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The cost of having the Chron delivered is going up – drats! You know something is amiss over at Texas Avenue when the game in San Diego ended at 11:21 pm CDT last night and it didn’t make this morning’s three star edition. It seems like those of us that are old fashioned and still walk out to our driveway every morning to pick up our shrinking daily ought to be given a break for hanging in there. I guess loyalty has its price.

Today is the last day of the first half of the year. That means folks will begin to start talking a whole lot about the 2010 elections. I got news for Dems. Unless a prominent Dem of color steps forward and runs in one of the top spots, I don’t think the base is going to get excited and that will certainly impact down ballot races. Hey just a thought and what do I know anyway!

Commentary is looking forward to the entertainment event of the year – Michael Jackson’s last concert that is now ready to be edited. Of course, all of the interested parties might tie it up in court for a while.

Commentary is headed to jury duty this morning – drats! I’m just doing my duty – drats!

The Rockets are certainly in a pickle this morning as the world wide sports news has Yao Ming out for a year and maybe more with a broken foot that is taking a long time to heal.  No se puede?

The ‘Stros have two players that can’t get away from hitting into the dreaded double plays – Miggy and Numero 45. In fact, Miggy set the National League record as a ‘Stro last year for hitting into the most double plays in a season – 32. Numero 45 and eight others are tied at 10th all time in the NL with 27. Guess who is tied for second in the NL for hitting into the most double plays in a season? Brad Ausmus with 30 in 2002 as a ‘Stro.

In case you didn’t get to watch Saturday night’s game, you missed out on ‘Stro Center Fielder Michael Bourn getting caught in a run down. You need to check it out here. This guy is a terror when he gets on base.

Roy O was Roy O last night which means we won. The problem now for the ‘Stros is we now have six starters which is a pretty good problemo to have if you ask me.

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It looks like the Harris County AFL-CIO is covering their bases. They gave the A-OK to Peter Brown, Gene Locke, and Annise Parker in the H-Town Mayoral race. Maybe they are setting a precedent of sorts. Now maybe the Chron’s E-Board can also get into a triple play endorsement. Maybe the Harris County Democrats can do the same. Maybe the local Latino Dems can do likewise. Of course, you can only vote for one on the electronic voting gizmo.

“It just doesn’t make any sense at a time of record deficits and high unemployment … to give amnesty.” This quote was by GOPer Cong. John Culberson of Houston talking about the stalemate on immigration. What an arsehole! When our economy does turn around and our unemployment rate goes down, you actually think this fella is going to soften his stance? Check it out.

The Chron’s Columnist has a piece yesterday on the H-Town Mayor not wanting to take on a race for Lone Star State Guv because he’s figured out what Commentary has thought for years.  Check it out. 

You see our public schools need a whole lot of money and resources which translates into changing our priorities including raising some taxes. The Mayor figures if he’s honest and talks about how to save our schools in a race for Guv, the GOP will beat him unmercifully on the tax issue. I guess I don’t blame The Mayor but still I hate to see our public school system short changed.

Commentary picked up the Sunday paper yesterday and opened it up and a poster fell out with The Big Puma endorsing a product call Venom Energy – Black Mamba. I guess it is some sort of energy drink – yuk. Check it out.  It is a product put out by the folks at Dr. Pepper – Seven Up. It has The Big Puma with reptilian looking demonic eyes. It is definitely out of character of The Big Puma we think we know.

Friday night at The Yard Michael Jackson tunes were played in between innings. They also replayed one of those “what you didn’t know about Miggy” videos that they had shown a few weeks ago. They asked Miggy who he would like to meet someday. Miggy’s response was Michael Jackson.

The ‘Stros said goodbye to Brandon Backe this past weekend and Backe was kind of upset. Last season he gave up 36 dingers. This year he had given up 5 dingers in 13 innings. He had his chance.

It looked like we were on our way to sweep the Tigers yesterday when Joe Green Valley gave up a two out two run dinger in the top of the ninth that stunned us all. Now the team heads west for seven.

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Commentary got home from The Yard yesterday afternoon and started to check emails when I heard on CNN that the King of Pop had been rushed to a hospital. I tried to get on the internet and the server said it was too busy to let me on. That ought to tell you something. TMZ, the website that seems to be the first that gives you the best rumor stuff first, was the first to come out and say that the King of Pop was gone. CNN was one of the last major news organizations to confirm the death.

Throughout the evening while watching CNN’s wall to wall coverage some folks interviewed mentioned that his death was akin to the day Elvis died or JFK was assassinated. It is tough to argue against.

Commentary’s favorite was “We Are the World” co-written with Lionel Richie. Who else could bring together into one recording studio one evening back in 1985 the likes of Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Willie Nelson, Kenny Loggins, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Dylan, Ray Charles, The Boss, Bette Midler, Smokey Robinson, and Harry Belafonte. Yeah, he is certainly worthy of the coverage he’s getting.

Thanks to the coverage, the GOP Governor of South Carolina got put on the back pages of today’s newspapers.

Commentary was called yesterday and informed that I got it wrong yesterday on the Gene Locke H-Town Mayoral Campaign. They did not subtract campaign folks. I apollyize and I stand corrected.

Speaking of Motown, the Tigers come in for three at The Yard this weekend and we get to see their shortstop – Adam Everett – huh! We also get to see Justin Verlander, Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera on a first place team and on a seven game winning streak. Yesterday, The Big Puma had him two opposite field dingers and four RBIs to put him at 1003 career RBIs or #258 on the all time MLB career RBI list – cool.

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“Don’t cry for me Argentina
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don’t keep your distance.”

Commentary agrees with the GOP South Carolina Governor. The last thing he needs is a stimulus these days. In fact, I think he’s been overstimulated lately – Argentina style. Folks in South Carolina should have figured something was up – pardon the pun – when the Governor started taking tango classes at the Charleston Y a year or so ago.

Since the Governor was in Argentina, I guess it is OK for him to apollyize.

H-Town Mayoral candidate Gene Locke put out a statement yesterday announcing additions to his campaign team. Some folks were wondering though why he didn’t announce the subtractions to his campaign team. CEWDEM didn’t exactly put out the welcome mat to the new team members. CEWDEM in particular let it be known what he really thinks about the campaign’s new press advisor – ouch!

It turns out that 43’s bud, Tom Schieffer, has two H-Town supporters – my old pal State Rep Senfronia Thompson and my old boss former Governor Mark White.

The Academy Award folks announced yesterday that there will be five more Best Pic nominees at next year’s ceremony. They didn’t ask Commentary. Now instead of checking out five mandatory flicks, I’ll have to crank it up to ten.

You can go to Commentary’s website later on today and check out a pic that was taken last night of Commentary and a ‘Lil Johnny Reb fella that came down and took the seat next to mine. I don’t know about his wardrobe choices.  I don’t think they were selling that shirt at The Team Store at The Yard.

Here’s what the ‘Stros sent out yesterday:

“The Houston Astros announced today that the club has finalized the details of a build-to-lease agreement for a new complex for their Dominican Republic operations. The lease was entered into with D. & F. Sport Field Services, S.A, and will be for a five-year term with an option to renew twice, each option for an additional five-year period.  The announcement was made by General Manager Ed Wade.

“’The new complex in the Dominican Republic is a huge step forward in our player development process,’ Wade said. ‘The facility will allow us to further the on-field development of our young Latin players along with giving us the opportunities to enhance their diets and provide them with English lessons that will allow them to function at a higher level when they move along the development chain in the United States.  We’re excited about the advances that we’re making on the international front, and this is one more clear indication of our commitment to find and develop the best talent on a worldwide basis.’

“The all-inclusive academy will be located in the Guerra Region of Boca Chica, DR, and will be conveniently located a half-mile from the new Tampa Bay Rays and LA Dodgers facilities, as well as in the same area as the Kansas City Royals and other Major League Dominican Academies. The Astros current Dominican Operations resides in San Pedro de Macoris, DR.”

Way to go ‘Stros!

Commentary snagged Foul Ball Numero Siete yesterday with my lid and I must say it was a shot. A guy sitting across the aisle from me was from KC and he informed me that he got a call from his dad in KC and said that they replayed the snag three times on FoxKC Sports – cool. Of course, Big Puma could have used my lid last night as he let one get through his legs in the top of the ninth that eventually led to KC tying the game and sending it to extra innings that we eventually lost – drats!

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My old pal Dem State Senator Leticia Van de Putte decided not to run next year for Lone Star State Guv because she didn’t want to put her family through a campaign against scorched earth style tactics that would for sure be employed by GOPers Dude or Hutch. So Senator Van de Putte instead recommended that Dem State Senator Kirk Watson go up against the GOP’s scorched earth style campaign tactics.  Check out today’s Chron. 

So far nobody has called me to tell me they are supporting 43’s bud, Tom Schieffer. Heck, I don’t know anyone here in H-Town that is supporting Schieffer. Schieffer is supposed to be in H-Town today to kick-off his campaign so I guess some local Dems will be on hand – maybe.

Senator Van de Putte says that Schieffer isn’t exciting the Dem base. Can Sen. Watson excite the base?

As long as the frontline of Lone Star statewide Dems candidates is made up of Anglo fellas, I don’t see a scenario where the Dem base gets revved up – sorry – no se puede.

The Lone Star State Dem Party Chair put out a press release yesterday slapping around GOP Harris County Judge Ed Emmett for coming up short on adopting a good ethics policy over at the county. I don’t have a problem with that. However, it would probably be a good idea if local Dems put forward a comprehensive ethics policy with teeth for the county rather than a piece here, a bill there, a snipe there – you get the picture. I don’t mind piling on the County Judge but where is our ethics proposal.

Commentary forgot to mention that MariGirl celebrated Birthday Numero 24 this past Lunes. Happy Birthday This Past Monday Marisol Valero Davila!

About the only good thing that happened at The Yard yesterday was the announcement that The Big Puma and Cara welcomed their fourth little puma into their den – Abigail Primm Puma. That is now four Puma girls for The Big Puma and Cara – cool. We should have won last night when we got the first two batters on base in the bottom of the ninth but then Pudge and Kaz whiffed then Jason Michaels did what any .185 hitter is supposed to do in that situation – tapped one back to the pitcher for the final out …..arrrrgh!

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Here’s what H-Town CM James Rodriguez sent out yesterday:

“Dear Friends,

“The Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate will be held from 10:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Saturday, July 18, 2009 at the Champions Pavilion at Minute Maid Park. Minerva Perez, Executive Producer and Host of Latina Voices, has agreed to serve as moderator and Al Flores, Jr., a local Houston attorney has agreed to take the lead in developing the debate format and structure.

“Mr. Flores will be in discussions with local Latino leaders and organizations for suggestions regarding debate questions. Marc Campos and Campos Communications will be in charge with the task of coordinating the event and assembling a panel of uncommitted Latino voters who will grade the debate participants.

“If you are interested in having a question asked at the debate, please submit it to the following e-mail address: info@houstonlatinosummit.com   All submitted questions will be posted on the Houston Area Latino Summit webpage. Please note that debate questions will not be limited to those that are submitted.

“The Houston Area Latino Summit is looking for sponsorships to help underwrite the cost of the debate. Prominent signage will be displayed at the event for all sponsors as well as key mention on all debate e-mail correspondence. Sponsorship levels are: $500, $1000 and $1,500. If you would like to be a sponsor please fill out the attached form and mail it in along with your contribution to Houston Area Latino Summit, 816 Ralfallen, Houston Texas 77008. 

“It is our desire to make the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate the political event of the summer. It is also our hope to make this debate the first ever to truly address the concerns of the local Latino community.

“Sincerely, James Rodriguez”

In today’s Star-Telegram there is a story about Fort Worth City Council Member Sal Espino mulling over the possibility of taking on Dem State Rep Lon Burnam next year.  Check it out.

Here is some of what is in the piece: "’Fort Worth is the largest city in Texas without a Hispanic representing a House seat," he (Espino) said. ‘I don’t think [Burnam] has been able to get much meaningful legislation passed, although I admire his battle against the prior speaker.’

“Burnam, who was elected to District 90 in 1996 on his third try, said he believes that Espino should stay where he is, especially because he was re-elected this year to another two-year term on the Fort Worth City Council.

"’Sal has no experience in this arena,’ Burnam said. ‘There is a role for . . people like Sal, but more importantly, there is a role for people like me . to stand up against [former House Speaker Tom] Craddick, to stand up over and over again. It takes people with experience and leadership to make a difference.’

“Espino said he hopes to make a decision soon.”

FYI: State House District 90 in Tarrant County is 65% Latino according to the 2000 Census.

FYI: Harris County is the largest county in Texas without a Latino in Congress.

Commentary is not going to say anything but we do have four starters batting .300 or better – Michael Bourn (.300), Numero 45 (.300), Miggy (.331), and Hunter Pence (.331). On the ‘Stros website there is a story about Bourn and his new identity (their words).  Check it out.

Commentary was watching the post game show Saturday night and I was kind of taken aback when Cecil Puede declared that Center Fielder Michael Bourn was his team MVP of the season to date. After giving it some thought, it is hard to argue with Puede. Bourn is a terrific center fielder. He is a terror to opposing teams when he is on base. He’s hitting .300. He looks a lot more comfortable when he is at the plate. Trading away Lights Out Lidge for Bourn doesn’t seem like a one sided trade these days. Yeah Lights Out helped his Phillies win the World Serious last year but remember, not even a major league curandera could get him out of his Pujols induced dinger funk when he was still a ‘Stro. This season hasn’t been kind to Lights Out. He has a 7 plus ERA, has blown seven Saves, and is currently on the DL. The KC Royals are in town for three and they give out 10,000 Big Puma Paws tonight!

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The Chron’s Columnist got into the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez – Ed Johnson mess. That is definitely not a good thing for Leo.  Check it out. 

By refusing to show Ed Johnson the door, Leo will continue to invite folks to bang on him on ethics issues. Now every time the campaign finance reports are due, Dem folks will go over them and when Ed Johnson’ company comes up getting a check – pow – Leo will get the kind of run that he doesn’t need. It is still not too late for Leo to take Commentary’s advice and get rid of his Ed problemo.

43’s bud, Tom Schieffer, says he’s the Dem’s best shot at winning the Guv’s Mansion next year. Check out yesterday’s Chron.  I guess we don’t have a shot at winning then. If this fella ends up heading up the Dem Party by default next year, I don’t see how the base gets excited. Heck, he could end up hurting local Dem candidates. Stay tuned!

Commentary spent the weekend watching Tiger barely miss birdie putt after birdie putt – arrrgh!

The ‘Stros wrapped up their nine game road trip by going five and four and they continue to hang in there. Inter league play continue as the Royals come in for three tomorrow.   We’re off tonight.

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Some local H-Town politicos are on the Sly Watch these days. They are waiting to see if Sly will get into the H-Town Mayoral race. Commentary is thinking that Sly will probably wait until July 15 before he lets us all know. That is the day candidates are supposed to report how much money they have in the bank. Sly will want to know what he might be up against. Hey, that is a good strategy. Of course, if he waits until then, I don’t know if he’ll be able to participate in the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate on Saturday, July 18.

Some GOPers are saying that The President isn’t being tough enough on Iran for stealing an election. Of course, we have to first figure out how the election was stolen.

Texas Monthly had a reception last night up in Austin for their 10 Best Legislators. When is the reception for their 10 Worst Legislators?

The dreaded questionnaire season is upon us. Fill them out, make copies, turn them in, go to screenings – you get the picture….arrrrhh!

Commentary was watching the ‘Stros post game show last night and one of the announcers said that Cecil Puede wasn’t too happy that his team meeting was reported on  Tag’s Line. The meeting had something to do about Cecil Puede apollyizing to Pudge for not giving him a high five congrats the other night after setting the record. 43 dropped by the ‘Stros clubhouse last night before the game to high five Pudge. It looked like we were going to get swept last night but we got back in it and ended up winning – whew! We now go to Minnesota for three this weekend. I wonder if Al Franken will drop by the ‘Stros clubhouse tonight and high five Pudge since Franken is just sitting around these days.

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The Chron’s Ken Hoffman has a piece today about the only rainout in Astrodome history on June 15, 1976. Check it out. 

Commentary remembers that night and not because I was supposed to be at that game. Actually, it was the Tuesday leading up to the weekend’s Lone Star State Democratic Party Convention here in H-Town and I was helping organize the first ever Mexican American Democrats (MAD) Caucus meeting. That rainy evening, some of the MAD leadership including former State Rep. Ben Reyes, former State Senator Joe Bernal, and former H-Town City Controller Leonel Castillo were meeting at the Rice Hotel with the late former State Dem Party Chair Calvin Guest working out a deal that would allow the MAD Caucus to select a Latino and Latina to serve on the Democratic National Committee which eventually led to the system that is now in place that calls for the various Dem Party caucuses to select their DNC folks. It was a MAD idea that Commentary helped think of and implement and I don’t mind taking a little credit. By the way, the ‘Stros were supposed to play the Pirates that evening.

The President showed that he has a quick hand when he swatted that fly the other day on CNBC. He reminded me of “Lee” from “The Magnificent Seven” played by Robert Vaughn. Of course, if 43 would have been confronted by a fly, Little Dick probably would have waterboarded the tiny sucker to find out how it snuck into The White House.

Here’s what Serge had to say about Samsoid, err Sosa getting outed by the NY Times: “Can we get an equal opportunity leak of the 104 (MLBers) that tested positive?  Maybe someone on the list of the non-Latino persuasion?  Is the Minuteman Project in charge of the leaking?” Serge has a point for sure, although I will point out that The Rocket, Jason Giambi, Kevin Brown, Lenny Dykstra, Eric Gagne, Jason Grimsley, Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte, and Gregg Zaun were among the non-Latinos listed as violators in the Mitchell Report.

Execution from the players and manager was missing in last night’s loss to the Rangers. It also didn’t help out that Numero 45 took it easy running down the first base line on a bobbled grounder. We should have won but we didn’t – drats as I will have my fingers crossed as Brandon Back takes the mound tonight for his first start of the season and I hope he does better than he did against the Galveston PD last fall – yikes!

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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) held a public hearing last night on Little York Road on the Big K Environmental application to process grease trap waste which can be highly odorous. Bib K is a waste processing facility that sits smack dab in the middle of a mostly Latino plus some Anglo neighborhood on Little York Road. Big K currently processes porta potty stuff and the surrounding neighborhoods have been complaining about the rank odor for years. Over 150 folks showed up last night and about 30 spoke against and nobody spoke for. State Rep. Armando Walle help lead the charge against. H-Town CM-Elect Ed Gonzalez also spoke for the community. Big K is a pretty bad actor on the environmental stage. The hearing lasted for close to three hours and Commentary was there on behalf of an interested entity. It probably would have been a great place for H-Town mayoral candidates to be and show support. My hat goes off to Rep. Walle for the way he handled things last night. Stay tuned on this one – I’ll have more on this later.

Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez doesn’t read Commentary. Leo has decided to stick with his problemo Ed Johnson ….tsk, tsk, tsk.  Check out his Op-Ed in today’s Chron. 

Hey, what can I say? He rejected my free advice. Leo will hang on to the partisans in 2010, but those ticket splitters are going to be bombarded about Ed Johnson’s side job. I warned him.

“Boneheaded” is what the Chron E-Board calls Guv Dude this morning regarding Dude’s dance with The President’s stimulus.  Check it out. 

The Chron E-Board also took the time to put it on the HISD School Board for saying the new superintendent search will be conducted behind closed doors.  Check it out.  I definitely don’t think we have heard the last of this.

Now it looks like Mike Hampton and Geoff Blum are on the ‘Stros injured list – the DL – as we got run in Arlington last night and as Pudge sets the record tonight. Samsoid, err Sosa is the latest to …well, have to ‘splain things.

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