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Evergoner will likely plea out today according to the Chron.  Meanwhile, Hunker Down will name a replacement soon and the possible replacements that have been mentioned in Commentary won’t be selected.  Heck, one of them is even out of the country.  Stay tuned!

The panel that was reviewing the complaint on H-Town CM Jolanda Jones is done.  They won’t forward anything to Council.  They issued a final report yesterday.  Here is from Chron.com:

The panel, on which Councilwoman Sue Lovell and Councilman C.O. Bradford also sit, came to an agreement with Jones that requires her to remove her council phone number from the card.  The agreement also calls for her to conduct ethics training for her staff, to take steps to separate her council business from her law practice and to create records that show any employee who drives her to court is not doing so on city time.

Here is what Jones said:

I have never used my role as a council member to benefit anything or anyone other than the people I was elected to serve. The accusations made against me have been baseless and defamatory from the start.

One would think that this is settled but you never know with CM Jones.  Oh well, the voters will issue their report in a few weeks.

Now that the 2012 MLB regular season is over, name the pitcher that pitched the most innings?

You have to hand it to The President and his national security team.  They got another key bad guy.  They “droned” him so to speak.

Former A’s, ‘Stros, and Mets skipper Art Howe is still complaining about how he was portrayed in “Moneyball.”   Check out the Chron piece and interview here.

Look at the bright side Skipper.  At least you got portrayed by an Academy Award winning actor in Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

More from the ‘Stros website about 2012 at The Yard:

During all Astros home games in 2012, the official lineup cards, base jewels and official game baseballs will each feature the 50th Anniversary logo.

That means I ain’t giving away any foul balls I fetch next season.

Tiger Justin Verlander of course with 251 innings pitched led the MLB.  Verlander starts for Detroit tonight against the Yankees.

I guess I’ll watch the playoffs this weekend.  Watching San Luis versus the Phillies will include a lot of former ‘Stros like Hunter, The Big Puma, Lights Out, and Roy O. – yikes! 


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