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Commentary was asked the other evening how I’m able to come up with stuff to say every day.  In today’s case, I got a lot of help from GOP State Rep.  Ken Legler from the following in yesterday’s papers:

“Those that know me know I do not back down from a fight,” Legler said in a statement. “I seem to always enter a contest as the underdog and exit the victor. I have no reason to believe that 2012 would be any different. However, the sad fact is that the Federal Court has seen fit to give me a district that will be a constant electoral struggle every two years throughout the decade. That is a political distraction from legislative responsibilities that I choose not to accept.”

Let’s see now an “electoral struggle every two years” is considered a “political distraction”?   Wow, what a pain in the arse to have to run for office every two years.  That’s what is wrong with the Federal Courts.  They didn’t give Legler a safe district for life.   Impeach the Feds!

There is a sobering story in today’s Chron about the impact of the Voter ID law in the Lone Star State.   Here are a couple of pieces:

Texas secretary of state officials did not find matching 2012 driver’s licenses or state-issued photo IDs for 2.4 million of the state’s 12.8 million registered voters, though all but about 800,000 of those voters supplied a valid identification number when they first registered to vote.

Don’t worry about it, says AG Greg Abbott:

Voters over 65 and the disabled can avoid the ID requirement by arranging in advance to cast ballots by mail, according to Abbott’s press release.

Commentary doesn’t think the AG has ever conducted a mail ballot application campaign program. Maybe he needs to hire my good buddy Kyle on this.

Check out the article here.

Many older MLB fans remember Red Sox’s Carlton Fisk’s dinger in the bottom 12th in Game 6 of the 1975 World Serious against the Reds in Fenway.  Name the pitcher that served up the Fisk dinger. 

Commentary is planning to watch “Game Change” this weekend.  Heck, the three stars of the flick have a combined 10 Oscar nominations. 

The fella that runs the Lone Star State Dem Party and a South Texas Latino member of congress are having a little war of words in today’s SA Express News.  Here is a taste:

Despite strong criticism from fellow Democrats, Rep. Henry Cuellar said Wednesday he feels vindicated that a compromise congressional redistricting map includes new Latino districts in San Antonio and Dallas.

“For the first time in the history of Texas politics we created two Hispanic seats,” Cuellar, D-Laredo, said during an office interview after weeks of acrimony and grumbling from some Democrats who accused him of working too closely with Republicans.

Cuellar’s role in the redistricting process was criticized by the head of Lone Star Project, a Democratic advocacy group, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus who complained their lawyers were left out of some negotiations with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Cuellar said he worked with Latino groups, Abbott and Republican lawmakers, notably Rep. Francisco Canseco of San Antonio, to craft the map.

Matt Angle with the Lone Star Project said in a statement that Cuellar “has a long history of betraying Latino voters and his constituents to appease high-level Republicans.”

Cuellar once served as Texas secretary of state under Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and endorsed Republican Gov. George W. Bush over Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election.

Angle said that during the 2001 and 2003 Texas redistricting battles Cuellar aligned himself with former House Speaker Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land.

Cuellar, meanwhile, called Angle “a nut case” who backed efforts in the Dallas area to create a minority coalition congressional district over one for Latinos.

He said he fought for a Latino district in Dallas, and that “1.3 million Hispanics in Dallas would have been screwed if I would have kept my mouth shut.”   Check out the rest of the story here.

Oh well, warts and all I guess!

A nice impressive crowd showed up last night at HISD Anna Eastman’s reception.  Among the elected officials to attend were Sen. Mario Gallegos, Rep. Carol Alvarado, and CM Ellen Cohen.  Former elected officials included the host, former Rep. and former Dem Party Chair Sue Schechter, former HISD Trustee and CM Carol Galloway, and former Trustee Diane Johnson. Former Trustee candidates Judith Cruz and Ramiro Fonseca, current SBOE, District 6 candidate Traci Jensen, and Chron columnist Bill King also dropped by.

In case you were wondering, the ordinance on feeding the homeless was delayed for a couple of weeks.

The Reds’ Pat Darcy of course served up the Carlton Fisk walk-off dinger in the bottom 12th on the second pitch of the inning in Game 6 of the 1975 World Serious.

From Alyson’s Footnotes again:

“Retro” is in the air as the 50th Anniversary Celebration weaves its way through multiple giveaways this season. Currently scheduled items include a Colt .45s cap (April 10), Colt .45s replica jersey (April 20), 1970’s rainbow style t-shirt (June 1), retro gym bag (June 2), retro lunch bag (June 3), 1960s blue Astros cap (June 20), 1990s blue and gold replica jersey (Aug. 10), and a rainbow umbrella (Aug. 12).



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