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UPDATE:  The Santorum campaign is asking Newt to get out of the race.  Here is quote from a Santorum supporter:

“Based on his electoral performance last night and his out-of-step record it is time for Newt Gingrich to exit the Republican nominating process.   With Gingrich exiting the race it would be a true head-to-head race and conservatives would be able to make a choice between a consistent conservative in Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney.”

Newt is certainly not bowing out, but if the Santorum campaign can keep this discussion on Newt exiting at the forefront this week, Newt’s base will start to erode further.  Nice move on the part of Team Santorum.

Commentary is not going to spend a whole lot of time handicapping the GOP race for Prez because I’m really not an expert on these matters.  I did stay up – barely of course – to get the final on Ohio right before midnight.  Newt was able to win his state of Georgia but the best he could get elsewhere were three third places so where does he go from here?

Ron Paul got three second places but where does he finally get a win?

Romney won his Massachusetts and neighboring Vermont, plus Idaho, Virginia (his only ballot opponent was Paul), and Alaska.  He outspent the field in Ohio but won by just one measly percent. 

Santorum won in Oklahoma and Tennessee and surprised folks with a win in North Dakota.  He could be doing better if he’d only learn how to control what falls out of his piehole.  He let Ohio slip through his paws.

The next week have Kansas, Alabama, and Mississippi on the schedule.   If Santorum takes all three, well then Texas could prove to be a decider.  

Mitt Romney has the money, the organization, and the more experienced professional staff and consultants. So why can’t he put it away?  My pal Jason Stanford has a piece that most of you have read that pretty much sums it up.  Here is a bit:

Republican consultants are trying to figure out what’s wrong with little Willard (Mitt’s first name), and their latest diagnosis is that their frontrunner has an "authenticity problem."

Here is Jason’s piece.

Commentary is hoping that Romney keeps being Romney and the race keeps getting prolonged.  It can only help Dems so stay tuned!

Name the player that wore the numero 50 for the ‘Stros from 1971-1980? 

This morning at the H-Town City Hall, things might get interesting.  Yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting speakers session was dominated by folks speaking for or against an ordinance on how folks go about feeding the homeless in parts of East Downtown and Midtown.  Apparently the City wants the charitable groups that feed the homeless do a better job of coordinating their efforts.  In listening to some of the supporters, the groups that do the feeding don’t do a good job of cleaning up after they feed folks.  It was an interesting back and forth.  H-Town CM James Rodriguez did most of the heavy lifting for the side that is supporting the ordinance.  Here are some pieces from today’s Chron:

Mayor Annise Parker is asking the council to adopt rules that would require organizations and people who feed the homeless to register with the city, take a food safety class, prepare the food in certified kitchens, serve only at three public parks, and leave those parks as clean as when they entered them.


"We’re trying to do this in a way that we don’t waste food so that churches, for example, don’t show up on top of each other trying to feed the same group of 20 guys," Parker said during two hours of public testimony Tuesday.

Civil rights lawyer Randall Kallinen called the proposed rules an "assault on freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of speech." The ordinance’s penalties of $50 to $2,000 could make it a crime to feed the homeless, Kallinen said.

Councilwoman Helena Brown agreed and praised the speakers from groups who serve meals on the streets, telling them she hoped they’ll "have the freedom to do that and you don’t have to stop and say, ‘Wait a minute, I have to go visit City Hall first.’ "

The largest local institutions that serve homeless people, such as Star of Hope, SEARCH Homeless Services and The Beacon, support the new rules and already comply with proposals to operate out of city-approved kitchens and to serve meals within four hours of their preparation.


Councilman James Rod­riguez, who represents downtown, said the rule changes would make charity more efficient and coordinated. He said downtown residents complain of persistent litter, defecation and fights that require police intervention and detract from the quality of life and make homes harder to sell.

Folks need to kind of listen to (my client) CM Rodriguez on this.  Unless you live there or work there, you really don’t know what is going on.  CM Rodriguez has to deal with his Eado constituents and other stakeholders on tough issues like this one on a regular basis.  You have to wonder how much time CM Brown has spent out in Eado or Midtown dealing with this problem.

Check out the Chron piece here.

Don’t forget Anna’s reception tonight!


On those few occasions when we witness political courage and integrity, we need to take a moment to say “thank you” to the one who dared.  Join with me to let her know that she does not stand alone.  Come to support her – not with money – but with sincere gratitude for her public service.

5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7 AT 13 CELSIUS, 3000 CAROLINE, 77004.ose few

I’ll see you there!

Former ‘Stro J.R. Richard of course wore the numero 50 from 1971-1980.  J.R. is celebrating his 62nd birthday today.

From Alyson’s Footnotes today:

Fridays at Minute Maid Park this year are going to be a very big deal. Tabbed “Flashback Fridays,” these nights will go heavy on nostalgia, from the uniforms the players wear during the game to iconic players from the past who will be on hand to celebrate the club’s history.

The Astros will highlight a different uniform each month, with the team wearing that jersey for each Friday night game. The featured jerseys include:

1960s Colt .45s (April 10 – commemorating the first game in franchise history and April 20)
s Shooting Star (May 4 and May 18)
s Rainbow (June 1 and June 22)
s Shoulder Rainbow (July 6 and July 27)
s Blue and Gold Star (Aug. 10, Aug. 17 and Aug. 31).

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