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Yesterday, Commentary served as a panelist at a Greater Houston Partnership event on the 2012 elections.  Also on the panel were Mark Jones, Chair of the Department of Political Science at Rice, KPRC-TV’s Mary Benton, and GOP consultant Allen Blakemore.  My good pal Robert Miller was the moderator.  One of the last questions asked was who would win Harris County in November – Dems or the GOP?  Blakemore said they would.  Jones gave the edge to the GOP.  Benton didn’t pick and I said that I didn’t know.

Think about it.  Back in March of 2010 who would have predicted the “tsunami” of November, 2010?    It wasn’t until Robert Miller started sending out the notices once early voting began that folks figured Dems might be hurting.  A lot can happen between March of 2012 and November of 2012.   

We were also asked yesterday who was going to win this November – The President or Romney.  Again, I didn’t pick but I did say that The President had a sharp campaign team.   They’re going to leave it up to the “Toy Story” flicks and the Mitt Romney campaign to promote sales of Etch A Sketch.  What do I know?

In Harris County in November of 2004 and 2010, the GOP won the straight ticket vote.  Dems won the straight ticket vote in 2006 and 2008.  What do I know?

After taking off a year, Andy Pettitte is going to try to make a comeback with the Yankees.  His career won-loss record is 240-138.  What was his won-loss record as a ‘Stro?  Bonus:  How many times has he won 20 or more in a season?

Here is a kind of scary piece from the Huffington Post.  Here is a bit:

The reclusive, super-wealthy Republican donor Harold Simmons sat down for an interview with the Wall Street Journal in which he explained why he decided to donate $18 million to conservative super PACs. To put it bluntly: he despises and fears President Barack Obama.

"Any of these Republicans would make a better president than that socialist, Obama," Simmons told the Journal (subscription required), in what is the piece’s most provocative quote. "Obama is the most dangerous American alive … because he would eliminate free enterprise in this country."


While Simmons bemoans the suffocating effect Obama has had on the free enterprise, the Journal notes that his own net worth is skyrocketing under this presidency, from $4.1 billion in 2006 to an estimated $10 billion today. That 0.18 percent of that $10 billion figure has been sent to super PACs this cycle underscores just how much more money is likely to be spent as the campaign progresses.

The Obama re-election arm is certainly aware of this. It’s why the president — having previously shunned super PACs — has now authorized top aides to speak to prospective donors. More proactively, progressive groups have begun to assemble a campaign-like apparatus to turn the heat on those donors who write big checks to conservative causes, whether it be digging up dirt on their business practices or pressuring consumers to boycott their companies.  

Here is the entire HuffPo piece.  Scary stuff if you ask me.

Check out this poster from an HISD student in the Houston Press here.
I don’t think it is hanging in the kids’ room over at the Santorum household.

Yesterday the H-Town City Council gave the Dynamo the A-Okay to allow tailgating on match days.  The ‘Stros are now considering allowing tailgating.  I don’t know about that.  That’s not a ‘Stros tradition and baseball is kind of a tradition event.  We don’t do tailgating.

Andy Pettitte was 37-26 of course in three seasons as a ‘Stro.  While wearing the Yankee pin stripes, Pettitte went 21-8 in 1996 and 21-8 in 2003 of course.

From Alyson’s Footnotes:

On Tuesday, the Astros released complete list of first-pitch pitchers who will appear on “Flashback Fridays.” The team will wear throwback uniforms and celebrate Houston’s fabulous 50-year history every Friday home game in 2012, and the return of former players will only add to the nostalgia that is sure to take over Minute Maid Park throughout the season.

The first ceremonial pitch is on April 10, the actual anniversary of the first Major League game played in Houston. Bob Aspromonte, arguably the most well-known of the original Colt .45s, will have the first pitch honors that day. The rest of the best:

April 10 vs. ATL Bob Aspromonte; 1960s- Colt .45s
April 20 vs. STL Larry Dierker; 1960s-Astros
May 4 vs. LAD Rusty Staub; 1960s-Colt .45s
May 18 vs. TEX Nolan Ryan; 1980s
June 1 vs. CIN J.R. Richard; 1970s
June 22 vs. CLE Joe Morgan; 1960s-Astros
July 6 vs. MIL Jose Cruz; 1970s
July 27 vs. PIT Mike Scott; 1980s
Aug. 10 vs. MIL Jeff Bagwell; 1990s
Aug. 17 vs. ARI Brad Ausmus; 1990s
Aug. 31 vs. CIN Shane Reynolds; 1990s
Sept. 14 vs. PHI Jeff Kent; 2000s
Sept. 21 vs. PIT Craig Biggio; 2000s.

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