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On Turnout

Thanks for all the kind words that were sent to our family yesterday. We appreciate you all.

Folks are trying to make sense out of the Early Voting in Person and mail ballot participation. Here is from a respected political consultant:

“After day 3 AA locations are 33% above 2009 vote. Latino locations are up 44%.”

On Latino voting I can say that not much went on in 2009. The two Latino members of City Council did not have opponents and all four mayoral campaigns neglected the Latino vote. This time around we have action in Council District 1 and HCC District 3.

The Mayor has certainly been pounding Ben Hall. I’m wondering if this might be driving up African American turnout if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, Ben Hall now has ads ‘splaining stuff and the Mayor still has not run a positive ad.

In the two 2005 World Serious games played at Minute Maid how many dingers were hit?

Here is what was in the mailbox yesterday:

Anna Eastman for HISD Trustee mailer.

Kevin Hoffman for HCC District 1 mailer.

Rogene Calvert for At-Large 3 mailer.

Vote for Prop 6 (Water) mailer.

A tweet of sorts Houston Turnout Project mailer.

I’m not going to say anything about James Taylor singing “Oh beautiful can you see” last night.

Joe Crede and Geoff Blum had dingers for the White Sox and Jason Lane had one for the ‘Stros and all came in Game 3 of course.

Nothing much from The Yard today.

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