signing the executive orders. I noticed he had a bust of César Chávez right behind him where he has his family photos.  How cool is that?

The bad guys, err MAGA Mob, didn’t show up.  They are chicken and cowards and a lot of them are being rounded up by the Feds.

César’s granddaughter, Julie Chávez Rodríguez, is the President’s Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. How cool is that going to be when she meets with the President in the Oval Office.

It was a good day.

From the Daily Beast:

After months of vomiting up falsehoods about election fraud to please Donald Trump, it might have been a good idea for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to just quieten down for a little while. But, true to form, he’s bumbled into the Biden era with some fresh nonsense. In a clueless attack on President Joe Biden’s decision to re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement—the flagship international treaty to tackle the climate crisis—Cruz failed to wrap his head around why Biden backs a deal signed in France. Paraphrasing an old Trump line, he wrote: “By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh.” His misunderstanding, whether it was willful or not, has been treated with the derision it deserves. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrote: “Nice tweet Sen. Cruz! Quick question: do you also believe the Geneva Convention was about the views of the citizens of Geneva?”

Sen. Cruz will never get it.

Sen. Bernie Sanders got the major meme treatment yesterday.  My favorite was Bernie on the cover of a George Harrison album and calling it “Medicare For All Things Must Pass.”

That’s funny.

Royko sent this to me about yesterday:

I woke up today in the militarized totalitarian Harris-Biden regime of North Venezuela.

I wonder when Royko is getting back from Caracas which is by the way in North Venezuela.

The Dream is 58 today.  Happy Birthday, Hakeem Olajuwon!

Catcher Jason Castro is an Astro again.

Michael Brantley has signed for a couple of more years.  The Astros will be Ok.

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We will have a woman as Vice President at around 11 am H-Town time today.  History.  We finally did it.  It took way too long. 

This is how I started my take four years ago today, on January 20, 2017:

This will be the 13th president I’ve lived through.

I woke up this morning and hoping that it was the morning of November 9 and that the past ten weeks and three days were a bad dream. Nope!

I really don’t know what to expect over the next four years other than to say most of the stuff coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will not be good.

This will now be the 14th president I’ve lived through.

The last four years were not good.  400,000 are now dead because of COVID-19. Donald Trump was weak, cowardly and ran away from making the tough decisions during this pandemic. He surrendered.

We have taken for granted the peaceful transition of power.  This transition has been anything but peaceful.  25,000 soldiers are in DC today making sure the transition of power is not threatened.  The public is not invited.  Think about that.  The public is not invited.

Commentary has been to two Presidential Inaugurations.  I went to the one in 1977 when Jimmy Carter was inaugurated and in 1993 when Bill Clinton was inaugurated.  They are as fun and celebratory as you want them to be. 

Not this one.

This tweet is making the rounds this morning:

Don’t forget to dress warm today.

It is going to be minus 45.


Silly is about the kindest word Commentary can use to describe Republican statewide elected officials in the Lone Star State these days.  Now they are preparing to take the federal government to court.  How silly.

Remember when I said this yesterday:

(Texas Gov. Greg) Abbott is not too happy that the feds are doing background checks on National Guard folks who are part of the security force during the inauguration, just in case there are some bad apples that want to disrupt the proceedings tomorrow. Abbott tweeted this:

This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard. No one should ever question the loyalty or professionalism of the Texas National Guard. @TexasGuard I authorized more than 1,000 to go to DC.  I’ll never do it again if they are disrespected like this.

Phony indignation if you ask Commentary. I responded to Abbott’s tweet by retweeting that security is being handled by the folks under the Trump administration.  You know, the Trump overreach thing.

They found 12 members of the guard with problems called “security liabilities” and were sent home.

Of course, our silly governor will go on get silly about something else.  His act sure is stale, and predictable. It is not in his DNA to do something for all of the public good.

We lost Valentin Jalomo to COVID-19 yesterday.  For those who don’t know Valentin by name, you know him if you watch Astros games on the flat screen or visit The Yard on a regular basis.  He was the Latino fan with the huuuuge mustache, straw hat and Astros jersey.  He would stand in the left field concourse for all home games.  He was a celebrity as you would always see fans wanting to take pictures or selfies with him before the games. 

We lost Baseball Hall of Fame great Don Sutton yesterday.  He pitched for us for a couple of years in 1981 and 1982.  Sutton made 756 career starts at pitcher, third all-time behind Cy Young and Nolan Ryan.

Don’t worry folks. We get to watch #SpringerDinger when he visits The Yard with the Blue Jays the weekend of May 7-9.  We still don’t know if fans will be able to attend by then.

Thank you, #SpringerDinger for the exciting baseball for seven seasons. Three time All Star, 174 regular season dingers, 19 post season dingers, and World Series MVP. Too bad we could not sign you. You will be missed.

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New News Coverage

We have come along way since November 8, 2016.  One of the dumber days in our country’s history.  Today is the last full day that Donald Trump is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  It is going to take a very long time to repair the damage.

We are definitely going to breathe easier now that news coverage will shift. The news coverage Trump will get will be reduced dramatically.  Commentary prefers that he gets zero coverage in the future by the respectable news organizations. Why would these news outlets want to give a bullhorn to a private citizen who will spew lies?

White House reporters will no longer get insulted.  White House spokespersons won’t tell bald faced lies.  White House female correspondents of color will be treated respectfully.  The press will not be called the enemy of the people by our federal government.  Civility will return to the White House Briefing Room. So, refreshing.

Trump is a loser.  Trump is a sore loser.  He won’t acknowledge that President-Elect Joe Biden beat him fair and square.  He won’t concede to Biden.  He didn’t invite Biden to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  He won’t attend the inauguration.  He incited the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol 13 days ago.  The guy is a scumbag and that is putting it kindly.

Right now.  At this very moment. The biggest public health challenge on the planet is getting billions of people vaccinated. Gov. Greg Abbott will be in H-Town today to hold a roundtable on getting vaccinated.  Harris County and City of H-Town public health leaders have not been invited to participate.  Gov. Abbott is being petty or is ignorant.  I tend to go with petty.  What a sorry person.

Abbott is not too happy that the feds are doing background checks on National Guard folks who are part of the security force during the inauguration, just in case there are some bad apples that want to disrupt the proceedings tomorrow. Abbott tweeted this:

This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard. No one should ever question the loyalty or professionalism of the Texas National Guard. @TexasGuard I authorized more than 1,000 to go to DC.  I’ll never do it again if they are disrespected like this.

Phony indignation if you ask Commentary. I responded to Abbott’s tweet by retweeting that security is being handled by the folks under the Trump administration.  You know, the Trump overreach thing.

The best thing about the day after MLK, Jr. Day is that I don’t have to read tweets about MLK, Jr. from folks, err hypocrites, who are full throttle voter suppressors or who supported disenfranchising African American voters on November 3, if you know what I mean.

Nothing to report from The Yard this morning.

One more day.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968.  President Lyndon Johnson declared Sunday, April 7, 1968 as a National Day of Mourning.  A number of MLB clubs were scheduled to have their Home Opening Day on Monday, April 8, including the Astros who were hosting the Pirates.

Pirates players including Roberto Clemente, Donn Clendenon, Willie Stargell and Maury Wills didn’t want to play until after Dr. King’s funeral which still hadn’t been scheduled.  They got buy-in from Astros’ Bob Watson and Jimmy Wynn.  African American players on teams throughout MLB said they didn’t want to play until after the funeral. MLB and the owners pushed back.

The funeral was then scheduled for Tuesday, April 9.  MLB rescheduled all openers to April 10.

Now you know.

It turns out the rally that turned into the insurrection was organized by Donald Trump campaign folks.  Convict him.

This from Politico sounds like something out of a movie:

Every single one of the 25,000 National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C. this week is being vetted by the FBI as officials fret over the prospect of an insider attack on Joe Biden’s inauguration. The checks, reported by the Associated Press, started last week and will be completed by the time the event kicks off on Wednesday morning. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told AP that no evidence of an inside threat has been found, but no risks can be taken after the deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters earlier this month. “We’re continually going through the process, and taking second, third looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation,” McCarthy told the news wire. Two and a half times more National Guard troops have been assigned to Biden’s inauguration than were sent to previous events.

I read where they are calling the fur horned face painted U.S. Capitol rioter “Dances with Karens.”  That’s funny.

CNN reported last night that Donald Trump is expected to make 100 pardons by tomorrow.  I wonder if Rudy Giuliani, AG Ken Paxton and Al Capone are in the bunch.

Commentary doesn’t spend a lot of dough on the Texans.  I got a little bit of gear.  A few shirts, a lid and a hoodie.  I am not going to weigh in on their front office moves.  I will just say this.  The Astros have gone to three World Series.  I think the Rockets have been to four NBA Finals.  The Oilers and now Texans have never been in the NFL title game – the Super Bowl.

Houston NFL teams have played in two conference championship games.  Tom Brady will be playing in his fourteenth conference championship game this weekend. That’s all I am going to say.

Former Astros pitcher Wandy Rodriguez is 42 today.  The lefty last pitched for us in 2012.  He was part of our World Series team in 2005.  Happy Birthday, Wandy!

Two days, baby!

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