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Commentary will serve as a panelist at a Greater Houston Partnership event today on the 2012 elections.  As I was reviewing some notes and facts and stuff like that and making comparisons, I realized that 40 years ago this spring a number of us were first getting politically involved.  Before there were computers, ipads, iphones, blackberrys, fax machines, cell phones, cable TV, the internet, web pages, emails, and tweets, The Dean, before he was the The Dean, Gene Green, and Senfronia Thompson were making their first run for office and they are still around.  Others that ran for the Texas House that year from the H-Town  area included the late Mickey Leland, Ben Reyes, Craig Washington, Anthony Hall, and Ron Waters. 

A number of us were involved in the George McGovern and Sissy Farenthold campaigns.  The older Dem guard was helping folks like Dolph Briscoe, Preston Smith, Ben Barnes, Wayne Connally, Bill Hobby, Hubert Humphrey, and George Wallace – what?  That was way back in 1972.

Forty years later the The Dean is still standing strong.  Cong. Gene Green is very much a player.  The same goes for Rep. Thompson.  Anthony Hall still drops by City Hall on occasion. Craig Washington still makes the news on occasion.

Others that are still in the game from 1972 that I run into every now and then include Frumencio and Janie Reyes with Tejano Democrats, Stan Merriman, and former State Rep. Al Luna who is now a lobbyist and serves as CM James Rodriguez’s campaign treasurer.  I’m sure I’m leaving out some local names but what the heck, it’s been 40 years.

Q is gone.  From yesterday’s Chron:

The Astros have traded catcher Humberto Quintero and outfielder Jason Bourgeois to the Kansas City Royals in exchange for minor league lefthander Kevin Chapman and a player to be named later.

The Chron points out that Wandy and Numero 45 are the only ‘Stros left that made their team debuts before 2009 – yikes!  Let’s see if you know your Wandy facts.  Wandy is the only remaining 2005 World Serious ‘Stro.  What is his jersey numero?

Yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting was pretty brutal as Council was hammered by a number of citizens opposed to the City’s proposed ordinance on how to feed the homeless in certain locales Downtown and around Midtown.    It looks like some revisions are in store. 
Check out the Chron story here.    One would think in listening to the testimony that City Hall was trampling on religious expression and the First Amendment.  Stay tuned!

After last night’s results from Illinois, Newt is still in – what?  I think he likes being spanked.  How else do you explain this?

From Chron.com:

(‘Stros Skipper Brad) Mills has narrowed the final two spots in the rotation down to four candidates — righthanders Livan Hernandez, Jordan Lyles and Kyle Weiland and lefthander Zach Duke. Righthanders Lucas Harrell and Henry Sosa, who were in the starting mix when camp began, will have to take the bullpen route to making the team.

J.A. Happ, who is third in the rotation pecking order behind Wandy Rodriguez and Bud Norris, and Duke are scheduled to work five innings apiece Tuesday morning in an intrasquad game. Lyles, who worked five sparkling innings in a Triple A game in his latest outing, gets the start this afternoon against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Look for the rotation race to go down to the wire.

Wandy wears the numero 51 of course.

And from ESPN:

A lot of people cried foul when word leaked that the Astros would be moving to the American League in 2013. But is calling it extortion too much of a stretch? Not for former Astro Lance Berkman.


St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Lance Berkman said Tuesday that Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig “extorted” new Houston Astros owner Jim Crane into changing leagues as a precondition of the sale of the franchise in November.

It’s not the first time Berkman has expressed his irritation with his former team’s move to the AL. In November, he called it a “travesty.”

According to ESPN, Berkman didn’t back down from his comments:

“If he called me, I would tell him,” Berkman said. “I think that’s exactly what it was. To tell [Crane], ‘We’re going to hold the sale of the team up until you guys agreed to switch’? It just happened that the Astros were being sold at an optimal time for that to happen.”

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