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Bets Are In

Commentary turned in the Roundtable Election Ballot last night and guess what? Some folks were already talking about the 2015 Mayor’s Race. Already?

H-Town CM Steve Costello, my pal Bill King, Chris Bell, Sheriff Garcia, and Paul Hobby were names that came up. No women in the mentions. I don’t know about this line-up.

Name the last player of The ATL to get voted into the MLB Hall of Fame?

Last night there were also a number of opinions and takes on to runoff or not to runoff next Tuesday.

Go check out Kuffer today on more takes on the runoff question.

Yesterday I got a Roland Chavez for At-Large 3 mailer and a Houston Turnout Project early vote piece.

Congrats to Red Sox nation. They deserve it.

If you want a piece of the Dome you can go by there today and slap down some cash for a pair of seats or Astroturf.

Phil Niekro of course was elected to Hall of Fame in 1997.

The Red Sox will visit The Yard the weekend before the All Star break next season.

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Counting Votes

Name the last San Luis player to win the season NL Dinger crown?

In 2009, 178,777 votes were cast in the H-Town city elections. In 2009, 10,152 voted by mail and 52,276 voted early in person.

According to Kyle, through Monday 12,886 had voted by mail and 29,532 in person.

Kyle also says that 72% of the vote are hard core voters – they voted in the last three city elections.

It looks to me that we are not going to reach the 2009 total. It will be interesting to see if mail ballots and early voting in person exceed next Tuesday’s turnout. Stay tuned!

Albert Pujols of course led the NL in dingers in 2010 with 42.

All action was at the courthouse again yesterday and The Yard was quiet.

That is all I have to say for now.

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Keeping it Brief

I was driving to my brother’s memorial service yesterday and I was listening to “Houston Matters” and heard the Ben Hall interview. I don’t know about that.

Finally! I am talking about the Mayor’s campaign finally trotting out a positive ad on the flat screen.

Big Papi through five Serious games is batting .733. Name the player with the highest batting average for a World Serious?

I got a TOP endorsement mailer yesterday.

Apparently there was a major glitch in the City of H-Town campaign contribution and reporting system yesterday….tsk, tsk, tsk! I still can’t find the reports online. Come on!

Commentary and my crew will go vote early today.

The former starting QB is not happy he is the backup to the new starting QB. From Pick-Six to Pick-Sit! That’s life in the NFL.

The Chron sports section these days is pretty much focused on the Rockets. I can’t blame them.

In 1990 Billy Hatcher of Cinncy batted .750 of course as Cinncy swept the A’s.

The TV contract mess playing out in the courtroom so nothing is happening at The Yard.

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Later Today

I saw a number of folks I had not seen in a while at my niece Rachel’s home yesterday. Today we will be at a memorial service for my brother Mike at 2 pm at Guadalupe Church, 1124 Beech Street in Baytown, 77520.

This past weekend my mailbox was visited by a David Robinson for At-Large 2 mailer slamming incumbent CM Andrew Burks, a Houston Turnout Project piece that made me hungry for pie, and a Controller Ron Green piece. I also got a Zeph Capo door-to-door piece.

Players from the Red Sox – San Luis 1967 World Serious have been part of the pregame
ceremonies the past few days. Name the player from the 1967 World Serious who smacked three dingers.

There is a front page Chron story today on voter turnout for subscribers or hard copy owners only. Here is part:

“Candidates are what drive turnout,” (Rice University Professor Bob) Stein said, noting big advertising spending by Mayor Annise Parker and top challenger Ben Hall, as well as the mailing and door-to-door campaigns of candidates in a handful of competitive council races.

He also credited a slew of African-American candidates with energizing those communities to vote at a higher rate than some other groups, according to Stein’s early polling.

Who is voting early?

Political analyst Kyle Johnston backed up Stein with his own analysis.

Looking at the names of every person who cast a Harris County ballot in the first five days, Johnston predicted the characteristics of who has voted so far. Johnston said his predictions, in some cases based off assumptions about surnames, usually are accurate within 5 percentage points.

African-Americans lead minority voting with 32 percent of the ballots cast so far, which Johnston said is higher than usual and could grow because black and Latino voters historically cast ballots at a higher rate during the second week of early voting when hours extend to 7 p.m.

Others have speculated the record numbers, across all demographics, could be driven by two high-profile bond measures to decide the fate of the Astrodome and a proposed city-county inmate processing center.

Stay tuned!

Kuffer has a piece on candidates running next year. Here is part:

Finally, in Harris County, we now have a Democratic candidate for the At Large HCDE Trustee position that Jim Henley vacated in June. Traci Jensen, who ran for the State Board of Education in 2012 and who had expressed interest in being appointed to fill Henley’s seat, announced on Facebook that she would run for the position. Rumor has it that former Trustee Michael Wolfe, who was ousted by Diane Trautman last year, is seeking to reclaim a spot on the Board, so having a strong and well-qualified candidate like Jensen will be important.
Way to go Traci!

Hall of Famed great Carl Yastrzemski of course had three dingers for the Red Sox in the 1967 World Serious that San Luis won in seven.

Saturday night finished up on an obstruction call and last night ended on a pickoff at first. That’s why I love this game.

Nothing from The Yard.

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From Michael’s daughter, Rachel:

I am hosting a Celebration of LIfe at my house on Sunday, October 27th. Food, drinks, singing, music, speeches, a memory tree of Mike, remembering my dad and his amazing spirit. Remembering the way he loved living his life! Please bring your favorite memories of my dad. This will be at my house.

3006 Barrons Way
Sugar Land TX 77479
(We’re in the process of getting valet service)

Rosary at 3:15PM
Celebration of Life begins at 4:00PM

Monday, October 28th there will be a Memorial Service at 2 pm at Guadalupe Church, 1124 Beech Street in Baytown, 77520.

Please pass this information to our family and Mike’s friends.

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On Turnout

Thanks for all the kind words that were sent to our family yesterday. We appreciate you all.

Folks are trying to make sense out of the Early Voting in Person and mail ballot participation. Here is from a respected political consultant:

“After day 3 AA locations are 33% above 2009 vote. Latino locations are up 44%.”

On Latino voting I can say that not much went on in 2009. The two Latino members of City Council did not have opponents and all four mayoral campaigns neglected the Latino vote. This time around we have action in Council District 1 and HCC District 3.

The Mayor has certainly been pounding Ben Hall. I’m wondering if this might be driving up African American turnout if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, Ben Hall now has ads ‘splaining stuff and the Mayor still has not run a positive ad.

In the two 2005 World Serious games played at Minute Maid how many dingers were hit?

Here is what was in the mailbox yesterday:

Anna Eastman for HISD Trustee mailer.

Kevin Hoffman for HCC District 1 mailer.

Rogene Calvert for At-Large 3 mailer.

Vote for Prop 6 (Water) mailer.

A tweet of sorts Houston Turnout Project mailer.

I’m not going to say anything about James Taylor singing “Oh beautiful can you see” last night.

Joe Crede and Geoff Blum had dingers for the White Sox and Jason Lane had one for the ‘Stros and all came in Game 3 of course.

Nothing much from The Yard today.

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My brother Mike passed last night. He was only 62.

We were at his side when he left us.

It hurts. My parents are hurting. His family is hurting.

He leaves a daughter Rachel, her husband Andy, and three grandchildren: Dante, Lucas, and Ace.

Mike is survived by his parents Alicia and Tony Campos, sisters Sylvia Lafuente and Aida Garza and her husband Bobby, and me, plus many nephews and nieces who loved him dearly. Everybody loved Uncle Mike.

Mike had many great friends. Most were lifelong buddies. Many of them called him “Camp.”

Mike was a caring father and grandfather.

He taught Dante how to be a good baseball player, taught him to love the game, and he was proud of that. He was day care for Dante and Lucas and there were many times when Dante crawled around the office here while Rachel was at work. I remember when Mike would be working on a deadline for a project here and I would have to change Dante’s diaper to let Mike finish up.

He was family first. He loved Christmases and other family gatherings. He loved to reminisce about growing up in Baytown. He took pride in the accomplishments of family members.

He was passionate and opinionated about politics and current events. Mike was talking about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” six months before Hillary brought it up. He never missed casting a vote. He was a proud Democrat. He could smell out a BSer a mile away.

He was really proud when he was elected as a Gore national delegate back in 2000. He was the third in our family to get to go to the Democratic National Convention as a delegate.

Mike was also a musician. In high school he was drummer and singer in a band and he let me be one of the equipment managers. I was a roadie before I ever heard of a roadie. The band played gigs in Baytown, Anahuac, Channelview and other faraway places. In later years he played guitar in band that did weddings, parties, local clubs, and other gatherings.

Mike was a film buff and read books on movies and cinema history. His favorite actor was Marlon Brando and of course his favorite movie was “The Godfather.” He could recite just about every line from that classic.

He worked with me for a number of years behind the scenes and helped design and produce the materials to help our clients achieve their goals.

Nine years ago Mike suggested that I should start posting on our website. I was very reluctant. He convinced me that posting might increase web traffic and he was the one who suggested the name “Daily Commentary.”

Mike was born on March 2 – Texas Independence Day – so there was never any forgetting of his birthday.

I could go on and on about Mike and I will in days to come.

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