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Things continue to get testy in the race in the new 35th Congressional District.  The “old, white guy”, err Dem Cong. Lloyd Doggett visited San Antonio yesterday and it didn’t sit well with his opponent Dem State Rep. Joaquin Castro.  Check out the SA Express News story.   Was it a campaign visit or official business? Who cares?

The race is going to boil down between new leadership versus the old reliable liberal warhorse.  If the Latino community feels like it wants to be empowered, then Doggett is toast.  Everything else is window dressing.  This race is shaping up to be one to watch. I wonder how many Latino elected officials will endorse Doggett.

Remember back in 2000 when the Democratic National Committee cracked on H-Town’s air quality in a dig at W’s leadership here in the Lone Star State.  Remember also when a lot of folks including some local and Lone Star State Dems took offense at the DNC cracks on H-Town’s air quality.  It turns out a few years later then Mayor Bill White said we did have an air quality issue.  If Guv Dude decides to get into the race for prez, quality of life issues in the Lone Star State will once again be under the microscope.  I have a feeling that Dems this time around will not mind if the DNC decides to do some cracking on us.  Stay tuned!

Do you want more on the LA Dodgers blues?  When was the last time the Dodgers went to the World Serious?

There is a little Facebook campaign going to get The H-Town Mayor to cancel the Fourth of July fireworks show.  A lot of cities across Texas are cancelling because of the dry conditions.  I don’t go to them anymore.  It is too much of a hassle.  I just watch them on the tube.  The Mayor says the show will go on.   I’m thinking a lot of homeowners close to Downtown will be sitting in their front yards holding their water hoses Monday night.

The LA Dodger beat the A’s four games to one in the 1988 World Serious.  That was when Reagan was still prez – yikes!

Nolan Ryan says it would be a good idea if the ‘Stros played in the AL West.  Who asked Nolan?

We’re at the halfway point of the miserable season and we looked desperate last night especially when Numero 45 tried to steal second base last in the bottom of the ninth.  It also wasn’t pretty when Michael Bourn got picked off late in the game.  We need some help real bad! 


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Guv Dude is definitely spending too much time out of the Lone Star State.  I guess he didn’t pick up this past weekend’s fish wrap that had the piece about Bob Perry, Hootsie, and Norman Adams putting the hurt on the sanctuary cities bill.  Look who Dude blames:

"Unfortunately, SB1 Conference Committee Chairman Robert Duncan ultimately refused to allow language related to the ban of sanctuary cities into the final version of Senate Bill 1.  Because of this action, the special session will not provide our peace officers with the discretion they need to adequately keep Texans safe from those that would do them harm.”

Dude doesn’t have the guts to go up against Bob Perry, Hootsie, and Norman Adams – folks he is going to need if he runs for prez. 

I will say it again.  I don’t think Dude is ready for the bigs.  He can get away with this blame game here in the Lone Star State where he has pretty much gotten his way, but he can’t get away with this on the national stage.  He’ll get chewed up and spit out and stomped on.

After today when the Legislature goes home, Dude goes up against stiffer competition.  It is kind of like going from the high school game to the pros or like going from taking on the gang from “Toy Story” to taking on the Decepticons.  He’s going to get hit a whole lot harder and faster and the opposition is going to be way bigger and better. 

The MLB is thinking about taking over the beleaguered LA Dodgers franchise.  Who was the last Dodger pitcher to win the NL Cy Young Award?

Way to go to Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria for continuing to lead the charge for transparency at the Port.  The Chron story isn’t online yet but it looks like the Port CEO doesn’t get it and keeps withholding conflict of interest stuff from the Port Commissioners. Toss him!

Houston CM James Rodriguez is doing his part to keep soccer alive in the East End.   Check out today’s Chron.com here.   Nice job James!

Reliever Eric Gagne of course won the 2003 NL Cy Young Award wearing the Dodger blue after getting 55 saves with an ERA of 1.20. 

Our MO last night was Missed Opportunities.  We also had mental errors like folks forgetting to cover second base on a key play.  We had runners on first and third with no outs with pitcher Jordan Lyles at the plate and bunting with two strikes and then striking out in what looked like a confusing situation.  We also had the Rangers pitcher who was batting .000 leading off an inning with a triple.  I can’t say anymore.

Yes I can.  Our skipper also got tossed but at least we got T-shirts last night.



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Lone Star State Dems get no respect these days.  This time the diss comes from The President as The White House decides to go with the recommendations made by GOP U.S. Senators from the Lone Star State over Congressional Dems on four U.S. Attorney positions.    Here is from the SA Express news:

The administration has disregarded its previous agreement and our hope for more change in the Texas justice system after decades of total Republican domination,” said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin.


“It is particularly disappointing to see the unwarranted rejection of our recommendation of Houston attorney Larry Veselka,” Doggett said.
Check out the entire article here.

Commentary isn’t surprised by this.  The White House had to do what they have to do I guess.

The LA Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday.  Who was the last Dodger to win the NL MVP Award?

From the Latino, Dem, or Commentary point of view, I don’t think you can say that there were winners during the past Regular Legislative Session or soon to be completed Special Called Session.  I think survivors might be a better choice.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope the last minute push-back by Bob Perry, Hootsie, and Norman Adams keeps the sanctuary cities bill off of the books. 

For those that read Spanish, La Voz has a piece on the Latino candidates in the new Council District J race.    Check it out here.

Commentary’s political page  continues to be the source to go to see who’s running in the upcoming City of H-Town elections.  With eight candidates running in District B and seven in At-Large 2, we are for sure going to have a run-off in early December. 

No word yet on what is going to happen with the red light cameras though one of the District C candidates came out in opposition.  Of course, most of the neighborhoods in District C supported the cameras.  It could play well in some ‘hoods and play not so well in other ‘hoods.  Stay tuned!

Kirk Gibson of course won the 1988 NL MVP Award wearing the Dodger blue.

The Rangers are in town for three as the ‘Stros approach the halfway point of the season, err miserable season.  I’m sure there will be a lot of Ranger fans at The Yard tonight but that’s OK with me since they are probably fellow Texans.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy checking out a game with the AC turned on. 


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San Antonio State Rep. Joaquin Castro is running in the new 35th Congressional District and so is Dem Cong. Lloyd Doggett.   The race is starting to get a little testy.  This is from the SA Express News:

“I’ve been very disappointed at remarks I have heard Congressman Doggett make that seem to try to divide the people of San Antonio and Austin,” said Castro, a lawyer. “I think that this is not a time for division. This is a time we have to stand united on the issues that matter to the people of this district, including jobs, education and health care.”

Ouch!  And:

“This is the only Hispanic opportunity district proposed, so it’s highly unlikely” that courts would reject it, (Democratic political consultant Colin) Strother said.

Strother disparaged Doggett’s plan to run in the new district, calling him an “old, white guy” who should step aside.

“The fact that he thinks he can just take this district — it’s a minority San Antonio district — is really a shame,” Strother said. “It flies in the face of our own legal argument as Democrats.”   Check out the entire piece here.

Doesn’t this sound familiar?  It sounds like what some folks were talking about here in H-Town regarding the new 63% Latino populated City Council District J.

A white fella like Strother can get away with calling out an “old, white guy”, but if Commentary said something like that, well, you know I’d probably get punished.

The sanctuary cities bill may die thanks to help from the cavalry, errr Norman Adams, Hootsie, and Bob Perry, the fellas Dems love to hate.  Check out stories from the  Texas Tribune  and the  Chron.

Here is from the Hootsie/Adams letter that you can find in the Texas Tribune story:

The Governor’s political advisers evidently believe this bill will help his image nationally.  The fact is, passage of this bill will convince more Hispanic voters that Republicans really do want to deport their mothers!   What a terrible message for Texas!

The media headlines will read "Texas follows Arizona!"   How ironic it is that Texas Republicans would vote for a bill that will make it more difficult to recruit Hispanics to their party!

Here is from the Chron piece:

Meanwhile, Republican political observers quietly acknowledge they are concerned the issue may backfire against the GOP by stirring up a mostly-Democratic Hispanic vote in the 2012 elections. Perry got a cool reception at his speech before the National Association of Latino Elected-Appointed Officials in San Antonio Thursday, where protestors picketed his speech because of the sanctuary city legislation. The governor did not mention the issue during his talk

"I thought it was hypocrisy at its best," said (Dem State Rep. Carol) Alvarado. "I didn’t recognize who he was because he was talking about the Latino community with such admiration and respect that it didn’t seem like the same person that tried to implement sanctuary cities."

Yankee pitcher A.J. Burnett struck out four Rockies batters in the sixth inning Friday night.  According to mlb.com, a pitcher striking out four batters in one inning has only happened 55 times in MLB history.  ‘Stros pitchers have accomplished the four strikeout inning feat three times.   Name the pitchers.

It looks like conservative columnist George Will has ditched Tim Pawlenty and has fallen for Guv Dude.  Check out part of what Will wrote yesterday about Dude:

French cuffs and cowboy boots are, like sauerkraut ice cream, an eclectic combination, but Perry, who wears both, is a potentially potent candidate for the Republican presidential nomination because his political creed is uneclectic, matching that of the Republican nominating electorate. He was a "10th Amendment conservative" ("The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people") before the tea party appeared.
Here is the entire George Will column.

It turns out I may not have a problem with the Lone Star State selling Johnny Reb license plates. It will just save me the hassle of guessing if someone is an arsehole or not.

Former ‘Stros Mike Scott (1986), Octavio Dotel (2003), and Brad Lidge (2004) of course have struck out four batters in one inning. 

Corporan Punishment is the best way to describe the season so far.  Add bad base running to our woes.  You know things aren’t going well when the team’s fourth string catcher, Carlos Corporan, is eating up most of the innings behind the plate.  When Corporan does get on base it is by accident.  We scored ten runs yesterday and still got beat. The players need to stop playing like a 28-51 team!  Oh yeah, we got swept this past weekend by the Rays. 


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I guess Guv Dude checked out Commentary yesterday and he didn’t take the red meat to throw around at NALEO yesterday.  Instead he went with CHICKEN – cluck, cluck, cluck!  Every major newspaper in the state pointed out that Dude never mentioned sanctuary cities, Voter I.D, securing the border, or redistricting.  Check out the SA Express News story.  Maybe Dude freaked and bought into the stereotype that every male Latino in the room was carrying a knife.  Instead, Dude took the bland and safe route and made some lame reference to his TABC Chair appointee named Jose Cuevas…..ha, ha!

In another article new GOP State Rep. Errant Pena says that Dude will get 40% of the Latino vote if he runs for prez.  I don’t know about that.  Dude ain’t the W of 2000.  W went out of his way to be nice to Latinos back then.  Dude has been chasing us around like the “Crazy Gato” that chased Speedy Gonzalez. Plus, Dude won’t be dealing with the folks whose arse he owns, err the Lone Star State Dem Party.  He’ll be going up against folks that know how to engage the Latino voter – the folks from Chicago, The President’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Channel 11, the local CBS affiliate, had a story yesterday about the Lone Star State considering issuing license plates with the Johnny Reb flag. 
Check out the story.   Commentary is OK with this as long as the state agrees to only accept payment for the Johnny Reb plates in confederate currency and can whistle the tune Dixie.   If Dude does decide to run for prez, then it is likely that the plates will be available to Johnny Reb wannabees.  After all, it would play well in the 2012 South Carolina GOP Primary.

Name the only MLB AL Team that has never produced an AL MVP Award winner?

It is about time.  Harris County, the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, the Houston Texans, the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority, and Aramark Corp. are plunking down a half mil to study what to do with the Dome and develop a plan for Reliant Park.  Here is from today’s Chron:

"We have to make a decision" on the Dome, County Judge Ed Emmett said. "I wanted us to make our decision this year. They’re going to look at every option there is and come back with the recommendation. It’s about time we do that."  Check out the entire Chron piece here.

If it truly is an honest assessment, then tearing down the Dome will be the most likely option so stay tuned!

My pal Robert Miller says Dude will run.  Robert also has a brief take on other GOP candidates, nationally and here in the Lone Star State.  Check it out.
I think a lot of folks would agree.

The Tampa Bay Rays of course have never had a player win the AL MVP Award.  Of course, the Rays haven’t been around that long either.

Speaking of, the Rays are in town for three this weekend for more interleague action.  I’ll be there for sure!


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The NALEO annual conference gets underway today in San Antonio and Guv Dude will give welcoming remarks at a luncheon today. 

The following are lines you are not going to here Dude deliver to NALEO members in San Antonio today:

Please, please, sit down please, thank you, thank you, please, please, sit down, thank you (after a thunderous introduction and prolonged standing ovation).


Welcome to San Antonio, Sanctuary City, U.S.A.

Buenos dias, I’m Rick Perry and I’m running for President!

Mi casa es su casa!


How’s your year been!

Si se puede!

No se puede!

I work closely with the Latino members of the Texas Legislature on …….

The Latinos student population growth in Texas continues to increase and we’re meeting that challenge by cutting public education spending by billions of dollars.

As Cesar Chavez once said……

According to a study last year conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas -Latino workers in Texas are on the short end of two pay gaps. They earn substantially lower wages than the state’s non-Hispanic white workers. They also earn less than Latinos working in other parts of the U.S.

Let me report to you the gains made by Latinos in redistricting during this past legislative session.

I’m a uniter, not a divider!

Ya’ll started it back in 1836 when Santa Anna had his buglers play “El Degüello” just a few yards from here.

Come and take it!

Remember the Alamo!

Who was the 1,000th player to play an official game with the New York Yankees?   He also had 373 career at-bats without an extra base hit which is still a MLB record. 

Nothing to report on the red light cameras today other than they are still off.

I wonder if Dude’s campaign is going to hire a mariachi band to accompany him into the NALEO luncheon hall today.

Former ‘Stro pitcher Jim Deshaies of course was the 1,000th player to play an official game with the Yankees back on August 7, 1984.   (The Yankees drafted him in.)  On September 23, 1986 as a member of the ‘Stros, starting pitcher Deshaies struck out the first eight Dodgers that batted, setting an MLB record.  Deshaies is celebrating his 51st BD today.  Happy Birthday JD! 

Going into the 9th inning last night, I actually thought we were going to get swept up in Arlington.  I was pleasantly surprised by that four run outburst that got us a split of the roadie.  Tomorrow night we start a nine game killer home stand starting with the 41-34 Rays, followed by the 40-36 Rangers, then ending with the 44-30 Red Sox – yikes!  We’re 28-48. 


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Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday and noticed that the red light folks brought in their firepower to City Council Chambers – GOP hot shot lawyer Andy Taylor and former Texas Supreme Court Justice Tom Phillips, another GOPer of course.   They were on the agenda to speak and asked that they be moved up the speakers list.   It turns out they didn’t speak.  Folks at City Hall are still trying to figure out what to do with the 53%-of-the-vote-gorilla-in-the-room that just won’t go away. 

Meanwhile, today the Chron E-Board got into the fray and want the City to turn on the red lights RIGHT NOW!   Check out what they say.

Here’s a taste of what  the E-Board says:

(H-Town CM Anne) Clutterbuck says she still supports the cameras, but to turn them back on now would "be a violation of the will of the people."

We disagree. The election violated the will of the people as expressed in the city charter.

Now hold on E-Board!  I don’t even think 1% of the H-Town voters know where to find the H-Town City Charter but we do know that 53% of those that showed up at the polls put the old thumbs down on the red lights.  So you can’t cavalierly blow them off.

Here is how the E-Board ends today’s piece:

We believe the best solution for the city and taxpayers is to restart the red-light cameras and fulfill Houston’s legal commitment to its contract with ATS. If opponents want to mount a legitimate challenge, they can follow the rules and do so when the contract comes up for renewal in three years.

There is no easy way out on this deal.  What you can’t do is to put further stress on the voter.   A lot of them like Commentary are seeing their water bills go up.  The roll out of the Rebuild Houston fee wasn’t pretty.  They are seeing some city services reduced.  Now you want to tell them that their vote didn’t count last November. 

We have to do better than that so stay tuned!

‘Stros skipper Bard Mills wears the numero 2.  Name the Baseball Hall of Fame great that was with the ‘Stros in the latter part of his career that also wore the numero 2?

My old pal Yolanda Black Navarro has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron and mentions the new City Council District J.   Check it out.   Yolanda jumps the gun a bit and asks the Latino community to get behind the only announced Latina candidate in the race.  There is a Latino that has filed the paper work to run and his name is Rodrigo Cañedo.  So both candidates need a look.  In the coming days and weeks folks will get to know more about both or more.  Stay tuned!

Mama mia!  It’s complicated!  One of Commentary’s all time favorites is 62 today!  Happy Birthday Meryl Streep!  The fantastic Mrs. Fox will never need touching up!

From the things to come department:  Super star Dem consultant James Carville called out Guv Dude yesterday on CNN.  Carville said that Dude’s “not bright” – ouch! 

The H-Town City Council will spend most of today finalizing the City’s budget. 

The late and great Nelson “Nellie” Fox of course wore the numero 2 as a player and then as a coach for the ‘Stros from 1964-1967.  Nellie Fox played most of his career with the White Sox (1950-1963) and was the 1959 AL MVP Award winner.

Last night in Arlington the fans set a Guiness World Record by having thousands wear shades at night.  Even 43 put on a pair.

All I can say about the team though is that sometimes – like last night –the back end of our pitching staff look like Triple A arms and our only healthy catcher looks like he ought to be in Double A – yikes!   We should have won last night but we didn’t so that is that!  


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GOP State Senator Jeff Wentworth bought an ad in the SA Express News accusing Dem State Senator Leticia Van De Putte of “race baiting” because Sen. Van De Putte agrees with Commentary that the GOP are pulling an “El Degüello” on Lone Star State Latinos during the Regular and Special Legislative Sessions. Let’s see now:  Voter I.D., sanctuary cities, redistricting – ya’ll asked for it!  Check out the Chron story on Wentworth crying.

Speaking of, Smokey the Oso briefed U.S. Senator John McCain yesterday and said that paperless folks were starting the wildfires out in Arizona.  Light my fuego, light my fuego, light my fuego…….oh, brother!

Of course, I’m betting that if the GOP controlled legislature sent to Guv Dude a bill that said no texting in Espanol while driving, Dude would sign it in a second.

The red light camera folks have decided to play hardball with The Mayor and the City of H-Town.   Check out the story.   Hey, that’s their right.  This is going to be an interesting one.  Here is what my pal CM Anne Clutterbuck had to say:  "It would be a violation of the will of the people to turn them back on.  Even though I was a supporter of red light cameras and believe that they save lives, the people have spoken. But there’s no doubt we’ll be owing a lot of money for breach of contract."

What MLB pitcher tossed the most wild pitches ever?

I kind of thought Guv Dude was reading Commentary but I guess he’s not and is going to get into the race after all.  How else do you explain adding the “pat down” stuff to the special session list? 

How much has changed over the past 12 years?  12 years ago around this time, W was receiving a steady stream of the national GOP elite including former cabinet officials, members of Congress, and major donors. Today, best I can tell, nobody is coming to see Guv Dude.  Instead he’s spending his time throwing red meat at the Tea Baggers and right wing social conservatives.

12 years ago today W was operating in a bi-partisan legislative atmosphere with a GOP Lite Guv, a Dem House Speaker, a one seat GOP edge in the Senate, and a 78-72 Dem edge in the House.  We all know what the picture up in Austin looks like today.

12 years ago today the national talking heads were talking up W because he liked to hug Latinos.  Today, Dude is heading up the “El Degüello” effort against Lone Star State Latinos.  Stay tuned!

Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan of course tossed 277 wild pitches.

All I can say about last night’s game in Arlington is that we looked (JA) Happless.  It didn’t help that ‘Stros third baseman Chris Johnson flubbed a grounder that allowed the first Ranger batter to get on base and that’s all she wrote!


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For Latinos of the Lone Star State, you may as well call the Regular and Special Called Session “El Degüello.”  No quarter!  No prisoners were taken.

A federal judge ruled on Friday that last November’s vote on the City of H-Town’s red light program didn’t count.  So it is back to the drawing board for the H-Town Mayor and City Council.

According to the City Attorney, the City has three options.  One:  we can cancel the contract with the red light camera folks but that will cost us a few mil that we don’t have right now.  Two:  we can turn the red light cameras on but that will just p__s off over half the voters that don’t want them.  It would be an F-you move that I don’t think they should risk.  The Mayor and incumbent members of Council with just token opposition this November might see that token opposition turn into serious opposition.  Three:  we can call for an election where the voters get to pick one of the first two options.

Commentary is thinking that option three might be the best course to take.    However, this election would be a lot different from a turnout perspective.   In 2010, close to 41% of the city voters turned out in a gubernatorial election to vote down Prop 3.  In the November, 2009 mayoral race with four serious candidates, we didn’t even have a 20% turnout.  If the Mayor doesn’t get a serious opponent this time, we’re talking about a turnout in the mid-teens.   Only the hard core voter will turnout.

As I recall, Kuffer said after last November’s election that red lights won in GOP and Anglo Dem neighborhoods.  Red lights lost in Latino and African American neighborhoods.

It would appear that the red light folks get their money under either option so they could just sit out the election and wait for their checks to start rolling in. Well, since we’re in this predicament because the red light folks bungled the way they ran the campaign last November, they are going to have to come up with the bucks for another campaign this time.

They also need to come up with a completely new campaign team.  Remember they were the ones that said their polling was showing them (Prop 3) winning and Prop 1 (Rebuild Houston) losing.  Ideally, you’d like to see The Mayor have her campaign team running this election since her administration has to deal with the budget mess implications from last November’s election.  Her team may be tied up though at least until they find out if they will have a semi serious opponent.

Stay tuned on this one for sure!

How many relief pitchers are in the Baseball Hall of Fame and can you name them?

Saturday afternoon CEWDEM did another drive-by on the Bolivar Fraga for City Council At-Large Campaign   on voting in the 2010 GOP Primary.   Fraga had said he wanted to vote for a family friend that was running as a GOPer – huh!  Of course, they don’t ask me.  A good pal of mine  that is in the journalism profession once told me that he occasionally votes in the GOP primary so he can get on their direct mail list and keep up with what both parties are sending out in heated elections.   GOP candidates that run in GOP primaries in the Lone Star State these days pretty much have to sign off on an “El Degüello” platform against folks of the Latino persuasion.  (Hunker Down and a few others are the exception.)  In addition, as I recall there were a number of statewide 2010 Dem Primary races, including the chance to vote against The Kinkhole, a Latina running for Lite Guv against a respected former DA, and a number of local judicial races with Latino and Latina candidates. I would have gone with the “I want to see their mail” response.

This whole deal has kind of got messy for the Fraga campaign.  It is not how they envisioned their campaign should have rolled out.  Some of their folks said he voted in the GOP Primary to vote against Guv Dude.  He said he and his Dad wanted to help out a GOP bud.  Now CEWDEM is pointing out that Fraga’s Mom voted in the Dem Primary.  I’m sure the David Robinson, Kristi Thibaut, and Jennifer Pool campaigns are sitting back and just loving this.  What a mess!

Oh, did I mention last Friday that CEWDEM was going to put a bull’s eye on the Fraga Campaign.

Congrats go to first baseman Matt Luna who just graduated from HISD’s Lamar High School for making the Chron’s All-Greater Houston High School Baseball Second Team.  The Chron got it wrong.  Matt should have been First Team.  He had an outstanding season.   I’m sure My Best Friend Al and Julie Luna are proud of Matt’s latest accomplishment.

Five relief pitchers of course are in the Baseball Hall of Fame and they are Hoyt Wilhelm, Rollie Fingers, Dennis Eckersley, Bruce Sutter, and Goose Gossage of course.

Numero 45 is celebrating his 35th BD today.  Happy Birthday El Caballo!

Commentary finally got around to checking out the movie “Inception.”  That’s a very cool flick so check it out.

We took two out of three in LA this past weekend and have a better record on the road (14-21) than at The Yard (13-25) as we begin a 12 day stretch of interleague play this evening. 



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The Chron has a story today about HISD Trustee Larry Marshall taking a trip at the expense of the Costa Rican government to study how they dispense health insurance.  Check out the story here.  The trip was arranged by State Rep. Borris Miles who handles flood insurance for HISD.   That is kind of odd.  The Chron article doesn’t say why the government of Costa Rica put out the invite and picked up the tab.  What would they get out of the deal?  When asked why he (Marshall) didn’t disclose the trip, he said he treated it like getting invited to a ‘Stros game – huh!  I don’t know about that.  A couple of beers, some nachos, and peanuts are not the same as taking a trip to Central America.   In reading the piece it looks like no laws were broken.  It just make the readers think that some HISD board members like taking free trips arranged by vendors – not good at a time when they are having to lay-off folks over at HISD.

CEWDEM sent out a stinging take on the H-Town CM Jolanda Jones complaint.   CM Sullivan picked Balls of Holly to represent him.  CM Jones picked CM Bradford.  CEWDEM implies that Balls of Holly won’t be impartial of course I don’t know if impartiality is a requirement.   Balls of Holly, Bradford, and The Mayor will get together Monday on this matter.  The get together is not open to the public – drats!

CEWDEM also took the opportunity to take a swipe at Balls of Holly’s choice to replace her on City Council, Bolivar Fraga.  I’m thinking that Fraga will be a CEWDEM target from here on out – ouch!  Stay tuned!

The ‘Stros are in LA for three.  The Dodgers have retired 10 jersey numeros.  On June 4, 1972, the first three numeros were retired.  Who did they belong to?

The H-Town Mayor got around to implementing again Rebuild Houston.  Of course nothing will satisfy the opponents.  I have to give credit to the Mayor for saying she owed it to the voters to get it right.  A whole lot of other elected officials would have ducked or blamed others.  Way to go Mayor!

Sandy Koufax (32), Roy Campanella (39), and Jackie Robinson (42) of course had their jersey numeros retired by the Dodgers on June 4, 1972.

We had a Brett Wallace throwing error that cost us the game the other night.  Yesterday, Michael Bourn dropped a ball that he should have caught and it cost us the game.  We went 2-8 on the homie and have the worst record in the MLB.  We are definitely not focused! 


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