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Evergoner will likely plea out today according to the Chron.  Meanwhile, Hunker Down will name a replacement soon and the possible replacements that have been mentioned in Commentary won’t be selected.  Heck, one of them is even out of the country.  Stay tuned!

The panel that was reviewing the complaint on H-Town CM Jolanda Jones is done.  They won’t forward anything to Council.  They issued a final report yesterday.  Here is from Chron.com:

The panel, on which Councilwoman Sue Lovell and Councilman C.O. Bradford also sit, came to an agreement with Jones that requires her to remove her council phone number from the card.  The agreement also calls for her to conduct ethics training for her staff, to take steps to separate her council business from her law practice and to create records that show any employee who drives her to court is not doing so on city time.

Here is what Jones said:

I have never used my role as a council member to benefit anything or anyone other than the people I was elected to serve. The accusations made against me have been baseless and defamatory from the start.

One would think that this is settled but you never know with CM Jones.  Oh well, the voters will issue their report in a few weeks.

Now that the 2012 MLB regular season is over, name the pitcher that pitched the most innings?

You have to hand it to The President and his national security team.  They got another key bad guy.  They “droned” him so to speak.

Former A’s, ‘Stros, and Mets skipper Art Howe is still complaining about how he was portrayed in “Moneyball.”   Check out the Chron piece and interview here.

Look at the bright side Skipper.  At least you got portrayed by an Academy Award winning actor in Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

More from the ‘Stros website about 2012 at The Yard:

During all Astros home games in 2012, the official lineup cards, base jewels and official game baseballs will each feature the 50th Anniversary logo.

That means I ain’t giving away any foul balls I fetch next season.

Tiger Justin Verlander of course with 251 innings pitched led the MLB.  Verlander starts for Detroit tonight against the Yankees.

I guess I’ll watch the playoffs this weekend.  Watching San Luis versus the Phillies will include a lot of former ‘Stros like Hunter, The Big Puma, Lights Out, and Roy O. – yikes! 


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Commentary isn’t going to say much about Dickh__d’s smarmy and slimy headline in his press release yesterday directed at the H-Town Mayor yesterday. 

It looks like the Back to Basics folks are going after Guv Dude again – yawn.   They didn’t do much to hurt Dude last year.  Hey, it’s their dime. 

Any minute now, Hunker Down will name Evergoner’s replacement.  Here is a take from a respected Latino insider with close ties to the GOP leadership:

The odds on favorite appears to be Ned Holmes.  Apparently, Holmes will not be reappointed to TXDOT.  Court Koennig got Radack’s blessing but not his endorsement, whatever that means.  No chance CM Sullivan or anyone else from the City of Houston will get the nod (i.e., former CM Lawrence).  The remaining issue is how much pressure Sen. Patrick puts on Judge Emmett for someone he prefers in the event Holmes can’t get Patrick to support his candidacy.  I think the talk about a Hispanic was just that talk.  It does not appear that Emmett seriously considered a Hispanic for the reasons noted in your recent blog; unlikely to prevail in the Repub. Primary.

So I guess Gabe is out of the running so stay tuned!

Which MLB Hall of Fame pitcher ended up with 363 career wins and 363 career base hits?

If you love baseball then you had to love last night.  When San Luis scored five in the first inning last night a lot of us watched the scoreboard hoping for The ATL to beat the Phillies so we wouldn’t have to watch San Luis celebrate in front of us.  There were a ton of San Luis fans in attendance.  By the end of the game, The ATL and Phillies were still tied so the San Luis players just hugged each other and headed to the visitor’s clubhouse.

My Best Friend, Julie and I then headed across the street where San Luis fans were gathered and continued to watch The ATL and Phillies in extra innings.  I then came home to watch Hunter Pence break up the tie in the 13th and see The ATL fall short.  It was a little eerie seeing ESPN go live to the visitor’s clubhouse at The Yard and show the San Luis players douse each other with sparkling wine.

Then the Red Sox melted down in B’More and a few minutes later the Rays capped off a ridiculous comeback over the Yanks with an Evan Longoria dinger in the bottom of the 12th sending the Red Sox home for the season.  It doesn’t get any better than last night.

At least I didn’t have to see The Big Puma and Albert and La Russa dancing around in front of me so I’m OK.

Hall of Fame great Warren Spahn of course ended up with 363 wins and 363 basehits.

Here is from the ‘Stros website on more of what will happen next season:

In 2012, fans and a panel of experts will vote each month on an all-decade roster that will include a roster from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. From each decade’s roster, an Astros All-Time 25-man roster will be determined by online fan voting at astros.com.

Meanwhile, the Houston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America named Hunter Pence this season’s ‘Stros MVP – huh?  This plus 106 losses makes for a season not to remember! 


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The Mayor is going to announce today that the City is going after signs that have been illegally placed on rights-of-way.  In other words, candidates are going to be penalized for not reading the fine print on their campaign signs.  The public will be allowed to call 311 to report violators.

Candidates are going to be informed by the City in the next day or so that enough is enough!  If your signs are on rights-of-way, you will be given 24 hours to remove them or else you will get a citation and prosecuted in Municipal Court.

Of course, expect some arseholes out there to steal some signs of us law abiding campaigns and place them in rights-of-way and make us divert resources to pick them up.

I’m thinking this is in response to the Dick fella that got a bunch of bad press.  It looks like he’s going to have to get his arse up those telephone poles and fetch his own signs.

I wonder if the City is going to enforce the sign policy during the upcoming primaries

Let’s see now, H-Town CM James Rodriguez’s opponent’s husband is a GOP precinct judge and she went to the Dem Party meeting a couple or so weeks ago to file as a Dem precinct judge and was allegedly escorted around the Dem meeting by an aide of a Dem H-Town Council Member.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Art Howe was the ‘Stros skipper from 1989-1993.  How many winning seasons did he manage?

I don’t think Art Howe liked “Moneyball”.  Here’s from the SF Chron:

Art Howe finally saw “Moneyball,” and he’s furious.

Howe, the A’s manager during the 2002 season celebrated in the movie, said that he is not portrayed fairly. As played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Howe is mostly concerned about his contract, and he’s pigheaded and surly when presented with new ways of thinking about personnel.

“They couldn’t have demeaned me more,” Howe said Tuesday. “It’s disgusting. I’m hurt by it. My reputation is altered by it. People who don’t know me are going to think that’s the real Art Howe.”

In truth, Howe was well-respected and well-liked as a player and manager — including times as a player and manager with the Astros.

“I wish they’d communicated with me,” Howe said of the filmmakers.

That’s show biz!

More from the ‘Stros website on what to expect at The Yard next season:

In a tribute to all players in franchise history, the Astros will be inviting various former Astros and Colt 45s players to throw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to select home games throughout the 2012 season.

When the Phillies visit The Yard, I wonder if they will let Roy O., Lights Out, and Hunter Pence toss out the first pitch?

Art Howe managed two winning seasons of course with the ‘Stros.  The ‘Stros were 86-76 in 1989 and 85-77 in 1993.  In 1992 we went 81-81.

I saw some guy at The Yard last night walking around in a faded Reagan/Bush ’84 T-Shirt.  That’s a 27 year old T-Shirt!  Heck, that T-shirt is older than MariGirl!

Last night I had a bummer moment and I’m not talking about the team blowing a 5-0 lead and losing 13-6. My cell phone buzzed and I looked to see who was calling and I took my eye off the ball – sort of.  While I was messing with the phone, a Q foul ball skipped right past me.  I completely blew it.

It doesn’t get any better than tonight at The Yard!  San Luis and The ATL are tied for the Wild Card with tonight being the last game of the season.  We can spoil San Luis’ night, we can watch them celebrate, or we can just watch them head to a one game playoff.  It is going to be interesting.


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Don’t ask me where I got my info but apparently one of the names Hunker Down is considering to replace Evergoner is former Dem, former HISD District I Trustee, former District H City Council Member, and former City Controller candidate Gabriel Vasquez.  How about that?   A few years ago Gabe used to work for Hunker Down doing some economic development projects.

I can envision Gabe being a County Commissioner.  I can’t envision him running in the 2012 GOP Primary in a race that would begin immediately.  Of course, I’m no expert on local GOP primary elections, but I don’t think Gabe has been part of the GOP political infrastructure in that part of Harris County and that part of Harris County is a hotbed of GOP activity.   As a sitting County Commissioner, he would certainly have an inside track at fundraising. 

I also can’t see Gabriel going after the Tea Bagger vote which would involve banging on paperless folks and the GLBT community.  I think the GOP political infrastructure out there would chew him up, swallow him up, and spit him right back out.  Stay tuned!

The first 30 selections of the 1971 MLB Amateur Player Draft produced three future Hall of Fame greats.  All three played their entire careers with the teams that drafted them:  Boston, Kansas City, and Philadelphia.  Name the three players?

The Mayor and the H-Town City Council haven’t had it easy with red light cameras, implementing Rebuild Houston, and budget cuts.  Now they have to spend $4.5 mil on chopping down dead trees because of the drought.   They can’t seem to catch a break! 

Last night was “Star Wars Night” at The Yard.   Check out some of Footnotes’ photos on how some of the ‘Stros were introduced last night on El Grande.

Did you know that there are ten constitutional amendments on the ballot this November?  I wonder if Kuffer is going to interview them.

More on next season from the ‘Stros website:

During Friday home games in 2012, the Astros will wear a throw-back jersey that represents a certain era in the Houston franchise. Each month will highlight a new jersey from a different era.

They are going to include the six shooter jersey from the Colt 45 days.

Hall of Fame greats Jim Rice (15), George Brett (29), and Mike Schmidt (30) of course were selected in the 1971 MLB Draft.  Schmidt is celebrating his 62nd BD today.

The ‘Stros played spoiler last night and the San Luis fans in attendance left with big frowns.  I’ll be there tonight for sure!


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Guv Dude isn’t ready for prime time campaigns according the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” – yikes!   They really skewered him on SNL.  Then Dude got humiliated in Florida.  Then the talking heads stomped all over him yesterday morning.   It makes you wonder if Dude is ready for the bigs.  It also speaks volumes of the level of competition Dude’s been going up against the past decade or so here in the Lone Star State – more yikes!

Yesterday the Chron E-Board weighed in on the H-Town CM Jolanda Jones mess over at City Hall.  The E-Board wants City Council to settle her fate before the November 8 election.  Here is a taste:

At her best, Jones is a strong defender of the weak, a loud voice for the voiceless, unafraid to take on the powers that be. At her worst, she’s prone to useless feuds, unable to back down or apologize when she’s wrong, better at fighting guerrilla wars from the outside than at finding allies to do good as an elected insider. Often she’s at her best and her worst at the same time.

Pretty much sums it up if you ask me.   Here is the entire E-Board piece.

Here is how it ends:

In the race for her at-large seat, Jones faces three opponents. Mayor Annise Parker, in an official statement explaining the panel’s delay, said it’s "to avoid any unintended interference or undue influence in the political process." But really, dragging the matter out works the opposite way: Left unresolved, it’s a guaranteed campaign plank for Jones’ opponents.

If Jones is willing to risk censure by calling for the vote, shouldn’t her wish be honored? We say: Censure Jones. Or don’t censure her. But either way, council, do it soon. We know it’s hard to be fair to an irritant. But that’s precisely when fairness counts most.

What about the politics involved in voting to censure or not to censure CM Jones.  Do Council Members running for reelection and facing opposition want to vote and p__s off her supporters or detractors right before an election?   It is what it is.

On Election Night of 2008, how many MLB teams were located in Red States?

Here is what someone sent Commentary this past weekend:  If Moneyball is so good, why did the Chronicle give it only 3 stars out of 5 stars?”  – Jimmy D.

Commentary never said it was “good.”  How could I?  I haven’t seen it.  Commentary said it was generating Oscar buzz.  Here is from a website though:  With a 94 percent certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, "Moneyball" seems to be a solid winner with critics.” -  MTV.com

Notes from The Yard:

The roof was open Friday night.

During the KissKam this past weekend we heard:

When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore.
When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore.

That was cool.

Also at The Yard this past weekend with the Rockies was Ty Wiggintonner but I didn’t see his brother.

Saturday night we played in MLB’s 200,000th game.

We should have won Saturday night but we gave it away.  After a failed ‘Stros bunt execution, Dante commented “that was bad baseball” which by the way was a Chron headline Sunday morning.

The Insperity Club experience was fabulous.  The grub was great.

Commentary snagged foul ball Numero 7 yesterday.

I sat though the entire debacle yesterday.

Six MLB teams of course were located in Red States on Election Night of 2008:  The ATL, Arizona, Kansas City, San Luis, The ‘Stros, and Texas of course.

Head out to The Yard tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday because it turns out these last three games with San Luis will help determine the NL Wild Card.  San Luis trails The ATL by one game in the Wild Card race.  San Luis faces the team with the worst record in MLB while The ATL hosts the team with the best record in MLB.  It is going to be exciting baseball so try checking it out.  Who would have thought a few weeks ago that these last three games would be meaningful? 


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(Note:  Commentary has been and always will be against the death penalty.)

The Dean 1, Grub 0!

Leave it up to The Dean to get international headlines.  The Dean didn’t take too kindly to the feast that was served to the late fella that got executed a couple of nights ago.  I have to admit the spread was a bit too much.  I ran into The Dean at The Yard last night and it was apparent that the Blue Bell Ice Cream was the treat that really set The Dean off.  Now there is a mini debate going on about what to serve for the last meal.   Heck, it is even the lead story on the front page of the Chron today.  They even posted a list of famous last meals. 

It turns out the late fella never touched his grub so they threw it all away.  Apparently it is bad luck to eat a dead man’s grub.  I didn’t know that! 

I’m surprised dead grub walking wasn’t hung around Guv Dude’s neck at last night’s debate.

Commentary’s pal, H-Town business leader Greg Compean, was named to the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority this past Wednesday.  Greg is a real sharp fella and we’re going to be hearing a lot from him in the future.   CM James Rodriguez recommended Greg for consideration and the Mayor said A-Okay and appointed Greg.  Way to go Mayor, James and Greg!

“Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt is opening today and it is already getting some Oscar buzz.  What was the last baseball related movie that received a Best Picture nomination?

The 2012 season gets a preview this weekend with fans getting gear with the 2012 season 50th Anniversary logo.  Here is from the ‘Stros website:

On Friday, the first 10,000 fans will receive a 50th Anniversary Cap, presented by Conn’s. The first 10,000 fans on Saturday will receive a 50th Anniversary Blanket from AT&T, and a 50th Anniversary T-shirt will be presented to the first 10,000 fans on Sunday, courtesy of BullShirts.

Dante and Commentary snagged a couple of Insperity Club tickets for a game this weekend so we will be definitely watching a game in style.

“Field of Dreams” of course was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in 1989.

We’re Number 1 – sort of!  We get the first pick of the 2012 MLB Draft.  Hey we earned it and we deserve it as we continue the last homie!



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Lane Lewis, candidate for Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party, this morning released the names of key elected officials and party officials that have endorsed his bid for Chair.  Here they are: Mayor Annise Parker, Senator John Whitmire, TDP Vice-Chair Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, Representative Alma Allen, Representative Jessica Farrar, Representative Borris Miles, Representative Sylvester Turner, Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez, HISD Board Member Paula Harris, and HISD Board Member Juliet Stipeche.

That’s a pretty impressive list.   I’m thinking that Lane Lewis is well on his way to getting elected at the next Dem Party Committee meeting in December.  Let’s hope so.

It looks like Evergoner is going to plead out on September 30 as my pal Rusty Hardin remains silent on the matter.  Meanwhile, Hunker Down is checking the list of wannabees to see who’s been naughty or nice.  

His Numero 2 was retired in 1997 by the LA Dodgers the same year he was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.  Who am I talking about?

Apparently MLB is looking into the Bass Pro related stuff of the fella that wants to buy the ‘Stros from my pal Drayton.  Why else would he have folks write to MLB to vouch for his character.  Check out this Chron piece.
No se puede?

It looks like a full service Wyndham Hotel will be built in East Downtown Houston. It looks like the location is right behind the convention center and couple of blocks from the new soccer stadium.  That’s in City Council District I.  Way to go!

Commentary got a preview of the 50th Anniversary ‘Stros logo yesterday.  It has the shooting star, the brick red star, and the rainbow colors – very cool.

Tommy Lasorda of course wore the Dodger Blue Numero 2.  Lasorda is celebrating his 84th BD today.

The last homie of the season starts tonight with four against the Rockies and three against San Luis and then it’s all over as we now sit on 102 losses – yikes!

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H-Town CM Jones won’t get the once over from the Harris County DA but that won’t stop the BS around the issue.  Here is what the H-Town Mayor said yesterday:

Council Member Jones has already taken steps to change policies and procedures in her office to prevent further violations.

I don’t think CM Jones appreciated the Mayor’s take because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong.  Oh well!   Get your arse reelected and that’ll be the end of stuff.

“Daddy’s little girl!”  Oh well, there is still slime in the ice machine!  I hate to say this but there will be a next victim.   Check out the Chron’s Nick Anderson cartoon with Baggy.  Ouch!

How many MLB teams lost 100 plus games last season?

Hunker Down will get to show his stripes so to speak when he names Evergoner’s replacement in the next week or so.  Let’s hope he doesn’t go too far right with his appointee.  I would hope he doesn’t appoint a paperless folk hater.

Here is from the ‘Stros website:

The Houston Astros are teaming up with Lucasfilm Ltd. to host Star Wars Night at Minute Maid Park, September 26 when the Astros play the St. Louis Cardinals at 7:05 p.m. Star Wars costumed characters will be on hand for the night and one lucky fan will win a copy of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray. Other prizes include Star Wars PEZ® candy dispensers and LEGOS® Star Wars® Character Encyclopedia from DK Publishing.

I hope the force is with us because we are now sitting on 101 losses.  In other news, the entire coaching staff has been invited back for next season – yikes!

The Mariners of course lost 101 games last season and the Pirates of course lost 105 games last season.

Our last road game is in Cinncy this afternoon then the Rockies come in for four tomorrow.  I wonder if Baggy will be in the TV booth this Saturday night?


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Feds 1, Harris County GOP Commissioner Jerry Eversole 0.

No mas!   That’s the ballgame.

You know it doesn’t look good when my pal Rusty Hardin won’t talk to the media.  Maybe a plea deal is going to include time in the penitentiary so Rusty just wants to wait until the court date.

Check out the Chron piece here.

Hunker Down will now appoint a replacement and he says he will consult with the local GOP Party.  That means Tea Baggers are in the mix.  I wonder if Hunker Down will appoint someone who will want to go after paperless folks and go after sanctuary cities and go after same sex couples.

Here is from the Chron piece that kind of floored me:

County Democratic Party Chairman Gerry Birnberg said Eversole should have resigned long ago, and called on (Harris County Judge Ed) Emmett to appoint a Latino to the seat.

You gotta be kidding me.  That’s all we need is a high profile Latino GOP elected official that will pull Latino votes for the GOP in the 2012 general election (assuming of course that the Latino survives a brutal 2012 GOP primary election).

It is interesting that the Dem Party Chair would come out and support a GOP Latino in a Commissioners Precinct that has a 35% Latino population but he won’t endorse a Dem Latino/Latina in a new City Council District J with a 63% Latino population.  That’s not surprising considering the lackluster effort that has been made by the Dem Party to engage the local Latino vote.

Four years ago today the ‘Stros had their largest margin of victory in a game.  Who did we beat and by how many runs did we win?

Last week the Houston Press had a pretty detailed story on the H-Town red light camera mess.  Check it out here.

Here is from the piece:

The minister (Pastor James Nash) thought the cameras would monitor neighborhoods to catch criminals, like those speeding off in crime getaways. Nash said that King and the other city officials who called him never properly explained the cameras. "If you had told me that these cameras are going to be put in place for people running red lights…to me, that’s not security from crime," Nash said. "I look at crime as somebody being robbed, somebody being raped, some horrific thing. Not somebody running a red light. Every day I see people run red lights."

Nash, who now says he was misled, made up his mind to vote for the cameras. The rest of Houston Ministers Against Crime were more cynical, Nash said — especially once Kubosh and company arrived. One of the Kuboshes’ favorite lines was this: If this is about safety, why aren’t these cameras in black neighborhoods?

Michael Kubosh loved the angle. "Yeah, I mean, you don’t love the minorities?" he said, feigning surprise and remembering his speech in front of city council. "There’s none on Navigation, there’s none on MLK Boulevard…you don’t love to save the lives of little black children too and little Spanish children? What’s the matter with you?"

“ Little Spanish children” – huh!  That dumbarse!  Can you believe a dumbarse like that beat someone in an election?  The “rain in Spain” my arse!

Last night’s opening scene of the season premiere of “Two and a Half Men” was one for the record books and classic TV for sure.  We found out Charlie was splattered.  Rose, Courtney, and Chelsea  made an appearance to show their disrespect.  The “men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men” death tune hum was hilarious.  Ashton Kutcher didn’t sell it but that is to be expected in trying to replace Charlie Sheen so stay tuned for a few more episodes.

From Alyson’s Footnotes:

The Astros are unveiling their new 50th anniversary logo and plans for the big celebration on Thursday, and they’re utilizing the help of several stars from yesteryear to ring in what is sure to be a year-long soiree.

The press conference will be hosted by two of my favorite people – Bill Brown and Jim Deshaies — and attended by some of your favorite players: Craig Biggio, Larry Dierker, Jimmy Wynn and Jose Cruuuuuz. The group and the team will reveal the logo that you’ll see everywhere next year.

You’ll also see it on several promotional items the Astros are giving away this weekend when they begin their final homestand of 2011.

The logo is really sharp. It represents all of the eras of Astros baseball and includes the color schemes from the past that are still so popular among fans today. It’s one of those designs that even if you just see it for a split-second out of the corner of your eye, you know it’s the Astros.

The club is in full planning mode for 2012 and while we’ll be able to say more after Thursday’s big reveal, here’s one thing I can tell you for sure: Minute Maid Park will be teeming with former players, from every era and every decade, throughout next season. Should be a fun year.

Now only if the new logo can hit or pitch.  What we need is some wins next year!

On September 20, 2007, the ‘Stros beat San Luis at new Busch by a 17 run margin – 18-1 of course.

We won last night so we’re still sitting on 100 losses.


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The Chron has a story today about how they think not much is going to change over at the Port.  They kind of say that with the City Council reappointment of Port Commissioner Kase Lawal last week and with Harris County Commissioners Court considering reappointing Port Commissioner Jim Fonteno, a message is being sent that all is OK over at the Port. Check out the Chron story here.

I don’t know about that.  Commissioner Lawal has never been mentioned as being involved in questionable ethical stuff over there.  Commissioner Fonteno on the other hand got health insurance at the Port’s expense.  Of course, the Chron forgot to mention that Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria , whom the City Council reappointed in  November of 2010, has helped lead the  charge to point out stuff that needs to be fixed at the Port.  Regardless, it is still up to the Port Commissioners to make things more transparent over there.  Stay tuned!

Eight former MLBers have 200 plus career triples.  Who leads in career triples among active MLBers?

A great American, a great Texan, a great Latino, a great educator is no longer with us.  Dr. Jose  Cardenas left us this past weekend. 
Check out the story here.

Commentary checked out the Emmys last night and as usual I’ve never seen a single episode of a bunch of the winners.  I thought the host Jane Lynch did a great job.  I thought Charlie Sheen was pretty good. 

Of course, I’m going to have to check out the new “Two and a Half Men” tonight.

My pal Drayton, my old boss Mark White, former SA Mayor Phil Hardberger, and SA businessman Red McCombs have a full page ad in the Chron today asking the Big 12 to stay put.  Drayton, Gov. White, and Mayor Hardberger went to Baylor so you get the picture.  The front page of the Chron has a story about the pending demise of the Big 12 though.  Stay tuned!

Some City Council, District I neighborhoods got some good run in yesterday’s Chron.  Check out the story here.  Apparently those neighborhoods are the newest H-Town “in” neighborhoods. I guess it helps that the political leadership out there like CM James Rodriguez is providing leadership and making sure those neighborhoods have the tools to thrive.

Red Sox great Carl Crawford of course leads all active MLBers with 110 career three baggers.

There is not a whole lot to say about the ‘Stros getting loss numero 100 this past Saturday.  Three in Cinncy this week then they come home and wrap things up.

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