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Vote Early Now!

Early Voting in Person begins today!

This is still kind of an odd Mayoral contest. The Mayor has been running those non-stop ads pounding on Ben Hall. The Mayor has not run any positive TV ads. The Houston Turnout Project has sent a couple of mailers attacking Hall. The Mayor hasn’t sent me any mail. Hall leads in the bandit sign category. I saw a campaign worker for the Mayor going door-to-door on my street Saturday and he didn’t even stop at my door and I’m probably the most frequent voter in my ‘hood.

Ben Hall isn’t running any ads and I haven’t seen any of his mail. Some folks say he has thrown in the towel. I’m thinking maybe Hall is using the rope-a-dope strategy. He’s going to absorb all of the Mayor’s punches and hope there is a runoff and come out swinging then. Stay tuned and vote!

The Red Sox and San Luis are in the World Serious just like in 2004 when the Sox swept in four. Name the team with home field advantage back in the 2004 Serious?

Commentary received the GLBT mailer this past Saturday. I also got a Ron Green for Controller mailer.

Hugo Mojica for HISD Trustee District 1 sent out a post card without the union bug. He also has a door hanger without the bug.

I also received a Zeph Capo for HISD Trustee District 1 mailer.

Commentary told bettors to take the Texans and the six points. Way to go, me!

There is nothing really to be said about the Texans. I will let others discuss what went wrong in 2013.

The Red Sox had home field advantage in the 2004 World Serious of course because that was the first year of the new rule that says the league that wins the All-Star Game gets home field advantage in the Serious.

There is nothing to report from The Yard.

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