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Day 1 Early Voting

In Harris County on the first day 8,560 mail ballots are in compared to 2,079 in 2011.

5,025 voted early in person compared to 2,557 in 2011.

28,620 ballots have been mailed compared to 15,264 total in 2011.

The Sunnyside EV location made up 4.5% of the total EV in Person in 2011, on Day 1 in 2013 it is 3.9%.

West Gray in 2011 10.4%, yesterday 10.7%.

HCC in 2011 2.2%, yesterday 2.5%.

Acres Homes in 2011 3%, yesterday 3.2%.

Tracy Gee in 2011 4.1%, yesterday 3.6%%.

Stay tuned!

Who was the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros in the first MLB playoff game ever played in H-Town?

Commentary received a David Robinson for At-Large 2 mailer yesterday and a Vote Early mailer from the Houston Turnout Project.

I’m not going to say much about my client Adriana Tamez for HCC District 3 getting her Early Vote signs stolen on the first day. Her opponent Herlinda Garcia must be desperate, after all she did take $1,000 from Dave Wilson.

Commentary has been mentioning the Mayor’s negative ads. Today the Chron’s Mike Morris has a piece about the negative ads the Mayor has been running. It is an interesting read. You have to get a hard copy to read it though.

Joe Niekro of course started Game 3 of the NLCS against the Phillies back October 10, 1980.

Nothing from The Yard!

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