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Later Today

I saw a number of folks I had not seen in a while at my niece Rachel’s home yesterday. Today we will be at a memorial service for my brother Mike at 2 pm at Guadalupe Church, 1124 Beech Street in Baytown, 77520.

This past weekend my mailbox was visited by a David Robinson for At-Large 2 mailer slamming incumbent CM Andrew Burks, a Houston Turnout Project piece that made me hungry for pie, and a Controller Ron Green piece. I also got a Zeph Capo door-to-door piece.

Players from the Red Sox – San Luis 1967 World Serious have been part of the pregame
ceremonies the past few days. Name the player from the 1967 World Serious who smacked three dingers.

There is a front page Chron story today on voter turnout for subscribers or hard copy owners only. Here is part:

“Candidates are what drive turnout,” (Rice University Professor Bob) Stein said, noting big advertising spending by Mayor Annise Parker and top challenger Ben Hall, as well as the mailing and door-to-door campaigns of candidates in a handful of competitive council races.

He also credited a slew of African-American candidates with energizing those communities to vote at a higher rate than some other groups, according to Stein’s early polling.

Who is voting early?

Political analyst Kyle Johnston backed up Stein with his own analysis.

Looking at the names of every person who cast a Harris County ballot in the first five days, Johnston predicted the characteristics of who has voted so far. Johnston said his predictions, in some cases based off assumptions about surnames, usually are accurate within 5 percentage points.

African-Americans lead minority voting with 32 percent of the ballots cast so far, which Johnston said is higher than usual and could grow because black and Latino voters historically cast ballots at a higher rate during the second week of early voting when hours extend to 7 p.m.

Others have speculated the record numbers, across all demographics, could be driven by two high-profile bond measures to decide the fate of the Astrodome and a proposed city-county inmate processing center.

Stay tuned!

Kuffer has a piece on candidates running next year. Here is part:

Finally, in Harris County, we now have a Democratic candidate for the At Large HCDE Trustee position that Jim Henley vacated in June. Traci Jensen, who ran for the State Board of Education in 2012 and who had expressed interest in being appointed to fill Henley’s seat, announced on Facebook that she would run for the position. Rumor has it that former Trustee Michael Wolfe, who was ousted by Diane Trautman last year, is seeking to reclaim a spot on the Board, so having a strong and well-qualified candidate like Jensen will be important.
Way to go Traci!

Hall of Famed great Carl Yastrzemski of course had three dingers for the Red Sox in the 1967 World Serious that San Luis won in seven.

Saturday night finished up on an obstruction call and last night ended on a pickoff at first. That’s why I love this game.

Nothing from The Yard.

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