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Bets Are In

Commentary turned in the Roundtable Election Ballot last night and guess what? Some folks were already talking about the 2015 Mayor’s Race. Already?

H-Town CM Steve Costello, my pal Bill King, Chris Bell, Sheriff Garcia, and Paul Hobby were names that came up. No women in the mentions. I don’t know about this line-up.

Name the last player of The ATL to get voted into the MLB Hall of Fame?

Last night there were also a number of opinions and takes on to runoff or not to runoff next Tuesday.

Go check out Kuffer today on more takes on the runoff question.

Yesterday I got a Roland Chavez for At-Large 3 mailer and a Houston Turnout Project early vote piece.

Congrats to Red Sox nation. They deserve it.

If you want a piece of the Dome you can go by there today and slap down some cash for a pair of seats or Astroturf.

Phil Niekro of course was elected to Hall of Fame in 1997.

The Red Sox will visit The Yard the weekend before the All Star break next season.

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