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Commentary got in last night in time to watch the results on CNN.  I’ll admit I’m rooting for Senator Santorum just so stuff can stay muddled in the GOP, so they can keep spending their dough, so they can keep slapping each other around, and so Mitt Romney can keep giving us the names of his wealthy buddies.  It is good entertainment if you are a Dem.

Every talking head, political analyst, political journalist, and political consultant not working for Newt are saying that Newt is done, he’s a goner, and should get out of the race.  Newt is a very smart fella.   He’s very capable of making up new set of facts on why he will continue.  I’m not going to try to get into Newt’s melon but I think he has this delusional vision that if he stays in the race and if Romney doesn’t get to the magic number of 1,144 delegates by Tampa, the GOP convention will turn to him and crown him.  Why else is he sticking around?

This MLB Hall of Fame Great was on 10 consecutive AL All Star Teams (1986-1995), won one batting title, led the AL in base hits four different seasons, had 2,304 career base hits, a career .318 batting average, and won two World Serious rings – who am I talking about?

I’m sure you have heard that the City did all it could to stop the Ashby High Rise but ran out of weapons.  Here is an interesting tactic that Southampton residents are considering from Chron.com:

The residents, however, say they’re not done fighting. One way to continue their battle is to try to destroy demand for the building.

Southampton resident Jim Reeder had a message for the developers.

“The friend of my enemy is my enemy,” said Southampton resident Jim Reeder, referring to those who intend to support the high-rise when it’s built. He mentioned real estate agents who would lease the units, the residents who would live there and those who would open and support the restaurant planned for the building.

Why stop there!  Go after the architect that is designing the building, the construction company and their subcontractors, and the bankers that are financing the project, the lawyers that handled the paperwork, and don’t forget the company that will provide the port-a-cans at the site.

The Chron E-Board has a take today on the rejected Voter ID law.  Here is a taste:

But going by Texas’ own numbers, the voter ID bill will disproportionately make it more difficult for legally registered Hispanic voters to cast their ballots. It does not matter whether this is the intent. By Texas’ own numbers, it is the effect.

Here is the entire take.

Guv Dude got a mention in Doonesbury today so check it out here.

Twins and Hall of Fame great Kirby Puckett of course won World Serious rings in 1987 and 1991.  Kirby Puckett who left us way too early was born 52 years ago today.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today.


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