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Is this the end of Herman Cain?  Is he going to get nailed by Politico?  Politico has a very lengthy piece on Cain and problems in his past.  It looks like Politico did a thorough job. Check out the story here.  What a way to exit the stage.  It looks like he is getting politically electrified.  He deserves it if you ask me.

Hooray!  H-Town is getting an all news radio station in a couple of weeks.  My pals Mike Barajas and Carolyn Campbell will be part of the news team plus a bunch of other H-Town news veterans.  Way to go!  We need it! 
Check out the Chron story here.  Maybe they ought to call the new news station The Roundtable Full Employment Bureau!

On Friday I received a giant Laurie Robinson mailer.

On Friday I also received an Ellen Cohen mailer.

On Friday I also voted early at Moody Park.  I also took some of my former crew to vote.

On Saturday I got a robo call from former County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia supporting CM Jolanda Jones.

Yesterday I got a robo call from Rev. Bill Lawson supporting Laurie Robinson.

Yesterday I also got a Karen Derr for H-Town City Council District C door hanger.

Yesterday I also participated in a Texas Opinion Services survey on the Mayor’s race.

I can’t decide who has the sleaziest campaign.  H-Town CM James Rodriguez’s opponent and her bunch are slime balls that make you want to shower after being around them.  Ramiro Fonseca’s opponent is just as bad and ethically challenged.  His Univision remarks the other night was – well in the gutter.

Nobody that I respect ever accused the Chron’s Richard Justice of having any class.  Check out how he started out his column Saturday morning after The Big Puma and San Luis snatched the World Serious:

This is the way Lance Berkman dreamed it would end, right from the moment the Astros told him they weren’t interested in having him come back home to finish his career.

Justice is just a smarmy smelly tu_d if you ask me and thanks for asking me!  Get over it, I have! 

From an AP story after the World Serious Game 7:

(Rangers CEO Nolan) Ryan left tightlipped. When a reporter tried to ask the Rangers president and part-owner a question, someone in his entourage said: "He’s not talking."

Commentary likes Nolan Ryan but he needs to be a better sport.  He was talking before the Serious when he picked his Rangers in six.

Nolan Ryan was on the 1969 Mets team that won the World Serious over B’More in five games.  How many Serious games did Ryan get in to? 

Yesterday was the seventh day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 7 in 2009.

West Gray (3002 in 2009/ 2342 in 2011)

Moody Park (663 in 2009/ 386 in 2011)

Acres Homes (725 in 2009/ 551 in 2011)

Ripley (285 in 2009/ 368 in 2011)

HCCS (342 in 2009/ 425 in 2011)

Bayland (1689 in 2009/ 1277 in 2011)

Mendenhall (1937 in 2009/ 1235 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (570 in 2009/ 450 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 4. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases but things are getting better.

Now Guv Dude’s camp is saying they aren’t skipping the debates.  Talk about flip flopping.

In his only appearance, Nolan Ryan got the save in Game 3 of course in the 1969 World Serious

Halloween is tonight – got candy!

Now that the season is over we can now focus on next season and what is in store at The Yard in 2012.


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Last night I watched H-Town CM James Rodriguez debate his Tea Bagger opponent on Houston Access TV.  Right off the bat James put her in a perplexed mode when he mentioned her Tea Bagger history.  She never recovered.  She is one of these candidates that you can’t tell what she stands for but you know what she is against – everything.  She is kind of like an issueless candidate. Oh well, that’s politics.  I don’t think she liked being linked to the Tea Baggers but heck, that’s how she rolls and runs.

Yesterday I received a Planned Parenthood Action Fund mailer.

I also got a Juliet Stipeche for HISD Trustee robo call even though I don’t live in her district.

Yesterday I mentioned San Luis skipper Tony La Russa managing in six World Seriouses.  Name the six teams he faced? 

Yesterday was the fourth day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 4 in 2009.

West Gray (1654 in 2009/ 1184 in 2011)

Moody Park (325 in 2009/ 207 in 2011)

Acres Homes (390 in 2009/ 326 in 2011)

Ripley (179 in 2009/ 210 in 2011)

HCCS (177 in 2009/ 259 in 2011)

Bayland (972 in 2009/ 712 in 2011)

Mendenhall (1109 in 2009/ 709 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (391 in 2009/ 308 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 4. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases but things are getting better.

If this keeps up, I think folks would be wise to step up and participate in “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” that CM James Rodriguez and SVREP are heading up.  “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” gathering is Wednesday, November 16.  Contact Commentary for details.

Now Guv Dude’s camp is saying they might skip the debates.  They as may as well skip the rest of the campaign.  I don’t see how they think this helps.  This ain’t Lone Star State politics or as James Carvelle said yesterday that Dude has been playing Double A ball and is now in the bigs and he can’t hit the curve ball. 

The big CSPAN van will be in Commentary’s ‘hood today at Hogg Middle School from 12:30 – 2:30pm today.  I wonder if they want some Commentary.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a CSPAN.

Tony La Russa has faced the Dodgers, Giants, Reds, Red Sox, Tigers, and Rangers of course in the World Serious. 

Speaking of, you can’t get a game better than last night as the champagne corks were one strike away from being popped – twice.  The Big Puma was big last night.  Baseball was at its best last night.

Pssst!  I don’t have anything from The Yard.


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Commentary thinks Hunker Down and Harris County Commissioners El Franco Lee and Steve Radack are pretty good politicians or else they wouldn’t be in their current powerful positions.  I’m kind of disappointed to hear though that they are crying over the county having to pay their fair share of Rebuild Houston fees. Check out today’s Chron.  Hey fellas!  We had an election on this last year in case you didn’t hear.  All of you guys have high paid political consultants and engineers.  They didn’t bother to tell you what Proposition 1 was all about?  Somebody over at the county should have pointed out that there would be a financial impact.   Last year’s election wasn’t an exclusive by-invitation-only affair.  Everyone had the opportunity to chime in so stop your whining!

Yesterday was the third day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 3 in 2009.

West Gray (1362 in 2009/ 881 in 2011)

Moody Park (267 in 2009/ 157 in 2011)

Acres Homes (346 in 2009/ 248 in 2011)

Ripley (158 in 2009/ 166 in 2011)

HCCS (135 in 2009/ 204 in 2011)

Bayland (798 in 2009/ 504 in 2011)

Mendenhall (874 in 2009/ 525 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (343 in 2009/ 229 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 3. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases

If this keeps up, I think folks would be wise to step up and participate in “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” that CM James Rodriguez and SVREP are heading up.  “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” gathering is Wednesday, November 16.  Contact Commentary for details.

How many times has San Luis skipper Tony La Russa managed a team to the World Serious?

I don’t think the Harris County DA likes today’s front page headline in the hard copy of the Chron:  Grand Jury’s Target: DA’s Office.  Yikes! 
Check out the story here.   Now this one ought to get interesting. 

I have to hand it to Guv Dude for opposing the Johnny Reb license plates here in the Lone Star State.

Yesterday I received a CM Jolanda Jones with the female firefighter on it.

I received one from Ellen Cohen.

I received one from Houston GLBT PAC.

I also received one for Prop 2.

On the “Today Show” this morning, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel discussed how he is tackling food deserts.  I hope H-Town officials were watching.

Tony La Russa has managed teams to the World Serious six times now of course – San Luis in 2004, 2006, and 2011 and Oakland in 1988, 1989, and 1990.

I still don’t have anything to report from The Yard.


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Yesterday was the second day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 2 in 2009.

West Gray (973 in 2009/ 582 in 2011)

Moody Park (194 in 2009/ 105 in 2011)

Acres Homes (256 in 2009/ 168 in 2011)

Ripley (113 in 2009/ 104 in 2011)

HCCS (90 in 2009/ 128 in 2011)

Bayland (587 in 2009/ 315 in 2011)

Mendenhall (575 in 2009/ 339 in 2011)

HCCS is the only one of the seven that saw an increase after Day 2.  Ripley is trying to keep up with 2009.

Most other City Early Voting locations saw decreases.  I wonder what is going on at HCCS and Ripley.

Maybe it’s the CM James Rodriguez campaign.   Maybe it is being helped out by the HISD Trustee District III challenge by Ramiro Fonseca.  You got a better idea?

If this keeps up, I think folks would be wise to step up and participate in “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” that CM James Rodriguez and SVREP are heading up.  “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” gathering is Wednesday, November 16.  Be there! 

I saw this today from the Statesman’s Jason Embry’s First Reading:

Happy birthday to Rep. Carol Alvarado!

Yesterday Commentary mentioned the 2002 World Serious between the Giants and Angels.  Who was the 2002 World Serious MVP?

Commentary will be watching the H-Town City Council meeting today on the tube to see what is said about Kroger and the 380 agreement. I don’t have a problem with the 380s if they are used right.  I just want the 380 businesses to be good actors.  Kroger needs to do a better job of taking care of their stores like the dump on Cullen and Polk.  Check out the Chron story here on today’s action. 

The Harris County DA needs to wake up and realize that it is 2011.  Let the Grand Jury do its thing.  Now they want a Special Prosecutor.  Don’t stand in their way. Check out the Chron story here.

The H-Town City Attorney sent out a letter yesterday to candidates laying down the law on how to place your signs on right-of-way next to the polling places.  Oh brother, err big brother!  Commentary has been involved in a lot of campaigns before and this really has never been a problem or issue.   I just hope that campaigns remember that the City Attorney’s letter only addresses E-Day and EV-Day signs on right-of-way and not on property.   I’m thinking that maybe the City Attorney is feeling left out of this election and feels like he has to get in to the game.

Gil Ramirez is the fella that is suing HISD and HISD Trustee Larry Marshall on those contract messes that turned up that $25,000 omitted contribution.  Ramirez went to the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday to complain about City inspectors wanting to “bring him down.”  Ramirez doesn’t like the way the inspectors are hassling him in a development he’s got in the works.  It looks like he thinks he’s being picked on.  So he’s in a two front war right now.  He’s got one with HISD and another one with the City.  Good luck!

Former Angels third baseman Troy Glaus of course was the 2002 World Serious MVP because he had a .385 batting average, 3 dingers, and 8 RBIs.

Kroger sponsored the gym bags that were handed out at The Yard this past season and that’s all I have.


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Yesterday was the first day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison from Day 1 in 2009.

West Gray (518 in 2009/ 293 in 2011)

Moody Park (100 in 2009/ 49 in 2011)

Acres Homes (135 in 2009/ 79 in 2011)

Ripley (63 in 2009/ 52 in 2011)

HCCS (51 in 2009 / 63 in 2011)

HCCS is the only one of the five that saw an increase on Day 1. 

Most other City Early Voting locations saw decreases.  I wonder what is going on at HCCS.  Maybe Latinos are getting their votes cast before Voter I.D. becomes law.

Thanks to Kuffer for putting out the 2009 EV numbers.

When was the last time a World Serious went seven games and name the two teams involved?

Guv Dude’s not-ready-for-prime-time campaign is getting help.  It looks like he’s bringing in some grown-ups to help out.  Maybe they will tell Dude to keep his piehole shut when the media asks questions about The President’s birth certificate.

Commentary didn’t get any political mail or robo calls yesterday.

The Harris County DA needs to chill out and let the Grand Jury do its thing even if that means excusing Assistant DAs from certain proceedings and testimony involving the DA’s Office.   That’s why we have Grand Juries.  It looks like the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg is on the side of the Grand Jury.  Of course, Falkenberg’s column can only be read in the hard copy for now.

By the way, I already got my first invite to a Christmas party. 

The 2002 World Serious of course between the Angels and the Giants was the last to go seven games and the Angels won it.

There is absolutely nothing to report from The Yard.


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KHOU-TV (Channel 11) will introduce their newest anchor this evening and her name is Lisa Hernandez.  She’ll co-anchor the 5 pm and 10 pm weekday/weeknight newscasts.  She is a California girl and was a TV news reporter and weekend anchor for the ABC affiliate in LA.  KHOU has been promoting her the past couple of weeks or so and you can also check her out on the station’s website where you can find out that she likes coffee, Diet Coke, owns two dogs, and is an avid runner as in marathon running.

She comes across as sharp and very professional.   It’s a smart move for the station to bring her on board.   They didn’t do it without checking out the demographics of the deal.  Hernandez certainly has the potential to shoot right on up there and be the top Latino/Latina personality in H-Town.  I don’t think the station would mind if that happened. 

I’ll be rooting for her.  Check her out here.

Today’s Chron has a piece on Lisa Hernandez.  Check it out here.

The Chron’s E-Board had a take yesterday on sleazy Judge Shelton and the ‘’good old boy” system over at the courthouse that Chron columnist Lisa Falkenberg has been writing about.  Check it out here.

These two players combined for 23 RBIs in a 7 game World Serious. Who am I talking about?

Let’s see now, on Friday I received an Ellen Cohen mailer.

Also on Friday I received the Planned Parenthood Action Fund mailer.

Saturday I got a CM Jolanda Jones mailer.  It turns out former Dem Guv Mark White endorsed CM Jones.

Saturday I also got a Bolivar Fraga for At-Large 2 robo call that was made by his father Felix.

Yesterday I got a Laurie Robinson robo call from HPOU.

H-Town CM Stephen Costello went up today with his AC spot.

Early Voting starts today so go vote.   Did you know that in the 2001 November election 20% of the total vote was cast early and in 2009 35% of the total vote was cast early?  Well now you do know.

In the 1960 World Serious between the Yankees and Pirates, Yankee greats Bobby Richardson (12) and Mickey Mantle (11) of course combined for 23 RBIs.  Of course, the Pirates won the Serious.

What a monster game by Albert Pujols Saturday night.

My pal Drayton still owns the Astros and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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This is part of what we sent out a few days ago:

“The Decisive Latino Force 2012” is an effort that will be led by Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez.  For close to a decade now, dismal Latino voter turnout in Harris County has been a recurring topic that we’re going to address starting today.  It is our goal to dramatically increase Latino voter turnout in the 2012 General Election to record setting levels.   The bashing of Latino immigrants on a daily basis in the today’s political debate reminds us that we need to do a better job of engaging the local Latino voter.  We ask that you review the following and consider participating.  Thank you.”

Dear Friends,

Join us in making Harris County’s Latino vote the decisive force in 2012!

On behalf of Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), we request your participation and ask you to make a tax-deductible donation to support SVREP’s Latino Vote 2011 Houston Reception, “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Houston – Downtown, 1700 Smith Street. The Houston Reception is part of the LV12N12 Campaign, a national nonpartisan effort – 12 million Latino votes cast in 2012.

Focusing on the Harris County Latino vote will be a priority SVREP target in 2012.  With the opportunities resulting from the redistricting process, this is the time to expand the local Latino vote. Harris County could gain a new congressional seat, reclaim our county commissioner’s seat and elect a third district city council member. Latino voters will have an opportunity to elect candidates of their choice with these redistricting opportunities.  This in turn will position the Latino vote to be the decisive force in 2012.

In the 2008 general election, 1.7 million Latinos cast their vote. With your help we can expand and mobilize the Latino vote to make sure that 2 million Latinos cast their vote in Texas.  This would be a 300,000 vote increase, the highest ever for the Latino community.

SVREP is the oldest and largest 501(c) 3, nonprofit, nonpartisan, national organization with its main focus to expand the universe of Latino and other ethnic voters. Since its inception, SVREP has registered 2.5 million Latino voters throughout the southwest and southeast, and trained over 100,000 Latino leaders many of whom currently serve as members of congress, in statewide offices, mayors, city council and school boards. SVREP changed the political landscape in the southwest with its victory in over 80 voting rights lawsuits, making sure that Latinos and other communities of color have political representation.

We intend to outline Harris County “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” at the November 16 reception.  If you have any questions, please call us (James at 713-861-2244 and Lydia Camarillo, SVREP Vice President, responsible for Texas, at 210-922-0225) to discuss your participation.

We’re working on it!

This MLB Hall of Fame great’s Numero 16 was retired by the Yankees in 1974.  Who am I talking about?

State Rep. Garnet Coleman sent this out a couple of days ago:

"Who is Laurie Robinson and what has she done for this city?"

Now how do you define that?  It certainly isn’t by just holding office because then a whole bunch of us that have never served in office haven’t done anything for the City.  According to Robinson’s mailer and bio, she’s done something. Who is the decider-in-chief on whether you’ve done something for the city?  Better yet, who can answer Garnet’s question.  Maybe Laurie Robinson herself can shoot him an email. 

Let’s see now, the fella (who votes in H-Town) that led the Dem ticket in 2006 and ran and lost for Guv has endorsed H-Town CM Jolanda Jones in At-Large 5.

The fella (who also votes in H-Town) that led the Dem ticket in 2010 and ran and lost for Guv has endorsed GOPer Jack Christie in At-Large 5.

The fella, err my old boss, err former Guv Mark White (who also votes in H-Town) who actually won a race for Guv, I wonder who he is supporting in At-Large 5.

Yesterday I got the Former H-Town Mayor letter for GOPer Jack Christie.

McLovin also got his.

I’m thinking it was mailed to non-African American Ds.

I also got a mailer from Laurie Robinson for At-Large 5.

You can watch Commentary and my pals Sue Schechter and Bill King along with David Jones tonight on “Red, White, and Blue” at 7:30pm on Channel 8.

You can also catch Commentary and my pal Orlando Sanchez along with Erik Barajas on “Viva Houston”, this Sunday at 11:30 am on Channel 13.

Hall of Fame great and Yankee great Whitey Ford of course had his Numero 16 retired in 1974. Whitey is celebrating his 83rd BD today!

My pal Drayton qualifies as doing something for H-Town if you ask me.  Pam-in-Charge also qualifies and that’s all I have from The Yard!


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Commentary is real disappointed with the Chron E-Board this morning.  Their endorsement today of the incumbent in HISD Trustee District III is a total disconnect with what is going on in the community.  They got it wrong, wrong, wrong!  It is not even worthy of a reprint in Commentary.  I’ll say it again!  They got it wrong, wrong, wrong!   FYI:  Commentary’s client is Ramiro Fonseca who did not get the E-Board endorsement.  They got it wrong, wrong, wrong!

The debate on the Kroger tax deal at City Hall got interesting yesterday.  It was about 380 agreements and food deserts.  The Kroger that is going to be built down the street will use the 380 agreement.  The proposed Wal-Mart, further down the street is also supposed to use a 380 agreement. 
Here is the Chron piece on yesterday’s debate.

At one point during the City Council meeting, CM Jolanda Jones cracked on the 380 agreement used to expand the Oak Farms Dairy facility just east of Downtown in Council District I.  CM Jones called out the big ugly wall that was constructed.  A few minutes later, the District I Council member James Rodriguez pointed out that the wall was a security feature that was required by Homeland Security to protect the production of a valuable food product – milk – that folks that might want to contaminate.  Just the facts, ma’am!  What else is news!

Who was the last switch hitter to win a MLB Triple Crown?

Only if you read the hard copy of the Chron will you get to read Lisa Falkenberg’s piece on slimy Judge Pat Shelton.  The column is titled “Shelton won’t go away”.   One would figure after all the bad run Shelton is receiving in the Chron, he would just “go away.”    Hurry up, Dean and fix up the courthouse because the folks that run the courthouse won’t!

I’ll give Guv Dude his due for getting Mitt Romney to blurt out this line the other night:

“So we went to the company and we said, look, you can’t have any illegals working on our property.  I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake, I can’t have illegals.”

You gotta be kidding!

The H-Town Mayor started running her TV ads last night.  It’s about time.

I got a robo call yesterday evening from the Laurie Robinson campaign.

I still have only received two measly pieces of campaign mail.

CM James Rodriguez said he got two pieces of mail yesterday.  One was from The Mayor and the other was from Ramiro Fonseca.

For those political campaigns that sent out mail ballot applications to 65 and older voters, the Harris County Clerk’s office now has a system that can track how many mail ballots your applications generated.   Every other day or so the County Clerk’s office sends out mail ballot application reports – cool.  So the five city council candidates that participated have an advantage in the mail ballot department.

Hall of Fame great Mickey Mantle of course won the Triple Crown in 1956 with a .353 batting average, 52 dingers, and 130 RBIs.  If Mickey were still with us, he would be celebrating his 80th BD today.  They don’t make them like Mickey these days.

Speaking of switch hitters, the Big Puma had two RBIs last night in San Luis and there is nothing to report from The Yard.


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The Chron E-Board finally made an endorsement in At-Large 5 today and the endorsee is CM Jolanda Jones. Check it out here.  It kind of looks like some on the E-Board wanted to endorse Laurie Robinson.  Check this from the piece:

In the current campaign, many of Jones’ critics are backing Laurie Robinson, an accomplished financial consultant specializing in health care and the public sector who has done audits for the city. She is a promising prospective council member; we hope she runs again for public office, whether for this position or another.

Here is some of what the E-Board says about CM Jones:

The Chronicle believes that on balance, Jones has served a valuable function on a City Council that has historically played a subservient role in Houston’s strong-mayor form of government. She speaks out frequently, questioning administration proposals and demanding more information. That lengthens council meeting times and often delays action, but it also provides additional scrutiny and the impetus to improve legislation.


After carefully examining the facts, the Chronicle endorses Jones for re-election and urges voters to return her to City Hall for a final term.

I’ve been told that some in Camp Jones are not happy with Commentary.  They say I’ve been rough on Jones – huh!  They didn’t like that I sent the Chron piece on the Former H-Town Mayor’s endorsement of GOPer Jack Christie yesterday to CEWDEM and some friends – huh! 

For a camp that loves to talk sh_t, they need to get a thicker skin.  I didn’t go after CM Jones when she badgered some supporters of my good friend Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria at City Council last year.  I didn’t go after CM Jones when one of her staffers was escorting CM James Rodriguez’s Tea Bagger opponent at a Dem Party meeting last month.  I didn’t serve with her on Council for two years then endorse GOPer Jack Christie like the Former Mayor did.  I haven’t filed any complaints on her with the OIG or DA’s office.  I’m not working for her Dem opponent like other Dem consultants in town.   I didn’t vote to throw her off of the island either.

Heck, they ought to send me a thank you note.  If I hadn’t been putting the pressure on the Chron E-Board the last few days, they might have waited until November 7 to put out the endorsement in At-Large 5.

Camp Jones needs to just chill and start focusing on getting re-elected.

‘Stros fans know that catcher Jason Castro was our pick (10th overall) in the First Round of the 2008 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who was our pick (38th overall) in the First Supplemental Round that year?

Commentary has no idea why the Former Mayor endorsed GOPer Jack Christie.  Dem activists in H-Town and throughout the state have every right to pounce all over him.  I’m thinking maybe he’s still punch drunk from the arse whipping Guv Dude put on him last year.

Commentary is not surprised that The Mayor only has 37% in the Channel 11 poll that came out yesterday. H-Town voters aren’t immune to the frustration and anger that has hit the nation.  The Mayor has had to deal with the red light camera mess.  She implemented Rebuild Houston. She has had to deal with budget cutbacks.  She has had to lead in very difficult times if you ask me.

The Chron also had a piece on the Kroger tax deal that they are fixing to get today. Check it out.

Dude took off the gloves last night and went after Mitt Romney for hiring paperless folks to mow his lawn.  Heck, Dude better watch out.  Half of his donor base here in the Lone Star State has done the same.

Commentary is keeping score of the hits on paperless folks during this Prez Primary by GOP candidates.  It will come in handy next year in the local Latino GOTV effort that we are fixing to roll out.

‘Stros pitcher Jordan Lyles of course was taken 38th overall in 2008.  Jordan Lyles is celebrating his 21st BD today!  ‘Stros pitcher J.A. Happ is celebrating his 29th BD today!  That’s all I have from The Yard today. 


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The Chron E-Board still won’t show us an endorsement in At-Large 5.  They instead gave us a take on Prop 8.  What’s the hold up?

With Early Voting in Person six days away, most folks are thinking that we’re headed for another low turnout election this November.  They are right.  Two years ago, the candidates for mayor had already started showing me the TV ads by this time.  This time nobody is on the air but The Mayor is fixing to go up soon I hear.   A lot of folks don’t know that there is an election.  Commentary has only received two mail pieces – a post card from David Robinson and a mailer attacking Ellen Cohen from Brian Cweren.

I do think the turnout gap between the Latino vote and the non-Latino vote will narrow some this time around.  Both H-Town CMs James Rodriguez and Ed Gonzalez have opponents and both are running serious campaign efforts.  There is the race in HISD Trustee District 3 and HISD Trustee District 8 with Latino and Latina candidates running.  Then there is the race for City Council, District J that has a Latino and a Latina running.  All this campaign activity in the Latino community could kick the Latino voter turnout up a notch or two.  We will see.

On June 12, 1997, this “first” occurred in MLB.  What am I talking about?

On the special tax deal the City is fixing to hand over to Kroger for building a new store down the street from Commentary, here is what Serge emailed to some CMs:

Before voting on giving Kroger another tax credit, I suggest you talk to the local Kroger president about the mess of a store they have at Cullen at Polk that serves constituents from your respective districts.

Here is a brief history of complaints dating back some 15 years and Kroger refuses to listen.  Rick Noriega was very helpful back in 2007 and Kroger implemented some minimal cosmetic improvements.  I am sure CM Noriega can attest to condition of this store.

They will not listen until you three council members get involved.  We deserve better in terms of quality selection and appearance and this, by far, is the worst Kroger in the city. 

Here is what the Working Man Hero said:

At least Kroger employees are represented by a Union (UFCW, Local 455), with a contract and wages and benefits that they can negotiate.  Better than a break for Wal-Mart.  I hope that the store will be nice one and I also hope that Kroger’s makes sure that all of their stores are clean, well kept etc. in all parts of our City.

Not-ready-for-prime-time Guv Dude does another debate tonight. Hey, he asked for it!

The first ever MLB interleague games of course were played on June 12, 1997.

I sure hope we don’t end up in the AL.  Then our interleague games would against San Luis, Phillies, Cubbies – oh no!


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