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Keeping it Brief

I was driving to my brother’s memorial service yesterday and I was listening to “Houston Matters” and heard the Ben Hall interview. I don’t know about that.

Finally! I am talking about the Mayor’s campaign finally trotting out a positive ad on the flat screen.

Big Papi through five Serious games is batting .733. Name the player with the highest batting average for a World Serious?

I got a TOP endorsement mailer yesterday.

Apparently there was a major glitch in the City of H-Town campaign contribution and reporting system yesterday….tsk, tsk, tsk! I still can’t find the reports online. Come on!

Commentary and my crew will go vote early today.

The former starting QB is not happy he is the backup to the new starting QB. From Pick-Six to Pick-Sit! That’s life in the NFL.

The Chron sports section these days is pretty much focused on the Rockets. I can’t blame them.

In 1990 Billy Hatcher of Cinncy batted .750 of course as Cinncy swept the A’s.

The TV contract mess playing out in the courtroom so nothing is happening at The Yard.

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