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Counting Votes

Name the last San Luis player to win the season NL Dinger crown?

In 2009, 178,777 votes were cast in the H-Town city elections. In 2009, 10,152 voted by mail and 52,276 voted early in person.

According to Kyle, through Monday 12,886 had voted by mail and 29,532 in person.

Kyle also says that 72% of the vote are hard core voters – they voted in the last three city elections.

It looks to me that we are not going to reach the 2009 total. It will be interesting to see if mail ballots and early voting in person exceed next Tuesday’s turnout. Stay tuned!

Albert Pujols of course led the NL in dingers in 2010 with 42.

All action was at the courthouse again yesterday and The Yard was quiet.

That is all I have to say for now.

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