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Slowly but surely Guv Dude is becoming a real live caricature and a national joke if he’s not already there.    Late last year and earlier this year the late night talk show hosts couldn’t get enough of Dude-isms.  Doonesbury took him on last.  Dude won’t comment about the fantasy league dream ticket of Newt and The Oops!  Now his facebook page is getting hammered by women.  Chron.com today has a bit titled “Women ‘ask Dr. Rick’”.  Here is a bit:

Christine Plowright wanted to know: “Rick, How do you feel about the new comfort glide OB Tampons? I’m having a real hard time with them, one sneeze and they shoot right out. Do you think you could have them repealed for me? Thanks for any help you can provide.”

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!  This guy is a joke!

Here is the entire “Ask Dr. Rick”.

When was the last time the ‘Stros played two games in one day?

Meanwhile, the GOP’s Assault on Women continues, this time in the Volunteer State:

The latest salvo in the abortion wars comes in the form of a bill in the Tennessee Legislature that would result in the online publication of the names of doctors who perform abortions, and — according to critics of the measure — potentially out individual women who undergo the controversial procedure.

Here is the story.

Don’t be surprised if some national GOP heavyweights start promoting the idea of a woman on the ticket to head off this backlash that they have created.  Stay tuned!

I love this guy!  From Access Hollywood:

When George Clooney was arrested on Friday during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., the actor allegedly tried to pin his crime on pal Brad Pitt.


“George was really the movie star gentlemen, he made everyone feel comfortable. He was cracking jokes,” he (Fred Kramer) explained. “When it came time to tell the Secret Service who we all were, he tried to pass himself off as Brad Pitt.”

I wondered if Cong. Al Green said he was Gene Green.

After getting his mouth washed out with soap, CNN finally let Roland Martin get back on the air.  I wonder if he’ll be part of CNN’s coverage of the Illinois GOP Primary tonight. 

On April 13, 2006, of course, the ‘Stros played two games against the Giants at AT&T Park, losing the first game 5-3, and coming back to win the nightcap and earn a split 8-0. 



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