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Commentary said this about three and a half months ago (November 18):

Folks need to start paying attention to the City Council, District A run-off.  I’m hearing some scary things about CM Brenda Stardig’s opponent.   There will be more on her later.

The Chron’s Chris Moran certainly doesn’t pay attention to Kuffer as he penned another piece today on new H-Town CM Helena Brown’s latest City Hall moves.  The story is about City Council overriding two of her tags yesterday.
Check it out here.
Commentary is not one bit surprised at CM Brown’s tactics.  She didn’t get elected to go with the flow.  She got elected to stop and f__k with the flow.  She is going to keep doing her thing and not give a rat’s arse what the Mayor, her colleagues, the Chron E-Board, Kuffer, or Commentary think.  I saw this coming during the run-off last year.

I watched the Council meeting yesterday and it was definitely interesting reality TV. 

After just two seasons, ‘Stros Skipper Brad Mills has a 132-192 record?  Name the ‘Stros skipper with the most losses as a ‘Stros skipper. 

Candidate filing has not reopened so we can’t find out if there are any surprises Robert Miller said might happen.

HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson put out an email today called HCC Concerns.  He wants ethics reforms, termination of the Qatar contract, and other neat stuff. 
Check it out here.
He is definitely going to get pushback but Carroll is a good communicator and he’ll make those that pushback look bad.  This one is worth watching so stay tuned!

From the What Else is New Dept., here is today’s Burkablog headline: R’s steamroll D’s in House redistricting.  Here is a piece:

The bottom line is that the interim House map largely resembles the version passed by the Legislature. This was a foregone conclusion when the Supreme Court told the San Antonio Court it had overreached. The Democrats performed poorly in the negotiations. It was a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. There were multiple groups of plaintiffs and each of them had their own sets of concerns. Abbott won the day when he cut a deal with  national LULAC and MALDEF early in the negotiations. He split the Democrats and they never recovered.

Check Burkablog here.

Some folks aren’t going down without a fight on redistricting. 
Check this here.

Former ‘Sros Skipper Bill Virdon of course lost 522 games and won 544 from 1975-1982.

Word is Wandy will be the Opening Day starter so what else is new since we don’t have a whole lot of Opening Day arms in Kissimmee these days. 


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