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The writers of the CBS hit comedy series “Two Broke Girls” certainly pay attention to what is going on in the Lone Star State.   Here is what Commentary tweeted last night during “Two Broke Girls”:

Line from @2BrokeGirls_CBS “This thing hates women so much they should call it Texas.” – a malfuntioning espresso gizmo. #LoneStarJoke

The whole country heard it!  Take that!  That’s Ok with Commentary if a lot of the rest of the country has a laugh on us because of Guv Dude, the Lite Guv, AG Abbott, Ted Cruz, the GOP, and their Papi the Tea Party.   Some of the viewing audience may just want to send some of their campaign dough down here to help folks like Sen. Wendy Davis.  Keep it up!

What is there to say about The Lite Guv calling for The President’s impeachment other than to say don’t bother tossing a life line out to The Lite Guv because he himself has jumped way into the far far far right deep end.  Check this out:


Yesterday was 10th anniversary of the Steve Bartman incident at Wrigley.  Who was batting?

The Chron E-Board rolled out another endorsement of sorts today.  They want immediate changes to the Texans’ strategy.  Check this:

We don’t like Monday-morning quarterbacking, so we saved this editorial for Tuesday. By now, we’ve taken a collective deep breath, so maybe we’re ready to engage the question of the hour: Where do we go and what do we do with our Texans?

We’re in the midst of huge national crises, everything from atrocities in the Middle East to flooding in Central Texas, not to mention a potentially dangerous government shutdown. The headlines are enough to make you wonder why sports even matter, and yet they do. Our national pastimes are healthy distractions that bind a community.

The Texans aren’t winning, and they’re looking miserable while losing. Unlike the hapless Astros, who were expected to lose during the first of what may be several rebuilding seasons, the Texans began the season with a Super Bowl in their sights. In addition, the Texans are a franchise that has done just about everything right. They’ve signed first-class individuals, the owner is a benevolent man who brought the NFL back to Houston and has used the Texans brand as a positive extension throughout the community. The Texans are a class act.

Regrettably, some Houston fans showed no class on Sunday. By nature, fanatics can get a little loud, but to cheer an injury to a player is outrageous. To be fair, some of the loud-mouthed louts may have been cheering for T.J. Yates, Matt Schaub‘s backup, but, still, it looked bad.

What made the cheering worse is that it came in the wake of fans burning Schaub jerseys and allegedly stalking his house.

That’s not Houston. When it comes to fan support, this city has a history of excellence, whether it’s congratulating the Rockets on their 1994 and 1995 NBA championships or welcoming the Houston Oilers back home after their almost-championships.

It’s easy to agree on fan behavior. It’s not so easy to agree on what the Texans need to do. Houston knows all about taking risks; maybe it’s time for the Texans to take a risk, as well. Blow up season plans, Bob McNair. Go for broke. And let’s see what happens.

Fish second baseman Luis Castillo was batting of course during the Steve Bartman incident.

All is quiet at The Yard!



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