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The Fort Worth Star Telegram has decided not to print the Doonesbury edition this week.  Here is part of their reasoning:

The reason for not printing the strip has nothing to do with left- or right-wing politics. It has everything to do with civility and consistency.

Oh, yeah!  Then why did they cover last year’s Lone Star State’s legislative session that was lacking “civility and consistency”?  Oh, well.

Here is how the Star Telegram fully ‘splains their decision.

Meanwhile, here is today’s Doonesbury in the Chron.

Way to go Doonesbury!

Commentary is going to be last person to tell GOP candidates how to run for Prez but I have to say this about Newt.  Letting your campaign float the idea that Guv Dude should be your running mate tells me that you’ve been in this race way too long.   Dude came out of this race as the least prepared candidate.  The only folks that were sad to see him leave the race were the late night talk show staff writers.  Can you imagine the political button that would be the hot seller at the National Dem Convention – Newt and the Oops!

The Rule 5 Draft is a MLB rule that allows teams to snatch unprotected players from other teams so teams don’t get to keep good players from going to other teams – got it?  In 1999, we left a player unprotected and he was snatched in the Rule 5 Draft and went on to win two Cy Young Awards and made four All Star teams.  Who am I talking about?

Speaking of casualties, the Texans released starting right tackle Eric Winston yesterday.  That’s too bad.  During the season, Winston is on the air for a couple of hours every Tuesday afternoon on Sports 610. He is very knowledgeable, articulate, and entertaining.  He was released for the sole purpose of the team having to lower its payroll.  That’s what your call NFL economics.

I guess I’ll watch CNN tonight and listen to Newt try to explain why he’ll keep trucking along after the results come in from the Deep South.

Johan Santana of course was first signed by the ‘Stros in 1995 and we lost him in the 1999 Rule 5 Draft to the Fish and then he was traded to the Twins where he went on to win the AL Cy Young Awards in 2004 and 2006 and now he plays for the Mets and is celebrating his 33rd BD today – whew! 

From the ‘Stros website on Spring Training:

Assuming Bud Norris, Wandy Rodriguez, Livian Hernandez and J.A. Happ take up the first four spots, one job remains. Jordan Lyles, who made 15 starts for the Astros in 2011, would have to be considered a front-runner to win the job. But keep an eye on a few others, including Kyle Weiland, who is quietly putting together an impressive Spring Training.

Weiland, who was traded to the Astros from the Red Sox during the offseason, threw four no-hit innings against the Yankees Monday night in Tampa. Add that to the four scoreless innings he combined for in his first two spring appearances, and that equals a nearly perfect spring so far: eight innings, three hits, no runs, two walks, four strikeouts.

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