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It looks like we’re going to have a good debate over at the H-Town City Hall over an issue involving Southwest Airlines and United.  Southwest wants to start flying international routes out of Hobby and United is fiercely opposed.  I’m sure the folks over at United aren’t too thrilled that The Mayor is a little bit upset at them.  The Mayor hasn’t picked a side but last week she and her family got delayed by United by six hours on flight back from the West Coast. Here is from Channel 2:

Parker said the entire family was forced to wait six hours for another flight. 


After getting home, she sent this tweet: "Just landed from Spring break trip with girls. 1.5 hours late leaving Houston and 8 hours late coming back from SF. Great merger, United!"


Here is the Channel 2 story.

Check out more on the air wars from yesterday’s front page of the Chron:

A proposal by Southwest Airlines to offer international flights from Hobby Airport has triggered an intense lobbying duel with United Airlines, which still wields considerable local clout as the successor to Houston-based Continental.


Mayor Annise Parker and the Houston Airport System director, Mario Diaz, have not publicly picked a side. They say only that they’re obligated to listen to Southwest’s pitch.

"The airport is not in the position of choosing winners and losers," Diaz said. "We’re in a position of laying down a level playing field."


"They moved their headquarters from here to Chicago. I don’t have any great love for that move," said Councilman Andrew Burks, who supports Southwest’s proposal.


District council members, meanwhile, are lining up in ways that reflect loyalty to the neighborhoods they represent.

Councilman Mike Sullivan stands with United. He said the airline has told him more of its employees live in his district, E, than in any other council district.

Councilman James Rodriguez, whose District I includes Hobby, backs Southwest due to prospects for job creation in southeast Houston.

Councilman Jerry Davis, whose District B includes Bush Intercontinental, said, "I will not support any proposal that has the potential to adversely affect the businesses that operate at and around Intercontinental Airport."

Here is the entire and rather lengthy piece from the Chron.

Stay tuned for sure!

What is going to be special about Memorial Day (May 28) between the ‘Stros and Rockies at Coors Field?

Senator Santorum got mugged yesterday in Puerto Rico just a few days after he took the Deep South and tomorrow they head for the Land of Lincoln.  The Romney Campaign is calling for their opponents to surrender.  Not yet, not yet!  Romney needs to string together some wins before Santorum will even think about getting out.

Doonesbury is back on the funny pages.

We’re done with the rodeo and Commentary never made it to the Midway this year.

This Memorial Day (May 28) the ‘Stros and the Rockies will square off for a scheduled doubleheader of course.  Let’s play two!

Commentary can’t make the trip to Denver because the next day is the Democratic Party Primary and I don’t think my campaign clients would appreciate me checking out the team for about eight hours over in the next time zone the day before the election – drats!

From Alyson’s Footnotes:

The Astros are ready to launch their 2012 marketing campaign, which focuses on a fresh enthusiasm shared by the new ownership group and encourages fans and the city of Houston to support the home team.

Titled “Root! Root! Root!” and based on the familiar, classic song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” the new campaign encompasses an excitement surrounding a brand new baseball season as well as the club’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Major League Baseball in Houston.

The campaign will also launch simultaneously in Spanish entitled “¡DALE! ¡DALE! ¡DALE!”

I was wondering what “Root, Root, Root” was all about on Saturday when my good pal ‘Stros Senior VP Marty sent me an email and “Root, Root, Root” was the tagline.  Which reminds me, since Opening Day is on Good Friday, I need to ask Marty to make sure they have plenty of fish and chips and fish and shrimp tacos on hand.

I would have preferred the Spanish campaign that says “¡DALE GAS! ¡DALE GAS! ¡DALE GAS!”

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